NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 29, 2023

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Results and reaction from the first round of the 2023 Draft, Jim Nill is named NHL GM of the Year, Mike Babcock receives a two-year contract from the Blue Jackets, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


NHL.COM: To no one’s surprise, the Chicago Blackhawks chose top prospect Connor Bedard with the first-overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft on Wednesday evening in Nashville.

Chicago Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson (left) poses with 2023 first-overall pick Connor Bedard (NHL.com).

With the second-overall pick, the Anaheim Ducks chose Swedish center Leo Carlsson. The Columbus Blue Jackets chose Hobey Baker Award-winning center Adam Fantilli with the third-overall pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bedard is the most highly-touted prospect since Connor McDavid in 2015 and Auston Matthews in 2016. He’s considered a potential generational talent who could form the foundation of a Blackhawks resurgence over the next several years.

The Ducks choosing Carlsson over Fantilli was a bit of a surprise as the latter was expected to go second overall. Nevertheless, both players have the potential to become future stars with their new NHL clubs.

The Montreal Canadiens had the highest pick among the Canadian teams at No. 5 overall. They chose Austrian defenseman David Reinbacher.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The reaction on social media among Canadiens fans ranged from disappointment to outrage. Most were hoping the Habs would select Russian winger Matvei Michkov, who was subsequently chosen by the Philadelphia Flyers with the No. 7 selection.

Reinbacher is considered the top defenseman in this year’s draft class. Canadiens GM Kent Hughes explained that their selection was based in part on roster need (depth among right-handed defensemen) and the inability to scout Michkov in person because of NHL and IIHF travel restrictions to Russia due to that country’s ongoing war with Ukraine.

With the sixth overall pick, the Arizona Coyotes chose KHL defenseman Dmitriy Simashev.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This choice was a bigger surprise than the Canadiens taking Reinbacher. Simashev is a promising blueliner who was considered a top-10 prospect by some experts while others had him going outside the first round.

Others who went higher in the draft than I expected included the Coyotes selecting forward Daniil But at No. 12, the Nashville Predators choosing defenseman Tanner Molendyk at No. 24 and the Toronto Maple Leafs taking forward Easton Cowan 28th overall.

The St. Louis Blues held three picks in this round. They chose center Dalibor Dvorsky at No. 10, center Otto Stenberg at No. 25 and defenseman Theo Lindstein at No. 29.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was expected the Blues might trade one or two of their lower first-rounders for more immediate roster help. However, they couldn’t find any suitable deals and opted to retain those picks.

Here is the complete list of first-round selections:

