NHL Rumor Mill – May 30, 2023

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A look ahead at the Stars’ offseason, the latest on the Flyers plus some recent Elias Lindholm speculation in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


ESPN.COM: Ryan S. Clark looked at what the offseason could have in store for the Dallas Stars after their playoff run ended in the Western Conference Final.

The Stars have limited salary-cap space if they hope to re-sign Evgenii Dadonov and Max Domi. Both were trade-deadline acquisitions who are slated to become unrestricted free agents on July 1. Clark suggests it’s possible they could move some cap space to sign Dadonov and/or Domi.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stars management could focus on re-signing Domi. He’s younger than Dadonov, more versatile and doesn’t shy away from physical play. On the other hand, the 34-year-old Dadonov could be more affordable given his age.

Clark also noted the Stars have young talent including Jason Robertson, Miro Heiskanen, Jake Oettinger and the underrated Roope Hintz. They also have a farm system that continues to replenish their roster.

THE ATHLETIC: Saad Yousef also pointed out the Stars’ growing core of young talent that included a solid performance by rookie center Wyatt Johnston. Thomas Harley emerged as a key late-season development.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those talented young players could make it easier for the Stars to shed an older veteran to free up some cap room.

They can’t move the overpaid Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin given their respective $9.5 million average annual values and full no-movement clauses. They’re also likely stuck with aging defenseman Ryan Suter, who has a reasonable $3.65 million cap hit but also a full no-movement clause. They’re certainly not parting with the ageless Joe Pavelski, who carries an affordable $3.5 million cap hit for 2023-24 and – you guessed it! – a full NMC.

Radek Faksa is a more likely cap casualty. He carries an AAV of $3.25 million through 2024-25 and a five-team no-trade clause. Defenseman Colin Miller ($1.85 million for 2023-24) is another likely candidate.

Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Carter Hart (NHL Images)


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ryan Quigley noted Philadelphia Flyers general manager Daniel Briere’s recent remarks about his willingness to entertain offers for goaltender Carter Hart. However, he also pointed out that Briere expects the 24-year-Hart to be back with the Flyers’ other young players next season.

Quigley believes defenseman Ivan Provorov is another player who could be moved, noting his productivity has declined since 2019-20. He thinks the 26-year-old blueliner could bounce back with the right supporting cast but the Flyers in their current state lack that type of support.

PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: Chuck Bausman believes the Flyers would be making a big mistake if they trade Hart, whom he considers their most valuable asset. If they make that move, he thinks they better be getting a mind-blowing offer such as a top-line forward or a top-line defenseman plus draft picks and a prospect. Instead, he suggests the Flyers rebuild around Hart.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Briere is wise to consider all his options. He’s willing to listen on everyone at this stage but that doesn’t mean he’s going to trade Hart. It’s unlikely the Flyers will get a suitable offer to make such a move worthwhile.

The only wild card is Hart himself. He’s a year away from becoming a restricted free agent with arbitration rights and will be eligible for UFA status in 2025 unless he and the Flyers agree next summer to a long-term extension.

Hart might be reluctant to spend his prime playing years on a rebuilding club. That could prompt Briere to trade him. However, if Hart’s willing to be part of their long-term plans, then they should invest in him.

Provorov, on the other hand, seems a more likely trade candidate. He’s frequently surfaced in the rumor mill over the course of this season. Provorov should attract interest from clubs seeking a top-four defenseman in his late twenties who’s in need of a change of scenery.


THE ATHLETIC: Eric Duhatschek recently suggested a trade scenario involving Elias Lindholm that might make sense for the Calgary Flames.

If Lindholm isn’t interested in signing a contract extension with the Flames but was willing to do so if he were traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets to be reunited with Johnny Gaudreau, would the Blue Jackets part with the third overall pick?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s an interesting scenario that would address the Jackets’ need for an established first-line center. It would provide them with a devastating first line that could lead them into postseason contention.

Of course, we don’t know what Lindholm’s intentions are right now or what Craig Conroy, the Flames’ new GM, has in store for his roster. If the Flames were to offer up Lindholm for the third-overall pick, we don’t know if the Jackets would be interested.

However, if Lindholm remains reluctant to re-sign, Conroy might have to peddle him this summer. Perhaps it could be some sort of creative deal like the one proposed by Duhatschek.


  1. The Lindholm to CBJ concept has also been raised by Portzline recently. I highly value Lindholm (really wanted CBJ to draft him but that was virtually impossible that year) and believe he would be an ideal fit for CBJ. Though a signed Lindholm is worth significant assets, I have a hard time believing Jarmo would trade #3 in this draft w/ the strong C talent available at that slot even for someone as good as Lindholm. Stranger things have happened but trades of those picks are so rare. However, if somehow CBJ can draft one of Fantilli (unlikely) Carlsson, or Smith & add Lindholm (via trade or UFA next year) it would transform the future of the franchise.

