NHL Rumor Mill – February 2, 2023

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Is there a trade market for Patrick Kane? Will the Golden Knights go shopping for help? What’s the latest on the Canucks and Flames? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Patrick Kane might not be a trade deadline fit for the Rangers. He observed the Rangers’ struggles in their last four games in getting to the front of the net and winning puck battles, something he doesn’t think the 34-year-old Chicago Blackhawks winger can resolve.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

Brooks observed that Kane is struggling this season with the rebuilding Blackhawks. He also noted that the potentially high cost of acquiring the veteran winger could deplete their tradeable assets and cap space. More enticing options could include the St. Louis Blues’ Vladimir Tarasenko, the Detroit Red Wings’ Tyler Bertuzzi, Arizona Coyotes center Nick Bjugstad or the Nashville Predators’ Tanner Jeannot.

THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple included Kane on his recent list of suggested trade targets for the Rangers. However, he claims the entire league knows that the Blackhawks star needs hip surgery and would be damaged goods as a trade candidate. He doesn’t see Kane as the centerpiece of anyone’s deadline plans now.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: La Velle E. Neal III believes the Minnesota Wild face the choice of bolstering their offense or improving their defense before the March 3 trade deadline. He believes the Wild should avoid a big-ticket forward such as Kane. Instead, he advocates that they add size to their blueline by pursuing a more affordable option like Vancouver Canucks blueliner Luke Schenn.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The decline in Kane’s performance this season combined with his nagging lower-body injury could be dampening interest in the long-time Blackhawks star. The remainder of his $10.5 million cap hit is still difficult for many teams to absorb plus he seems reluctant to waive his no-movement clause. Given those factors, there might not be much of a trade market for Kane.


LAS VEGAS SUN: Danny Webster speculated the Golden Knights could enter the trade market before March 3 with captain Mark Stone sidelined indefinitely following back surgery. They could place his $9.5 million cap hit on long-term injury reserve, giving them sufficient room to make a splash before deadline day.

VEGAS HOCKEY NOW: Owen Krepps reports speculation linking the Golden Knights to Tyler Bertuzzi. The 27-year-old Detroit Red Wings forward is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He carries a $4.75 million cap hit for this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Prior to the news about Stone, Krepps felt they wouldn’t pursue big-ticket trade bait such as Timo Meier, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Ryan O’Reilly or Vladimir Tarasenko if their captain returned to the lineup. That has probably changed with Stone likely done for the season. Team owner Bill Foley wants a Stanley Cup.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun wondered if other moves are coming for the Vancouver Canucks after trading Bo Horvat to the New York Islanders on Monday.

Defenseman Luke Schenn is a pending UFA who will be in demand by the trade deadline given his physical play. LeBrun reported it’s his understanding that the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning are among the contenders reaching out to the Canucks about Schenn.

LeBrun also cited his TSN colleague Darren Dreger reporting there’s interest in winger Brock Boeser depending on how much salary the Canucks are willing to retain. Boeser carries a $6.65 million cap hit with two more seasons remaining on his contract.

VANCOUVER HOCKEY INSIDER: Rob Simpson dismissed recent media speculation suggesting the Canucks could trade Thatcher Demko. Despite the 27-year-old goaltender’s struggles earlier this season and some injury issues, he remains an affordable starter with upside.

Simpson also pointed out the difficulty the Canucks would face finding a suitable replacement for $5 million annually or less. He also noted they lack the depth to replace him from within.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Schenn is the most likely of these three to be moved before the trade deadline. Boeser could be traded before March 3 if the Canucks retain a healthy chunk of his cap hit but previous reports suggest they’d want his entire salary off their books. That means an off-season trade seems more likely.

Unless Demko is demanding a trade or the Canucks have gone into full-fledged tank mode I don’t seem him moving. We’ve had no indication Demko wants out and everyone knows Canucks ownership doesn’t believe in rebuilding his roster.


THE ATHLETIC: Julian McKenzie reports Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving said he’s in the market for a scoring forward. The club has looked within their system to bolster their production by giving opportunities to Jakob Pelletier and Walker Duehr but they didn’t make much of an offensive impact.

Treliving acknowledged the difficulty of finding a scorer in the trade market. They also have $7 million in trade deadline salary-cap space. He’s reluctant to go the playoff rental route in the past. Treliving mentioned wanting a scorer with “competitiveness and responsibility.”

