NHL Rumor Mill – February 17, 2023

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Could the Blues trade a defenseman? Are the Predators about to become sellers? What’s the latest on the Canadiens and Senators? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the St. Louis Blues could give some consideration to moving a defenseman. Their top four of Colton Parayko, Justin Faulk, Torey Krug and Nick Leddy all have no-trade clauses which could complicate things. Nevertheless, Parayko has been drawing the most interest among this group.

St. Louis Blues defenseman Colton Parayko (NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE Parayko, Krug and Faulk are each earning an average annual value of $6.5 million. Krug and Faulk are signed through 2026-27 and Parayko to 2029-30. Leddy’s AAV is $4 million through 2025-26.

I don’t doubt that Blues general manager Doug Armstrong is willing to entertain offers for those four. As Dreger pointed out, however, they all have full no-trade clauses. It’s possible they could be moved but the potential destinations will be limited. Their cap hits could also prove difficult for most clubs to absorb unless Armstrong retains a portion, which I don’t see him doing for contracts with that much term remaining on them.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun believes the Nashville Predators could become sellers by the March 3 trade deadline if they don’t soon get on a winning streak to salvage their playoff hopes. He believes GM David Poile could be willing to listen to offers on a lot of his players, including Matt Duchene, Ryan Johansen, Mattias Ekholm or Mikael Granlund.

NHL WATCHER: cited Elliotte Friedman’s recent appearance on The Jeff Marek Show where he said he doesn’t think the Predators will move Ekholm or Alexandre Carrier. Instead, he speculated it could be Dante Fabbro “or something else”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The good news is those players all lack no-trade protection. The bad news is that all but Fabbro and Carrier have two years or more remaining on their respective contracts with annual salary-cap hits between $5 million and $8 million per season. Good luck peddling them before the March 3 trade deadline with so many teams carrying limited cap space. I doubt Poile is willing to retain salary on any of them.

Fabbro and Carrier would draw more interest given their more affordable cap hits. They’re both due to become restricted free agents with arbitration rights this summer which could also make them enticing for clubs seeking more than a rental defenseman.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Montreal Canadiens could have difficulty drumming up interest in their trade candidates. Sean Monahan and Joel Edmundson are considered to have the most value but their respective injury histories have teams wary about acquiring them. There’s very little interest in Jonathan Drouin while winger Evgeni Dadonov’s improved play of late might draw attention as a secondary trade target.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens got a first-round pick from the Flames last summer for taking Monahan off their hands so he’s already provided them with draft capital going forward. They also got value for Dadonov by acquiring him from the Vegas Golden Knights last summer as it enabled them to shed the entirety of the remainder of Shea Weber’s contract.

Edmundson is under contract through 2023-24 so the Canadiens can try again in the offseason or next season. There was talk of re-signing Sean Monahan before he was sidelined in December. If they can’t move him now, they could sign him to an affordable one-year deal and try again to peddle him if there’s real interest.

As for Drouin, his plethora of injuries and inconsistency torpedoed his trade value. Nevertheless, the Toronto Star’s Nick Kypreos wondered if the Colorado Avalanche might look into reuniting Drouin with his old Halifax Mooseheads teammate Nathan MacKinnon. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Pierre Dorion dismissed speculation suggesting he might trade winger Alex DeBrincat. He said the 26-year-old winger won’t be traded. “No chance,” said Dorion, adding the club still hopes to re-sign the pending restricted free agent before the end of the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators gave up a lot to acquire DeBrincat last summer. Yes, it will be expensive to re-sign him but they’ll get it done, especially with new ownership soon to take over.

The Senators have received lots of calls regarding rugged forward Auston Watson. Dorion is willing to listen to offers for goaltender Cam Talbot, winger Tyler Motte and defenseman Nick Holden. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Los Angeles Kings have been linked to Talbot but his recent injury hasn’t helped drum up interest.

Dorion indicated he’s 99.9 percent certain that he’s not trading veteran center Derick Brassard. The club has been pleased with defenseman Travis Hamonic and likely won’t move him.


