Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 16, 2023

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Updates on the Flyers and Capitals plus the latest on Erik Karlsson, Jake Guentzel and Joel Edmundson in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: Sam Carchidi reported Flyers forward Kevin Hayes dropped hints suggesting he might be traded this summer during his end-of-season interview with the media on Friday. “I picked up the message that was sent months ago,” he said. “I’m OK with it. It’s their decision.”

Philadelphia Flyers center Kevin Hayes (NHL Images).

The 30-year-old center believes the Flyers intend to get younger and free up salary-cap space. He’s signed for three more seasons with an annual cap hit of $7.1 million. He believes the decision on his future has already been made and expects to find out by the draft.

THE ATHLETIC: Charlie O’Connor reports Tony DeAngelo wants to remain with the Flyers but he’s keeping mum as to why he was scratched from the final games of the season.

I’m sure there’s reasons for it, but nothing that either of us are obviously willing to discuss,” DeAngelo said, referring to head coach John Tortorella. Given how the blueliner’s season ended, O’Connor believes it’s fair to wonder if he’ll be back with the Flyers next season.

Speaking of Flyers defensemen, O’Connor noted Ivan Provorov offered up a lukewarm response regarding the direction of the club and his role on the roster. It was rumored back in January that he wasn’t happy with the reduction of his ice time, the club’s struggles and its embrace of a rebuilding strategy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It sounds like Hayes is going to be shopped this summer. It wouldn’t be surprising if GM Daniel Briere dangles DeAngelo as a trade chip and entertains offers for Provorov.

The New York Post’s Larry Brooks suggested DeAngelo could be bought out of the final year of his contract. He also pointed out that going that route with Hayes won’t be as simple given the six years of cap penalties. Then again, eating half of his contract to facilitate a trade would be more costly over the next three years than a buyout.

As I noted back in December when talk of a Hayes buyout first surfaced, going that route would leave the Flyers paying out $16.5 million over six years with most of it paid out in the first three years. Retaining half in a trade leaves them carrying $3.57 million in dead cap space per season for three years.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Sammi Silber reported Friday that the Washington Capitals intend to waste little time kicking off a busy offseason. Coming off this year’s trade deadline as a seller, the club intends to continue retooling and reworking its roster this summer.

There are questions regarding center Evgeny Kuznetsov and winger Anthony Mantha following the decline in their respective performances this season. GM Brian MacLellan must decide if he’ll attempt to move them and bring in other top-six players to replace them or keep them for next season and see how they perform under a new head coach.

Kuznetsov didn’t talk much during the Capitals locker clean-out day, saying he needed more time to digest a disappointing campaign. The 30-year-old center did admit to playing through an injury but wouldn’t speculate as to whether he could be traded.

MacLellan, however, expressed his dismay with Kuznetsov’s underwhelming performance this season. Silber suggested the center could become a trade chip.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kuznetsov is signed through 2024-25 with an average annual value of $7.8 million and a 10-team no-trade list. The decline in his stats this season will make that contract harder to move.

Mantha, meanwhile, lacks no-trade protection and has a year left on his deal worth $5.7 million. Like Kuznetsov, however, the drop in his production this season hurts his trade value.


THE MERCURY NEWS: Curtis Pashelka believes the biggest question of the offseason for the San Jose Sharks is whether Erik Karlsson will be back next season. Given the 32-year-old defenseman’s career-best performance this season, their asking price will be high for teams interested in acquiring him.

What Karlsson wants to do is also important. He stressed that he wants to win but Pashelka wondered if upgrades to the Sharks’ roster through the draft as well as trades and free agency might give the blueliner optimism that they’ll be competitive sooner rather than later.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Expect the Karlsson trade rumors to start again in June as we get close to the NHL Draft later that month.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Mark Madden believes Jake Guentzel’s future will be among the priorities facing the Pittsburgh Penguins’ new general manager. The 28-year-old winger is heading into the final year of his contract with an annual cap hit of $6 million.

The new GM will have to decide whether to sign Guentzel to a contract extension this summer or trade him. Madden feels they can’t risk losing him to free agency next summer. He carries a 12-team no-trade list and would fetch a good return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The coming offseason will be an interesting one for the Penguins following their recent front-office firings. If they’re retooling, they’ll likely re-sign Guentzel. If it’s a rebuild, perhaps the winger becomes a trade chip to bring in a return that starts restocking their depleted prospect pipeline.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Cowan recently reported Canadiens defenseman Joel Edmundson hopes he’ll be back next season. He probably would’ve been moved at the trade deadline if he hadn’t been sidelined at various times earlier in the season by injuries.

