NHL Rumor Mill – February 3, 2023

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Could the Canadiens trade Josh Anderson? What’s the latest on the Red Wings and Golden Knights? Could the injured Gustav Nyquist still be a trade candidate? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TSN: During Thursday’s “Insider Trading” segment, Gino Reda noted the Montreal Canadiens are getting calls from other clubs about Josh Anderson. However, Darren Dreger replied Anderson isn’t in play despite the interest that other clubs are expressing in the 28-year-old winger.

Montreal Canadiens winger Josh Anderson (NHL Images).

Dreger said the Canadiens like his game and he has a good long-term contract. He felt the only way Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes trades him is if he gets an offer too good to refuse. Dreger noted that Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving has previously spoken to Hughes about Anderson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anderson’s come up a lot in the rumor mill this season and there are some Montreal pundits and fans who believe they should shop him for the best possible return. Dreger isn’t ruling out the possibility but he doesn’t sound like he’s expecting it to happen.

It will take a hefty offer to pry Anderson away from the Canadiens. My guess is it would have to be at least an unprotected first-round pick, a high-end prospect and a good young NHL player.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin will meet with his agent during the NHL All-Star weekend in Florida to discuss his future plans. The 26-year-old center is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

LeBrun said contract negotiations have gone on for months without a deal though the two sides have made progress and talks are ongoing. Larkin’s agent wants to meet with his client because the March 3 trade deadline is approaching and the Red Wings could get trade offers for their captain.

Larkin has a full no-movement clause but LeBrun wonders how he’d react to a trade offer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In an interview with ESPN.com’s Greg Wyshynski, Larkin said he sees himself as a Red Wing. He acknowledged contract negotiations never go smoothly until they’re done but dismissed speculation that he rejected an eight-year, $8 million offer from the Wings.

The Wings could put Larkin on the trade block if the two sides fail to hammer out an agreement before March 3. However, there’s still plenty of time for the two sides to sort this out.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Kevin Allen reports several teams are interested in Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi. Like Larkin, the 27-year-old winger is slated to become a UFA on July 1.

Allen thinks the Wings could shop Bertuzzi if they don’t reach an agreement on a contract extension before March 3. He speculates the Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers and Dallas Stars could come calling.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Bertuzzi’s more likely to be traded than Larkin given the latter has a larger role with the Wings. The Oilers, Lightning and Panthers seem more in the market for defensemen than forwards.

The Leafs and Stars could be possibilities as there’s been talk they’d like to add another top-six forward. I’d include the New Jersey Devils in that list though they’d probably prefer someone with term remaining on their contract.


TSN: Darren Dreger said the Vegas Golden Knights are considering every option after learning team captain Mark Stone will undergo back surgery. What’s uncertain is if he’s done for the season or could possibly return toward the end of the season or in the playoffs.

Given the Golden Knights’ history, Dreger expects they’ll do everything they can to fill the void left by Stone’s absence. He knows they’re looking for a forward so this situation should up the ante.

VEGAS HOCKEY NOW: Listed several star players that he believes the Golden Knights could attempt to acquire with Stone on the sidelines. They include the Chicago Blackhawks’ winger Patrick Kane, center Jonathan Toews or forward Max Domi, St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko or center Ryan O’Reilly, Philadelphia Flyers winger James van Riemsdyk, San Jose Sharks winger Timo Meier and Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi.

DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli thinks Patrick Kane would be a good fit alongside Jack Eichel for the Golden Knights as a playoff rental player if they can get the Blackhawks to retain half of Kane’s $10.5 million cap hit.

THE ATHLETIC: Jesse Granger believes the Golden Knights must find a suitable player to complement Jack Eichel’s game. One option could be San Jose’s Timo Meier but he’d be costly to acquire. More affordable ones could include the Red Wings’ Pius Suter, the Blues’ Noel Acciari or the Blackhawks’ Andreas Athanasiou.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect the Golden Knights will do something before the trade deadline. How big they go could depend on what they’re willing to part with.

Stone’s future could also be a determining factor. If they know for certain over the next three or four weeks that he’s out for at least the remainder of the regular season they could be more inclined to pursue a big-ticket player rather than a cost-effective one.