1. Chicago Blackhawks: Connor Bedard, C

2. Anaheim Ducks: Leo Carlsson, C

3. Columbus Blue Jackets: Adam Fantilli, C

4. San Jose Sharks: Will Smith, C

5. Montreal Canadiens: David Reinbacher, D

6. Arizona Coyotes: Dmitriy Simashev, D

7. Philadelphia Flyers: Matvei Michkov, RW

8. Washington Capitals: Ryan Leonard, RW

9. Detroit Red Wings: Nate Danielson, C

10. St. Louis Blues: Dalibor Dvorsky, C

11. Vancouver Canucks: Tom Willander, D

12. Arizona Coyotes (from Ottawa Senators): Danill But, LW

13. Buffalo Sabres: Zach Benson, LW

14. Pittsburgh Penguins: Brayden Yager, C

15. Nashville Predators: Matthew Wood, RW

16. Calgary Flames: Samuel Honzek, LW

17. Detroit Red Wings (from New York Islanders via Vancouver Canucks): Axel Sandin Pellikka, D

18. Winnipeg Jets: Colby Barlow, LW

19. Chicago Blackhawks (from Tampa Bay Lightning): Oliver Moore, C

20. Seattle Kraken: Eduard Sale, LW

21. Minnesota Wild: Charlie Stramel, C

22. Philadelphia Flyers (from Los Angeles Kings via Columbus Blue Jackets): Oliver Bonk, D

23. New York Rangers: Gabriel Perreault, RW

24. Nashville Predators (from Edmonton Oilers): Tanner Molendyk, D

25. St. Louis Blues (from Toronto Maple Leafs): Otto Stenberg, C

26. San Jose Sharks (from New Jersey Devils): Quentin Musty, LW

27. Colorado Avalanche: Calum Ritchie, C

28. Toronto Maple Leafs (from Boston Bruins via Washington Capitals): Easton Cowan, RW

29. St. Louis Blues (from Dallas Stars via New York Rangers): Theo Lindstein, D

30. Carolina Hurricanes: Bradly Nadeau, LW

31. Colorado Avalanche (from Montreal Canadiens via Florida Panthers): Mikhail Gulyayev, D

32. Vegas Golden Knights: David Edstrom, C

DAILY FACEOFF’s Frank Seravalli tweeted that this was the first draft since 2007 in which no trades were completed in the opening round.

Steven Ellis listed the best prospects available during Day 2 of the NHL Draft. They include WHL winger Andrew Cristall, University of Michigan winger Gavin Brindley, and QMJHL winger Ethan Gauthier.

Rounds 2 through 7 go today at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville beginning at 11 am ET.

NHL.COM: Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill was named the winner of the James Gregory General Manager of the Year Award.

TSN: The Columbus Blue Jackets will officially name former Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock as their new bench boss on Saturday. He will receive a two-year contract worth $4 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The announcement comes Saturday because Babcock’s contract with the Leafs officially expires at midnight on Friday, June 30.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: The Flames signed forward Yegor Sharangoivich to a two-year, $6.2 million contract. He was acquired from the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday as part of the return for Tyler Toffoli.

ARIZONA SPORTS: Coyotes president and CEO Xavier Gutierrez said his team is focused on multiple sites for a new arena in the East Valley (Phoenix) area. They will be seeking locations that will not be subject to a public vote for approval.

The Coyotes recently lost a public vote on a proposed arena project in Tempe. They do not have a hard deadline from the NHL for locking down a new location.


  1. The draft was another indicator of how we as fans are led by the nose by pundits who are led by other pundits.

    I for one was touting Michkov with regularity based on what I was reading however Hughes put it best, the inability to scout Michkov in person guided the choice.

    We’ll see in time but teams work off of actual scouting not video clips.

    In our desire/need for knowledge we tend to buy into the hype.

    One reason I like watching prospect games is to pick out what appear to be gems without the hype.

    • teams work on actual scouting… yeah Craig S Morgan said much the same in his article on the two Russians the Yotes picked. Apparently thry had been able to scout them in Belarus at some tourney and only one other team was there so thry git a long up close look and met the kids and families.

      • Hi AZHN

        Yes read that

        Perhaps they do have some insight…. But if going behind the iron curtain so to speak…. Mitchkov has been touted everywhere…. And for quite a while

        Very strange that they pass on him

        But is big…. So maybe??

        Time will tell

    • Lyle, you seem to have misread the Sportsnet article. Hughes said that the fact that Reinbacher fills a roster need was a bonus but was not a deciding factor. He was clear that there were several factors involved mostly that Michkov couldn’t be scouted. But the pick was made because the Habs thought he was the best player available at the time. Time will tell of course.

    • Still , habfan30, some serious lists hzd Reinbacher around 20th, and everybody agreed on Michkov’s talent. Wasn’t he just as good as Bedard, two years ago , in the last tournament where they both played ?
      Hughes admitted to having drafted based on positonal need….jusr as Bergevin did, selecting Kotkaniemi.
      Count me in the “very disappointed” group. What about:”picking the best player available” ? They should have at least traded the pick.

      • Patrick,
        hughes did not say they drafted on positional need, he said David was on his radar and they wanted him.

        Being a RD gave him an edge as compared to a LD.

        The last tournament they saw him was two years ago and no scouts eyes on him since then.

        I’d venture to say Hughes, Gorton et al know a wee bit more than you and me.

