NHL Rumor Mill – February 15, 2023

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Which teams are interested in Sharks winger Timo Meier? What’s the latest on Erik Karlsson, Vladislav Gavrikov and Luke Schenn? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the San Jose Sharks still haven’t yet granted permission to Timo Meier’s agent (Claude Lemieux) to speak directly to teams involved in trade talks with the Sharks. It sounds like it could depend on which team becomes the front-runner to acquire the 26-year-old Sharks winger, who is slated to become a restricted free agent on July 1.

San Jose Sharks winger Timo Meier (NHL Images)

LeBrun said there have been more discussions recently between the Sharks and New Jersey Devils, who’d love to sign Meier to a contract extension as part of a potential trade. The Carolina Hurricanes have also spoken with the Sharks and could be more willing to acquire Meier without worrying about a contract extension at this point. The Toronto Maple Leafs also remain interested in the Sharks winger.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox cited ESPN’s Kevin Weekes reporting the Vegas Golden Knights have joined the Devils, Hurricanes and Leafs in pursuit of a trade for Meier.

Fox believes the Leafs feel like the biggest long shot here. While they could fit Meier within this season’s salary-cap limitations if the Sharks retain half of his current $6 million cap hit, sorting out his future beyond this season is a problem for a team with considerable payroll already invested in their top-four forwards.

THE ATHLETIC: Jesse Granger is skeptical of the Golden Knights’ chances of landing one of this year’s top trade candidates such as Meier before the March 3 deadline. Apart from the salary cap ramifications, the Golden Knights’ limited prospect pool and available future trade capital make them unlikely to outbid other clubs for a big-ticket player.

Granger believes the Golden Knights will pursue more affordable options to bolster their forward depth. The Detroit Red Wings’ Tyler Bertuzzi, St. Louis Blues winger Ivan Barbashev and the Edmonton Oilers’ Jesse Puljujarvi were among his suggested targets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs and Golden Knights both appear to be long shots in the Meier sweepstakes. It could come down to the Devils or Hurricanes, though we can’t rule out another club not mentioned above jumping in with a surprise offer.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun believes the Edmonton Oilers are keeping tabs on San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson. However, he considers the financial hurdles too overwhelming to clear. Karlsson carries an $11.5 million annual cap hit through 2026-27 meaning the Sharks would have to retain a sizeable chunk to make him more palatable for the Oilers.

LeBrun acknowledged the possibility of a three-team deal to spread Karlsson’s cap hit around and make him more affordable for the Oilers. However, he doubted the third party brokering the deal would want to have any portion of Karlsson’s cap hit on their books as dead cap space through 2026-27.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like LeBrun, I think it would be really exciting if the Oilers could pull this off given the jolt it would send through the trade market leading up to the March 3 deadline. However, I share his opinion that a Karlsson trade is more likely to occur in the offseason when teams have more cap space and a willingness to spend. Even then, the Oilers will still face long odds to get him.


THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline listed the Buffalo Sabres, Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals as contenders in search of help on defense. He didn’t directly link them to VladislavGavrikov but feels the 27-year-old defenseman has played his last game for the Columbus Blue Jackets, who yesterday announced he was being held out of the lineup for trade-related reasons.

Portzline’s colleague Pierre LeBrun reports hearing the Edmonton Oilers have spoken to the Columbus Blue Jackets about Vladislav Gavrikov more than once. The Oilers are a “dollar-in, dollar-out” club and Gavrikov carries an affordable $2.8 million cap hit this season. LeBrun believes the math works if they can move winger Jesse Puljujarvi and his $3 million cap hit in a direct deal for Gavrikov or to another club in a separate move.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox believes the Maple Leafs have some level of interest in Gavrikov. However, Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas has said he won’t part with a first-round pick for a rental player. Gavrikov is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman speculating the Bruins could also be among several clubs looking at acquiring Gavrikov. Friedman also mentioned the Leafs, Oilers and the Los Angeles Kings if they don’t acquire Arizona Coyotes blueliner Jakob Chychrun.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s no shortage of interest in Gavirkov among playoff contenders seeking an affordable top-four left-side defenseman. However, TSN’s Chris Johnston pointed out that the Blue Jackets’ asking price is a sticking point.