TSN: Chris Johnston reports Gustav Nyquist could remain a trade chip for the Columbus Blue Jackets despite suffering a shoulder injury that could sideline him for the remainder of the regular season.

Johnston suggests that a team already using long-term injury reserve has the ability to acquire Nyquist and stash him on LTIR until the playoffs when he could be activated into the lineup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The salary cap doesn’t count in the playoffs. That’s why a team could acquire Nyquist at the trade deadline despite his shoulder injury. If there’s a chance he could return to action for the opening round of the playoffs he could become an affordable gamble for a cap-strapped playoff contender.


  1. >>>The salary cap doesn’t count in the playoffs.

    …which continues to be one of the dumbest rules in professional sports.

    • Agree that is how Tampa used it to win.What are they thinking?Change the rule Bettman.

      • And Tampa also was the 1st victim of this rule when they lost to Chicago.

        When Tampa beat Montreal, Montreal was also over the cap.

        Not sure how Tampa continuously gets the blame for this loophole?

        They weren’t even the 1st team to exploit it.

      • If that’s the ask on Anderson who has only one decent season under his belt (47 points, about 100 years ago) NY should put Kreider on the market! He’s 3 years older but actually produces at a much better pace.

        Nobody is paying that for Anderson, nobody!

      • Dude, it’s the GM’s that like the rule the way it is. Tampa was the only team to vote to change the rule. It isn’t going to change.

      • Captain obvious. Tampa gets a lot of the gripe because of the extent they were over.

      • Ya think that is bad??? Vegas can be nearly $26M over as soon as Stone hits LTIR!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why? If they left the cap in place during the playoffs it would force clubs to leave salary cap space for AHL players who often join the roster after their season is over.

      Honestly though, there are very few instances where teams take advantage of this rule. The league does a decent job at discouraging abuse, imo.

      • How about putting a playoffs cap? like the do in the off season, isnt it 10% over?

  2. Sutter has got to be drooling over the prospect of having Josh Anderson in the lineup

    but Montreal is already small enough as it is (Dach isn’t physical so he doesn’t count), can’t see them trading JA unless they get a first and another pick or prospect. Maybe CGY offers their 1st and Pelletier?

  3. Larry Brooks of the NY Post made a good argument against the Rangers getting Patrick Kane, saying they need a more physical winger. Plus the fact the Kane has been hobbled by an injury that may need surgery
    I still see Kane traded, maybe Vegas would be the team? I can’t see Vegas trading for Meier because they don’t have the high end prospects the Sharks are looking for.

    still can’t see the Blues giving up on the season, but if they do, I see O’Reilly going (back) to the Avs and Tarasenko to the Rangers or Islanders

    don’t see Bertuzzi as a fit with the Devils, they are looking for more of a sniper and a bigger body, not another playmaker like they have on their team already. if they don’t get Meier I can see possibly JVR going there.

    i really don’t see Toews getting moved, even if CHI picks up 1/2 his salary, unless CHI could get a 3rd team involved to share the contract hit. in that case I see COL and maybe Winnipeg in on that (would be nice story for Toews to finish up on his hometown team)

    Sean Monahan would probably get moved first, MTL could expect at most a pick or two for him

    I see the argument of acquiring Nyqvist and putting him on LTIR, like TOR did wit Nash last season, but I don’t think he gets moved

  4. Bruins grab Nyquist for a 7th then stick him on 3rd line with hall and Coyle for playoffs. Moving Frederick to 4th line with Foligno and Nosek

  5. Lyle – re Josh Anderson and your comment above “My guess is it would have to be at least an unprotected first-round pick, a high-end prospect and a good young NHL player.”

    So, you’re equating his overall value to that being demanded by Arizona for Chychrun?