  2. No trades on the draft floor 😢

    Great news and awful news for Jackets…. Jarmo in awe and full of glee when Fantilli falls into his hands…. But Jackets now will be coached by Babcock 💩💩💩

    Yotes…. What a screwed up franchise …. Picking 6th and 12th…. Should have been able to get at least one good prospect for the future….. nope…. Broadcasters gobsmacked as Yotes go off the board with both picks…. Simashev @ 6 was ranked on most sites …..late first round. Consolidated rankings had him mid 20’s. Button had him at 38

    Yotes could have picked Michkov….. what the hell is going on with that bonehead franchise???

    Then at 12….Daniil But…. Most sites had him in second round; lowest of all sites had him at 20; consolidated had him 28th

    Move the franchise!! Now!!!

    Steals of the draft…

    # 1 has to be Michcov falling into Briere’s lap at 7 after Yotes have brain fart (first of 2)

    #2 …..hometown Predz in glee as they watch Dooby NOT take Woods (C/W who will play in the NHL at (at least ) 6’4” and likely 215; who was a PPG player as the youngestNCAA player this year (@17…. He skipped a grade); and instead…. Dooby decides on Brayden Yager …. Who is a good prospect, but ranked lower than Woods, but will play in the NHL …..at least 4” shorter, and at least 30 lbs lighter

    #3 has to be Chevy and Jets fans ….being able to snag Barlow @ 18

    and finally…. #4….Avs, after great trades this week (RyJo/Colton)…. They get Ritchie at 27 (some sites had him ranked early teens)

    • in Craig Morgans article on the two picks he details why Mitchkov was passed over as well as to what went into the two oocks they did make. time will tell but so far he has hit better than any gm in that role previously. thoigh the bar was not high

      • I seem to remember a defenseman taken much earlier than expected… I think Detroit is satisfied. Give this time before your anti Arizona bias completely rips into this kid.

      • Chrisms exactly

        Mo wasn’t
        Projected as high either

        Plenty of studs in the late rounds over the years

        It’s more about the person natural talent and willing to work

        I actually like the pick for AZ

        Now they just need new owners who have the capital to buy off politicians to get things done like they do in other sports 😂

    • Yager will replace Crosby as Captain one day, Pengy. Mark my words. This kid is a gem.

      • Hi SOP

        Sorry if I came across as being against Yager.

        Certainly Not the case. I do feel he will be fine down the road… absolutely fine…but…Captain of Pens…. To me a stretch

        For me …. Woods was (is) a better pick

        If not Woods… Barlow would also have been my choice at 14 , over Yager…. Jets will love Barlow

        I will love (embrace!!!) to be proven wrong on this

        I expect Yager to vie for a roster spot in 25/26

        Aside…. What do you want off Pens for Linas?

      • All good, Pengy. I know lots about Yager, and I’m firm in my beliefs. The young man has incredible leadership skills and abilities to go along with his obvious great skill set.
        The Pens are lucky to have him.
        Wood would have been a great choice as well. The kid hunts pucks Like a rabid dog……….if a rabid dog indeed hunted pucks, that is.

      • Pengy, as for, Linus. I would take Yager +.

      • Hi SOP

        Very good opening offer… we’re close on this

        Sweeney won’t likely retain on LU, and Dooby dragging heals on jettisoning Granlund

        My proposal

        Yager and Granlund for Linus and Greer

        Pens flip Granlund for starter and gain big and inexpensive 4th liner

        Sweeney then buys out Granlund tomorrow

        Bruins gain $4.2 M in space next year; $3.2 M in 24/25; gain key prospect to start possibly 25/26 year; at the expense of depth forward and dead cap of $1.8 M in 25/26 and 26/27 (when cap ceiling in low/mid $90 Ms)

    • Michkov when interviewing with Arizona made it clear he wouldn’t sign with them if drafted, Philly meanwhile had 2 secret meetings with him and Michkov convinced them to take him. It was widely reported he was trying to dictate his destination all along as Fantilli did when he let teams know he wanted to go to Columbus. Maybe the gm’s know what they are doing after all.

    • Pengy…was hoping Penguins took Gabe Perreault but Yager solid.

      Like Reilly Smith for a 2024 3rd rounders.