The Jackets reportedly seek three draft picks: a first-rounder, a third and a fourth-rounder. I daresay those interested clubs will try to wait until the March 3 trade deadline gets close in the hope that the Jackets lower their price.


THE PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reported Monday that there are at least three teams interested in acquiring Vancouver Canucks defenseman Luke Schenn before the March 3 deadline. The Boston Bruins, Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs are among those reportedly in the mix.

Schenn is on an expiring contract with an $850K cap hit. His physical style of play and Stanley Cup experience makes him an attractive target for contenders in need of affordable blueline depth.


  1. I would think SJ does whatever it takes to move EK even if they have to eat 3million a year. He turned back the clock this season after 3 subpar(by his standards) seasons and is still an injury prone aging player.
    Vlasic is not going anywhere with that term left and Couture could be the vet that says put with the C.

    • I don’t think Grier is gonna go for more cap space on the books. Period.

  2. The Matt Dumba rumours went silent quickly. Doesn’t he have a good first pass from his own zone?

    • Give it a couple days. Matt Dumba trade rumors have been circulating for at least 4 or 5 years now.

  3. I can’t see any team giving up 3 assets for UFA Gavrikov.

    At last year’s TDL the Leafs acquired a similar player in Lyabushkin for a conditional 2nd round pick. When I say similar I mean they’re both defence first defencemen.

    Columbus may have to settle for a 2nd and B-level prospect.

    • The Jackets got a 1st and a 3rd for David Savard, a defensive defenseman. As Gavrikov is younger (Savard was on the back nine of his career) and, arguably, better, a 1st, 3rd and 4th are not unreasonable. Especially since the Jackets are allowing teams to talk contract with him.

      • Savard last season with the Lightening
        14 regular season games played. 0 goals, 0 points, and -8.
        20 playoff games played. 0 goals, 5 points, and even.
        The price wasn’t worth the player.
        Two wrongs wont make a right.

      • As a rental it’s too much for Gavrikov. Definitely wait it out and see if it comes down and shop elsewhere.
        If you can extend him? Ya, maybe, but Gavrikov has a say in it as he can choose from the menu this summer as a UFA.

        Can’t see EDM extending him without moving another LD out this summer, which wouldn’t be unheard of, but unlikely. The Oil need some guys on less expensive deals if the cap is only going up by $1M. Broberg will play a bigger role, because he is developing and is cheap for another year. Plus have Bouchard and McLeod to extend. Neither will break the bank, but still getting a raise, plus other holes to fill.

      • You’re all underestimating the stupidity of desperate GMs. Some GM will hand over 3 pieces for Gavrikov for two reasons.
        1: To keep another team from getting him.
        2: It will be a sign and trade deal.

    • It was just mentioned on the radio. The asking price for Chychrun, which is also an overpayment, isn’t much more than the asking price for Gavrikov.
      Gavrikov is also a UFA after this season, Chychrun has a decent cap hit for 2 more seasons after this one.
      The price for Gavrikov will come down.

      • Paul Bowles

        As I mentioned about the Chychrun rumours and ask from the Coyotes…if Gavrikov was worth what they’re asking he would be traded already.

        I’ve heard that Columbus is allowing teams to talk contract before trading for him but I’ve also read that Gavrikov does not want to sign with whichever club acquired him.

      • Kevjam

        The asking price for Chychrun is considerably more than the ask for Gavrikov.

        Coyotes are asking for two 1sts and a prospect. Chychrun is also signed for two more seasons at a reasonable cap hit and provides much more offence.

        If rumours are true that ARZ is willing to retain salary they may get their price.