  1. Kypreos … mind numbing …. “ Kypreos wondered if the Colorado Avalanche might look into reuniting Drouin with his old Halifax Mooseheads teammate Nathan MacKinnon. “

    Nick…. You really think Joe would trade for Drouin and have him play on Mac K’s line

    I know it says “wondered”…. But he speaks in “wonders”

    Does Kipper think before speaking (wondering)?

    • Pengy, to me, Kypreos and Seravalli are the two most purely speculative and shoot-from-the-hip analysts. One thing that I appreciate about Lyle is his willingness to question some of the most mindless comments and proposals that are made/suggested. That is one thing that makes his site the best of the best.

      • Hi Iago

        Absolutely re Lyle

        Love this site

        Sorry, can’t put Servalli in the Kypper boat

        Servalli does speculate; but does have insight and do es come through at times

        Kypper… it’s like he keeps putting his hands back into the Bits-n-Bites bag… next handful of speculation (all from a dream he had that morning)…. “Whole new ball game”

    • Yeah, I’m not sure the Avalanche would want him despite his abilities? He has been almost non existent in Montreal! Injuries, we have enough of them. I would rather see the Avalanche look into Barbashev from the Blues or Hayes from Flyers perhaps as someone we could use if they’re going to make a deal. I don’t know if Hayes plays a defensive game because I don’t see the Flyers that often but he has a great shot and can score. Those guys I think would be better suited for us. GO AVS!!!!!

      • Yes

        Barbs/Hayes both better fit than Drouin

    • Kypreos seems to make a living solely on wild speculation. Why he receives any ‘air’ time is a complete mystery. No one of sound mind would confide in him Time for Kypreos to ‘retire’ again.

      • Gary… agree on every word 👍

      • Agree 100%

    • I still think that Dadanov and Drouin will be traded, though not for much of a return. Likely something like a 4th round pick, with the Hans retaining salary. There will be teams willing to give up a mid-round pick for veteran depth with no contractual commitment past this season.

      I don’t see Edmundson being traded now. He has one year left on his contract and, given his injuries, I don’t see any team willing to give the Habs enough to make it worthwhile. So the Habs will hold on to him and try again in the summer or next season.

      Monahan is the real question mark. His recent injury history would make it very difficult for the Hans to get much of a return for him. I can see the Habs bringing him back on a 1-year deal and then seeing what happens next season. I certainly don’t see teams lining up to give him a long-term big-money deal.

      • Hi Howard,

        I can possibly see Dadanov (50% retained) but it is hard to come up with a team that would chance it on Drouin; even with 50% retained

        Time will tell( I’m just doubting a Drouin puck up

    • Dont think the St Blues will trade our local boy back to St Albert/Edmonton Colton Parayko,⁉️

      CP signed an 8yr deal St Louis and has a NTC…
      buy all acount loves living there…
      and he is a RD man…
      Oilers are looking for a LD/man✔️

      • Hi Willie

        I had serious doubts as well; and of course TSN is hedging it’s speculation; but if they are mentioning it , perhaps the “not a chance” odds is now at 5-10%??

        Perhaps CP doesn’t envision another Blues cup in the next few years, and may be willing to waive for the “right” team or “right” fit??

    • @ Pengy….How would this look.

      To Pittsburgh
      – Jonas Korpasalo UFA @ $1.3 million
      – Vladislav Gavrikov UFA @ $2.8 million

      To Clolumbus
      – Pierre Oliver Joseph 2024 $830,000
      – Kaspari Kapanen 2023 $3.2 million
      – Teddy Blueger UFA $2.2 million
      – a second round draft pick this year

      Jonas Korpasalo gives us depth and insurance in net. Strong back up can also be a number one if Jarry moves on this off season. With Jarrys frequent injuries and DeSmith so inconsistent perfect move and affordable. Gavrikov is a top 4 defenseman and we can easily resign him next year with many players like Jarry, Zucker, Dumoulin and Jarry coming off the books.

      I would even make that 2nd rounder a 1st if needed Gavrikov is strong…

      • I don’t know. While what you suggest makes a certain amount of sense for both teams, what I’m hearing is that Jarmo wants futures for both Korpi and Gavi.
        I can see Kapanen in a 3rd line role, I don’t know if the other two would get enough ice time to make it a fair trade for both teams.

