NHL Rumor Mill – June 13, 2023

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Potential trade destinations for Jets center Pierre Dubois and Ducks goalie John Gibson plus updates on Capitals winger Tom Wilson and Sabres winger Victor Olofsson in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


DAILY FACEOFF: Matt Larkin listed the Carolina Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche, Montreal Canadiens and Minnesota Wild as possible trade destinations for Pierre-Luc Dubois.

The 24-year-old Winnipeg Jets center is expected to be shopped after his agent informed them that he’s not interested in signing a new contract. He’s a restricted free agent on July 1 who is a year away from unrestricted free-agent eligibility.

Winnipeg Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Larkin points out that Dubois could help those four clubs address their need for depth at center among their top two lines. However, he points out that his contract is a sticking point.

Larkin also noted that the Hurricanes have much to figure out long-term for their roster this summer, the Avalanche might lack sufficient assets to acquire Dubois, the Canadiens could be reluctant to deviate from their rebuilding process while the Wild lack the cap space to take him on.

The Montreal Gazette’s Jack Todd also took note of the advantages Dubois could bring to the Canadiens. The downside would be the cost in cap room, dollars and picks to acquire him as well as concerns over the baggage he might bring from the toxic Jets locker room.

Larkin also doesn’t expect the Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings or New York Rangers to have a serious chance of landing Dubois.

He pointed out that the Bruins have bonuses overages to pay to Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci and lack young, high-end assets to offer up as trade bait. Meanwhile, the Wings, Kings and Rangers already have established first-line centers and spent a lot investing in No. 2 centers over the past couple of seasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: NBC Sports Boston’s Nick Goss agrees with Larkin, citing many of the downsides that Todd listed. He also brought up the fact that Dubois forced a trade out of Columbus and appears to be doing the same in Winnipeg.

As for the Kings, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman yesterday said that there are some teams that believe the Kings could take a run at acquiring Dubois.

That would mean demoting Phillip Danault to the third line and promising Quinton Byfield to the fourth. They could play Dubois on the wing but that would create a log jam with Kevin Fiala, Viktor Arvidsson, Adrian Kempe and Alex Iafallo currently filling those roles among their top two lines.


THE ATHLETIC: Shayna Goldman looked at seven potential trade destinations for Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson.

He has four more years with an average annual value of $6.4 million remaining on his contract with the rebuilding Ducks along with a 10-team no-trade clause. Gibson will be 30 when the 2023-24 season begins so the clock is ticking on him playing as a true No. 1 netminder with a competitive team.

The Pittsburgh Penguins, Carolina Hurricanes, New Jersey Devils, Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres, and Los Angeles Kings were Goldman’s suggested targets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins, Hurricanes, Devils, Senators and Sabres all have the cap space to absorb Gibson’s contract. As a Pittsburgh native, he might be receptive to joining the Pens but we don’t know if new team president Kyle Dubas would be interested in picking up his contract.

The Hurricanes have indicated a willingness to bring back Frederik Andersen and/or Antti Raanta for next season. The Devils’ cap space could shrink considerably if they re-sign pending RFA forwards Jesper Bratt and Timo Meier, potentially pricing them out of the bidding.

Gibson could be reluctant to join rebuilding clubs in Ottawa, Detroit and Buffalo, though the latter appears on the cusp of contender status with the right goaltender. The Ducks could be unwilling to peddle Gibson to a close rival like the Kings.

Goldman also mentioned many of these factors.

I’m not saying Gibson is untradeable this summer, just pointing out the potential stumbling blocks for those seven teams. Maybe one of them will find a way to overcome those obstacles or perhaps another club we haven’t considered could make a pitch.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Sammi Silber reported Sirius XM’s John Hoven and The Fourth Period’s Dennis Bernstein reported on “King Of The Podcast” that a reliable source claimed the Los Angeles Kings “kicked tires” on Tom Wilson.

The 29-year-old Washington Capitals winger will become an unrestricted free agent next summer. Hoven acknowledged that he wasn’t sure how that trade would work.