      • From what I heard the Blue Jackets are asking a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks for Gavrikov. When you think about the value of what you are giving up to what you are getting in return for a UFA Gavrikov is way overpriced. Especially when you compare it to the younger RFA d-man who has two more years on his good contract.
        That being said, Chychrun has been on the trading block for over a year. If somebody was going to pay that price, they would have already. The closer it gets to the trade deadline, the more pressure is put on Armstrong to make a deal. They are now holding Chychrun out until a deal is done. How long do you think they can continue to do this before the pressure from the play, his agent, and the fans becomes unbearable?
        As for Gavrikov, if his price doesn’t come down then you will deals getting done for the other cheaper d-men. During the trade deadline, you see the prices from the sellers come down the closer they get to 3 pm eastern and the competition for the players thins.

  4. Imagine how much more brutal the Canucks defence will be if they trade Schenn, the only defenceman they have that doesnt need a map to find the corners or throw a hard hit.

    • From what I have heard Schenn doesn’t want to be traded. He wants to be part of their solution. You would think this organization would have learned when they let Tanev walk and then traded for OEL.
      You keep you big d-men that know how to play defence.

      • Schenn and his wife are expecting the birth of their 3rd child on or around trade deadline day. I daresay he’d like to have her as comfortable as possible during this exciting time in their lives. If I was in charge in Vancouver, I’d let him decide if he wanted to move or not. It’s not like he’s gonna bring back a first rounder or anything.

      • I have also heard that Schenn wants to stay, but he also wants a much better contract, in the 1,5-2m range. Is he worth that as a 33 year old defence first 3rd pair guy? Not to me, therefore they should trade him, maybe for a 2nd definetely for a 3rd going back

    • KevJam

      I thought the rumour is a 1st, 3rd, and 4th for Gavrikov?

      Chychrun is a much different player on a much different deal. I wasn’t comparing tte two players at all…just saying that if either was worth the asking price they’d be traded already.
      As far as Lyabushkin… is the same age as Gavrikov, similar in playing style, similar in size and the Coyotes got a conditional 2nd at last year’s TDL.

  5. As usual there’s lots of rumours of the leafs being in on EVERYONE.

    Without top-end prospects, and less than 300K in deadline space, I don’t see how that’s possible…espectially if Dubas is serious that he won’t move a 1st for a rental.

    Looks like the “Shanaplan” will end this spring with 0 playoff rounds won despite the exorbitant hype of Canada’s two sports networks who together co-own 90% of MLSE.

    • Pete

      What do you consider a “top end prospect”?

      The Leafs have several players doing very well in their respective leagues.

      Knies is a PPG player and nominated for the Hobey Baker award.

      Fraser Minten is a PPG player in the WHL.

      Ty Voit is 1.5PPG in the OHL

      Alex Steeves nearly PPG (.89) in AHL

      Nick Robertson was PPG in AHL before being called up

      Topi Niemela has been pkk oh sting pro in Sweden for three years and is only 20. Voted top defenceman at WJC

      The Leafs also have a couple good young players in Sandin and Holmberg playing a regular shift. Do not forget it’s harder to get regular playing time on a contender than a team like Columbus or Arizona.

      They have plenty of assets to make trades.

    • Where do you get that Toronto has less than 300,00 dollar amount? Some numbers have reported 2.5M. So please tell me how you got that number?

    • You are right Pete..,Toronto wants the big ticket player on defence and forward position but they don’t have high end prospects(maybe Knies but I doubt it as a high end prospect), they don’t want to give a first rounder and any of their good players as trade material. Who the hell wants to help Toronto by giving them their best ^layers for nothing??????

      • I’d like to point out that 20-30 guys get nominated for the hoby baker…..or some ridiculous number. And even winning the award really isn’t any indication of a strong NHL career. it’s college hockey. It’ s not the OHL. They play way less games.