      • i was going to suggest korpisalo to pittsburgh for kapanen myself but if u throw in gavrikov josepd is fine but the 2nd rounded needs to be a first rounder

      • Not sure why CLB would want to spend $3.2M on Kapanen next year. They will have a little space, but also holes to fill, no point wasting that $ on him. If he had an expiring contract and thrown in to make the $ work OK.

        Better to leave him out.

      • Hi BnG

        Not sure why you keep suggesting P-O J in trades

        This is one player they can ill afford to trade…. He’s under contract next year for barely over League Min; then is RFA

        Gav idd as s great add; but is a UFA that has repeatedly been reported as having no interest in re-upping to the team he is traded to… he wishes to test the UFA market. I don’t blame him

        Pens have little to offer (cupboard nigh empty) and sit in the lousy bubble position

        3C is their prime target …. One with term would certainly be worth dumping a 1st plus on (Henriques comes to mind)

        Re D …. Pens are fine at LD this year and next…Pettersson, P-0 J; Smith

        Dumo won’t (and shouldn’t) be back

        It still is mind boggling re Sully playing CR

        He had such an awful January…. Sully finally sat him for two shifts in the Avs game…. TSN turning point as far as I’m concerned

        The in the Ducks game ; even though Pens were handling fine…. Sully again sat CR for two shifts

        Finally Sully sent CR to the stands for the LA game and finally used Friedman properly

        However…. Sully musst have laid the ENTIRE Kings loss at Friedman’s feet…. Mind boghling how Sully treats Friedman…. As Friedman practised as 3RD on Tues (SJ game) day… then magically Ruhweedel plays (literally two posts; plus 3 absolutely spectacular DeSmith saves away from Ruhweedel handing Sharks 5 goals)

        This despite Friedman have a pretty fair game; nice hits, coveragr; passes, played on HIS side; didn’t wander. He was on for two goals (of the 6) neithrr his fault…1 s seeing eye deflected; the other was Bluegers fault

        Yet Sully once again plays (last game) CR over Friedman

        3RD upgrade…. And f course Schenn would be penultimate; Pens just compete in bidding war

        Korp to Pens…. Yes that would work…. DeSmith is literally hot and cold …. Jarry battling the nagging injury…. No chance at winning a round on the back of DeSmith

        Korp (909) UFA ; at $1.3 Annual Cap hit…. If at reasonable trade ask 👍👍

        Ingram …. RFA; 907 (on Yotes!!!) at only $733 K cap hit…. Him in over DeSmith; AND having hid rights…. There is s call Hexburkie should make

        Agree Teddy B id not contributing…. His exit would just be for Cap balancing this year…. Won’t be back next year…. But no real value to a receiving team this year…. So more posdibly needed in trade just to include him

        Kappy… has 1 more year…. So negative trade value

        Catch 22 for pens

        They re-upped “the old gang” certainly indicating ownership “all in”…. So they are likely buyers….

        I say bring in either reasonable cheap (trade wise) UFA 3C upgrade, OR

        Use the 1st (lottery protected) for s 3C with term (such as Henriques); and….

        Do Not even consider moving P-O J if SMith

    • Regarding your last line … that’s funny coming from you.

      • Even funnier is that, anyone who reads your comment can’t be sure who and what to which you’re referring. Why not try and contribute something meaningful without the phony snarl and pseudo “tough-guy” persona?

  2. Mike Pilon, re your post yesterday

    “A lot of people are forgetting New Jersey. I would say the Bruins, the Lightning, Canes, Devils, Knights or Kraken. I don’t see the Leafs making it out of the conference, maybe even their own division (Bos,TB)”

    That got me curious about the Leafs season so far so I decided to scan back to see their results versus

    against the current Top 10 (not counting themselves) – Boston, Carolina, NJ, Tampa, NYR, Dallas, Vegas, Winnipeg, Seattle they are 9 5 3 21 pts with 45gf 41ga – a 0.618 % pace

    against the next Top 10 – L.A., Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Colorado, Washington, Florida, Minnesota, Calgary, NYI, Detroit they are 12-4-0 24 pts with 63gf 40ga – a 0.750 % pace

    Combined against the Top 20 they are 21 9 3 45 pts with 108gf 81ga – a 0.682 % pace

    Against the rest of the league they are 12 5 5 29pts with 78gf 66ga – a 0.659 % pace

    Recognizing that Boston is in a class by itself, it seems to me their records against each third of the league is as good as any of the others – Tampa included. I realize playoff hockey is a different animal entirely, but let’s wait until we see what (if anything) Dubas does up to TD Day to shore up any perceived weaknesses, and what some of the others do as well, before dismissing them outright.

