NHL Rumor Mill – May 6, 2023

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The Wild could be parting ways with some notable players, an update on the Coyotes’ Nick Schmaltz and a look at the Flyers’ plans for the free-agent market in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TWINCITIES.COM: Dane Mizutani believes the Minnesota Wild’s upcoming salary-cap crunch for next season means they may have to part ways with five players this summer. Matt Dumba, Gustav Nyquist, Ryan Reaves, Oskar Sundqvist and John Klingberg are unrestricted free agents but the Wild might not be able to re-sign them all.

THE ATHLETIC: Joe Smith, Michael Russo and Shayna Goldman looked at which players the Wild could re-sign and those they might part ways with. They also believe Dumba, Nyquist, Sundqvist and Klingberg won’t be back. They noted there’s mutual interest from the Wild and Reaves in his return but the Wild must be careful not to overpay.

Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba (NHL Images)

They also speculate that defensemen Alex Goligoski and Calen Addison could become cost-cutting trade candidates. Goligoski was a frequent healthy scratch and might be willing to waive his no-movement clause to get traded somewhere he can play. It would free up $2 million for next season.

Addison was scratched after the Wild acquired Klingberg down the stretch and the playoffs. There’s a feeling they could be open to trading their top defense prospect following his inconsistent performance this season.

Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury has said he’s not interested in moving on and is happy to finish the final season of his contract backing up Filip Gustavsson if need be. However, Smith, Russo and Goldman wondered if Fleury might change his mind if the Wild got an offer for him that he might find attractive.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dumba would love to remain with the Wild but both sides understand that’s not an option because of cap constraints. Reaves is 36 and knows his next contract is his last but he might have to accept a pay cut whether he signs with the Wild or another club.

Goligoski has only a year remaining on his contract with an affordable cap hit but he’s now 37 and his best years are behind him. There might not be much interest in him around the league unless the Wild includes a sweetener in the deal. His no-movement clause could complicate things.

Addison, on the other hand, could have value in the trade market. Despite his struggles this season, the 23-year-old blueliner still had 29 points in 63 games. He’s a restricted free agent coming off his entry-level contract and would be an affordable signing for any club interested in acquiring him. Given the Wild’s cap crunch, they could seek a draft pick or prospect in return.

As for Fleury, he made it quite clear in his end-of-season interview that he’s tired of moving and will honor the final year of his contract with the Wild. He will finish next season in Minnesota.


GOPHNX.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Craig Morgan was asked if Arizona Coyotes center Nick Schmaltz could become a trade candidate this offseason.

He believes so, noting that Schmaltz’s trade value will never be greater than it is now. The 27-year-old center is unlikely to be a major piece of the puzzle when the Coyotes emerge from their rebuild. However, they’ll have to consider the effect moving him would have upon linemate Clayton Keller as the two had terrific on-ice chemistry.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Schmaltz has three seasons remaining on his contract with a reasonable average annual value of $5.85 million. If the Coyotes shop him the ideal time is before July 1 when his 10-team no-trade clause kicks in.

When healthy, Schmaltz is a productive center who tallied a career-best 59 points last season and 58 points this season, each in 63 games. His injury history is a concern but he reportedly garnered interest from some playoff contenders leading up to the March 3 trade deadline.


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Charlie O’Connor was asked if the Philadelphia Flyers would attempt to sign a top-line forward or defenseman via free agency.

O’Connor replied that we shouldn’t hold our breath. Interim general manager Daniel Briere and head coach John Tortorella made it clear that the goal for next season is to get younger, not to go spending in the free-agent market. If the Flyers do make forays into the UFA market, O’Connor believes it’ll be to bring in supporting players on short-term contracts.


  1. I think it’s funny that anyone thinks Arizona will emerge from their “rebuild”

    • How about Schmaultz to Boston for Ullmark and Grezlyk!

  2. Flyers should promote from within and see what the kids have. Play the kids, find out which ones have a role on the team and trade the others.

    Also not sure why we would trade Ellis’s contract unless someone is willing to give up assets for it. This team wont be competing for years so we can’t afford to trade away any assets to get rid of players or contracts.

    Flyers should talk to LA, they have young defensive prospects in there system (BClarke) I would make a deal maybe a TK for Clarke deal.

    • Clarke wasn’t traded for Chychrun so I would presume Blake still will not trade him, let alone for Konecy. I’d like to see Konecy do it again one more season before anything happens.

      Would be wise for Philly to sell high but you need his tenaciousness to bleed into his young teammates. Think Philly needs to keep him and move off Provy, Atkinson, Hayes, Courtourier and Tony D.

      Keep sanheim and unfortunately Risto bc his contract is near untraceable without having to give away solid assets.

      Keeps Farabee another year also and feed him top line minutes in all situations. Give him more time to get used to Torts style of boring.