    Chychrun – 2 years to go at $4.6 mil – 3g 20a 23 pts 34gp

    Anderson – 4 years to go at $5.5 mil per – 14g 5a 19 pts 49gp

    • The Habs Anderson is a slower top six power forward on a teams 2nd line… he is a Very Streaky inconsistant player

      He may only work on certain teams
      your not getting him for points at $5.M a year for only 19 pts in almost 50 games⁉️

  6. Josh Anderson’s game peaked in 2019 for the blue jackets. I know the Habs have been terrible, but he really hasn’t done much since joining the team. Sure there have been flashes and some clutch goals, but he is streaky and completely disappears sometimes – I’m sure some fans will disagree… At the rate he’s going, I don’t think his contract will be considered as “good value” as some pundits like to claim. I could see his contract good value if the league average continues to rise, but I’m just not seeing it from his play.

    If the Habs were offered an unprotected 1st, and a good prospect OR good young NHLer then I think they should move him. They probably won’t (or won’t get that offer), but the closer he gets to the end of his contract the less they’ll get.

    • This , exactly , thanks for saving me time. JA in an enigma , he has all the tools unfortunately he shows up without his tool belt on most nights. At least if you are not making a difference offensively stir it up a bit.

  7. George O.

    My guess was Lyle was basing Anderson’s worth on what Vancouver got for Horvat. Power forwards are few and far between!

    • Well, I seriously doubt anyone is going to offer an unprotected 1st, a high-end prospect and a good young NHL player for Anderson. Hell, they got him for Max Domi and a 3rd round pick.

      The Islanders just got Horvat for Beauvillier, an ennh prospect in Raty and a conditional 1st round pick – and his career stats, while not exactly eye-opening, still dwarf those of Anderson.

      • George O: As per Dreger, “The only way he gets on the trade block is if a team persuades [Canadiens general manager] Kent Hughes and makes an offer that they simply can’t refuse.”

        Based on that, I suggested the offer that I did. IMO, that’s the type of offer it would take to convince Hughes to part with Anderson.

        Do I see Hughes getting that type of offer? No, I don’t. But it’s what I think it would take to have him seriously consider it.

        Now watch us wake up one day next week and find that he’s traded Anderson to the Flames for a bag of pucks…;)

      • Also, Habs were perceived to be trading for damaged goods and a lot thought his shoulder would not hold.

        However, as noted above, he has not lived up to his billing so his worth is suspect.

        A team might still believe they can bring out his potential.

      • Shaun , I think his shoulder is hanging on by a thread. This is why he does not bang or drop the mitts more often.
        If he played every first shift of the game and dumped the puck into the other teams d zone , then played the body , clean and hard he would get the other teams attention. I guarantee you defencemen would be rushing that pass all game if he was barreling down on them and there was a good chance he would play the body.
        I like him when he brings it , someone just needs to convince him to bring it more often. But if his shoulder is damaged then that’s a tough sell.

  8. I know I have climbed on the Pengy wagon and agreed , as per Leafs best interest is to stand pat , as per this year and re- evaluate in the off season …

    BUT – I just came across a Kypreos recent video and the possibility of Saros being available ?!?!?!?!?!

    If this is the case , the landscape has changed – IMO – Leafs should be all in on this thought !!
    I know it would be a haul – throw in the name – Ekholm , Lol
    I know U will think I am crazy – as per who goes the other way .

    The salary cap doesn’t count , as per the playoffs – that hurdle is off the table !

    Poile – We have future considerations for you , but as of right now , we need that player or players for a Stanley cup run …

    On the other weakness – Grab Barbashev from St.Louis , cost effective , meaningful addition .

    Only weakness now is the bottom 6 of the lineup , which U live with …,
    Only way Leafs progress through this years playoffs , goaltending has to be superlative , an understatement at that !

    We miss you Kypreos – Sportnet crew is a joke !

    • Hi Ken

      Hard to fathom Sarros available…. But if he was… I’m in!!

      The stand pat was regarding futures for UFAs

      Saros (if available) has 2 more years after this

      The only trouble with the move….that would leave Leafs spending almost $10 M (Cap) next year on goalies… which they can’t afford

      Now if somehow (read won’t happen)…. Predz take back Murray in the deal… 👍👍

      Any move by Leafs (other than say 6th/7th rounders for UFA tweak depth) really needs to be for players with term ….. futures for players with term… as long as it doesn’t hamstring (the already Cap hamstrung ) thr Leafs’ roster make up for next year …. then Oki Doki

      • @ Pengy….I’m not sure how you think Tristan Jarry is better than Thatcher demko..