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Steve MacFarlane cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman could be among the teams looking at Philadelphia Flyers winger James van Riemsdyk. The 33-year-old is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1 with 21 points in 31 games this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Treliving might have to go the rental route to bolster his production. Doing so could cost him a first-round pick or a prospect like Pelletier or Duehr depending on who he’s looking at in the trade market. Someone like van Riemsdyk might not cost too much to acquire but it could mean parting with a decent prospect and a second-rounder.


  1. I’d retain 650k on Boeser & see if takers. 1.15m at most for the right return.

    Schenn will be in high demand.

    Demko would take a big offer to pry out. LAK & Sabres would be a great fit.

    • IF (that’s a big IF) the Canucks trade Demko, do think they would trade him inside their own division?
      This past week I have been arguing with Canucks fans on Twitter. I have been saying that teams don’t trade true #1 goalies, especially inside their own division. They have been saying to trade him to whoever gives up the most even if it’s LA. Even after I point out that would create another hole in their roster in goal which is probably the hardest position to fill.

      • To LAK is bad in so many ways.

        It would take a big homerun to begin thinking about it but LA does have the assets.

        Trading a #1 is frought with peril with nobody ready in the system & UFA market is always a huge risk.

      • Hi KevJam,
        100% they Dont want to trade him Demko in there Pacific….They would send him East…🤔

        if they trade him it will be at the draft in June 28th & 29th i think…..❓

        My bet is Buffalo and Ottawa will be the front runner’s for Demko as they Both need starter and have nothing in there systems.👍

        They will both be after 27 yr old Tristan Jarry the Pens UFA Goaltender on july 1st if he wants to test the UFA Market…. He could get a good contract like $6-$7.M range…..🤔

        Then NHL free agency start’s starts July 1st
        so its going to be a busy 5 days for teams

      • willie, Buffalo’s rookie goaltender just won rookie of the week. He’s having a pretty strong season and he’s only 23. I think the Sabres are okay at the goalie position.

      • Willie, both OTT and BUF have tenders in their systems, maybe not ready right now, but some promise. Luuk in Buf just won rookie of the month, but has been up and down. OTT has 6’8″ Sogaard, but is likely another full year away, if he develops. But he was drafted early for a tender, and plays on a weak team in Belleville, so he’s getting plenty of work!

        Demko has struggled as well, and not sure why somebody would give up assets on a dice roll. Not just Demko but any struggling tender.

        Demko was very good last couple years, but he’s a tender and you can’t predict WTF will happen one year to the next, as he had a really tough start this year.

        At least the UFA market doesn’t cost draft picks.

    • Remember, teams are only allowed to retain salaries of three players at one time.

      • Hey, Ray & Kevjam

        Remember Demko is playing for the Canucks with a Crappy Defence….. and mediocer team
        potentially could be very good…

        None of the guys mentioned can take the Starter jobs in Buffalo or Ottawa,⁉️
        young Sogaard is 3-4 years away…nobody is coming in to help ether team in the next 3+years

        Demko & Jarry are the best 2 younger 26/27 yr old Goaltenders that could be avalable…
        there are lots of goaltenders avalable in
        july from 31 to 35…. But can they get the job done …..95% Not 😳

      • Jarry’s age is the reason why I think the Pens will resign him. Stats-wise, he has also been he better goalie.

      • Buffalo does not need Demko. They have UPL and Levi . Two very good prospects. Sabres have said they like what they have and will see what they got there. I can’t see them using assets on Demko.
        Sens , Pitt , LA , are teams I can think of hurting for goaltending.

    • Detroit sez: Fabbri and a 3rd for Boeser at $5.5M

      • Why ?

    • I observed goalies do t get trade for much. As such of Demko is traded I suspect the return would be underwhelming.

  2. Over/Under 36 trades between now and end of deadline??


    (heck, I think the Blues/Armstrong may make 4 or 5)

    • 5 chopsticks on the over! LOL

  3. Pengy

    Demko wants out of Vancouver. Rutherford/Alvin have a history with Jarry who happens to be from the Vancouver area. Demko and Schenn for Jarry,Joseph and prospect/pick? Vancouver would have to retain some salary.

    • Kevin Weekes knows nothing.

      Demko isn’t unhappy & far from it.

    • Hi SJPP

      Demko has a higher Cap hit; was not as good as Jarry last year; definitely not near Jarry this year; and his injury status more concerning to me than Jarry’s current injury

      P-O J definitely should not be traded. A very good young player (when not paired with the completely performance debilitating/blocking CR) on the rise; with a measly $825 K Cap next year

      Pens could definitely jump huge in performance if Schenn played 3RD over CR…. would love Schenn on team….. BUT (huge but)….