    • Totally agree with you George. They are full of talent but yet again, instead on focusing on their D and on big griddy talented ”playoff” type of players, they are once again looking at offensive fowards. That’s what makes me think they won’t be able to go very far again this year. Maybe time for new GM with a new vision and event tough I am a Habs fan, I do feel for TML fans that righteously have high hopes but deal with constant deception. To me the Leafs right now are a ”regular season team”

      • Mike Pilon

        Keep in mind that you need to win enough in the regular season to make the playoffs. The Leafs are playing better defensively as a team. Their record against the teams at the bottom of the standings are holding them back from challenging for first place.

        Toronto is not alone though. Both Tampa and Boston have losses to teams near the bottom of the league.

        As I’ve said to Pengy when he maintains the Leafs should wait until next year to make TDL moves…it’s why they play the games.

        The Leafs should add depth to their defensive core and add a defensively responsible LW for their 2nd line. They are in “win now” mode.

      • Hi Daryl

        ”Keep in mind that you need to win enough in the regular season to make the playoffs.”

        I think that was exactly what I was saying in my previous message, they are full of talent and really skilled and that’s why they have success during the season. However when playoffs time comes, for some reason it seems like a different type of hockey is being played. Team wear other teams down and in my opinion the Leafs need more toughness combined with talent.

        For example, in 2021 Canadiens should not have been in the playoffs, they got there because of that”covid” year, yet they went far. Was it because of raw offensive talent ? Hell no lol

        The only reason they got there was because of Weber, Edmundson, Chiarot and Price and luck. But as they say you create your own luck and it was their D that led them there.. You need these types of players. Josh Anderson for one is a playoff type of player not a big season one. Yesterday they were comparing him to Claude Lemieux, for some reson they are players that elevate their game when playoffs come, plus they had sand paper.

      • Damn, sorry for all the typos. They ”add” sandpaper. That’s what happens when you are not writing in your everyday language lol

    • Hey George great assessment there but I think it is safe to say over an 82 game season certain strengths and weaknesses will be exposed and in the case with the Leafs their star players carry the load and a lot of the teams shortcomings can be covered up by them during 82 games.

      Besides the change in calling the of game and allowing players get away with a bit more changes the game some what but it’s not a completely different than the regular season other than those deficiencies are more exposed. And with teams like the leafs, they will have a hard time covering them up if they’re top players are shut down/out for just 4 games. I think that’s why bottom six guys always elevate their game post season – they have the luxury of getting away with what otherwise be called during the regular season plus only have to not get scored on and pot one or two goals during the process.

      Look at the scared teams, they all have scary bottom six like look at what Boston has or Tampa, Canes or even NYR!

      • Ron Moore

        I think you may have hit the nail on the head. The game is completely called differently in the playoffs.

        A possession team like the Leafs should be getting a lot more calls in the playoffs.

        Mike Pilon

        Not sure I’d say Josh Anderson is a “playoff performer”. His stat like says otherwise.

        As for creating their own luck…they sure got lucky in 2021 when Tavares went down 10 minutes into game one and Muzzin in game 6.
        Not so sure Chiarot was helping Montreal either…he was getting caved in while on the ice against the Leafs…also got away with plenty of shenanigans that should have been penalties.

        Untimely shaky pgoaltending have done the Leafs in too

  3. Pengy, Drouin’s “problems” are many since joining the Habs, not the least of which has been trying to deal with the pressure of immediately being anointed “the next French-Canadian savior” after being acquired from Tampa.

    But I saw a LOT of his games when paired with MacKinnon in Halifax and, on those powerhouse Major Junior teams he was the straw that stirred the drink, believe me.

