NHL Rumor Mill – March 16, 2023

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Does Trevor Zegras have a long-term future with the Ducks? Which Flames could become offseason trade chips? What could the Kings do with Cal Petersen? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TORONTO STAR: Nick Kypreos questions whether Trevor Zegras has a long-term future with the Anaheim Ducks after listening to Hall-of-Famer Adam Oates, the 21-year-old center’s skills coach. “There’s a difference between Instagram skill and regular skill and I’m trying to get the Instagram out of there,” said Oates.

Anaheim Ducks center Trevor Zegras (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Oates was interviewed by Kypreos and Justin Bourne on their podcast on Tuesday. He acknowledged that Zegras has highlight-reel skills but he felt there’s a time and place for Zegras to try them. Oates added that the young center has responded positively about the issue during their discussions and acknowledged he still has much to learn.

I doubt that this will have an effect on Zegras’ future with the Ducks. He’s their leading scorer this season with 57 points in 68 games on a club that’s rebuilding with young talent that includes Mason McTavish and Jamie Drysdale. They also have promising prospects such as Pavel Mintyukov, Olen Zellweger, Nathan Gaucher and Tristan Luneau in their pipeline.

Negotiations between Ducks management and Zegras over his next contract could be cause for concern. He’s completing his entry-level contract and his camp will undoubtedly push for a significant raise on his next deal. The outcome of those discussions could become a determining factor in his long-term future with the club.

It wouldn’t be surprising if he and the Ducks agree to a lucrative eight-year contract. At the very least I anticipate he’ll be playing for them for at least the next four seasons.


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Julian McKenzie was asked if the Flames would or should attempt to move the contracts of Jonathan Huberdeau and/or Nazem Kadri this summer.

McKenzie doesn’t expect either player to be shopped, pointing out they were brought in last summer with the idea that the Flames wanted to be competitive for the next little while. He also doesn’t expect two forwards who will be over 30 next season carrying expensive long-term contracts would fetch much of a return even if with some salary retained in the deal.

More realistic trade chips will be players on expiring contracts next season such as Mikael Backlund, Noah Hanifin, or Chris Tanev. If Brad Treliving remains as general manager, however, McKenzie wouldn’t be surprised if he hangs onto his core.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames could face another interesting offseason. Big changes could be coming if Treliving is let go as general manager. Then again, perhaps Treliving shakes things up a bit if he stays. They’ll definitely be worth keeping an eye on this summer.


THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens recently wondered what the Los Angeles Kings will do with Cal Petersen. General manager Rob Blake bet big on Petersen taking over from Jonathan Quick as the Kings’ starting goaltender, signing him in 2021 to a three-year, $15 million contract that began this season.

Petersen, however, struggled this season, so much so that Blake sent him to the minors. He brought in Pheonix Copley and traded Quick to the Columbus Blue Jackets as part of the deal for Joonas Korpisalo and defenseman Vladislav Gavrikov.

Unless there’s a desire by the Kings to trade the 28-year-old Petersen, Stephens believes helping him get back on track is their priority. They re-signed Copley for next season but Korpisalo is slated to become a UFA this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Kings re-sign Korpisalo they’ll be trying to move Petersen this summer though they might end up having to retain some salary to do so. His 10-team no-trade clause could also complicate things.


  1. Petersen will agree to a trade if it means playing in the NHL or languishing in the AHL.

    • I suggested the Sens trade for Petersen right now to help them finish the season. Then I found 9 articles and tweets that said that NHL teams COULD make trades after the deadline and another 9 or 10 saying they CANNOT. Which is it? Yes. I know any player traded after deadline is not eligible to play in the playoffs. But where it gets murky is if the players traded can play in regular season games.


      • They can make trades, but neither player can play til next season.

      • In most cases, those trades following the deadline involve players on two-way contracts in the minors.

      • I thought they could play this season but not in the playoffs?