        They are close and Jarry will want north of $5 million in Fre Agency.

        If Demko is healthy he is a top 5 or 6 goalie in the league you can’t say that about Jarry.

        Demko had an amazing playoff run two three years ago where Jarry got lite up by defensive oriented Islanders….last year injured again played one playoff game?

        I also agree that 3rd line center is our number one priorityand I have been saying for 5 weeks now Adam Henrique is a perfect fit…17 goals, great 2000 foot player, strong on face offs.

        Adam Henrique 50% retained is $2.9 million

        Teddy Blueger and Pierre Oliver Joseph go to Anaheim money is almost identical.

      • Jarry has also had the benefit of playing behind a vastly superior team – for the most part – than has Demko in Vancouver!

      • Hi BnG

        Jarry is better than Demko over the last year; and that’s key…. Recency bias, when trying to secure a playoff spot now

        It will cost too much for Demko, and goaltending (at least for this year) goes down

        Can Demko improve , next year, year after…. Yes it can happen

        But not a certainty

        So I’d go with Jarry now

        Pens should not trade P-O J. It should not be considered at all

        He is a good up and coming D-man who has been very good this year (when not on the ice with the production/performance crippling CR)

        Add to that…. $825 K for next year

        Dumo is gone next year…. So the Left side of the D is covered with Pettersson, P-O J, Smith…. For a total Cap hit between $6 M – $6.4 M.

        The right side….Tanger, Petry, Rutta however……..$15.1 M

        Quite skewed

        Like the idea of Henrique

        Retention is not a great concern if Dumo goes over in trade to balance Cap…. Diff annual Cap is $1.7 M….. So @ TDL the proportionate diff is only $425 K

        Next year…. Zucker moving on covers Henriques Cap save for but $300 K 👍👍

        Trade for sure must include a (lottery protected 1st)…. Henrique not UFA, and HexBurkie signalled “not re-tooling/rebuilding” when he re-upped Gino, Tanger, Carter, Rakell….. so he wasn’t counting on an early 20’s pick for this year

        1st alone won’t cut it

        This should

        Dumo (UFA) for Cap reasons this year; 1st (lottery protected); O’Connor;

        and if Ducks do retain 30%….. one of Puust OR Hollander or Poehling

        The give up in trade will be less for a UFA 3C

        Would love Toews, but Domi is an option

    • Ken

      I’m thinking along similar lines as you.

      The Leafs need to think even more outside the back than usual.

      Depending on Muzzin’s status they need to be bold.

      As this Rumour mill suggests…Nyquist could be stashed on LTIR. CLB also has a player the Leafs could use in Gavrikov. It’s rumoured that CLB wants a 1st and 3rd for Gavrikov. Would they accept Sandin and a 3rd for Gavrikov (50% retained) and Nyquist?

      Somehow I can’t believe that Saros will be available…

      • no way they are going to trade gavy separately and get at minimum 1st. jackets have to mneed for a defense man have you seen what they have in the minors. prob get a 6 or 7 for nyquist by himself.

  9. OH – Too add – Leafs have addressed their goaltending for years to come – they haven’t had one since Belfour

    Murray will have to be part of future considerations , as per Bettman ‘s illustrious salary cap , Samsonov – U can ship off to Ottawa now or in the off season and bring up Woll …

    Nylander , unfortunately will be the odd man out , as per the future considerations …
    Is the brilliant idea even possible?

    Signing off , yours truly,
    Ken/ AKA – Toe Blake

    • LOL. No way in Hell Ottawa looks at Samsonov as a viable # 1 goalie.

      Come on guys – Kypreos embarks upon a little wishful-thinking by dredging up the over-used “a couple of sources tell me” to suggest Nashville might be willing to part with Saros and that suddenly morphs into “Leafs should be all over that” and clear the decks by “shipping Samsonov off to Ottawa.” Seriously?

      First of all, the odds are astronomical that Nashville would create another dilemma for themselves (i.e., joining more than half a dozen teams searching around for a more reliable goalie) by dealing Saros – one of the best in the league. Secondly, in the extremely unlikely event they did let it be known they were entertaining offers for him, at least half a dozen offers would pour in that the Leafs could not – or more likely would not depending upon Poile’s demands – match.