Silber cited the mutual interest between Wilson and the Capitals to sign an extension that allows the big winger to finish his career in Washington.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt that the Kings may have inquired into Wilson’s availability. However, I think the Capitals intend to re-sign him so I don’t expect to see him traded. Perhaps Wilson gets shopped at next year’s trade deadline if the Caps are out of playoff contention and contract talks end up stalled by that point.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Lance Lysowski reports Victor Olofsson and his agent expect a trade from the Sabres. However, it could take some time to pull it off.

Olofsson, 27, carries a salary-cap hit of $4.75 million for next season and is slated to become a UFA next July. Lysowski cited sources saying Sabres GM Kevyn Adams is “very active” in trade talks on multiple fronts. However, those sources declined to say if Olofsson is part of those discussions yet.

The rise of young Sabres wingers Jack Quinn and JJ Peterka made Olofsson expendable toward the end of last season. They also have promising prospect Jiri Kulich knocking on the door. With a number of notable wingers potentially available in the trade and free-agent markets, the Sabres may have to be patient in finding Olofsson a new home.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lysowski also suggested the Sabres could start 2023-24 with Olofsson in the lineup and attempt to move him during the season.


  1. The Jets would gladly take Jiri Kulich, Isak Rosen, U-PL, 13 th pick for Hellybuyck

    • You will have to settle for Olafson, Rosen and UPL

    • That’s the kind of trade Tim Murray would have made. That’s the kind of trade that got us in this playoff drought.
      We got our goalie of the future in Levi, lets just get a cheaper option to compliment him….say Freddy.
      Oh yeah, you can have UPL, ‘ve seen enough

  2. Olofsson is a PP specialist with most of his production with the man advantage. I suspect not a ton of interest unless you are near the bottom in that category

    Dubois made it known he prefers MTL. Now we are talking LA ? SO what is it ?
    Anywhere but Winnipeg ? Why would anyone trade a boatload just for one year

    Can’t stand Tom Wilson. A bully that doesn’t pick on his own size. However, a very unique and valuable player that I would try to keep and should be able to reasonably priced

    • Did he say he prefers MTL?
      All I have ever heard or read was:

      Dubois pointed out that the question Brisson had been asked was really, “Is Montreal a market he’d like to play in one day?”

      “And he (Brisson) said, `Maybe it’s a place he would see himself playing in,”‘ Dubois said.

      So would he play in MTL, sure, would likely enjoy it. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like to play in many different places.

      Doesn’t sound like WPG is one of them though.

      LA doesn’t make any sense to me, seem pretty set down the middle IMO.

    • Most of ollassons production came at even strength this year.

  3. Wings will not be in on Helly. They just need a placeholder for 2-3yrs while Cossa develops. Some one like Blackwood, Ranta, Broissant, even Reimer.
    However, offer sheeting Swayman could be a real coup! 4 x $4M and only pay a 2nd for him!!!!!

  4. It seems to me that of the 4 teams Larkin mentions, the Habs would be the best fit and the likeliest choice. We can forget Minnesota – they’re in cap hell for the next two seasons with over $14m. counting against 2 guys who haven’t been there the last couple of years. Carolina is rather deep at center. A scoring winger is a higher priority. The Avs would be a good fit but they’re in a bit of a conundrum. Landeskog will be on LTIR next season but it’s possible he returns for the following season in which case they wouldn’t have the cap space to take on PLD. And I see them as more likely to seek a cheaper option at center and concentrate on a scoring winger to fill in for Landeskog. And I don’t see LA. They’re solid at center and have cap issues as well.

    Basu and Godin had a good article over the weekend about the Habs cup drought. They pinpoint 2 reasons in particular. One was their rather lackluster draft record since the last cup win. The other is that they have generally not been strong enough down the middle.

    The Habs still need to build up their center depth and could certainly use a solid and big center. PLD would give them that and his presence would make Suzuki more effective as well. But obviously, the price must be right. No chance they’re agreeing to a $9m. AAV deal. I figure use would top out at around $8m. And forget about the #5 pick. That’s not being traded.

    As I’ve said before, and as Larkin acknowledges, every team mentioned as a trade possibility has reason to make the deal as well as caveats. There may be a slight chance that Winnipeg doesn’t get a deal it likes and decides to wait till the deadline. Unlikely but possible.