      • I do believe Chrisms is right. A player traded after the TDL can only play in the regular season, but not the playoffs. But why would LA do that trade right now? If something happens to either Korpisalo or Copley in the playoffs, they will need Petersen as the backup. There is no benefit for LA to make the trade now. What they get in return won’t be available for the playoffs.

      • Perhaps Dorion could scour the European leagues to see if there’s an unattached (read “rights owned by another NHL team”) experienced goalie who might be available to at least fill in down the stretch until (or IF) Talbot is again available.

  2. The Jets vs Bruins tonight should be an interesting contest.

    The Jets home after losing to Carolina in a game which Bowness benched Niederreiter, Scheifele and Connor line for most of the second period.

    After the game Scheifele and Connor refused to speak with the media and left it to Niederreiter to answer the bell.

    The Winnipeg media are all over Scheifele and Connor for not doing an interview.

    The line corsi was 12 scoring chances against to 0, they generated nothing 0 scoring chances and 0 shots.

    Bowness been herald as a excellent communicator, he came in an stripped Wheeler of the captaincy, made public comments about Ehlers, scratched Nate Schmidt and now benched two of his top players.

    There is something room with this dressing room and it needs to be fixed.

    If not for Connor Hellebuyck who likely will be a Vezina finalist this team wouldn’t be in a playoff spot.

    Boston has not played well as of late and in reality they have nothing to play for. Laziness and complacency has set into their game. They have gotten away from what works and it’s not a bad think to be losing games. Hopefully the understanding is if we don’t play our way we are not good enough to win.

    I will be at the game cheering for Boston but kinda wanting Winnipeg to win because they need the points.

    Most interesting to see how Scheifele and Connor respond to all the criticism they received over the last two days.

    • So, basically, Paul Maurice was a convenient scapegoat for their similar malfunction when he was coach? Sounds like a dressing room with far too many primadonnas

    • George I wouldn’t call Maurice a scapegoat, after all he quit on the team.

      • More like gently coerced into quitting

        “Asked if he was going to fire Maurice, Cheveldayoff didn’t answer the question directly. He alternated between saying Maurice and the Jets made the decision, and he said the Jets would take care of Maurice contractually. Maurice signed a multiyear extension Feb. 13, 2020. “I think he definitely felt that he couldn’t push the buttons, and we came to an agreement,” Cheveldayoff said.”

        With the way things have gone since, it seems that, no matter who they put at the helm, there is a problem “pushing the right buttons.”

      • Agree George it’s time to replace a button or two. Which one(s) Idk

  3. 🇺🇸Re; The East Playoff Picture

    All 5 Team’s in a DOG Fight for the Final 2 playoff Spots in the East….
    and they All have 67 to 70 Game’s Left to play…. some very tight game’s last nite..⁉️

    -Buffalo, 72 pts, GP -67
    -Panthers, 73,pts, GP -67
    -Caps, 73, pts GP- 69
    ——————————————cut line
    -Pens- 78, pts GP- 67
    -NYI, 78, pts- GP-70

    do you think is Going to Make it in the Final 7 & 8th Wild Card Spots🤔❓

    • Penguins 7th,Fla.. 8th

  4. I said it before, I think the Flames should move out Mangiapane, Zadorov, and Dube. That would be the easier move and I don’t see those three outperforming their contracts. There is a good chance that the Flames could have a line of Pelletier – Zary – Coronato all on the ELC’s next season that will help their cap situation. The biggest mistake the Flames could do is to trade away Hanifin and/or Tanev. Resigning Stecher shouldn’t cost too much to replace Zadorov.
    I don’t see a team taking Huberdeau and that huge contract. It was a huge mistake for Treliving to sign him to that contract after just one season of over 100 points.
    Kadri’s contract could be easier to move. $7 million is a little much for a 50 to 60-ish point second line centre, but it’s not unmovable. But then who are you going to replace him with?
    I don’t understand Flames fans blaming this season on Sutter. It’s the GM’s job to get the coach the right players for the coaches system. Sutter’s system is creating offence from the defence with quick rushes out of their d-zone. Treliving then goes out and replaces the puck carrying forward with a puck distributing forward. Now Sutter doesn’t have his forward who can rush the puck up the ice. Treliving panicked and in doing so sealed the Flames fate of becoming a team that is just good enough to just miss the playoffs again.

