NHL Rumor Mill – March 13, 2023

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Interim Flyers GM Daniel Briere talks about his club’s plans, the latest Erik Karlsson speculation and the chances of Dmitry Orlov staying with the Bruins after this season in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


ESPN.COM: Greg Wyshynski reports Philadelphia Flyers interim general manager Daniel Briere acknowledged his club’s need for a multiyear rebuild as he campaigns for the job on a full-time basis. Briere took over from fired GM Chuck Fletcher on Friday for the remainder of the season.

Philadelphia Flyers interim general manager Daniel Briere (NHL.com).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Briere will likely take over on a full-time basis in the offseason after ownership evaluates his performance over the remainder of the season. If they opt for another GM candidate, he could take over as president of hockey operations.

Briere cautioned that a rebuild doesn’t mean a fire sale of roster players. “We’re not going to get rid of everybody,” he said. “We have some good players here, some players that are in certain roles that we are going to keep as well.” Briere added that he and his staff will evaluate players and hockey operations staff with an eye toward the future.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Briere’s comments yesterday could be a response to recent trade conjecture regarding Flyers such as Kevin Hayes, Ivan Provorov and Carter Hart. There was speculation before the March 3 trade deadline that Briere’s predecessor had engaged in trade talks regarding Hayes and Provorov.

Briere could be looking at which players will fit best into their multiyear rebuild. Hayes (30) might not be part of those plans. Provorov is only 26 but becomes eligible in two years’ time for UFA status and might not fit into their long-term scheme.

Hart, 23, could have a future with the Flyers if he’s willing to be part of a rebuild. He’s got a year left on his contract but Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek observed on Saturday that the Flyers can sign him this summer to a contract extension.

Those on long-term contracts such as Joel Farabee (23) and Travis Sanheim (26) could also be part of their plans. Travis Konecny (26) could also fit into their program but (like Provorov) he’s only got two more years left on his deal and might not wish to stick with a rebuilding team.

I can see Briere trying to move Ryan Ellis’ contract if the 32-year-old defenseman’s career is truly over. It’ll be interesting to see what he would have in mind for sidelined forwards like 33-year-old Cam Atkinson and 30-year-old center Sean Couturier.


THE BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont expects the San Jose Sharks to renew trade talks regarding Erik Karlsson leading up to and including the 2023 NHL draft in late June. GM Mike Grier had deals on the line before the March 3 trade deadline but interested clubs were reluctant or unable to absorb a high percentage of Karlsson’s $11.5 million average annual value for the next four years.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teams usually have more salary cap space to work with from mid-June through early July leading up to the NHL draft and the annual start of the free-agent period on July 1. Perhaps one can be found willing to take on most or all of Karlsson’s contract.

One reader persistently emails me claiming the Sharks can move Karlsson without retaining any of his $11.5 million cap hit. I don’t disagree that it’s possible, but doing so involves moving a lot of salary to the Sharks or making multiple trades with the Sharks and other teams to make the dollars fit. That could do more harm than good to a club’s roster depth, adding a superstar to the blueline but creating holes elsewhere in the roster that could prove difficult to plug.

The easiest way for the Sharks to move Karlsson remains absorbing a portion of his cap hit, especially if the cap only rises as projected by $1 million for 2023-24. If it goes higher than expected, the greater the chances of trading him without having to retain some of his salary.

Dupont doesn’t expect the Boston Bruins will be able to retain recently-acquired defenseman Dmitry Orlov after this season. With Charlie McAvoy and Hampus Lindholm on expensive long-term deals, it’s difficult to see the Bruins offering the 31-year-old Orlov more than four years at his current $5.1 million AAV. Doing so would also mean shipping out Brandon Carlo or Matt Grzelcyk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Bruins have $10.5 million in projected cap space for next season with only 13 roster players under contract. As Dupont points out, Orlov’s a rental player for this season unless the Bruins free up room to sign him and he’s willing to accept a short-term deal for around $5 million.


  1. Bruins should do everything they can to sign
    Orlov.If it means trading Carlo,Greg and Clifton
    I would do it.They could look like Montreal when they had Savard,Robinson and
    Lapointe on their blueline.

    • Orlov is a perfect piece to what they already have. So no problems here not resigning Clifton. Trading Gryz and Rielly. To keep him but he probably won’t do a discount to make it possible

    • Orlov has worked out great, but let’s not get carried away with the comparisons.

      • The comparison is indeed a stretch, but I personally admire his enthusiasm.

    • Until they know what happens with Bergeron and Krejci the Bruins have a hard time doing anything. They should also see what Coyle can bring in a trade, as a 3rd line C he is expensive

  2. If Orlov loves his time in Boston who knows what he will sign for but also remember the name Mason Lohrei he needs to get a shot.