    • Howard,

      Interestingly when Caufield was interviewed after signing is contract andwas asked about the dollar amount, he said:
      a)it was between Brisson and Hughes
      b)Nick is our leaderand deserves top dollar.
      c) My family is set with this kind of money.
      d) We have a good thing going here
      e) I’d play here for free

      PLD has the same agent (Pat Brisson) so things might get interesting.

      • Habsfan30 Pastrnak said the same thing in his previous contract.

        That comment by Caulfield just means he’s young and naive.

        PLD has requested out of two cities and he’s isn’t taken a discount to play.

        If Montreal wants him, they made need to step up.

        If PLD ends up in LA, there’s a good chance his desire to play in Montreal might change.

      • Caufield is reminiscent of Steve Shutt. A lot of good there.

      • Habfan, standard comment from any player. Everything gets thrown back on the agent. Every time. Doesn’t mean he’s naive. Though he is young.
        Of course, nobody’s playing anywhere for free. Interesting that Tim Horton once said that he gets paid for practices and training camp. He’d play the games for free.

  5. After a bidding war that featured a slew of high-profile names, we have a winner as the new owner of the Ottawa Senators. Toronto billionaire Michael Andlauer has reached an agreement in principle to purchase the Sens, paying a price that’s more than 10 times what the team last sold for two decades ago.
    “The price tag: nearly One Billion USD — the most ever for an NHL franchise.

    Breaking: Sources say Michael Andlauer will be the new owner of the Ottawa Senators. #Sens

    — Bruce Garrioch (@SunGarrioch) June 13, 2023
    Andlauer beat out groups with splashy names like Snoop Dogg, Ryan Reynolds, and the Weekend. ”

    Sens have been sold!!!!!!!!

    • Rumours saying Patrick Roy is new coach with Steve Staois as GM (Peter Chirelli as special advisor).

      • Please post a link to those rumors here, Peter

      • Thanks Peter. I guess we stay tuned!

      • Peter, all the outside spitballing and speculation aside, this morning’s column by Garrioch presents this more likely scenario … with nary a mention of the Roy, Chiarelli and Staios “rumours” being peddled by other sources/blogs

        “While fans may expect to see changes right away after Toronto businessman Michael Andlauer agreed to a deal in principle Tuesday to become the club’s new owner, that’s hardly going to be the immediate case.

        As Postmedia reported two weeks ago, the groups that made final bids on the Senators understood they wouldn’t be able to have any say on next month’s NHL draft in Nashville or the free-agency period that opens July 1.

        If you’re expecting additions or subtractions from the front office, that won’t happen either. A league source told this newspaper Tuesday the deal likely won’t close until late August or early September.
        That’s because it’s going to take a while to paper this deal and until then the Melnyk estate — led by the club’s three-person board — will be making the decisions until they hand the keys over to Andlauer.
        General manager Pierre Dorion and coach D.J. Smith have led this club through this rebuild so decisions need to be made on their futures.
        Given the fact this deal may not close immediately, it would make sense to go into next season with both in their current roles. The Senators are at the point where all the pain, suffering and heartbreak of missing the playoffs may be about to pay dividends with the right moves made.
        Don’t be surprised if this group leads this team into next season.
        Smith has a year left on his contract with an option through the 2024-25 campaign while Dorion has two years left with an option.”

    • To be accurate johnnyZ, he bought 90% of the team for $950 mil. The Melnyk sisters retain 10%.

      • 👍👍👍

  6. Lyle, when you say “Gibson could be reluctant to join rebuilding clubs in Ottawa, Detroit and Buffalo, though the latter appears on the cusp of contender status with the right goaltender.” does that not also apply to Ottawa? They finished just 5 pts back of Buffalo over 92 games and it’s safe to say their need to employ 6 goaltenders during the season, 4 of them rookies accounts for the difference at least.

    • George would you consider Valarmov? He has been fairly consistent for NYI and is a UFA

      • Well, IhateCrosby, the new owner-in-waiting, Toronto billionaire Michael Andlauer, says he has every intention of turning the team into a winner as soon as possible, so you can bet that either Dorion – or a new GM if that’s Andlauer’s choice – will have the green light to go after the best goaltender who may be available. And I doubt that that is Varlamov.