    • Most people understood Treveling’s dilemma after Tkachuk and Gaudreau walked – it felt to Calgary like they were spurned at the alter. The city was hurt and embarrassed.

      Huberdeau had at least one previous 90 point season, Khadri’s next best season before signing was 6 seasons ago, 61 points. Everyone knew that his was an emotionally overwrought signing.

      No one will touch those contracts for a while. But, Flames fans, don’t abandon all hope. Those two will not likely have career best seasons going forward, but there is often an adjustment period when players go from one conference to another. There is a different playing style and it takes time to adjust to that, a new coach, etc.

  5. Re; Calgary down in Flames..🔥🔥

    There is a Big disconnect with the Flames this year,

    if Trading Jonathan Huberdeau this summer is going to be Very Tough….
    He is on track for his Worst year in 6 years‼️ and he turns 30 years Old in june…….
    He has a M-NTC till june 30th then July 1st has a Full NMC. he dose not look happy in Calgary this year

    His New Contract Starts at $10.5M….. not a lot of teams intrested to take a chance on that one 🤔,
    could it be a move back to florida…❓it would have to be salary dump move for a player and prospect any trade

    At the stat of next season only one of the 2 Coach or GG will be back….
    To many Bad Rumblings coming out of Calgary ….

    Coach Sutter…?
    could he take on a dule role Or be fired Or be the New GM, it all depends on Ownership group….❓

    GM, Brad Treliving…. his contract is up in the summer, is he coming Back…❓

    There Cap Space is only $1.3M for the 2023-2024 season….So they need to fix things and move out contracts…..
    I think 2 d men are traded out along with 2-3 forwards

    ➡️ Trading out d/men in this order
    LD/RD Nikita Zadorov
    RD, MacKenzie Weegar
    Rd, Christopher Tanev

    ➡️ Trading out forwards in this order at the /Draft
    C -Jonathan Huberdeau
    C- Elias Lindholm
    C- Mikael Backlund

    Nazem Kadri will be back.❓

  6. Sutter has lost team, he was likely brought in by the owners and has stubbornly asked for and played slower vets that are past their prime. My question is will ownership stick by him or bite the bullet and fire him. The reason he was fired as GM is he kept trading his high end picks and prospects for “experienced” vets with size. It took the team a long time to recover from his tenure.

    He insists he doesn’t have any goal scorers but his system is about winning 2-1 not 6-5. The same thing happened to many of the LA Kings players production after he went there.

    Interesting that the Oilers fans trying to “fix” the Flames are calling for moving some of their best defenders and players that play the Oilers tough.🤔

    • I can’t find what’s wrong with Kylington. Sparky, do you know anything other than family issues?

      • I have not heard anything Shoreorrpark. I’m surprised nothing has leaked to the media.

  7. why does Jakoub Trouba keep going unpunished by the NHL for headshots ???? Is the New York Rangers the new darling of the NHL ?? If Scott Stevens was still destroying knees people would be screaming. What’s your take.

    • I think his hits are legal, yet completely unnecessary. He doesn’t have to blow guys up the way he does. He’s a good enough defender to separate the man from the puck without sending guys to the quiet room.

      • We want tough physical within the rules hockey yet chastise it when it’s not on our teams. If he’s breaking a rule, penalize him. If the rule is broken, fix it. Until then, he’s making the most of the opportunities to help his team. Next we’ll be asking for players to skate more slowly in open ice.

    • Bryan Marchment was the guy known to take out knees not Stevens. Stevens was known for head shots although those were “legal” back then since there was no rule against shoulders to the head.