Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 19, 2023

by | Mar 19, 2023 | Rumors | 14 comments

Is there a way the Oilers could acquire the Sharks’ Erik Karlsson in the offseason? What are the priorities facing Daniel Briere as the Flyers’ general manager? Find out in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


THE ATHLETIC: Eric Duhatschek believes where the San Jose Sharks go next will depend on what they do with Erik Karlsson.

San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson (NHL Images).

While the 32-year-old defenseman is enjoying a career year and was the subject of trade speculation, his $11.5 million average annual value through 2026-27 proved too difficult to move before the March 3 trade deadline. Given Karlsson’s age, Duhatschek doesn’t expect his contract will age well, making him harder to trade and more difficult to get actual value in return.

The Edmonton Oilers were the only club to seriously look into acquiring Karlsson. Duhatschek wondered if trading Jack Campbell and his $5 million AAV to the Sharks might make it possible for the Oilers to accommodate Karlsson’s contract. The Sharks are rebuilding and their goaltending hasn’t been great. Playing in San Jose might give Campbell the opportunity to turn his career around in a relatively stress-free environment.

Duhatschek proposed the Sharks retain around $2 million annually of Karlsson’s cap hit. The Oilers could then part with two or three young assets the Sharks would be looking for, such as Phillip Broberg and Xavier Bourgault.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind that Duhatschek is merely spitballing here. On its face, it seems like a sensible proposal.

Karlsson might be willing to join the Oilers and play with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, perhaps becoming the missing piece that finally puts them over the top. The Sharks would get most of Karlsson’s salary off their books and receive some long-term assets to help with their rebuild. They would also get a starting goalie in the short term who might regain his form playing for a rebuilding club where the spotlight won’t be as harsh.

However, this deal depends on whether the Sharks will retain some of Karlsson’s cap hit and their willingness to take the struggling Campbell off the Oilers’ hands. If the answer is no, we can forget about seeking Karlsson skating on the Edmonton blueline next season.


THE SCORE: John Matisz recently looked at what could be the high-level priorities on the to-do list for Philadelphia Flyers general manager Daniel Briere if he’s named their full-time GM following this season.

Matisz believes Briere must attempt to acquire another 2023 first-round draft pick or an early second-rounder. He suggested shopping defensemen Ivan Provorov and Travis Sanheim but felt peddling Carter Hart and Travis Konecny could be complicated and carry more downside.

Offloading the contracts of Kevin Hayes and Rasmus Ristolainen is another priority. Hayes is not head coach John Tortorella’s favorite player plus he’s a salary-dump candidate given his age and contract. Matisz admits trading Ristolainen and his $5.1 million AAV through 2026-27 would be challenging.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Briere last week indicated he’s committed to a rebuild but that doesn’t mean a roster fire sale. Hayes and Provorov seem the most likely to be moved. Sanheim could be peddled but I think he might fit into Briere’s long-term plans.

I agree with Matisz about the complications of moving Hart or Konecny. One or both could force the issue, especially Hart as he is a restricted free agent next year. However, they would be worth retaining if they want to be part of the solution.

Ristolainen lacks no-trade protection. However, I think there are only three ways Briere could move him and none of them are palatable. He can retain up to half of the blueliner’s cap hit, take back a toxic contract in return, or package him this summer with the Flyers’ first-round pick.


  1. I cant be the only one thinking how Binnington can embrace himself if he becomes a Flyer?

  2. I think Philadelphia should trade Carter Hart , Konecny as they would receive a substantial return
    Team has no other alternative than to tear it down and rebuild , especially a supposedly strong draft year

    They can start by trading Carter Hart to Toronto .

    Last nights Ottawa vs Toronto game was entertaining , Ottawa deserved at least a point as they outshot Leafs 52-28
    Hit mega goal posts in overtime , Leafs were badly out played in this time frame

    Than the marathon shoot out

    Ottawa fans have an exciting team to cheer for !!