  6. Re; Edmonton Oilers
    Search for a 2nd paring LD man.

    Top 4 fits in no order…., most teams are asking for a first pick, for the d/men below
    As Ken Holland has said any deal to make it work,… is money out money in..

    CBJ, Gavrikov a UFA,
    He has made it clear he want to test the UFA market in july and dose not want to sign with any team….❓
    ➡️A 2nd pick and Jesse Pulijarvi

    Hab’s Joel Edmunston
    ▶️A 2nd pick and Jesse Pulijarvi

    Jakob Chycrun
    ▶️ A 1st pick, & 2nd pick Jesse Pulijarvi,
    K Yamamoto & prospect Raphael Lavoie & Carter Savoie

    Hawks Jake McCabe…….
    This could be a big trade as the oilers need a forward also, they have been looking at C, Sam Lafferty & RW Taylor Radish
    ▶️ A 1st pick, & 2nd pick, Jesse Pulijarvi,
    K Yamamoto, and prospect, Raphael Lavoie & Carter Savoie

    The Ask for Erik Karlsson is just Way to Much..⁉️

    He will be 33 in a few months, he is like a China Cup and Very Fragile… look at the last couple of years…
    hope the Oilers dont go this way the Above 4 would work much better…..

    Erik Karlsson, 40, & 22 & 35 over past 3 years in points Is…… that much better than
    Tyson Barrie ? 39,48 & 41 points ….
    ok this year he is have a good year but Really…..
    Don’t Do it Oilers…⁉️

    • I wonder if the Panthers would be interested in dealing either Josh Mahura or Radko Gudas at the trade deadline if they fall further behind in the playoff race? Either one of those two would be better than any of those d-men on your list.

      • They just extended Mahura so he probably wont move.

      • It’s only a 1-year extension at the league minimum.

    • What do you think Oli Maatthout he was capable of…bea is worth ? He has had a better season in Detroit than I thought he was capable of…better than Edmunson.

      • Olli Maatta is an interesting name.

      • Hi Iago…
        With what Available out there i would not put this guy Olli Määttä
        in my Top 10 if i was looking for the Oilers….. he would be a 7-8 man….⁉️The Oil need to fill the 2nd pair LW….

      • Willie,

        Maatta,has be doing a good job for Detroit this season as a 2nd pair d-man. His numbers are much better than Edmunson’s this year, and a little better than McCabe’s.

    • 😂😂😂😂

    • How many times must it be stated that the Jackets have zero need or use for Puljujarvi? The Jackets are overloaded with 3rd and 4th line winger types, most of whom have better numbers this year and over their career than him. If there was any kind of demand for his services, he would have been traded sometime during the last year and a half when the Oil have made him available. They’re stuck with him for the duration.

    • If they think he is the missing piece for the cup, why wouldn’t they. He has a few good years left especially playing with Connor mcdavid

    • Hey Willie
      If JP (who has said out loud that he isn’t sure that he belongs in the NHL) is part of any deal for Edmundson, then bump that up to a 1st.

      What some don’t realize about Edmundson is that he is not a stats darling in the regular season. He was brought onboard for playoffs. He is a playoff warrior and a good leader as well. He’s one of those guys who helps you get through the playoffs. He was a huge part of the run to the finals where they rode basically 4 D all the way to the end. If the Habs had any chance at the playoffs (which thankfully they don’t), I wouldn’t even consider getting rid of him. The fact that all their LD rookies have shown more than anyone ever imagined, makes this even a consideration.

    • Do remember that’s karlsson was also splitting time with Burns, a lot of his points dropping I would assume is lack of offensive situations for both of them to be in during the whole game.

  7. As much as I would like to see Vladislav Gavrikov a Bruin the cost just seems it would be to much …’to add bulk and toughness to the D Schenn would be a nice addition, still would like to see them add a 4th line protector ..Nic Desaulniers or a Z Kassian would be nice

    • Joe, I think Schenn would fit like a glove for the B’s. Push Clifton to 7th D. As much as I appreciate Clifton’s courage and game, he can’t make himself the same size as Schenn.