Edmundson has a year left on his contract with a cap hit of $3.5 million. He stayed healthy and played well over the final 22 games of the season, which might pique the interest of other clubs in this summer’s trade market. However, he probably won’t fetch as much as he would’ve at the trade deadline.


  1. Hughes has himself a bit of a conundrum with Edmundson. He certainly doesn’t want to give him away. But a logjam has developed on the left side of the defense. Mike Matheson has established himself as the top LD. Kaiden Guhle and Jordan Harris have also established themselves as NHL regulars and there’s Arber Xhekaj as well. The only way to build up Edmundson’s trade value would be to play him and give him lots of minutes. However that would be counterproductive if it takes minutes away from the younger guys. Hopefully, Hughes will get a trade offer that is at the very least acceptable.

    • Howard, the Habs have a surplus of D, period. 4 of them are listed as LH/RH, 4 others are RH. Then there are several Rocket D who have a chance to move up, and prospects including Hutson, Mallioux and Engstrom in the wings. D is strongest pool of players the Habs have and trading one or two is almost guaranteed.

      Could the team with the first overall team be tempted to trade it if Habs bundle a good young D from their current roster, possibly a roster forward, a prospect along with one of their first round picks – say # 5? Maybe not, but there will be some horse trading at the draft by the Habs involving D.

      • Sorry, that should read could the team with the first overall pick …

        It would be nice if posters could edit their own submissions …

      • LJ there is only one player you accept trading this #1 overall for and his name is McDavid 😂.

        Whomever gets #1 is not trading drafting Bedard for any possible package. Not even Mackinnon and Makar gets you Bedard the way those bottom team rosters are looking. Too many problems to fix. Cost controlled Bedard brings the best value.

        Whomever drafts Bedard needs to begin clearing cap space Tom try and sign Matthews and other top young upcoming UFA’s

        Imagine Matthews and Bedard with all that cap space.

      • LJ, I was referring specifically to next season. Guys like Mailloux, Hutson and Engstrom will not yet be with the Habs next season. But Harris and Guhle will be. And will need playing time.

      • The one thing to consider, IhateCrosby, is that a generational player only becomes that three years into his career.

        If you are a GM, you cannot ignore the record breaking accomplishment of Bedard. Better than any other junior player in history. Wow.

        But as GM you also cannot ignore that you are drafting one player. A player who may turn out to be very good, but not generational. Or, a player who could have a career limiting, if not ending, injury.

        In financial terms the concept is risk diversification. I acknowledge the package needed to get Bedard from the team holding the # 1 pick would have to be exceptional. But you’d have to consider it if it were.

        As for the depth on the Habs D, true, most of them would not have started had the injury situation been different. But the assessment of their D has to be based on (1) the AHL calibre forwards on the ice with them (2) sometimes spotty goaltending (3) their growth by the end of the season.

        Harris, Guhle, Barron, and Xhekaj would be in the starting line up of just about any NHL team next year.

        IMO – maybe not any of yours – is that the Habs have too many NHL D to keep next year. They have quality D to offer in trades. I dare to say that arguments to the contrary are wrong.

      • LJ with all things considered there is no possible package Habs can offer, which let’s just say the next 20 yrs of 1 st rd picks, that they can offer to get Bedard this draft.

        Even Suzuki, Caufield and multiple 1sts won’t be enough or prudent for Habs to do.

        Bedard just isn’t being traded for any package from any NHL team to the team that gets the 1st overall.

        McDavid is the only nhl player worth accepting not drafting Bedard and well McDavid isn’t leaving Edmonton yet.

    • The Habs have a surplus of D is oft repeated, just not a surplus of NHL D.

      Only 1 team in the East had more GA, Columbus.

      The rookies played hard and grew but they wouldn’t start on most teams.

      We (Hab fans) overlook the weaknesses on account of the effort and the schemes/teaching of Robidas.

      • Habfan, it’s obvious that some of those guys would not have had playing time on the good teams. But they took major strides in their development and proved that they belonged in the NHL. Weaknesses and mistakes are to be expected from rookies. The Habs will have a solid D in 2 or 3 years.
        Goalies have to get their share of the blame for the GA. Notwithstanding that Monty was better than expected, he will never be more than a solid backup who can put in 30 or so games. A goalie of the future is needed.