        You don’t spend $950 million to own a perennial bubble team.

      • I think we now see an increased possibility of Carter Hart or Hellebuyck in Ottawa than I thought before…

    • I would be reluctant on Gibson. He has had a good career, mostly a while ago, but now the team is crappy. So hard to tell.

      What we do know, he is about to turn 30, has a big ticket for 4 more years, and has played a bunch of hard minutes over the last 7-8 years.

      Just seems risky for the cap $$.

      Goaltending is voodoo.

  7. Gibson and Henrique And carrick to Pitts for 1st rd pick this year, 2nd rd pick next year, Granlund Petry and and O’Connor

    Anaheim light on nhl backend so get a vet mentor for 2 yrs

    Henrique is Pitts new 3c and get a goalie for 4 yrs. still leaves cap space to fill roster

    Anaheim still has cap to sign young stars and pull Klingberg style ufa signings.

    Pitts loses a 1st but get their goalie and 3c

    • The ducks have fowler, drysdale, vaakanianen, and they have Zellweger, mintyukov pushing for spots next year so where is this space for them to add?

      Also if you want anyone to take that dumpster fire of a contract (grandlund) off your hands it will cost a lot more than that.

      Sorry but a totally unrealistic offer in favor of pitts, here take all of our trash.

      • Zell and Mint are only 19
        Bring in vet Petry who had 31 pts isn’t such a bad move for a young Dcore with cap space to play with

        Let zell and mint season more in the AHL. Why rush it?!

        Henrique had 38 pts and Granlund 41 pts last season.

        You can argue maybe more for Gibson other than the 1st,2nd and O’Connor. That I can agree but it’s Petry and Granlund for Henrique and Carrick. Leaves Ana with tradeable assets next seasonwhile assisting staying above cap floor.

        Also near dollar in dollar out move.

    • I hate Crosby…I like your proposal and proposed something very similar to your proposal.

      I proposed

      $14.2 million to Pittsburgh

      # 1 PICK 14 OA
      $13.9 million to Anaheim

      We get that consistent 3rd line center which we have needed. Only a one year commitment to him, he is 6 time 20 goal scorer, a good face-off man, and he is consistent. We get an elite goalie who will flourish in his home town, and a young grinding winger who 2 years ago scored 16 goals.

      Anaheim gets the number 14 OA pick to add to their draft collection, a top 4 right handed defenseman in Petry, a top 4 young left handed defenseman in POJ who fits their age group, a solid back up goalie in DeSmith, and a middle six forward in Granlund who was solid in Nashville.


      • Now just do Carter and a sweetener for Olafsson! Plan the parade!

      • Not sure they need DeSmith as they’d have Stolarz and cap space to sign goalies.

        Pitts needs to add a 2nd rd pick.

        But balance of dollars is good for both teams as it leaves flexibility to weaponize their cap space in Anaheim’s case and for Pitts to build depth

        Pitts needs Carter for center depth and so he isn’t going anywhere.

      • BnG; IHC; mp, JZ

        Granlund in any deal costs from Pens side

        Granlund is not only an easy decision for a buyout ; but a MUST

        a buyout nets $4.2 M and $3.2 M in Cap for next two years

        Just buyout; and replace him with Nylander…. Team younger, bigger; faster; better; stronger; better… AND Net (flip) of $3.4 M this year; $2.4 M in Cap space

        Gibson… great to have a hometown lad…. But $6.4 M for sub 900 goalie…. Pens absolutely need to steer clear of him

        Agree…. Move Petry…. Not a top pair guy anymore; slowing down…. Move him

        P-O J @ a measly $50 K over league min…..under no circumstances (well unless there is a knock your shoes off trade) should Pens trade him

        Unless there is a great deal out there…. A real great deal…. Use 14th OA; pick man-child Barlow; or Callum Ritchie; or Danielson or Wood

        I like the idea of Henriques coming to Pens

        Henriques for Petry

        Comtois would be a nice add but will cost O’Connor or Poehling

        So if you want both

        Henriques + Comtois; for Petry AND either O’Connor IR Poehling

        Pens my st not re-up Dumo; must never (EVER) again; play Ruhweedel; should not re-up Kulikov