    • RIGHT! It would be more logical if Detroit traded #9 for Lindholm. 🙂



      • It might not be what I want, but, with the supposed depth of this year’s draft, and Yzermans history, it may be more likely that Detroit either tries to trade up in this year’s draft, or tries to add an additional 1st rounder, based on Detroits prospect and player avaiability.

    • But how would Lindholm affect available salary cap space and the Jackets ability to fill out a competitive roster?

      • Agreed Cap is always a concern Paul. However, in my view trading the Voracek contract really changed the short-term cap dynamic. W/ the current cap space, # of contributing roster players on ELCs, and likely trades (Roslovic, others?), I would suggest CBJ is well-positioned, relative to the majority of the league, to add a Lindholm and make that work for both the short and long-term.

        It is clear the LA 1st rounder is available and while that could be used on D (Hanifin, Toews?) it could be offered in a package for a C as well. I assume they will add at 1 vet D via UFA (Graves, Soucy, Orlov, Cole other?) so we could see new C via draft and 1 via trade and 1-2 new D via trade and/or UFA. Jarmo will definitely have to pull some more magic acts but he’s been pretty effective in these situations to date

      • Marchenko and Johnson can sign extensions beginning 1 July. That can eat up a lot of the $17MM available space. And you’re suggesting adding a UFA d-man (Which I’m far from convinced the Jackets need). There goes another chunk of that cap space. Now, Jarmo will have to do a Bjorkstrand trade or two. Is a 29 year old center worth it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to ignore Lindholm, draft Carlsson and put him @ #1C as soon as he shows that he can handle it?

    • Ya, the 3rd overall seems a little rich for a guy with a year left. Especially if this draft is as good as some say.

      CLB has 3 D-men they have drafted in the 1st RD that are not yet with the big club. Calgary doesn’t have a guy like Mateychuck on the roster or in the system. Hate to move a character guy like that with his skills, but gotta give to get.

      To make the money work send Roslovic back. Fill in around the edges if it seems unfair one way or the other.

      • It really all depends on if Jarmo is going to be patient or in “now & future” mode. W/ $17 million the Marchekno and Johnson RFA contracts and a UFA aren’t going to consume enough cap space to prevent a Lindholm deal w/ some $ going out to even out (for example Roslovic and Bean/Peeke). To be clear, I’m not saying Lindholm should be the primary offseason target (though I love the player) but if CBJ wants to expedite the “retool”, they need to upgrade the “now” talent in C & D significantly and players like Lindholm rarely become available. Legit insiders reported Jarmo was in on the Horvat discussion so it is reasonable to believe he would be interested in Lindholm if he becomes available and would sign long-term w/ CBJ. As I said cap space is always a concern, but w/ the 7th most available space in the league they have space to make creative deals and add in multiple areas of need.

  2. Good on the Stars for an exciting season. Yeah, they ran out of gas in game 6 but at least they got there.
    Future is bright, young studs everywhere in the system. Logan Stankoven, Maverick Bourke, Lian Bichsel, Nils Lundqvist….Defense will be solid (once Suter’s contract is done)…
    I really like Glendenning as a 4th line center, but I’m not thinking he will be resigned. If our lines are:
    Pavs, Robo, Roope
    Wyatt, Domi, Seguin
    Benn, Stankoven, Bourke
    Dellandrea, Marchment, Faksa…or Glendening

    And “D”
    Miro, Hakkanpaa
    Lindell, Harley
    Bichsel, Suter (replace Suter with Miller or Lundqvist)

    I think or future is very bright.

  3. I would think Conroy will be looking to move out the grocery list of pending UFA’S for the class of 2024. I imagine Lindholm could fetch Newhook and a 1st, especially if you retain half of Linholms cap hit. I would think Conroy would be looking to rebuild his own core around his 2 pillar contracts (Huberdeau and Weegar.

  4. .
    Dallas Stars came out Flat …
    Jamie Benn after being suspended 2 game for a Brutal Hit and cross check, played not like a leader or captain and only scored 3 goals in 18 Games…‼️
    Its Now time for him to Go

    As for $9.8M dollar Man Tyler Sequin he was MIA all series long with Vegas, No Goals and No Asists Brutal..

    They have a Great young Core But These two are holding the Team Back……⁉️

    Move out Sequin a 31 yr old centre maybe he just need a change of scenery he has 4 years left at $9.8M
    The Coyotes, Ducks and Hawks, Wings all have lots of Cap space trade there 2nd pick and a good prospect with him out of Dallas, they would be further ahead……🤔

    Benn is 2 years away from UFA, trade him next year at the dead line….