      Dunas just getting started looking to move Jeff Petry. Nhl free agency starts Saturday..buckle up

      • Hi BnG

        Yes Smith… great move

        Woods was the player I was hoping for at 14… Dubas skipped…. And Predz could run fast enough to podium to snatch Woods…. It was very apparent that they did not by any stretch believe he’d fall into their hands at 15…. PPG playing at 17 (skipped a grade) against mostly 19-21 year olds; already 6’ 4”, 197

        Dubas must buyout Granlund

        Hoping he can move Petry

        Put an offer in on Graves 🤞🙏

        Make a reasonable extension offer on Jarry…. Don’t want Sat morning to come around with Pens sitting with DeSmith and trying to outbid all other teams for the UFA Gs

  3. Re “Coyotes president and CEO Xavier Gutierrez said his team is focused on multiple sites for a new arena in the East Valley (Phoenix) area. They will be seeking locations that will not be subject to a public vote for approval.”

    Here are 10 sites they should look at, in no particular order:

    1510 Polk St…. Zip Code 77002

    1510 Polk St…. Zip Code 77002

    1510 Polk St…. Zip Code 77002

    1510 Polk St…. Zip Code 77002

    1510 Polk St…. Zip Code 77002

    1510 Polk St…. Zip Code 77002

    1510 Polk St…. Zip Code 77002

    1510 Polk St…. Zip Code 77002

    1510 Polk St…. Zip Code 77002

    1510 Polk St…. Zip Code 77002

    • I like these spots especially #9

      • With you Joe… #9 was actually my first choice as well

        If that doesn’t work out…. #6 is also a very fine venue


    • San Diego would be a way better spot. The midway district where the Gulls play is about to be redeveloped with Stan Kroenke, the billionaire owner of the Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Rams, Arsenal W.F.C and several other professional teams as the lead.

      • Hi Turk

        For sure SD would work….. waaaaaaaaaaaay better than 4,600 for 5 more years…. Then 9,000 after that , in an arena built for 17,000

        They must be moved!

        My heart says QC

        Of course from a perspective of what benefits the most (quantity and $Ms and $Ms) now, near future and long term…. 2nd GTA;

        But…. The “tick almost every box” though, is Houston

        No matter what….. this failure must move…. Just one guy holding it up

        Owners would save huge by paying Bettman $50 M to retire… then sit back and reap the rewards as next commish (no matter who they are) would make the relo of Yotes their absolute first order of business

    • I offer #11: 1407 Grand Blvd, Zip Code 64106

      • Hi Kyle…. Absolutely ANY offer that is not found in the state of Arizona, is acceptable

        Yes T-Mobile Center in KC would certainly work 👍👍

  4. I for one was very surprised the Bruins didn’t do a draft day trade with Ullmark … right now his stock will probably be as high as it gets …. if teams with goalie surplus start moving goalies the Bruins might not be able to move him for their price … if they really want to sign Bert you would think Ullmark has to leave

    • Hi Joe….

      Make Dubas an offer

      • Pengy…. Have to believe Sweeney called Dubas but but Dubas hung up …..

      • We need to get those two to be friends

        Dubas has no goalies for 23/24 as at now (not a typo…. I’m not counting De Smith)

        I’m hoping Dubas re-ups Jarry (@ reasonable) and gets a back-up via trade or UFA

    • I’m pretty sure helly and Linus etc were on the table but no gm wanted to move a first this year for them. Gives some credence, though not proof, of the saturated goalie market and the general lower value of goalies in trades. If you are trying to trade a goalie… temper expectations.

      • Chrisms

        Yes that but also the value that GMs are placing on of 1st rounders in this year’s “deep” draft…. No trades (up/down) this year…. First time in 16 years

  5. I guess I won’t have to check picks today for at least a few hours…. Leafs don’t pick next until #153; Pens @90

    Still some strong picks available round two

    Any teams interested in rights to RoR and Bunting and Holl and Schenn and Accairi plus 153rd …. For a 2nd rounder??? LOL

    Any teams interested in Petry and Rutta and 90th OA for a 2nd rounder?? LOL

    • Pengy, I think down deep you know where the Pen’s are heading. With a prospect pool that ranks at or near the bottom of the NHL, with ZERO prospects inside, most of the top 100 prospects rankings, a roster full of players on the wrong side of 30, this is not going to go well. Pitt is looking at a LONG rebuild, and they are going to have to start replenishing their prospect pool. They have just enough cap space to add a goalie and a couple of depth players in UFA. However they absolutely need to makes some picks and not throw away the draft picks with trades for negative value assets like Petry.
      I wouldnt be surprised if Dubos starts a total rebuild in the next 12 months, especially if they struggle early on next season.