    In 128gp he had a .6 gpg average to go along with a 1,29 apg average. MacKinnon also had a .6 gpg average but dropped to a .9 apg average. Drouin was not only the prime “feeder” on that team, he could score at a rate equal to that of MacKinnon.

    I, too, have “wondered” what might transpire if Drouin and MacKinnon were reunited, giving Drouin a chance to play away from the intense glare and expectations that exist in Montreal.

    I don’t imagine it would cost much to acquire him at this stage and see how things unfold down the stretch. Most of his $5.5 mil cap hit will have been used up by TD Day and Montreal might even withhold a portion. He’s a UFA at season’s end and if nothing manifests itself in Colorado down the stretch what have they lost by just letting him walk? It’s not like they’re in danger of missing the playoffs.

    • Drouin has 10 pts in his last 10 games, all assist. With Montreal retaining 50% he might be a good gamble for the Avs.

      • I actually think that not only is it very unlikely the Habs find a trade partner for Drouin, but that the player ends up in Europe next year.

        The reality is Drouin has had all the time and chance to show that he can bring it at the NHL level and he can’t. Sure, the odd game that turns into shinny (i.e., the opponent fails to defend or play physically) and Drouin has three assists but that’s it.

      • Shaun

        Believe me, if Galchenyuk is still sticking arround this league, Drouin will stay as well. Plus you should have watched him lately, he is playing really well, even goes into corners and fights for the puck+ he is more responsible defensively. He would do much better with a non rebuilding plagued with injuries team right now

      • Mike, I agree Drouin is playing like he has a purpose. And of course that purpose is to get a new contract somewhere. Unfortunately for him it will likely be a 1year deal for the league minimum and a show me contract. Drouin has consistently shown he does not have a 82 game resume in him. I wish him well and feel bad for him as he has a young family but it is what it is.
        And by the way – where is Galchenyuk?

      • I won’t complain if he does Mike. Nothing against the person. In fact, nothing but respect for the guy.

        Being in Toronto and not willing to navigate the regional vagaries, I have not seen many games this year but happen to have seen a few of the recent wins. Fun to watch.

      • Habman67, Galchenyuk is currently with the Colorado Eagles of the AHL – he’s been up for 4 games with the Avalanche,

      • Shaun, don’t under-estimate the effect intense fan/media focus can have on a player – a few relish in it, many wilt. Drouin has had a tough time adjusting to the fish-bowl atmosphere that is magnified many times when it comes to Montreal … and Toronto. There was also some extraneous issues in his life the past couple of seasons that we know nothing about – nor should we – but the combination might have been brutal.

        And give him some credit – he’s been producing for the Habs for the past months and playing a solid two-way game. A change of scenery to a location like Colorado could produce amazing results. If you saw his games in the Q with Halifax then you should see the potential in the right environment (for him).

    • Hi George

      Abdolutely no question they were s great combo

      That was years ago

      Avs gave what appears to be s fair amount if flex space to take s gamble trade @ 50 % retained

      But that space id basically all due to the Captain being in LTIR

      once he’s back…. gambling on Drouin at 50 retained just not likely a wise move

      Now, if Drouin continues… he’s had quite a handful of points (note all assists) recently…. Then maybe there is a spike in interest in him

      • As I said Pengy, his strength in Major Junior was as a “feeder” – has always had good assist stats – but he can score too. What, exactly, would any team – including Colorado – be “risking” if Montreal withheld a major chunk of his cap hit – most of which has been paid out by RD Day anyway? He’s a UFA at season’s end so it’s not like any team would be dealing for multiple seasons. The most Montreal could expect to get is a 5th round pick. Big deal for the purchasing time.

    • Totally agree. Drouin would be worth a shot in Colorado. Give up a low draft pick and see what happens. Change of scenery has worked for many players.

  4. Pengy

    A lot of names have been thrown around for a 3c for the Pens. If Nashville continues to fall back what about Mikael Granlund? I would also look into McDonagh if the Preds were willing to eat some salary. Not much time left for the core!

