NHL Rumor Mill – June 29, 2023

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The latest trade speculation involving William Nylander, Connor Hellebuyck, Noah Hanifin, Travis Konecny and more heading into Day 2 of the 2023 Draft in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan speculates contract extension talks between Maple Leafs general manager Brad Treliving and winger William Nylander might not go as smoothly as Treliving confidently predicted.

Koshan thinks it behooves Treliving to gauge Nylander’s value in the trade market for a return that improves the Leafs. “Speculation in a potential swap for Nylander has included Norris Trophy winner Erik Karlsson of the San Jose Sharks and Calgary Flames center Elias Lindholm.

Toronto Maple Leafs winger William Nylander (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For what it’s worth, the Leafs have reportedly looked into the cost of acquiring Karlsson from the Sharks. Moving Nylander and his $6.9 million cap hit for next season could help offset the cost of taking on Karlsson’s contract, though the Leafs would want the Sharks to retain a healthy portion of his $11.5 million annual cap hit through 2026-27.

For now, I suspect Treliving will continue with his contract extension discussions with Nylander.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports the New Jersey Devils remain interested in Winnipeg Jets goaltender Connor Hellebuyck. However, he doesn’t think they want to pay a big price to get him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Devils could also want the Jets to retain part of Hellebuyck’s $6.16 million AAV for 2023-24. Some observers suggest the possibility of the Jets starting next season with Hellebuyck and then perhaps attempting to move him before the trade deadline to a club like the Devils.


LeBrun reports the Florida Panthers are interested in Calgary Flames defenseman Noah Hanifin. Panthers winger Anthony Duclair is part of that discussion but LeBrun isn’t convinced they have the best chance of landing Hanifin.


According to LeBrun, the Philadelphia Flyers continue to listen on Travis Konecny and received a few trade offers but nothing to tempt them into parting with the winger. Unless something changes, however, they’re likely to hang onto Konecny.

LeBrun’s TSN colleague Darren Dreger indicated before the opening round of the draft that Flyers defenseman Travis Sanheim continues to draw interest.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman thought the Pittsburgh Penguins had some interest in Winnipeg Jets winger Blake Wheeler. However, he’s not convinced it’s going to happen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman published this before the Penguins acquired Reilly Smith from the Vegas Golden Knights yesterday. I’m just mentioning this in passing.


Friedman thinks it’s possible the Toronto Maple Leafs could sign rugged winger Ryan Reaves if he fails to land a new contract with the Minnesota Wild. The Leafs are looking to beef up their bottom-six forwards. Ottawa’s Austin Watson is another possibility.


Friedman speculates there might not be a role for Christian Dvorak now that they’ve got so many centers. He could be someone worth keeping an eye on.


THE TENNESSEAN: Gentry Estes cited a report from Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli indicating the Nashville Predators tried to make a big splash during the first round of the 2023 NHL Draft. There was speculation they attempted to move up in the draft order by offering up promising goaltender Yaroslav Askarov as part of a package deal for one of the picks among the top 10.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One rumor had them offering Askarkov and the 15th overall pick as part of a package deal to the Montreal Canadiens for the fifth-overall selection. It never came to pass.


  1. I may be in the minority among Habs fans, but I don’t think that Dvorak should be traded right now unless an offer comes by that’s too good to turn down. He’s still a solid third line center who can put up 35 or so points. For the upcoming season at least, Dach and Newhook will likely be at wing. Obviously if one of them is moved to center eventually, Dvorak may be moved.

    • I love to see all young players succeed but I do agree with you I’m not convinced at that size you can be as dominate as they project.

      Hope he proves me wrong

    • Right on Howard,
      Dvorak’s on a good contract, he’s a strong centre, good face off %.

      Wouldn’t mind picking up Reaves to protect the kids and keep WiFi from fighting too much.

  2. How is Lucic’s speed?
    If his speed is half decent, I could see a fit for him in Toronto’s bottom six at league min. Mainly as protection/deterrent.

    • Boston media thinks that Lucia is coming back to Boston.

  3. The Bruins media think Lucia is coming back to Boston.

  4. Hanafin for Reinhart I would listen. No interest in Duclair unless there is a lot more to it. Florida draft capital limited
    Maybe Verhague

    Tre could bring in Lucic at league min. He was getting 5 last year in Calgary .
    I would use the expression “lumbering”
    When it comes to skating and cement mitts when it comes to finishing

    • Hanafin and Lindy for Barkov

      Go BIG

      Cats can trade Duclair for picks to someone to free space

    • I could see Florida & Calgary doing a deal Both teams need what the other has and same age and similar pay scale❓🔥

      Florida Panthers are interested in Flames defenseman LD man Noah Hanifin and thats exactly what they need for there top 4, they also need a 3rd paring RD…

      Panthers winger Anthony Duclair is in discussion
      Flames need Scoring especaly at Wing especaly after losing 2 top wingers , RW Matthew Tkachuk and
      LW Johnny Gaudreau…⁉️

      Flames have lots of d/men and 4 young centres ready to make the jump to NHL next season one being Connor Zarry

      Duclair had 31 goals 2021/2022 season & was out injured last year only played 20 games….