      No thanks on Kassian, another year left after this at $3.2M and he seems spent. He wasn’t doing anything in EDM when they had to pay to move him. Same with Deslauriers, too much term. Has some value in regular season, but not so much in playoffs IMO.

      B’s could use a big body banger, but needs to be able to play more than fight IMO.

      Go get Schenn.

  8. So do the asking prices for players go up or come down as they get closer to the trade deadline ? You would think if players were UFA the price would come down

  9. I think the Oilers should go hard for EK.
    Watching him play this year he could possibly put the Oilers over the top. He is controlling the play from the back end.
    The oilers would have to trade Campbell, Barrie, Foegele for cap purposes and their 1st and 3rd this year and a 1st next year, plus SJ would have to retain 2.5 m and send Reimer to the oilers for goaltending depth.

    Seems kinda steep but like I said EK could put Edmonton over the top.

  10. I hope Treliving does nothing at the deadline this year. The Flames are iffy to make the playoffs. If they do probably a safe assumption to say they will not be cup contenders so hold on to our draft picks which is a very strong draft class and regroup for next year.

    The Flames are maintaining their pattern of alternating between making and missing the playoffs.

    Also could be Trelivings last year as GM.
    He is not a bad GM but the 10years of his reign the Flames have been stagnet stuck in the mushy middle.
    Time for someone else to move this team forward.

      • Hi KevJam,

        You may have something There….🤔
        The Sens need a 2nd paring RD man and MacKenzie Weegar @ $6.25M for 8 more years would fit the bill very nicely……,
        What can the Sens give up..?

        ➡️A Trade Nikita Zaitsev RD, $4.5M & Big Young Centre Shane Pinto $900,00 who looks to be a 2nd line centre in the next year or two, dont was to see him go as i like pinto on the team

        The flames are a Mess right now and and im very good with that 😂
        The Flames need some fire power up front in a BIG way…. and they could use two more shooters up front as the mix is not working down in Cowtown….. ⁉️❗️
        They have 5 good d/men and 8 NHL d/men in total….. with 6.7.8 NHL d/men being
        Stone, Gilbert & Mackey so a d/man need to be moved Being a RD as they have 3 good Right d/men

      • Depending on the return I wouldn’t be opposed to trading Weegar to Ottawa. Minimum would be a 1st round pick this year unprotected.

      • Oh FlamesFan. That’s a good one. Weager is 29 and is signed to (what is looking like) one of the worst contracts we’ve seen since DiPietro or Yashin days in Long Island. If you want to move him it’s the FLAMES who are giving up the “unprotected first” to get him off the books. Not Ottawa.

  11. Watching TSN and Sportsnet last night I realized that I am not the only one tired of hearing Chychrun in the news. One referred to it as “trade rumour fatigue” and another even said “just get it over with already.”

    Also… I do not think I like this new trend of scratching players “for trade reasons.” Feels like a slippery slope.

    • Yeah I’m hoping during the next CBA negotiations this gets addressed. It obviously makes sense for teams to protect their assets leading up to an expected trade.
      Maybe there should be a cap on the number of man-games a team can use a “trade-pending” scratch per season, in order to prevent the practice from getting out of hand.
      Maybe something like no more than 3 games per player and no more than 9 total games per team.

      • And maybe they should be compelled to provide proof that a team is interested?

    • One reason why I think the price for Chychrun will come down. If there was a GM who was willing to pay the price they would have done it by now. The guy has been on the trading block for over a year. Anderson has just increased the pressure to trade him now by having him as a healthy scratch until he is traded. When Chychrun does get moved and if the price does come down, then that should lower the price for Gavrikov.

    • Scratching players leading up to the trade deadline has been going on forever it seems. Just haven’t seen it in awhile. So it’s not a trend, I’m sure we’ll see a few more as we get close to the trade deadline.