    • Hi SJPP,

      Yes … Granlund has term…. Definitely an upgrade to Carter

      Dumo would have to go the other way to come close to cap balancing this year

      Would Poile take 1St (Lottery protected); + O’Connor; + Puust OR Piehling????

      MacDonagh…, Pens just can’t take on another mid 30’s expensive ($6.8 M Cap) with 3 more years after this

      Team already loaded with players in their 30’s AND 2nd oldest (3rd oldest?) in the NHL

      I think Pens are fine next year with Pettersson; P-I J; Smith on the LD side

  5. Wasn’t that long ago the habs were getting a 1st for Monahan, Edmundson. Injuries have away of getting in the way of a good plan.

    Monahan, is still potentially a good pickup, especially if he can stay on the ir until the first game of the playoffs.

    • If you insist on reading it that way sure. Don’t forget that crazy haul we are getting for Anderson too … Dreger is one cagey GM.

      There was a chance, maybe, for Monahan if had recovered quickly and kept playing the way he was playing. Now I would have to think no one will take a chance on him but I don’t mind him sticking around. Healthy, he was a great add.

      I think Edmundson is gone at the deadline but the way the market has expanded in recent weeks, Edmundson has realistically slid down the “wanted” chart.

      • I heard Holland has concerns about Edmundson’s recent injuries. It’s a back isn’t it?

        I would be wary of a back injury in a contact sport.

      • Maatta resigning in Detroit removes one available defenseman from the market. He would have been in greater demand than Edmundson.

      • Ray, it was his back that kept him out of the lineup at the beginning of the season. I don’t know what any recent issues might have been but agree that “his back” might scare people off initially … but as the clock ticks down and the decision is to add someone of his healthy pedigree … I think he goes. Now I will wait and see.

        Iago, I think a lot of available and possibly available guys will be dealt before Edmundson.

      • Iago, an injured Edmunsdon, I agree. A healty Edmunsdon ? Nope. Matta is kind of a marginal easy to find defensman that didn’t live up to expectations when he was drafted by the Penguins. Kind of easy to find arround the league. Edmundson is better defensively and much tougher than Matta plus has similar production when healty. Matta doesn’t use his frame.

        And I am not saying this because I am a habs fan, I am speaking as a hockey fan. Habs a boat of marginal veteran players they could get rid of.

        Not for nothing that you here interest for Edmundson more often you know.

      • ”Have a boat of marginal veterans” Sorry

      • I’ve been asking myself if they might keep him since his value went down and trade David Savard instead who covered for him all season long

      • Mike, I guess we will.jsve to disagree on this one. I have watched both Maatta and Edmunson this year and Maatta has been better….by far. Edmondson is more physical, Maatta is better at everything else. The fact that Yzerman resigned him only confirms this.

      • Iago,

        As you said ”This year” Edmundson played all season with a nagging back injury. If we look just as far as last season… Wouldn’t take Matta over him when he is healty. Never

        Strange comparisons..

        If I was a GM and used them as a reference, it would be a great thing to trade Josh Anderson and Joel Edmunsdon for Pierre Engvall and Olli Matta… Now very seriously, who would do that here ?

      • Oh and Iago

        ”The fact that Yzerman resigned him only confirms this.”

        Yup loved his play so much that he cut more than one million a year on his paycheck

        Just saying…

  6. Not surprised re Dorion’s announcements about hanging onto pending UFAs Brassard and probably Hamonic. Brassard has been good value playing primarily 3rd/4th line minutes at C – and spelling in on the top lines for short spells – for $750,000. He might even be re-signed for another year at a bit of a bump up in $$.

    Hamonic has been a good steadying influence on Sanderson and, again, might be re-signed – although nowhere near his expiring $3 mil cap hit. Maybe $1,750,000?

    Motte, also a UFA costing $1,350,000, missed a bunch of games due to a finger injury, and while he’s not much of a threat offensively, he is a tenacious fore-checker who might draw some interest as a depth 4th liner. Same with Watson (expiring $1.5 mil)x who might appeal to a team seeking some sandpaper up front.

    The best news, though, is Dorion’s intention of getting DeBrincat’s signature on a new deal, likely 8 years at around $8.1 mil per.

    Talbot might be back to play the odd game down the stretch – but he’s history at season’s end.