      • If Flyers entertained offers on Hart i bet Blake would give up Clarke in that deal.

        I was thinking a deal that involved Hart/Provy to LA for Petterson/Clarke plus picks.

        Would be a perfect way to start a rebuild with Clarke and then take Reinbacher in the draft. Right side defensive prospects just got a lot better and skilled.

  3. Addison is a pp quarter-back with D zone and high risk play challenges. Coach Evanston hates that and aside from being quite young for a defence-man that is why he sat. Lots of potential and would have lots of interest. But why trade him if salary is a concern. Dumba’s $6m is a goner. Maybe even a walk a way. Definetly for next to nothing. Not even a big home discount can get it done.
    Faber is the young star and flip side of Addison . Played fantastic in the playoffs for a vet let alone a kid.

  4. I get Fleury’s comment but you have to think he’d be ok going to Montreal or back to Pittsburgh.

    • Why would they want him? The Canadiens are rebuilding and seem fine with their current tandem. The Penguins need a starter in his prime not a fading blast from the past.

      • Back up? Sell a couple more tickets? Sell some jerseys (Habs)?

      • The Canadiens and Penguins already have backups. It’s not like they need help selling tickets or jerseys.

      • Anyway my main point was Fleury that would probably accept going to either team, but your point that both teams very likely don’t want him is fair.

    • Pittsburgh should offer Grandlund and DeSmith to Edmonton for Campbell

      • No spank you.

      • Honestly wouldn’t make any sense since the oilers would be taking on salary and they can’t afford that. The only way at all Pittsburgh could make that palatable for the Oilers is to eat half of Granlunds salary as well so they could possible demote him and between the knock off cap hit and Desmiths cap hit they would be saving cap space. Pittsburgh can’t do that though because they need cap space.

      • Re pens & oilers deal..
        I would Not take that deal, $7.M coming into edmonton and $5.M going out
        The Oilers cap is to high we need a RD Man if we are moving Cambell and Not from the Pens…❗️

        RW, $3.1M Yamamoto
        & RW $3.25M Ceci will be moved 1st

        I dont think they move Jack Campbell for next year..🤔

        Oilers shopping list..
        1/Top pairing RD man
        2/Top 6 RW to play either 29 or 97…
        & re-sign
        Nick Bjugstad @$1.M per for 2 years

      • Hi IHC

        Oil won’t take the deal; or Pens should in no way offer it

        Re Granlund …. Absolute prime for a buyout. Forget about what was paid in trade (by an absolute moron GM tandem … HexBurkie)…. Sunk costs

        Cap hit for next two years….$5M….. no one is even taking him at 50%…. And that just saves $2.5 M for two years

        Buyout…. Saves $4.2 M then $3.2 M (much better than retaining 50% AND having to sweeten the deal)

        The dead cap 3 and 4 years from now is irrelevant …. ABSOLUTELY Pens won’t be spending to Cap then

        In addition to buying out Granlund…. Retain 50% on both Petry and Rutta… and move them…. Rutta has no trade protection…. Petry can be traded to other 1/2 the NHL clubs without his say so

        They just re-upped Nylander…. He’s better than Granlund


        *?? /P-O J

        Net above $8 M in Cap space for 7th D (UFA …. 28-30 Year old, above average in size) for $1 M, and $7 M for UFA 2RD, 27-29; above average in size

        Result …. Nil Cap change…. Pens become younger, stronger; bigger; waaaaay better defensively

        If Pens could get Severson and Soucy for a combined $9 M…. That’s $1M more than above….would be well worth it

  5. DAngelo @50% retained and 4th to Minny for Gologoski and Addison?

    Minny gets cost controlled offensive Dman for basically same cap as Goligoski.

    Also see if Minny can afford to take Cam Atkinson. Provides offense for Minny and replaces Dumba cap

    Philly will take draft picks

    • Oh those pesky NMC’s. Goli is not going anywhere.

      • You think he’d accept a move to play bottom pair or stay in Minny and stay a healthy scratch?

    • If Addison is in the deal then yes, but not sure Golo gets a spot we have 3 young dmen who want that spot of the left side. Right side is weak thats why adding Addison helps and getting rid of TD’s defensive brain farts.

  6. As Hellebuyck has no interest in a rebuild, nor should he.Perhaps Chevy should get out in front of things. Hellebuyck and David Gustafson to Detroit for Husso, Marco Kasper,a first and a second as well as a flip of the teams 3rd round picks. Wings should be able to sign Hellebuyck to an extension as he’s a Michigan kid and they have the most important piece of a quickly improving team. Jets need to move big pieces for younger controllable talent now otherwise the futures looking bleak in the Peg.

  7. Is Price contract possible to be dealt ??

  8. Korpi speculated to go to FA. There will be a bidding war between the Pens and Sens for his services.