      • Nice to have your voice of reason hf30. Some forget that if your team is at the bottom of the standings, it’s not luck or circumstance that has put you there, it’s the players you have on the team… unfortunately that means any returns you think you can get, if even you were able to move them, would be low or not worth it. This is season 2 into a rebuild, the stage where the system and players who can play it are evaluated and jettisoned if they don’t fit, good player or not (more often not than good as the records show). It’s a long but entertaining and hopefully a rewarding process. Thinking the team is more than it is at this point, is a heartbreaking and demoralizing practice. The entertainment lies in how and who they keep which hopefully shows you their direction and the future of this team. Of course things can change quickly but that the exception and not the rule…yet another thing to remember to temper your expectations.

      • Ron, an important distinction to make is between the players who are not good or no longer good and the ones who are not yet good. Guys like Drouin or Hoffman, who have disappointed as Habs, will only get worse at this point, not better. Which is why they have to be moved out. Edmundson is still a useful D-man but will also not get any better. That’s why Hughes would like to trade him if he can get a decent return. As for the rookie D-men, while they have gone through growing pains and will continue to, I believe that they will be much better in a couple of years, especially Guhle and Barron. Like you said, the Habs are in a rebuild. Instead of giving ice time to the veterans on the downside, they have to play the kids so they can see who will develop and who won’t.

      • “The Habs will have a solid D in 2 or 3 years” if they continue to develop and grow into becoming NHL players.

        At this point they are prospects nothing more. They are entertaining, show flashes of talent and tons of heart.

        In 2-3 years they might “arrive” but realistically speaking these young guys would all be in Laval if the Habs were middle of the pack.

        I like what Habs management is doing but have no illusions about the value of these prospects.

      • Habfan, guys like Guhle, Barron and Harris are not just prospects at this point. They have a year of NHL experience under their belts and have proven they belong. Quite different from guys like Hutson, Mailloux, engstrom etc. who have yet to play an NHL game. Obviously, no one knows the future and anything can happen. But I am basing my assessment on NHL performance and am confident having seen them play in the NHL that they will be solid D-men.

  2. Hayes still has some productive years left but his foot speed does not translate well into the current game pace imho.

    Would Deangelo be the first player to be bought out twice? I see the Flyers starting the season with him on the roster

    • The move that makes the most sense to me is to CMB

      Hayes for Roslovic

      Roslovic not top 2c. CMB frees up bottom 6 minutes for young guy so like Sillinger and others

      Hayes top 1c to play with Johnny G.
      Laine moves to 2nd line with Jenner and maybe even Johnson .

      Roslovic fills 3c for Philly and can always flip him.

      Cap fits and leaves room for CMB to fill in D signings or moves.

      • @ihate87
        almost a fit but Roslovic does not seem like a Torts player either

      • @ds I agree he may not be but Philly doesn’t have a NHL 3 c so give. Go and can always flip him at the deadline for picks. Need NHL ready bodies to compete during rebuild.

  3. Karlsson to Pitts for Grandlund and Petry makes sense for both teams

    Sj does not now have to retain salary and now has 11 mill ties up for only 2 yrs instead the additionally 4

    Pitts needs this to win now with having signed Letang and Malkin. The 4 yrs of Karlsson is better player wise than 2 yrs of Petry.

    Additionally it shows fans win now without giving up picks and given time to rebuild their prospects thru draft over next 4 years. This also shows Sid you are trying to give him the best chance to win.

    Now don’t resign Zucker. Doumolin. Frees up 9 mil to fix bottom 6

    Options 1 yr offers
    3m to Jonathan Toews
    3.5 to JVR
    1.5 Garnet Hathaway
    They may not sign those offers but chance to win cup without having to carry load on 3rd line for only 1yr ain’t bad.

    Leaves about 2m to add to Jarry’s 3.5 to get a solid goalie

    • Petry does not go to a bottom feeder unless it is Detroit. He has a 15 team no trade list.

      • And only then if a first round pick comes with him for a 2025 7th.

      • No Iago, Petry (1M retained) for Chiarot (.5M retained) 😁👍👌

      • JohnnyZ
        Flip to SJ then to Det.

        Asset goes to SJ and not Pitts then.
        Sj clears even more cap

        Win for everyone

    • I hate Crosby….. That makes some sense except Karlsson is a orange traffic pylon on defense and we have enough of those…

      The Penguins with cap space and the NHL cap going up $ 1 million will have abbot $ 22 million to fix things in the off season.

      I would first sign UFA Vladislav Gavrikov LHD, 28, a good solid defenseman, great stick, has snarl, good penalty killer, will stick up for his teammates, strong first outlet pass…he was making $2.85. I would give him what Dumoulin was making $4.0 million.