    • I’d love to see Motte back in NY. He isn’t a highlight reel kind of guy, but a great utility player.

      NYs only focus at this point should be that 4th line. Last year Motte filled the role perfectly and is one of those guys that you can move up or down the lineup.

    • I was wondering why the hell the Sens would trade DeBrincat, tought it would make no sense. A 25 y.o sniper that might have produced less this season but had to adjust to a new team with a new system that obviously has developing yet more talented young players than the Hawks. Why the hell did these guys get rid of him, Dach and Hagel ? They are in the race for Bedard but…

      I was surprised by Derek Brassard’s play, I tought he was at his last miles in this league but he became a valuable and reliable veteran with the Sens. Still plays well.

      Sanderson ? Altough Habs have good young defensemen I am still Jealous Sens got him George

      • Mike, that 2020 draft was easily the best for the Senators in recent memory, getting Stutzle 3rd overall after Lafreniere and Byfield went 1 and 2, and then grabbing Sanderson with the 5th pick and, to top it off, the perpetual-motion machine Ridley Greig 28th overall.

      • I have this feeling that Sanderson is going to blow a lot of minds next season.

      • The Saint

        You see, I think he is the prototype defensman that a team like the Leafs would need to have succesfull playoff results in the future

      • @george
        yes Sens did very well that draft.
        Stutzle getting 1st line time right away was good for him…still not worried about Laf and Byfield but they are a year behind
        Sanderson will be good

      • I think Byfield may still end up being the best player in that draft. Just the raw talent that was the best. Far from a guarantee of success, but seems to have his head on straight and puts in the work. We’ll see what happens.

        Sanderson being this good this fast is something as well. Good for the Sens.

  7. Washington Capitals have 13 players that will be Ufa’s at season end. The presently hold the 2nd wildcard spot. What should they do? trade some, trade all, keep them all?

    Lars Eller
    Conor Sheary
    Marcus Johansson
    Nicolas Aube-Kubel

    Dmitry Orlov
    Nick Jensen
    Trevor Van Riemsdyk
    Erik Gustafsson

    Connor Brown
    Carl Hagelin

    Hathaway might be a nice 4th line pickup

    • Keep Orlov, trade the rest. Time for more young blood on the Caps roster.

    • Keep Hathaway. Very noticeable, in a good way, every single shift.

  8. I said it before. Leddy would waive to go somewhere that contends. His contract isn’t terrible. He’s a good puck mover. Not terrible defensively, a good pro.

    • The Pens traded away Marino and Matheson last year and have had trouble getting out of their own end so they could use someone like Leddy.

  9. Let me start off by saying a crock of b.s …. this is gms trying to lower the value of the players in montreal …. first of all Monahan is getting healthy so there is no point of being weary of his injury…. Edmondson injury or not is a Stanly cup winner huge dman that blocks shots clears the net in front and players play in the playoffs with injuries all the time…. also he has that extra year so I’d keep him…. next Droin is on fire 17 pts in 32 games wouldn’t say no value on the market pls and dadonov is heating up also with value but the one no one talks about is Hoffman the guy is heating up 22 pts in 42 games or so…. Let’s get real no Montreal player will be off the charts in pts when the team is bottom 7 of the league … what are gms expecting 30 goals and 60 pts in 55 games from their players … they are in a bad team so Drouin in algary or Colorado I’m sorry but he’s a point per game player, Monahan also, dadonov and Hoffman way more pts any of those guys goes on a decent team will be flying just look at lekkonen in Colorado the guy was a bum no points in montreal on a third line all the time goes to Colorado he’s a superstar why because they have talent around

    • Speaking of embarrassing!

      • Besides Monahan and Edmundson have to agree with you George

      • I noticed you been critical over comments lately George.

        Everyone has an opinion respectfully honor everyone’s EVEN IF YOU DON’TAGREE.

      • Maybe the neighbor kids are on vacation and he hasn’t got his daily fix of screaming at em to get off his lawn.

        Dagnabit kids.

      • mp, that was in response to his calling a post of mine a couple of days ago “embarrassing.” Works both ways, does it not?