    • williew, if Seguin and Benn are indeed seen as holding the team back, especially at their cap hits – I don’t see too many teams anxious to take them on.

      In Benn’s case, if he’s having a good rebound season at the deadline, why deal him? – if he’s floundering around like a whale out of water and producing zilch – who would even bother considering him?

      • …and as Lyle noted….like everyone else playing for Dallas. FULL NO MOVE

      • hey George,

        That Why the need to trade him with
        -A Good prospect and maybe
        -A 2nd round pick to move ether one of
        Benn and or Sequin

        To Teams like Coyotes, Ducks and Hawks, Wings….They all have Lots 2-6 years & Lots of Cap Space and will be re-building for years to come …..❓🤔

    • word has it Toronto will be trading for Seguin. They love guys who disappear in the playoffs. 🙂

  5. Columbus would be crazy to trade the 3rd overall for a guy turning 29 years old in December. I can’t see any team in the top 5 of this draft trading their pick for a 29 year old player.

    Jackets would likely offer the L.A 1st rounder + a roster player and maybe a B level prospect which could make sense for this kind of deal. If it was Draisaitl or a player of that caliber, then ok, i could see teams willing to give up a top 5 pick in this draft along with other assets but i don’t think a Lindholm would.

    Jackets need to keep rebuilding. They are not a Lindholm away from a Stanley cup and still have many holes to fill and need to keep filling their farm system with talent before they can start to think about trading their 1st round picks for immediate help or else they might just end up where they have always seemed to be which is an average team at best that doesn’t go anywhere in the playoffs. Just my opinion on them as a non Jackets fan.

    • IF you offer the the first overall pick then MAYBE you get Draisaitl. I doubt Edmonton takes that.
      Chicago has no reason to do this either but I’m just making the point that if any of those picks 2-5 make it to Draisaitl level then the team picking them would be ecstatic. Draft picks are way overvalued at times.

      Looking a few years back would anyone have traded the first over pick, Lafferniere for Lindholm? Commentators here would have called the proposal crazy.

      Draft picks are nothing but futures, we may have an absolute sure thing in the 1st two picks, we may not.

      Tavares was hyped just as much as Bedard. Not everyone turns into a McDavid.

      a mid to late 1st rounder, a b-prospect and a salary dump for Linholm is a vast under payment if an extension is agreed to.

      • Taz, exactly. #3 isn’t getting you Draisaitl.
        Not gonna happen.

        I’m just skeptical Lindholm signs an extension before he gets traded to a team like CLB. Likely wants to take a test drive first. At least I would. If it was a contender like a VEG or COL, I think he does, but he likely isn’t going to a team like that.

        I think CLB has a bright future, and reasonably quickly. IF they can get a quality C to go along with whoever they draft this year, and I agree with Deacon that they will take Carlsson, a C, at 3 as the top 2 look to be locked in. He likely takes 2-3 years before he contributes positively to a playoff caliber team.

        They had a bunch of injuries last year to some quality players. Plenty of good young players & prospects as they have been drafting pretty high last couple years with lots of picks. Plus 2 more 1sts this year.

        Or Lindholm waits a year to hit UFA and goes to play with his cousin in Boston! They’ll have more space in a year, and REALLY need a quality C.

    • Agreed. They need to keep solidifying C depth and D to reach playoff, and eventually, contender status. If they are able to draft Carlsson, acquire Lindholm (or similar C) have Sillinger or Johnson develop into a steady C w/ the prospect pool coming and select savvy acquisitions it could be a quick turnaround

      • There are certainly lots of C ranked in the top 20 in this deep draft – no less than 11, including 6 of the first 7

        Bedard – C
        Fantilli – C
        Michkov – C
        Carlsson – C
        Smith – C
        Leonard – LW
        Benson – C
        Reinbacher – RD
        Dvorsky – C
        Sandin-Pellikka – RD
        Moore – C
        Barlow – LW
        Heidt – C
        Simashev – LD
        Wood – LW
        Honzek – C
        Perreault – RW
        Danielson – C
        Sale – RW
        Cristall – LW

  6. Lets say Columbus are interested in Lindholm, Calgary would have to add to get the 3rd overall. It starts with their own first rounder, 16th.

    • CBJ will have a few very good prospects to pick from @ #3 that they cannot pass up on imho.
      maybe the #3-#7 picks move around depending if a team is set on certain kids

      but could Calgary take the #22 pick and a prospect for Lindholm? or 2024 CBJ 1st rounder lottery protected?

  7. Would Lindholm and the 16th pick make sense for the 3rd and 22 overall picks ?
    Columbus gets the 1st line Center and moves up from 22 to 16.
    Calgary gets the 3rd overall and falls back to 22 with the other pick involved.