      1) will now (with bidding war) cost more in trade than Pens should give up; and

      2) Key and absolutely most necessary move (after of course, permanently sitting CR [totally under Pens control and costing zero assets]) is ti upgrade 3C

      Ideally a 3C upgrade with term… Henrique would be perfect…

      First(lottery protected); O’Connor; Poehling; Dumo; Ruuta






      Henrique- 2 of Heinen/Kappy/Carter

      Teddy B- McG- 1 of Heinen/Kappy/Carter/Arch


      Petry/P-O J

      2 of Smith/Friedman/Kulikov

    • Black N Gold here I will take this deal all day.

      Getting Demko provided the injury isn’t serious and Luke Schenn would be ideal.

      Instantly you have a shutdown pair of Luke Schenn/Jan Rutta (Cup teammates and champs in Tampa)
      Schenn s a vet can play either side no problem…as can Rutta

      Jarry starts in goal, Joseph is on the third pair for sure maybe second, he is young and finally showing he belongs…and what ever the prospect is.

      If I’m hextall I’m doing this……knowing Hextall he will probably opt for Bobby Clarke

      Demko if healthy can win a playoff series unlike Jarry and DeSmith.. Demko is cost certain until 2025..

      Both Jarry and Demko are good goalies just a tad injury prone..

      • Hi BnG

        Pens end up with a more expensive goalie that is not as good (in last year) ; do gain by having Schenn over CR, but lose huge in futures by giving up P-O J

        Rutta has declined over his play with Bolts

        Key thing is getting a 3C ; and sending CR to WBS

  4. Seriously – “he claims the entire league knows that the Blackhawks star needs hip surgery and would be damaged goods?” So I guess Kane is going nowhere…does any other source confirm this?

  5. Would the Isles trade Varly and or Mayfield to the Kings both UFAs. What kind of return could they get? A wing who could help them or draft picks recouped. Curious.

    • Not while they are in a playoff race. They will need both come playoff time.

  6. I was thinking

    Demko & Garland to BUF for Asplund and a 1st and something . allows a true #1 goalie for BUF

    JT Miller to Canes for KK and a pick since Patches is hurt and JT fixes their 2c long term. kk has been inconsistent this season but for Vancouver he is younger and cheaper and gives cap room

    Boeser and conditional pick to STL for O’Reilly. Van can resign or trade off. STL gets young cost controlled asset to play win with Schenn or Thomas

    Myers and Schenn to WSH for Mantha and picks and a contract to balance cap. WSH looking to get D help and get depth for playoffs so this fixes that

    Van not can retool this summer with cap space and locker room culture Change since players have moved around

    • Buffalo’s rookie goaltender was just named rookie of the week, and he’s only 23. Why give up assets to acquire a goalie when they already have one?

      • Keg I think you said it clearly. Rookie. Think it would be too much pressure too soon on him. Demko clearly helps the team and his own personal development. This season playoff push and if 8n two goalies that’s giving give them chance.

        Next season it allows the rookie to not take too mny games too soon and this league good teams have two good goalies .

        This move isn’t short term and long term fix for that spot IMO

      • I understand that, but that is also where Eric Comrie comes in. Comrie himself isn’t a #1 goalie, but he’s dependable enough to start a bunch of games in a row if/when Luukkonen struggles. He is also under contract for next season. Plus they also have Craig Anderson who I think is a great mentor for Luukkonen. Right now I think Buffalo’s goal is just to make the playoffs and get their young players some playoff experience. Not worrying about if their young goalie can handle a long playoff run. He has also started 21 of 50 games this season. So he is showing he can handle the workload this season so far.
        This will also help Buffalo’s ability to extend Luukkonen after next season. They won’t have to worry about having close to or over $10 million tied up in their goalies.

      • All good points Kev.

        Just spitballing to a team who could use Demko, one which is in the way up and gives a chance for Demko to succeed.

        Van, if trading Demko, needs to get at least a 1st and at the same time get rid of Garland.

      • I would love to see Demko go to the eastern conference though! lol

    • That SOMETHING has to be significant or not a chance. Asplund meh.

      ROR no thx

      Mantha is a cap dump we don’t need. Never liked him. Better off trading Schenn on his own & Myers after bonus paid if no takers this TDL.