    • Yes as the announcers kept saying, even after a combined 8 goals scored that we are having a playoff style game! Really?

      Maybe one team was but both really looked and played poorly which most stats show.

      Interesting mix up of the lines and finally a worth while coaches challenge on an obvious missed offside, not a tricky tack so close call that it would be to close to call without a review, which I feel goes too far sometimes.

      Good results from badly played games is always welcome.

  3. I remember a few years back at the world juniors they were talking about Philly defense and how it was poised to one of the best in the league and they would be set for a long time.

    I don’t remember who the prospects were or what happened to them.

    Can someone enlighten me. I think Provorov and Sanheim were two of them.

  4. Caper… yes, Provorov and Sanheim were the 2 keys the young defense corps, along with Gostisbehere, Samuel Morin, Robert Hagg, and Phillipe Myers. Looked great on paper, but injuries ruined Morin, Hagg was good, but not great, and Myers just didn’t seem to have the “hockey IQ” to be a difference-maker. Ghost’s confidence was undermined by Hakstol and Vigneault, and his game suffered as a result.

    • SjFyerFan, I watched Provorov play for the Brandon Wheat, he was always the best skater on the ice and a very high hockey iq.

      I thought Myers was one of them; just never know, high end prospects, just no gaurantees.

    • that flyer d core was overrated by the same gm who is currently destroying the pens. ghost got hurt and struggled to regain his form. had 0 to do with coaching. myers was a free agent signed as a long shot. pronger is what he is a 2nd or 3rd dman who is playing ok this year and earning his contract. morin would have been a 3rd pair dman but will never play again. sanheim was overrated. is overrated now and will be overrated tomorrow. who cares how fast you are if you only use your speed once or twice a week. hagg always was a #7 dman. the gm overrated his dmen and honestly has 0 ability to draft or manage dmen assets. 0. see his #2 pick while on the flyers for more detail there. that is all

  5. Trade Provorov to WSH for a 1st and 2nd and Mantha to offset cap

    Trade Hayes to CMB for 2 2nds and Roslovic to make the cap work. CMB gets a #1 c

    Trade Hart and D’Angelo to EDM for Campbell and a 1st and 2nd and top prospect. Retained % on Tony D’Angelo to make cap work

    WSH now has a solid top 2 d to pair with Carlson and moving Mantha leaves cap room to fill their bottom 6

    CMB gets their 1c to play with Johnny G and marchenko. Laine moves to 2nd line with Jenner and Kent Johnson to give a solid top 6

    EDM gets their cup goalie and affordable

    Philly gets top picks to rebuild and can’t use their cap space to take on expiring contracts for more draft capital.

    Keep Sanheim and Risto as top pair. Only trade Sanheim if a 1st and more is on the table

    Trade Mantha and Roslovic at deadline for additional picks.

    If possible trade Atkinson and Couturier to west teams for draft capital this summer.

    • EDM would not be interested in DeAngelo. A trade involving Hart for Campbell. I would do the deal involving a 1and a prospect but not Bouchard or Broberg, Maybe Brourgault. He was our first round selection 2022. I like the idea of Hart still having one more season on his contract. Wondering how good our goalies would be with Hart and Skinner for around 6.6 mil next season.

      But I can’t see our GM trading Campbell away after he just signed as a UFA.

      • why would philly want campbell even if they traded hart which they wont? they have 3 other goalies already better than him in the system, their deepest in 40 years at that position.

  6. Pretty sure Mike Geir will look back and say who I should have not asked for anything . He is in way over his head. EK off the books is better than keeping an old injury prone d man

    • It may have been what bad contract he had to take back

    • Can’t see how EDM would make this deal work cap wise. I am guessing Bouchard would be going back in the deal. His next contract with EDM would be a bridge deal around 3.5 mil. So that still leaves us 5.5 mil short in cap space.

  7. Sorry Spector getting Karlsson won’t help get the Oilers to the promised land as they won’t have a goalie to get them there