        I’d jettison Rutta as well

        Top pair is Tanger/Pettersson

        I really think that if Pens can acquire a *27-29 year old; quick; solid; big; strong; stay at home 2RD…. They could start year with

        */P-O J

        With Henriques at 3C; Comtois on his wing…. and now with space (Current place Gralund buyout; less above 2RD)…. Turn focus to top 6 LW (replacement of **Zucker)

        **Zucker has earned a raise with term (6 or more years)…. But Pens need to get younger; and not sign another player carrying him into his late 30’s

      • @pengy do you not agree that Gibson sub900 isn’t because of the roster built to support him? Carrying the load for a few years is tough no?

        Do you not think under a Sullivan defensive system he would stand a better chance? Perhaps back into form?

      • @ Pengy
        Granlund + goes to Chi town.
        A Henrique/Gibby deal with the Penns would be a big boost for Penn town.
        Petry is NOT going to the Ducks! He has a 15 team no-trade clause.
        That makes this trade DOA !
        The Pens have to match salary going out to that coming in, and IT AIN’T Happening!

      • Hi IHC

        No…, I don’t think Gibby would fair much better with Pens

        If Pens throw out the same D as last year (they won’t…. Can’t 🤞🤞🤞) …. Then Gibson’s numbers might get worse

        To me…. Only marginal chance (10%??) that he could approach 910 with Pens; not over…. Pens can ill afford $6.4 M on a 910 (or less) starter

        I’d stay clear

      • Hi JZ

        Under no circumstances should Dubas trade Granlund…. He has to give up assets to trade him…. Trade him …. Net $5 M of Cap; but lose assets in trade

        Better….. buy him out; no loss of assets; save $4.2 M in Cap (only $800 K less in space freed up from trade)

        He MUST be bought out

        Re Petry and blocking a trade… 15 teams …. TSN basically inferred that 7 of those 15 are for Canadian franchises

        Leaving 8

        His list had to be submitted last July ….. well before it was known how low Ducks would fall

        Chi was expected to be a bust…. Count them as # 8

        100% Yotes were on his list…. 9

        6 left…. Ducks likely in those 6…. But not guaranteed

        Worth a shot

        I’d think it just may be worth Pens retaining 50% and trading him to one of the teams definitely not on his veto list

        Two more years at $6.25 M… too much

        Flip (@ 50%) for a 3rd?? Use that in another trade (cost to move Rutta??)

        Use $3.1 M freed up, add Granlund’s freed up net (replaced by Nylander)…. That’s $6.5 M…., go UFA for 27 or 28 yr old UFA 2RD… it is doable

        That gets Pens younger, faster, better; no additional Cap difference

      • @ Pengy
        C’mon man! Grandlund has 4 years cap hit if bought out! You only listed 1 yr! The other 3 are at $1.833M! Just trade him and a 3rd to Chi town, they need a vet C and the cap hit to get to the floor. Your welcome!
        Henriques for Petry…..Petry is NOT going to Anaheim!!! PERIOD!

      • Hi JZ

        You certainly may be right re Petry and Ducks

        However re Granlund

        I listed 2 years earlier today

        Cap savings yr 1 $4.2 M; year 2 $3.2 m

        Dead cap in years 3 and 4 absolutely irrelevant…. Rebuild years

        There is only 1 better buyout option …In all of the NHL….Yammo…. Because he is younger than 26…. Buyout is 1/3rd not 2/3rds

        TSN and SN have Granlund as 3rd most likely to br bought out (Yammo 1st; Suter 2nd)

        Again; trading Granlund (even at 50% retained); costs assets

        Buyout a must

    • A couple things on this post.

      1. Petry has a 15 team no trade clause. I highly doubt he wants to go to Anaheim at the end of his career. Even if it is a small chance Pittsburgh does something in the playoffs it’s more than Anaheim.

      2. Anaheim has no reason to want Granlund, O’Conner (8 goals in his career, 25 and unsigned) and no real need for Petry.

      3. Ideally, if the trade worked out for Pittsburgh they’d be drafting in the 22-32 range so the draft pick has a lot less value and the 2nd would be in the 54-64 region which has little value in real compensation.