      • Asplund is to get rid of Garland

        That something can be worked on in the form of additional picks

        Mantha can be flipped to playoff contender. They key is is contract is only one more year rather than a long term contract. They don’t need Mantha but can then trade him in the off season then. Meyers seems like a tough trade without retaining salary and I think this solves that. IMO

    • JT will require at least 3 good assets, not 2. But the Canes could offer those 3 good assets for Larkin instead, Larkin is 3 yrs younger.

      • You are right Larkin is younger but from Van’s position they need to clear cap and this move fixes that. Not would canes give more picks sure. Vancouver wouldn’t says no to more assets. But KK as their 2c/3c is important as a cost effective option

      • I still don’t believe that Larkin is going anywhere. Does anyone remember the date that Stamkos signed his current contract in 2016 ? June 29th. Yzerman is a patient man.

      • Iago….since Stone is out, they need a high profile rental. Larkin would fit the bill there perfectly! And then end up as a FA, where Stevie could bid for his services there for a 7 yr max contract.

      • Johnny, what does Vegas have to offer for that high-profile forward? Their prospect pool is thin.

      • I agree Kevjam. Vegas’s prospect pool is so thin that is almost invisible.

      • Yzerman would want Seth Jarvis+Scott Morrow+Carolina’s 2023 1st round pick for Dylan Larkin. Can’t see Don Waddle doing that. And that’s for a rental it’s even more if Larkin signs.

    • Assuming those are high enough picks, I’d be ok with all those trades except the Demko one. Canucks need a big shakeup, and getting rid of JT, Boeser, and Myers’ salaries would give them a lot more opportunities to explore options.

      • I think the picks would be high enough because the contracts have term

        Demko moved for top assets is to rid garland bad contract and retool with high draft pick s

        Ya Van needs a change and the assets can Ben of value to those teams I suggested. Win win for both sides.

        Van can now move on in the locker room and rebuild a new culture under Tochett and do everything’s they can to quickly rebuild a young good roster for Peterson.

  7. Kane MAYBE to a team in need of some powerplay help. shelter 3rd line?

    • If Kane’s is healthy why not Pittsburgh?

      Kapanen and picks to CHI
      Kane to Pitts with salary retained

  8. BCLeaf Fan on January 31, 2023 at 12:42 pm

    Good point about covid and the cap.
    My pet peeve with Bettman goes back to awarding Sportsnet the national TV rights in Canada.
    I expect that’s one decision he regrets. If he’d gone back to TSN for a counter offer instead of shutting them out, we might still have the best hockey broadcasts out there with the professionals at TSN.
    Instead we have endured years of second rate broadcasting.
    Hopefully that will be addressed in the next round of negotiations.

    This was a fans article from a few days ago I wanted to bring to attention to Bettman supporters on here .
    Very valid !
    Hockey intermissions “suck”
    Amongst other concerns with Sportsnet
    Again , Bettman at the Helm !

    • Ken,

      I agree the Sportsnet broadcasts are not very good. They spent all their money on the rights and chinzed on the on air talent.

    • Gary’s feelings were hurt though when Bell blew him off & didn’t send their CEO to negotiate plus he believed that Duthie would jump ship & McLean would be gone. His ego wouldn’t allow a counter offer from them.

      • Pretty sure companies like Bell and Rogers wouldn’t put up with a counter offer for the 2nd place finisher.

        Remember the NHL needs them too, long term. See mikeP’s post in the headlines section for an example of when you don’t have a committed national partner. Pissing one or more of them off seems shortsighted to me. And unethical in the biz world. Does it happen, ya, but not usually at this level IMO.

        I too am rooting for TSN to win the next one.

    • I wonder how much him playing hardball helped lead to the new lucrative tv deals?

  9. if Canucks Demko hits the market… they will want to send him East for sure…❗️and he will be in Very Big Demand…
    if the Old Pen’s Cant Sign UFA Goaltender 27 yr old Tristan Jarry, i think Both the Buffalo & Ottawa will take a Run at both of them…🤔 @ $6.-$7.M a year

    Buffalo & Ottawa need a #1 Starter and have Zero goaltenders in there System’s right now that can fill that roll❓

    Last night Buffalo’s potential #1 goaltender
    23 yr old Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen let in 5 goals, he has had some streaky performances,
    There could be to much Hipe here with him…
    The other good goaltending prospect in the system is 21 yr old Devon Levi… , but he is more than likely 3 years away from the NHL.