      • Hi Brian


        Was being hopeful and mostly facetious

        Yes… need to build asset pool…. IMHO should have taken Woods

        That said…. Still have a window sliver and ownership showed all in last summer by extending Tanger and Gino

        Pens do have loads of space right now…. And will have $4.2 M more once Dooby pulls his head out of his butt and buys out Granlund

        Great move to get Smith to replace Zucker @ lower Cap hit

        Still nice space to get 3C and third line wingers; plus signing Tandem

        Pens do need to move on from Petry and Rutta

        Deals are out there…. Dubas won’t pick again until this aft…. Make some calls!!!

    • Pengy..Penguins dont need a bruins goalie.

      There are many available goalies Gibson Varlamov Korpasalo Hellybuck Anderson…..i would take swayman ullmark no fell apart ala tristan jarry in the playoffs.

      Your thoughts?

      • Pengy, sorry about the tone of the last post. I find the situation interesting in Pitt, as they are going to continue to push to contend until Sid is no longer there.
        A couple of points I find interesting.
        -What are they going to do with Jarry? They have 15-16 million in cap space, however they are going to have to resolve what they are going to do between the pipes, and that is going to cost them 4-6 million from that 15-16 in cap space.
        -Kyle needs to build those bottom 2 lines. That goes without saying.
        -DeBrincat is a guy that I think fits well in Pitt, but 1) you would have to dig deep into a thin prospect pool and trade future high draft picks., and that wouldnt solve the bottom 6 issues.
        -A perfect fit IMO and I hate to say it as I want him to sign with the Blues, is Oskar Sundvist.

      • Hi BnG

        Gibson should not be sought after

        Yes, hometown boy…. But he is not the goalie he once was, and not playing near his Cap hit

        I’d re-up Jarry for the same hit in a heartbeat if they were the only two options

        Helly will cost too much

        Varly and Korp are certainly options

        I still believe in Jarry…. Just look at his numbers when Dumo, CR , Rutta ,and Carter were not on the ice. Staggering compare to when they are on the ice

        Dumo won’t be re-upped and Dubas should certainly have a candid talk with sully ; explaining that under no circumstances …. Zero circumstances…. Should they play CR. If they can move Rutta… excellent. Sit Carter or limit to very very low minutes

        They have already talked about getting Petry traded for someone younger and faster

        *2RD/P-O J

        That D in front of Jarry and his save %’age claims substantially

        If Pens could do the trade proposal (see my counter to SOP higher up on posts)…. Converting Granlund into Ulmark; nil Cap change ; re-up Jarry…. 1A / 1B

        That would work


        No worries

        Re Jarry…. I really think they need to re-up him (at a reasonable hit)

        Re Debrincat … would have been great on Pens pre Smith trade…. The cat is top 6 and will get reimbursed as such, also costing trade Capital. It would move Smith @$5M down to third line and (because Dooby is dragging his heels) possibly Center Ed by the inept Granlund…. $10 M Cap for just 2/3rds of the 3rd line

        I truly believe that Dubas MUST buyout Granlund…. Freeing up another $4.2 M

        They are trying to move Petry (hopefully Rutta as well)

        Yes…. Bottom 6 needs to be filled out… but there are UFA possibilities with low risk and potential far better than Cap hit reward

        Players that are 27-29, have fallen off considerably from what they have in Cap hit now; won’t be re-upped by current team; absolutely need change of scenery and opportunity to prove themselves again

        A perfect fit for this is….. wait for it Habs fans and don’t faint…. Drouin

        He absolutely must prove himself or his NHL career is over

        1 year @ $1.5 M …. For a depth C ….. if he proves himself…. 3C solution forPens…. If he’s a bust…. The risk to Pens (outside of the cash… and owners are rich!!) is but $300 K Cap hit…. The rest is buried when he’s waived and sent down

        He literally has everything to prove

        Maybe try and sign the Ritchie brothers to anything $1.2 M or less (again…. Can be sent down)

        They certainly add size…. And if either are a bust…send them down…they are off theCap

        Not sure re Connor Brown’s health???