  3. Lyle as capfriendly shows $10.5 for Boston next season, it doesn’t include the $2.5 and $2 in bonuses to be paid to Bergeron and krejci.

    That leaves Boston with $6m in cap space and no Bergeron or Krejci in the lineup.

    If the bonus money can be paid for by end of season, i don’t know.

    Potentially the cap may got by $1m that but them up to $7m.



    Boston will need both Bergeron and Krejci to come back on similar deals and that alone eats up half of the $7m cap space.

    Both Swayman and Frederick will get a bump in pay and that will take care of the other $3m.

    This is an all in season and Sweeney will have some tough decisions in the summer.

    I think Boston needs to move on from Taylor Hall; however 2 more seasons at $6m and his 16 team no trade list makes it a little more challenging.

    I would like Boston to resign Bertuzzi to take Hall spot.

    Sweeney needs to move out a couple of dman. Reilly appears no one wants or Sweeney wasn’t willing to throw in a sweetener.

    My choice would be Grzelcyk simply because he would be the easiest to move and would bring back the most in return.

    If Bergeron and Krejci resign, i would ship out Coyle who has an 8 team ntc

    Grz, Hall, Coyle that $15m in cap space, resign Bertuzzi and Hathaway, Zboril gets full time. Maybe Foligno signs for $1m

    Reilly has to get put in some deal.

    Pastrnak deal has ripple effects and we will see what they are in the off season. Most definitely looking at a different lineup next season.

    • Caper they may not know what Bergeron and DK are doing next year but I would hope hope they have a good idea at this point.

      Grez and his just about 4 mill are number 1 for me, followed by Reilly which buys them about 7 mill in space.

      It may not be popular opinion but I really think the Bruins should explore what they would get for Ullmark. I believe that one of him or Swayman will be traded, but I would go for the 5 mill saving and sell high on Ullmark.

      If Lohrei leaves college this spring, he’ll be on the back end next season for the B’s, but it would be awesome to sign both Hathaway and Orlov.

      • Im not sold on Swayman as a no 1 D, at least not yet, and if he falters you are toast. Also LU is on a very good deal

    • Right now the Bruins have $2.8 million in cap space. This space will be used for Bergeron ($2.5 million) and Krejci ($2 million) performance bonuses before any is carried over to the next season’s cap hit. Only $1.7 million will be carried over to the next season.

      • I keep the Coyler, we will need C’s in the near future whether or not Bergeron and Krecji come back next year. A replacement will cost more than he earns, unless you find a true top 6 guy, then move him as you will need the $. Call me skeptical that the find one.

        Coyle is only overpaid because of when he signed, right before the flat cap. He is a top shelf 3C IMO. Very good a doing what he is paid to do.

        In a perfect world you move Hall, Reilly and Grz. And depending what he wants for $ I would move Swayman before Ullmark. That said I don’t think he gets that much as he has no leverage.

      • Bruins have no cap space. Cannot use LTIR accrued cap for bonuses.

  4. Any time a UFA has the Chance to Hit the open market he is taking it !00%….✔️

    Orlov will do that he will be in demand in july when the UFA period starts….

    Was reading About Erik Karlsson this AM, on an other page.
    It said other teams will be showing great intrested in EK,…. They could trade him and his salary and retain $1.M…⁉️ nobody is taking EK for $10.M

    Personaly i think the Oilers should Trade $9.M d/man Nurse at the Draft……

    Our BEST and 1st paring d is Now is Ekholm & Bouchard 100%…………👌✅💥

  5. The Flyers GM swatch should begin and end with Briere. He’s intelligent, has management experience, he knows the game, he knows the organization. Someone more senior can be brought in as VP for Hockey Ops as Gorton is with the Habs.

    I did see one interesting point raised on a Flyer fan website. There are some old timers, like Bobby Clarke and Bill Barber, who have positions as senior advisers and who’ve been putting In their two cents. I agree with that writer that those guys need to step away.

  6. “If” the Bruins win it all…. don’t we think that Bergeron and Krejci retire on a high note. Leaving lots of room and questions about the Bruins next moves.

  7. Will be interesting if Hart does come available . I know goalies in general don’t fetch a huge return . But wow I could see at least 10 to 15 teams having interest

  8. Re; Bergeron and Krejci

    Re, DK
    They had to really push Krejci to come back from Europe for 1 More year in the NHL….. I Really Dont think he will be back⁉️
    he will go home to the Czech Republic and Leaf on a hight note👍
    What he got 50 points in 60 games thats worth in Todays NHL $5.M…+

    Re; PB
    The Same they will both go out on a High Note…
    he is 37 right now, 38 in July… ❗️
    Why would he do an other year…..50 point in 65 games, Bergeron has made Over $100.M in his NHL Career, whats an other $2.5M….

    This was his and Krejci last kick at the Cup, Thats why Boston has gone All Out to win this year …
    my thoughts….🤔