      • I’ve seen it done a day or two before TDL multiple times, but certainly not this early. This is new territory.

      • And calls into question deliberate “tanking” to increase the % chance

      • Arizona hasn’t lost in regulation since scratching Chychrun.

        If they want to tank, maybe they should get him back in the lineup?

      • LOL. Good point.

      • Watch the Jets grab Meier. They have the cap space and prospects and they want to add to their top six anticipating moving PLD at the draft.

  12. How about the Pens send Pettersson to the Oilers for Puljujarvi? They then trade Kapanen and a pick for McCabe.

    • Wait… what?

    • The only reason why I wouldn’t do it is that the Oilers would be taking on more salary.
      If/when the Oilers trade Puljujarvi he will be added in a package for a high-quality player to make the dollars work, or for some sort of pick as a salary dump.

  13. I think Arizona got caught trying to bluff . As a bad fantasy GM I have done the he is all but gone so better up your offer thing to many times . Would love if they sell crazy low or still have him after the deadline . Worst franchise in the history of the NHL . Just a joke !

    • Arizona … $18 million in cap space if I’m reading right and they are looking to dump … really. ?

  14. The Pens might have to offer up someone like Pickering to Ari just to take Carter off their hands. Carter would have to waive though!

    • He barely waived to come to pitt.

      • Maybe Carter got used to the weather in L.A. so he would agree to go to Ari. Either way, no one can read his mind!

      • No. No one can. Buuuuuttttt. I’m pretty sure this one is in that cold day in hell territory

      • Chrisms

        So you’re saying it has just as good of chance as you and Emily Ratajkowski getting together?

  15. Karlsson to Edmonton looks like a pipe dream. I doubt SJ is wanting to retain much (if any) of that deal for 5 years. A 2nd team? Good luck with that!

    Realistically, how could they even make room for him at 8 per? And I doubt SJ is looking for JP. And they’d need at minimum to clear 6-7 million of space to fit him in this year. More importantly, how do they accommodate that cap hot beyond this year?

    • Hi Captain
      I hope your 100% RIGHT……❗️❗️✔️

      We 100% DONT want RD man Erik Karlsson in Edmonton,
      Look at Tyson Barrie last 3 years compared to Erk Karlsson, edmonton has a Top PP
      We need someone who have more of a balance and better defence with more of an Edge and can play Physical on LD

      ➡️Barrie… 39, & 48 & 41 PTS ….

      ➡️Karlsson. 40, & 22 & 35 PTS…
      SJ Massive Return They Want in a Trade…🙈😳
      This would not be popular in Edmonton at all

      Would rather Re-look at LD man Jakob Chycrun….❓
      for his salary & youth, & contract and the way he plays Also what we would have to give up
      Picks & players and prospects………….
      it makes more sence to go after JC is your 2nd pairing LD and you dont have to dismantle you d completely and give a way all your trade chips for a Old Fragile Player who is having 1 good year in the past 4 years………🤔❓

      Please Don’t bring Karlsson to Edmonton

  16. I want my Isles to go all in on trading for Timo Meier!

    • The only way we can do that is he again we can sign him. We also need Bailey gone

  17. Meier moves not Karlsson.
    I predict NJD

    The defence-men will be in high demand and should be. The cup final teams will need 8-10 by the time it is done
    As a result , someone like L Schenn will get a lot more than he is a actually worth

    If Chychrun is not traded let’s make a pact to not mention or discuss him again

  18. I keep hearing as to how some teams might like to add some “grit” at the trade deadline – today Wayne Simmonds cleared waivers – again. Even at $900,000 those teams supposedly looking for “grit” don’t see it there.

    • George, it appears that grit needs to be able to play too come playoff time.

      • Ray

        That be is true. Wayne is past his expiration date

  19. Ottawa should make a move for Seth Jones!

    • Who has made it clear he wants no part of playing anywhere in Canada.