      I understand the desire to see one’s team of choice improve where and when possible – but let’s at least keep it out of the realm of fantasy league stuff.

      • I am so used to this from Leafs fans I hardly even notice it anymore. The never ending belief that every star is desperate to play in Toronto, and every team is willing to trade him there for nothing, while every other NHL team is falling over themselves to take the Leafs garbage is mind boggling to say the least.

      • If Ottawa looks to get a starter for next season
        like these two 27 yr olds….⁉️

        if the Canucks want to Trade Thatcher Demko
        at the June Draft, there would be lots of intrest.. Cost could be 1 st pick, a Good prospect and a player salary going back the other way🤔


        They go after UFA Goaltender Tristan Jarry on July 1st
        That gives the Sen’s time to see if they can get his signing rights in June so they have a Crack at him if he is going to go the UFA Route if the Pens cant sign him or if he even wants to stay there with a very old team with poor prospects and a 3-5 year Re-build coming in 1 or 2 years time when Crosby & Malkin & Letang Retire…..❓

        Any other thoughs on who Ottawa should look at going forward as a Good Starter thats not Old and expired…

  10. That would be a BIG MISTAKE if the Flames went after Anderson. He is not worth a 1st in this years draft let alone a prospect.
    Treliving’s contract expires this year, hopefully ownership won’t let him do anything to stupid.

  11. Was just peaking at NHL points

    Oil…. everyone knows McD /Leon 1/2 in NHL…, but if Hyman and RNH had just 1 more point each…, 4 Oil in top 10

    Certainly nothing like the ‘70-‘71 Bruins (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 11th) but pretty dang good by todays standards

    • Bruins had 10 20 or more goal scorers that year.all three lines plus Orr.

      • It was something to watch…. I was just a kid

        Bruins averaged Over 5 goals per game

    • And yet, a lot of good it did them, losing in the first round in 7 games to the eventual Cup winners, Montreal.

      • That was one hell of a series!

        Don’t forget… Boston was up 5-1 late in the 2nd period; in game 2( I think); and Johnston let 6 straight in….I was just a kid, and I couldn’t believe 5-1 late in second turns into 7-5 loss

      • I haven’t forgotten – and both Beliveau and Ferguson skated around Orr in that comeback like he was standing still to score two key goals. Bottom line – even with all that vaunted firepower they still lost – in the 1st round – to the lowest ranked team in the playoffs. Who then went on to win the Cup. Again.

  12. with the panthers duclair set to return off ltir, what is their current situation???

    • I think they’re just dying to send Duclair to Pens for Dumo…. LOL

      On serious note… they could either send down Lundell (waiver exempt ) which is not favourable; or waive Tierny …. Go with 22 on roster

      Now…. If Bobo (currently on IR) is off longer (would need to be projected for 10 games/24 days)… Bobo LTIR,covers it

      I don’t think Bobo will be put on LTIR though

  13. Since he’s not worth much according to some, Anderson for Kapanen straight up!

    • I don’t see anywhere where someone suggested he isn’t “worth much.” What they’re saying is, he isn’t worth an unprotected 1st, a high-end prospect and a good young roster player. And he certainly isn’t.

  14. Lyle….what the hell happened in Belleville? You got any inside scoop on that? Very out of the blue Senators drama.

  15. Anderson is the prototypical power forward that is highly valued as a needed piece in the playoffs.

    It’s a position that is harder to fill than a D-man and while the Habs considered Anderson to b a steal, he was immediately signed to a multi year contract.

    He likes it in Montreal and the team is happy with his contribution.

    There’s o reason to trade him unless it’s an offer that can’t be refused.

    A GM who sees him as a missing piece will pay for him.

  16. @Pengy

    I did address the Catastrophic Murray on my rebound, second note –
    Poile would have swallow the Murray contract , hypochondriac personality for only 1 more year.,,

    • Sorry, when I was typing, your 2nd post, wasn’t there. Had my post ready, Took a call, then hit submit…. By that time (delayed due to call) yours had already been posted

      Sorry about that

      Can’t see Poile welcoming Murray

  17. The option that makes sense to me is the Avs. Depending on the health of their back end

    Girard and newhook and a 1st to mtl for Anderson and Edmundson

    Mtl can retain salary on Edmundson to make it work and resign him in the offseason letting him know that.