        Reasonable cost and no risk 3C is E-Rod

        Higher cost…. Domi

        Pens have the space… and should have more (Granlund)…. Use it

        Re RD…. Hard to think Pens could get him…. But if they can movePetry, replaced by Graves….. hello…. That would be good

  6. Two highlights of the evening saw the Arizona contingent traipsing around in plum-coloured suits … and Carey Price pulling a Bobby Clark in his draft announcement.

    • Those stand out for me as well George. Arizona’s picks , mentioned by Pengy , were head scratchers.

    • George…I was embarrassed for the guy all the way from my couch in Ajax

      • I just don’t get how someone – obviously told at the draft table – can forget a name while walking to the podium and then, from there to the mic.

  7. Leafs drafted away off of the board
    IMO, could traded down and still got the player they wanted in the first round

    It is a very deep draft , Leaf’s do not have a second, third or fourth round pick , but could of easily wound up with a second a third

    I follow the junior (OHL) circuit , closely , Easton Cowanftom London Knights is decent , an excellent playoff , came on later in the year , I just feel 28? Overall was away too soon

    St.Louis will be a very good team in a 3 or so years and dominant , again IMO
    They drafted very well

    Briere in Philadelphia is another up and coming very passionate, skilled GM

    He has been travelling the planet , scouting prospects diligently over the last while

    • Thinking the Leafs were ready to pounce on Ritchie and then Sakic snatched him

      • Hi Fergy22

        Sadly….Great grab by Avs!!!

      • Chris McFarland is the Avalanche GM now. Sakic is president of operations!

    • Did it look to anyone else that Treliving had a look on his face when being interviewed by Friedman, that he was going to fire the entire scouting staff once this draft was over!!!

      • Hi Uwey

        To me the interview looked uncomfortable but I interpreted it that Tre didn’t like Friedman at all. Friedman looked uncomfortable (a rarity for him) interviewing him

        Has Friedman “stepped” on/ “lambasted” Tre in the past?

    • Agree Ken re Tre’s pick and Easton is certainly fair… but likely could have been grabbed mid 2nd round

      Moving down to snag an extra pick is great… if there are “buyers” (to move up)

      Coverage last night repeatedly said that moving up requests were for top 1/2 of first round and no team seemed interested in moving up and/or trading prospects for late first round picks…. We won’t know re any offers of such… but perhaps Tre had no offers and/or (if he made the calls) no takers

      Would have been a big score had they had 27th vs 28th… and get Richie instead of Avs

      • Pengy, Tre was on the phone constantly, starting around the 25th pick. Probably looking to trade down, but not finding any takers. The deep draft class made trading difficult. If a player ranked 5 places ahead of your draft position is available, why trade down?

        Expecting a big push to trade Nylander before Canada Day.

      • Hi HOG

        Not disagreeing that he may have been trying to trade

        IMHO…there were better options at that pick

        Fingers crossed re trading to split up thecore 4…. 1/2 on 4 Fwds doesn’t work

        Extending both AM and WW… Leafs will start 24/25 even worse off… at 54%-55% spent on 4 forwards

        JT with full NMC is completely unmovable

        So it’s 1 of the other 3

        I’m actually not opposed to moving AM as I truly believe he coup be traded for 3 pieces : 2C, top6 winger; 2RD…. All with term; none older than 28…. And all 3 Cap hits total for no more than $1 M greater than what they’ll need to re-up AM for…. 3 key top players for the price of 1 basically (who will not likely sign 8 max years, but will push for 3 maybe more…. When he then hopes to get 8 @ $17 M when he is 29!!