    Ottawa have No starter in sight, Sen’s curently running with 2 back ups..36 yr old Cam Talbot will be traded at the deadline,
    Anton Forsberg waver wire pick up pick up $2.75.M for 2.5 more years.
    Sen’s have some young kids, 2 that are playing for the Belleville Senators are years away,

    Both teams need a starter for next season if they want to hit the playoffs and some success in the next steps….
    Tristan Jarry & Thatcher Demko…⁉️

    • willieW, Pittsburgh can keep Jarry … but if Demko really becomes available, I can see Ottawa offering C Shane Pinto if Ridley Greig continues his solid play and is seen as the heir-apparent to the 3rd line C position back of Norris and Stutzle.

      • Hi George,
        yes thats a posibillity for Demo,
        i dont see the sens trading both of them at the same time…young LW Ridley Greig just never stops … both Shane Pinto if Ridley Greig young & both very good. maybe a 1st pick and Pinto could do it….

        Somthing that happend yesterday….❗️

        Belleville Senators – AHL affiliate of the Ottawa Senators are bring former Blackhawks & NJ centre John Quenneville, 26 yr old and 6.ft1 who was playing in Europe

        I seen him play in Edmonton for the Hawks on there 4th line Centre in the playoffs when the Hawks beat the Oilers in 2019/20 he was very good for them,
        this could be a great pick up for the sens 4 line centre position…👌

      • I wasn’t suggesting Ottawa might deal Pinto AND Greig – I figured Pinto IF Greig is seen as the heir-apparent to the 3rd line C spot heading into next season. The reason being, Pinto is an RFA and whatever he gets is going to cut deeply into their cap, while Greig will be functioning on an ELC for a while.

        But there’s no way I give up Pinto AND a # 1 pick – they want something like that they can take a hike. Pinto and Brannstrom – or Bernard-Docker – they have a deal.

      • Re Quenneville willieW, that’s a sign that Dorion intends to keep Grieg up with the big club from now on. Quenneville becomes his replacement in Belleville. He MIGHT be seen as a future replacement at 4th line C for Brassard – but not this season (unless Brassard is moved at or before TD day and even then, they still have Gambrell as well).

        Here to the end – Stutzle between Tkachuk and Batherson on line 1 – Greig between Debrincat and Giroux on line 2 – Pinto between Motte and Joseph on line 3 – Brassard between Kelly and Watson on line 4.

        If Pinto is dealt, Brassard moves to line 3 while Gambrell slots in on the 4th line.

        All kinds of possible moving parts as we get closer to TD Day.

  10. Treliving is on record saying he will not trade this years 1st because it is such a deep draft. He is pretty sure the Flames will be able to get a very good player, plus the Flames amateur scouting department is very good.

    Having said that they have 4 very good prospects in Pelletier, Coronato, Zary, and Wolf that could be in play.
    I know they have sniffed around Boeser but the Canucks would have to retain salary.
    Going after Van Reimsdyk would be a big step backwards.

    The only forwards that would be worth something and are available would be Konecny and Meir.

    • Hi George,
      They may take that deal …..❓
      Demko will be a Very Hot commodity if he hits the market

      Pinto and Brannstrom – Or- Bernard-Docker
      and im sure they ask for at least a 2nd rd pick also ,
      some teams will offer a 1st rd picks at them…..
      but Pinto will end up being a 2nd line centre and they need young d/men could be very intresting…..🤔
      I copy yesterdays peojection for end of year to share after Game 82👍

    • Hi George,
      i think your right on the Lines…. if there is no Trades❓
      but the Sens need for next season a 2nd pairing RD man and a Starter in Net…so its a Trade or a UFA at a reasonable pay check…❓

      if the Pens dont sign Jarry.. Im sure there will be lots going after him as a UFA market…
      if Demko is made avalable for a trade at the Draft in Late June, and they Cant get the Cat signed… and Jarry has signed or is going to be testing the market…
      ( Sorry Pengy)…😁

      i think Brassard gets moved before the trade dead line for a late round pick…

      then they Bring up John Quenneville to be the 4th line centre for the rest of the year as he would be at the league minimum of $750,000

      Current cap space is $11.M and next year its going to be $18.M
      They have #12 the Cat to sign, Pinto & maybe they bring back nick holden for one more year and add a tough 3rd or 4th line winger to look after the young kids…

  11. Lyle

    Re “ General manager Bill Foley”… He is the “defacto” GM as a VERY hands on owner; but McCrimmon “technically” is the GM

  12. Re Kane (and Toews for that matter)

    Davidson needs to lower his trade return expectations

    No matter what… Kane and Toews in full control

    Kane …, if reported hip situation true; and his production slipping; and finding a team willing AND with space to take him on…. Bidding pool limited

    That said…. outside of the Cap hit; one might argue that Toews return in trade has climbed relative to that of Kanes

    -Toews is a C

    -On 82 G pace of 25-25-50

    -# 1 in NHL on the dot (all C’s playing at least 10 games)

    -May have slowed down; but certainly a dressing room leader; and you can’t forget the SC pedigree!!