    • 17 assists and 0 goals through 32 games is “on fire” ?

      Is this some sort of sarcasm I’m not understanding?

      • He meant in is last 10 games Cpt. 10 assists, and yes he has been playing really well during that short period

    • Nice! What constitutes a bad team? Players? Coaches?

  10. Pengy,

    I KNOW that you have always had a man crush with Parayko! I wish you would give just a passing glance towards Krug instead!!

    IF Army would, in fact, trade a d’man, there would have to be someone on defense as a part of the return. The Blues have already dipped into their minor league as deep as possible (although it does sound like Scandella and Perunovich are close to a return). SO a trades are probable.

    O’Reilly, Barbashev, Parayko, Acciari,….

    • Krug has too much term and is always hurt. I like Accari for the Pens (4th line. Pass on Leddy. Like O’Reilly for 3rd line but the entire bottom 6 needs to be reconfigured. Not sure Hextall is the right manager for this team. Resigns all the old men and is reluctant to trade #1 pick. Has a huge hole between the pipes as well. This team is a mess.

      • Holy crap. A meaningful post.

    • Hi IP

      You think I’m taking second fiddle over my man crush? LOL

      CP on Leafs or Pens…. Music to my ears

  11. Monahan could help the Leafs if he is healthy.

    • BC leaf fan, leafs need some players who are not afraid to go into the corners. If I was Dubai I would ph predators and see what Tanner Jeannot would cost

    • TOR gets: Ryan O’Reilly & Noel Acciari
      STL gets: Mikhail Abramov and Adam Gaudette, TOR first-rounder in 2023, OTT third-rounder in 2023 and TOR second in 2024.
      MIN as middlemen gets TOR fourth round pick in 2025

      Ohhh situation changes in Toronto, they got their playoff center !

  12. i can even see gavrikov to nyr for kravstov and rangers throw in a 2nd rounder

  13. Today’s rumor mill gave me a start first thing this morning. For some reason the date says December 17th, which happens to be my wife’s birthday. Before I came to my senses, I thought I might be in trouble…

  14. @ Paul Bowles…I get what you are saying. Kapanen is 26 and can easily fill a 3rd line role (as you suggested).

    Teddy Blueger can be either a third or fourth line center. He is a strong 200 foot player, solid on face offs, can block shots, and is a great penalty killer, and has 10 to 15 goal potential.

    Pierre Oliver Joseph has played in the Penguins top 4 this year but is best as a third pair defenseman and he is only 24. He is a really good skater, solid shot and is gaining experience with all the d-men injured for Pittsburgh

    Then either a number 2 draft pick or number one if it has to be that and a possible prospect

  15. Just to assure you that I am not biased, this is a little list of how I would like the Habs to handle this rebuilt (I know, won’t be possible to get rid of some of them)

    Keep :
    Nick Suzuki
    Cole Caufield
    Kirby Dach
    Josh Anderson
    Juraj Slavkovsky
    Raphael Harvey Pinard
    Owen Beck
    Sean Farrell
    Riley Kidney
    Filip Mesar
    Joshua Roy
    Habs 1st rounder
    Panther’s 1st rounder

    Kaiden Guhle
    Jordan Harris
    Arber Xhekaj
    Mike Matheson
    Justin Barron
    Lane Hutson
    Logan Mailloux
    Adam Engstrom
    Jakub Dobes

    Time to go or to, retire or be used as trade bait:
    Christian Dvorak
    Mike Hoffman
    Evgeny Dadobov
    Joel Armia
    Brendan Gallagher
    Rem Pitlick
    Chris Wideman
    Jan Mysak
    Mattias Norlinder
    Jake Allen
    Jesse Ylonen
    Luke Tuch
    Cayden Primeau
    Jake Evans
    Jayden Struble

    Unsure :
    Samuel Montembault
    Joel Edmundson
    Sean Monahan
    David Savard
    Jonathan Drouin
    Johnathan Kovacevic

  16. So the Leafs get OReilly and Acciari but paid a steep price :
    1st 2023, 2nd 2024, Ottawa 3rd 2023,4th rounder 2025 (to Min) Mikhail Abramov and Adam Gaudette

    They are now real legit contenders