      Then I would sign goalie Joonas Korpasalo, a big, strong huge solid goaltender.
      He was 14 -11- 4 with a 3.01 GAA, a 913 save % with crappy Columbus. He has been 6 -3 here since being traded here to LA .920 save %. He was making $1.3 million…give him what Jarry was making $ 3.5 million.

      $With replacing Jarry and Dumoulin’s salary $7.5 million you have added a strong starting goalie and a top 4 rugged defenseman. You Still have $14 million for bottom 6 forwards.

      • Korpisalo will not sign for less than 4. Don’t see how you figure 14 million room after signing Korpisalo and Gavrikov who will get 3.5 or more a year.

        If Gavrikov takes Doumolin 4
        Then you barely have suckers 5 to fill in your bottom 6 an dollars upgrade goalie.

        Karlsson may be a pylon on D but still better than Petry.

        Why. To trade for Karlsson and sign Luke Schenn for 1m as Huss partner or put Ruutta as his partner.

        You’ll need skaters on this team bc you only have 3 that skate. Letang, rust and Guentzel. Need guys that can skate as an older club.

        I’ve is korpisalo and gavrikov were good for those salaries CMB wouldn’t have been as bad over the last 2 yrs. buyer beware.


    • Hi IHC

      “Karlsson to Pitts for Grandlund and Petry makes sense for both teams”…. A dream for Pens fans…. An absolute dream

      Petry’s trade protection list was handed in pre season start…. So Sharks likely available as trade partners

      I can’t possibly see Grier even taking the call on that prposal …. Twi albatross contracts for the Defensemen of the year…. Yes huge contract for EK…. But look ag his numbers compared to what Pend are sidled with Granlund and Petry

      If you csn arrange that deal…. Free Tim’s for you for life; from me

      • PEngy i. Think it’s a reasonableness proposal to take this on Sharks ownership bc it clears over 20million in long term capital spent.

        IF they are losing and bottom feeding I am sure owners would love to save 20$million doing it.

        Attendance won’t increase just be caused Karlsson if the team stinks so better to move on sooner.

        They can also hold half Grandlund which is 5 mill over 2 yrs to trade him to a contender for a few mid picks.

        Best interest for all parties.

        Pens ownership said in the press conference they will give the team the resources to win. Win means playoffs.

      • @ Pengy and I hate Crosby….I H C I’M not sure your math is adding up. We have roughly $21 million in cap space which includes the league raise of $ 1 million for all teams.

        # 1 Korpasalo as you say at $ 4 million I’m sorry s still better than the inconsistent, broken down Tristan Jarry who will want a raise to $ 4.5 or more as a UFA.

        That is $ 4 million (try and keep up)

        Gavrikov as you say will be at $ 3.5 million lets add now that up which is $ 7.5 million between he and Korpasalo.

        The reason Columbus moved Korpasalo is because they have Elvis Merzlikins locked up long term in goal and can’t move him. He is 7-3 with the Kings and a 921 save % Hello

        Gavrikov was wanted by so many teams and he is a top 4 defenseman, is better defensively, tougher, and a better penalty killer than any defenseman wearing black and gold this year.

        So what is $ 7.5 million from $21 million mmmhhh

        That is $ 13.5 million left after those two signings to invest in other plyers for the bottom 6

  4. Re; Erik Karlsson

    A Trade for him is going to be very Hard for the Sharks to do especially with this tight cap
    ➡️ Cap hit is $11,500,000

    Who has $11.5 Million in Space with this tight Cap. especially a competitive team that going for the cup..❓
    The Oilers looked at it but would of had to Losse way to many players to fit him in under the cap space the Oilers had left!

    EK has 4 years left now at $11.5M❗️ and will be 37 years old when he is done,

    Sharks will have to eat $5.5 to $6 M of his salary in Any Trade they try to make work….🤔
    This was his best season ever hiting 100 pts…

    A Trade would more than likely be a
    -1st pick,❓
    -A player more than likley a d/man with 1-2 year on his contract ,❓
    A young Prospect, ❓

    A deal with the Sharks retaning $5.5 to $6 M of his salary in Any Trade to help the sharks continue there re-build looks like its going to be a + 5-6 year

    They still have a bunch of OLD guys that look very hard to trade at this stage, Especaly Vlasic & Couture

    ➡️36 yr old Marc-Édouard Vlasic @$7.M for 3.1 years
    ➡️34 yr old Logan Couture, @$8.M for 4.1 years
    ➡️29 yr old Tomas Hertl’s salary is $8,25 M for 7 yrs
    ➡️Brent Burns 2 more yrs retaned salary at $2.75M
    ➡️ EK 32, Cap hit is $11,500,000

    • WW

      To answer your question Pitts can easily fit his cap and SJ gets relief in 2 yrs by trading

      Karlsson for Grandlund and Petry

      Salaries and cap fit
      sJ gets relief in2 yrs and can retain to flip within those 2 yrs at a fraction of what it would be to retain on karlsson.