    If traded (again, hd must agree):

    Chi must eat 1/2 the Cap
    Final team will pay a 4th for a 3rd team to retain another 25% (cash outlay at TDL for 25% retention only about 165 K)

    So… if Toews agrees…. Who bids; what does that team give up (on top of 4th to the 3rd team for retaining 25%)?

  13. Pengy

    I wouldnt trade Poehling or O’Connor. They have been two of the only bright spots the past several weeks. It wouldn’t even be a stretch to try Poehling at 3c. He’s got good size and speed and has shown signs of being able to be a playmaker.

    • Hi SJPP

      I like both players

      Something needs to be done

      Have to give to get

      I think Poehling could spot in 3C here and there… but he isn’t the solution to guarantee playoffs and possibly past first round this year

      as is… Pens might miss playoffs

      All hyperbole aside; and being very serious… ensuring CR never plays a single shift again for Pens and replacing him with Friedman or Smith…. Will seriously improve the D

      A healthy Jarry, playing 24 or so games of last 32, with no CR…. That should ensure playoffs; and fair shot of catching Rangers for 3rd Metro

      Upgrade with 3C…. and then there is a fair chance to get by Devils

      A dream for me …. Toews

      -On 82 G pace of 25-25-50
      -# 1 in NHL on the dot (all C’s playing at least 10 games)
      -Great dressing room leader;
      -Stanley Cups plural; great playoff experience

      Toews at 3C (huge upgrade over Carter) ; healthy Jarry , no CR….

      That team …. I have confidence will have the maturity to overcome the speed/youth of Devils

      ‘course…. Toews has to agree to waive; HexBurkie then must at least pick up the phone; then hopefully can negotiate an equitable trade

  14. Would it be better for SJS to qualify Meier for $10M at the end of the year then trade him during the summer as well as retain $5M. I would imagine the return would be higher as more teams have cap space, the new team will have him for a full season and give them time to negotiate a new contract.

    • There is no need to qualify if a contract can be signed before July 1st I believe. However, why would Meier sign a contract lower than his qualifying off?

      • Same reason DeBrincat might IF the new deal comes with a long term.

      • Security. If he qualifies and has a career ending injury or his play plummets he gets screwed. So you give up some annual money for years of security

  15. Since Stone is out, who goes to Vegas as a RENTAL to fill in for him? Could be:
    I am leaving Kane out. But maybe you think otherwise.

  16. Tyler Bertuzzi to Vegas for 50% retained.

    To Detroit Hague+Vegas 2023 3rd round pick. Probably the best we can do.

    • How about: Bert and Maata both 50% retained for ’23 1st?

    • How about

      Bert, Zadina and a 1st next yr and 3rd this year to SJ for Meir

      Then sign both he and larkin to 8×8
      And out Raymond on their line for the next 8 years

      • Yeah, I floated something like that on another site, but I did not think they would take Zadina so I gave them Albert Johansson instead.

  17. Hard to judge Kane’s value without knowing exact details of injury, but…..
    If it’s serious, why keep playing? He’s on a losing team going nowhere. He’s a UFA at seasons end and will need a new contract. Why not get surgery now so you can be 100% next year? Or, maybe it’s just a nagging injury that’s not that serious and just needs a “cleaning up”. Food for thought Brooksie. Today he’d be tied for 4th in scoring on Rangers. Would definitely help PP that’s currently struggling. Hopefully, price comes way down

  18. Is DET considered to be rebuilding?

    I’ve heard Bertuzzi mentioned as a player Toronto may be interested in. What are the chances David Perron is available? I think he would be a fantastic target for the Leafs.

  19. Drouin, Armia, Hoffman, Edmondson, Allen, Davidov, Monahan…..somebody…anybody going to trade for these guys?

    • Mayne Edmundson and Allen – the others will be a hard sell for varying reasons.

      • Maybe