      ➡️The Trade
      LW/RW Antony Duclair and a Good young Defenceman prospect to Calgary
      Hanifin…Both are UFA at the end of the 2023/2024 season….🤔❓

  5. Lyle, last night’s display of player movement certainly makes this morning’s headlines easier. Nothing happened. I don’t blame any of those GMs for standing pat. I welcome it. The only one (and I was in a massive minority here) I would have traded away…..was the first. Yup. If I was Chicago’s GM I would have incurred the wrath of fans and shipped his rights to Anaheim. For their 1st this year and the following 2 years unprotected. I’m not convinced this kid is goin to be what people think he will be. He will be a Tavares. VERY good. But Building a base, a core of good players with 2, 3 or 4 top ten picks. That’s how you do it. Not one player.

    • Good thing you are not the Blackhawks GM dark

    • Let’s see 1sts vs 2nds: pass on Dale Hawerchuck for Doug Smith, pass on Mario Lemieux for Kirk Muller, pass on Wendell Clark for Craig Simpson, pass on Mike Modano for Trevor Linden, pass on Mats Sundin for Dave Chyzowski, pass on Owen Nolan for Petr Nedved, pass on Eric Lindros for Pat Falloon, pass on Vincent Lecavalier for David Legwand, pass on Rick Nash for Kari Lehtonen, pass on Sidney Crosby for Bobby Ryan, pass on Patrick Kane for James van Riemsdyk, pass on Connor MacDavid for Jack Eichel, pass on Austin Matthews for Patrik Laine, pass on Jack Hughes for Kaapo Kakko…. while there are some exceptions as well as some equal 1s and 2s, when you got a chance to take a Connor Bedard type you take him. My only concern with him is that he is not super small, but he is not very big either, and holding up physically might be a concern.

      • Nail Yakapov – oops
        Alexis Lafreniere – trip bumps head
        *cough* excuse me Nico Hischier

        we can play good cop bad draft all you want
        and they ALL get hyped as the next best thing/generational talent. You can all give me big “I told you so’s” in a year or two…..OR….enjoy your tasty crow.

      • Thanks dark. I wanted to go there. But I was too lazy.

      • Putting Hischier in the same sentence as Yakupov is ridiculous

  6. Would this work for all clubs?

    To TML: Konecy and Sanheim

    To NSH: Nylander

    To PHI: Askarov, the prospect picked at 15 last night and a future first from TML

    Then Philly moves Hart next and let Askarov grow with team. Fellow Russian for Michkov

    • Flyers say no thank you.

    • Leafs: No, thanks. Looked intriguing until the TML 1st was added, and the cap doesn’t work.

  7. I’m a huge Leaf fan but they are they are so boring. same thing year after year. Take some big swings and risk. Not only do I want them to win but I want to be entertained. I’d rather be fighting for our playoff lives (which I think builds character and improves playoff success) than coast into the playoffs and lose in the first round.

    Leafs needs to do a reset for a couple of years and get their internal salary cap in order. I would trade Mathews and nylander to round out the top six with more affordable contracts i.e. getting a player like lindholm from Calgary. I know easier said than done but you would be in a good position when the salary cap rises in the next couple of years and taveres coming off the books.

    What would it cost to buy out taveres now?

    • Ideal if he waived his NMC

      If yes

      To AZ: JT
      To TML: schmaltz

      JT consummate pro to help develop all this young talented players in the desert

      But I cannot foresee a possible scenario JT waives

      • I would have taken Askarov, plus Reinbacher, with Nashville’s 15th.

  8. Carey Price pulled a Jim Leahy last night and “let the liquor” do his talking.

    How humiliating.

    • LOL Mr. Leahy! Nice one, you troll.

    • It was not a good look. That’s for sure.

    • Carey Price meet Jim Montgomery he might have a message for you

  9. It was great seeing all of the draftees dressed so well, as opposed to what we saw during, the NBA draft.

    • Draftees yes

      Execs; scouts; draft teams….. Yotes….ouch…. Walmart Rayon plum coloured suits…. From 1973

      • Think the Yotes used Mullet Arena ushers at the draft.

        Mens suits 40% off at Marshalls, this week only.

      • More like Wal-Mart

    • Lago. Care to elaborate? NBA draftees all had suits. Maybe no ties, but not sure what you had a problem with.

  10. Briere snatches another good pick at 51 Bjarnarson!!

    Good for him

  11. Josh Bailey a Blackhawk now? They seem to be trying to rush the rebuild like when Pittsburgh suddenly signed expensive vets around Crosby in his first year.

    • Friggin ziggy palfy. What a turd.

    • Bailey on waivers for buyout.

    • Hawks are starting to look like a spare parts store!Older players or mercenaries trying to hang on!

      • You are so right!!! Its almost embarrassing what Davidson has done there.

    • Is it a rush when they gained a 2nd rd pick and Bailey is only this yr to stay above the floor?

      Chicago gave up nothing

      Bailey is a professional in the locker room so a culture move to go along with foligno to help mentor and find the next core of leadership in that room


      End of year both walk as UFA or trade able asset for playoffs to gain more picks

      Alllows young ones to play top line minutes in ahl versus bottom 6 minutes in nhl


      No risk middle reward


  12. Thought for sure Ullmark would be traded today .. maybe tomorrow

    • I am actually incredibly shocked at the lack of trades this year.

  13. Chytil and Lafreniere for Nylander.

  14. Late night … lot of Bruin rumors starting to perk with Jets