      • re: EK
        he never had this stat wise season with a much better team in Ottawa so I think this was the time to trade for him for a playoff run. he turns 33 next month. Wonder what SJ turned down IF anyone was serious.

        I see the Sens so close to being a playoff team that EK on paper for the next 2 seasons would be the fit ….but long term zero sense for the Sens. Chabot has not turned into EK and Sanderson is young.

        Do the Oilers or Wild or? look at EK if they bow out early?

      • Hey Ihatecrosby …

        The Pens Need Way More Help than EK….
        brief over view…
        $21.M in Cap space, replace 7X UFA players & 3 RFA Players…

        1- A Starting Goaltender, $$..
        Jarry Wont be back for a 6-7 yr Re-build⁉️

        2-There D is Very Very Old… and in the bottom % of teams as fair a poor d gos…there top 5 is
        2X35 yr olds
        2X32 yr olds
        1×31 yr old

        Crosby, yes He is Very good👌
        one guy cant win it for you… its the Whole team
        Jake Guentzel is very good too, & Rickard Rakell is good 2nd liner…..

        BUT thats it up front for your Top 9❗️

        up front they have a bunch of Old guys too….
        They have Nothing coming up from the Miniors/AHL that says WOW ne is going to be good….
        they have 1 st pick this year and No 2.nd, 3rd, 4th picks

        its Very Very Hard to Trade when you have NOTHING Any Team Wants,⁉️
        when you have 4 or 5 options on the table for a trade and no body wants to deal with you…
        Young & Fast Teams Buffalo & Ottawa & Florida will run them out of town this year

        Caps, Pens, Philly,Habs, CBJ, Wings,
        they will all miss the playoffs Again due to there Re-builds they are going through🤔

      • Karlsson is a Pylon on defense and we have enough of them he doesn’t help us win in the playoffs..

        We can move Petry elsewhere.
        Yes, Petry was not great this year but over his career is better defensively than Karlsson that is a fact

        Karlsson had 101 points and still – 26 are you kidding me…..he makes malkin look like a selke award winner..

        Karlsson is – 103 for his career wake up IHC and he makes $ 11.5 million u8btil 2026 no thanks he will not age well

        Jeff Petry off year yes but + 2 for the season

        but -118 for his carrer so both careers have been weak defensively but Petry was + 2 this year Karlsson – 26

  5. Re Kevin Hayes,

    A Big Centre that could score 30 Goals..
    I think CBJ will go after him, as they are weak at Centre….❓ 30 yrs old, 6.ft 5 and 215 lbs….
    54 points this year….

    He got the bad end of the deal in Philly with Torts
    he was playing well then Torts cut his ice time way down…. 🤔

    • I got mixed feelings on Torts, but just like any other coach, they don’t cut ice time if a player is playing well.

      Hayes wasn’t playing well, so other guys who were took more ice time. Same reason he didn’t get traded at the TDL, and why he won’t get a great return when he does. Unless he decides to play in all 3 zones and quits cheating for offence.

      And as ds says above, he ain’t gonna get any faster.

      Somebody will give him a go, but won’t pay much to do it.

    • Willie…..I disagree with you somewhat. The Penguins have $ 22 million in cap space including the nhl cap going up $ 1 million.

      While I do agree we need to get younger we can do that . The Penguins missed the playoffs by 1 point with basically 2 lines all season, 3 defenseman maybe and two inconsistent goaltenders. that can be fixed….thank god Hextall and Burke are gone useless.

      Just signing free agents will get us right back we weren’t.
      I would sign Vladsilav Gavrikov 28, a big strong rugged defenseman. He is a strong penalty killer, good first outlet pass, a top 4 defenseman, will stick up for teammates He was at $2.8 million gibe him what Dumoulin was making $ 4.1 million.