        So mime has to move

        That… and we saw how WW’s dad forced the hold out last time…. Not a chanceTre gets WW signed for what Tre thinks he can… not a chance WW is looking at only the Timo Meier deal…. He’ll be holding out for more… and using his past season and playoff videos as leverage in the negotiations

  8. Anaheim, thank you for Fantilli. Fantilli, stay in college until Babcock bullies someone and gets fired. Oh, and Jackets owners, fire JD and Jarmo for hiring Babcock in the first place.

    • Hi Paul

      Couldn’t agree more… 100% on your entire post

    • Paul, from other post you’ve made, i’m thinking you’re not that young?

      Not sure of what the h@te on Babcock is all about. Coaching styles have changed and you would be fully aware that many coaches in the pass have used intimidation or other. There is reports of one coach consider by many to be the best ever who would kick players in the backside while standing behind the bench.

      Mike Babcock is a good coach, his style has to change with the times and if they don’t as you pointed out he will be gone.

      I wouldn’t be rooting for him to fail, just the opposite, I be hoping he lead the team to success without the bullying and head games.

      • Caper, I’m 63 and have been a hockey fan since I was 8. And you need to work on your definitions. Any coach who nearly drives a player to a nervous breakdown is more than hard. And the Red Wings leadership group went to Holland about it and Holland ignored them. A head coach who has a rookie list his teammates according to whom he believes are the hardest worker in descending order, then humiliates him by reading the list to the team is not hard. He’s a bully. Especially when front office personnel and other of ice personnel have stated that he’s a bully.
        As far as him being a good coach, HA! He was the head coach of, quite possibly, the most talented team in the last 50 years (the Red Wings) and only won one Stanley Cup with them. I could have done that! A good coach would have won three or four Cups with that team.
        Babcock is a dinosaur. If he’s such a desirable coach, why has he been passed over for jobs repeatedly since being pushed aside in Toronto? I sincerely hope he tries bullying one of the Jackets in training camp, gets fired and is never offered another coaching job.

      • Wouldn’t it be better to hope he learned from his lessons… connects with the team… and leads them to success? The fact you’d let your derision of one man let you hope he bullies someone so your team can continue to lose…. That’s disturbing.

      • Paul, i’m not disagreeing that he bullied or intimated players, but that list is long for coaches and players. Yes he is a good coach. From his Wikipedia page.

        Babcock was born in Manitouwadge, Ontario, and grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.[1] As of June 2023, he is the only coach to gain entry to the Triple Gold Club (Stanley Cup title, IIHF World Championship title, and Olympic gold medal in men’s ice hockey). He guided the Red Wings to the Stanley Cup in 2008; he led Team Canada to gold at the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships in 2004; and he led Team Canada to gold at both the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Babcock is the only coach to win six distinct national or international titles. In addition to the three distinct titles described above, he guided Canada to gold at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, to gold at the IIHF World Junior Championships in 1997, and the University of Lethbridge to the CIS University Cup in 1994. During his professional coaching tenure from 1991–2019, Babcock’s teams missed the post-season only four times.

  9. StLouis and San Jose made some solid picks

  10. Michkov 2 years back was consider neck and neck with Bedard.

    I know nothing about this picks / players other than watching the world Jr and what I’ve read.

    As in any draft some will work out better than other, a few really good players will come out of the third and fourth round.

    With all the information on the prospects prior to the draft and certainly seem like Philly might has gotten the best value position. Time will tell.

  11. I was watching the ESPN feed of the draft last night and I gotta tell ya…it was cringe.

    • Agree they did a terrible job ….

  12. Draft History 2015 – 2020

    2015-2017 min 100 games played and how many had zero games played

    2018-2019 min 75 games played and how many with zero games played

    rnd 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
    1 25-0 23-0 27-0 20-3 16-3
    2 18-8 16-7 9-9 7-14 4-12
    3 4-16 3-11 2-19 3-18 1-23
    4 7-16 5-15 4-19 1-24 1-24
    5 9-17 0-20 1-23 1-22 1-30
    6 4-22 3-20 1-22 0-23 0-26
    7 3-23 0-26 0-24 0-28 0-24

    sorry if it looks confusing, 25-0 means; 25 players have played a minimum of 100 games, the 0 represents how many players who did not get at least one game. ie 2015, 2016 and 2017 all first round picks got to play at least one game.