    • Nvm. Forgot Edmundson has a year left.

      • the Edmonton Oilers still have Joel Edmundson on the list for a 2nd pair LD man
        salary swapp like a Jess Pulijarvi & a pick 2nd or a 3rd …..

      • Wllie, The Oilersi are not getting Edmundson for Pulijarvi (who has no value) and a 2nd or 3rd.

  18. Does Vegas have any real assets to get any of those listed player?

    I would like to see Andersen on the Sabres but that asking price is WAY TOO HIGH.

  19. Anderson is the player type Sutter is asking for . They won’t overpay and whoever he is it won’t make a difference. Treliving trades in pairs.

    Tarasenko should be a Flames target

  20. Josh Anderson was traded for a 3rd round pick and Max Domi three years ago. There’s no way the needle has moved on this guy to a first rounder, prospect and young NHLer. His worth is still the same. Averages about 20g a year over his career but can’t play a full season.

    • Monteal don’t want to trade him, so if you want him you will have to pay.

      • So, what you’re saying is, if they don’t get the moon he remains in Montreal costing them $5.5 mil dollars per off the cap for a production that works out to about 1 goal every 4 games and an assist about every 10 games? Magnificent cap management!

  21. Domi had put up 28g44a only 1 year earlier so he had value. Rutherford gave up almost as much,if not more, for Brassard,Zucker and Kapanen so anything is possible!

  22. @ George

    Don’t shoot the messenger !!

    I will see if I can fetch Kypreos email, U 2 can banter !! Lol !!

    Everyone laughed at me , as per the possibility of the present Calgary GM coming to Toronto

    Let’s See ..:

    I will be headed to Florida this month – I can at least relax in a pair of shorts , viewing Leafs live in Tampa come playoff time

  23. if blue jackets allowed teams to negotiate a extension with gavrikon before they traded for him do you think they could get a 1st and a second for him. if not if they added nyquist in same deal could they get a first and second

  24. pretty obvious im a jacket fan. was wondering what everybody thinks we could get for eric robinson, emil bemstrom and marcus bjork. just wondering thanks

    • Just a quick glance tells me, off the top, not much norman d crum.

      Eric Robinson – undrafted – – LW – 231gp 29g 40 69 pts career – 4g 7a 11pts in 24gp this season

      Emil Benstrom – 4th rd – 117th overall – RW – 141gp 23g 34a 47 pts – 4g 7a 11 pts in 24gp this season

      Marcus Bjork – undrafted – RD – 27gp 3g 8a 11 pts – all this season

      Unless they’re trying to build up a host of really low draft picks, why try to move them at all? They certainly are not going to get better roster players for any of them.

      • was just wondering because a rumor just started about those 3 today. i didnt think they would get much. thanks for answering

  25. well I guess Dylan Strome will finally stop being in any trade chatter. Signed 5 year extension.

  26. If players like Dylan Larkin think that they are worth over $8 million a season, we are definitely going to see another lock out eventually. The fact they even offered him $8×8 is crazy enough, he’s good but he’s not a legit star player.

    • Totally. Like if you wanted to make more money, you should have gotten better at baseball.

    • I hope Stevie sez “Pick your new team,”
      He could bring back to Detroit a very good return.
      And if they traded him as a rental to a capped out team like Vegas, Detroit could get a shot at him in FA!

      • I am trying to remember the last time a team actually did trade a player at the deadline to sign them again in the summer. Maybe I am asleep when it happens haha.

    • It would be easier to sell if Larkin didn’t have more points than Barzal and a few others making $9M+.

      • Find me a $9 million dollar forward who has never scored over 75 points in a season, please.

      • Found it myself, just Jeff Skinner, with one of the worst contracts of all time

      • If I look at all the $8M+ players in the league, I can come up with 8 or 10 of them that I would not trade Larkin for even up.

      • All that proves is how many bad contracts are out there