      I would sign goaltender Joonas Korpasalo 27 a big, strong solid goaltender 14 -11-4 , 301 GAA and a .913 % with crappy Columbus and he has been 6-3-1 since being traded here to LA .920 save % he is a UFA and was making $1.3 million

      Gve him what Jarry was making $3.5 MILLION.

      with the same amount you paid Jarry and Dumoulin you get a strong big starting goalie and a solid top 4 defenseman.

      you still have $ 14 million to fix the bottom 6 forward group.

    • Kevin Hayes decided out of college to not sign in Chicago, frightened that competition in Chicago’s golden age would keep him in the AHL.
      Decided he wanted to stay in the East near home.
      Unable to sign with his hometown Bruins, he takes the Rangers fat deal, never reaches his potential, gets traded, and NHL reality sets in..

      I wonder how different things would have been if he let the Blackhawk developmental system develop him.

      No tears from me when he ends up with Columbus, as his best season of hockey was in his last college year at BC with Johnny Hockey as his winger and him cleaning up the garbage.
      My seven round mock draft with profiles for the the top three rounds are up in “drafts” in

  6. WW

    No chance sharks eat 5 mil to mover Karlsson. Max would probably be 2 mil depending on the return

    • At 2M retained, the return would be minimal.

      • The likely Norris winner at 9.5 is a reasonable cost. They would get a decent return. Though I see them holding 2.5-3. I’d think it would be a decent salaried player and a 1st at least.

    • Sure while all the other teams have players taking up cap space, you think the Sharks can afford to have $1M or $5M or whatever they should retain for 4 seasons from their cap which they are already struggling to ice a competitive team *looks at the standings and sees competitive as maybe a high hope.

      Retention makes the most sense on the last year or two and/or if your really desperate because you have a better cheaper option you want on the team but can’t because of this player you need to move before that can happen.
      Teams need every cent of their cap to be productive not dead space, ie like a player costing the cap retention who plays every night not producing a single point or making any positive impact and never going on LTIR.

    • Hey, Mrbruin4

      then no body will take Erik Karlsson Who is 33 Next month and @ 34, 35, 36, 37 years old @$11.5 M⁉️

      even at a $2M discount at $9.5M PA the older he gets the harder it will be to Trade someone like this

      The Main selling factor is no injuries, and lots of points at 32 years old….

  7. The Habs have approximately 16 mil in cap space next season. Half of that goes to Caufield. The other half you can use to take on the full salary of Anthony Mantha on draft day. Here’s the deal:

    To MTL: Anthony Mantha, WSH 1st 2023

    To WSH: Dennis Gurianov, Logan Maillioux, Cayden Primeau, Chris Wideman

    Why would the Caps take this deal? They get the top-right D prospect from MTL to replace Carlsson. Gurianov can replace Mantha at a fraction of the price tag. Primeau adds goaltender depth and Wideman gives them D depth for a bounce back year.

    If future considerations are worth Sean Monahan and a 1st. Then I don’t see why that isn’t a package that can land you the Washington lottery pick.

  8. If Washington is intent on getting rid of Mantha, either through trade or, if no one bites, a buyout, I wouldn’t mind seeing Dorion get involved.

    Mantha only turns 29 just before the season starts in the Fall, and the big (6′ 5″ 235lbs) RW could be just the ticket as the 3rd line RW on a line with Pinto.

    In 420gp he has 119g 133a 252 pts which works out to 82-game averages of 23g 26a 49 pts – not bad stats for a 3rd line winger. But not at $5.7 mil per (one year to run).

    A buyout would cost the Capitals $4,333,333 over two years, which works out to a savings of $2,166,667.

    But if they held back $2.7 mil for his final year next season, meaning Ottawa gets him for $3 mil, it’s a win-win.

    One year on a line with Pinto and probably someone like Joseph at LW in a show-me deal, and a change of scenery to an up and coming team, might be just what the doctor ordered for Mantha. Would beat Watson on that 3rd line.

    Washington, instead of paying out $4,333,333 over two years, spends jut $2.7 mil for one.

    The return for Mantha could be one of Ottawa’s D prospects like Thomson.

    • I think they’d have to hold some salary but I’d bet they could get a b prospect from someone to give mantra a shot at 4-4.5 mil. It’s only one year.

      • Could be … and if the dickering involves several teams that’s all to Washington’s advantage.

      • Why not to Rebuilding Philly along with a 2nd and a 1st and prospect for Provorov?

        Philly gets assets
        WSH gets a defender under contract with term

        Philly will be moving Hayes and no guarantee Atkinson and Courtorier remain healthy

        Gives them a top 6 forward as a gatekeeper for a yr

        Can then flip at deadline for picks

        Win for both teams