      4. I think for the trade to workout with Pittsburgh getting Gibson and Henrique it would need to be like this:

      To Anaheim:
      2023 1st
      2024 1st
      Pierre-Olivier Joseph
      Alex Nylander

      Nylander is a throw in to a young team that could maybe use a change of scenery and try and make something of himself. Zero value.

      To Pittsburgh:
      2023 2nd Boston or Colorado who has the worst draft pick
      2024 2nd Ducks or Boston whose draft pick is worse.

    • I like this alot IHC…

  8. I’m on team Olofsson. I’m not sure why everyone wants to get rid on him. Do they think moving a 25+ goal scorer off your roster will make you better? If you’re not getting a good return, just keep him.
    You want to move someone, move Greenway: He’s slow, can’t score and doesnt hit.

    • Read somewhere and didn’t follow up with my own research but the article mentioned Olaf’s points predominantly come from the man advantage and less so from 5on5 play, so perhaps the$$$ allotted-to him long term may not be seen as necessary in relation to other younger assets roster time development

  9. I dont understand the notion that they could keep all 3 other Cs in LA if they traded for PLD? If Byfield would be the centerpiece, not much more, going to Winnipeg and I could get a fair salary, like 8×8, for PLD I would make that deal.

    • With 7.3 mil in cap space and 17 signed, LA will have to send salary back to make it work.

      • yeah not many moves the Kings can make without sending Arvidsson the other way,
        cant see them moving Kempe or Iafallo.
        makes the extra cash to Gavrikov shake my head…

  10. George you noted the Sens were only 5pts behind the Sabers who were (if you’re counting points) closer to making the playoffs…I think Lyle’s completely within his rights to make a proclamation that he has as would anyone, counting points.

    You mentioned the need to use 6 goalies which attributed to their shortcomings but isn’t that the point? Buffalo’s shortcomings are closer to not being a deterrent to make the playoffs than Ottawa’s. They have better trade capital and a stronger/deeper team, not much but better.

  11. Gibson to Edmonton ($800K salary retained) for Jack Campbell & a 4th. Salary and term are then even.

  12. Not trolling Leaf fans, this was simply discussed briefly on the radio (TSN Edmonton) this AM.

    Who is more likely to win a cup first; OTT or TOR?

    • Ray any Canadian team is just as close as any other…Panthers and before them the Blues showed us it’s a crap shoot so just enjoy what you have.

      • Ron, nope they are not.

  13. I don’t understand why Ottawa would want to change up management , as per Dorion ?

    I strongly feel Dorion has done an excellent job in Ottawa

    Patrick Roy as coach , any truth to that rumour?

    • Roy said on TSN that no NHL team has contacted him for a coaching job.

    • Honestly Ken, Dorion is not a great GM. He made one “lucky” trade with SJ … a year after a conference final they turned into a lottery team … no one saw that. But he has made plenty of mistakes in his tenure. But there have been mistakes then successes. Sticking with Smith after a bad start last season was a mistake. DJ should have been on a very short rope.

  14. Looks like Sens have a new goalie….and he’s cheap.
    Not only does he play for free, he even paid to play and bought the team.

  15. What about
    Konecy To BUF for the 13th?
    Then Olaf to Pitts for 14th?

  16. Tonight…. If the Knights win… Smythe can only go to either March or Hill

    Anybody else…. To me….. complete travesty in voting

    Hill… 10-4 (would then be 11-4); as at now 934 save %’age; 2 SOs; 2.11 GAA

    March…. Tied in playoffs points…. Most of those points have been in latter half of playoffs; tied for 1st in playoff goals; leads all in playoffs in +/- at + 16; scored many key (GWGs or turning point goals) in last 2 series

    • I think multiple guys could win it Pengy.
      Up front Stone, Eichel, even Stephenson as he has had big goals (3 GW) and scored most even strength as well. Plus Sask boy, and I was just fishing with a buddy of his Dad and knows him as their kids were friends too.

      Petro playing big minutes in all situations, would be nice to see an all around D man like him get some props.

      Maybe somebody has a game tonight to add clarity.

      When in doubt, they will give it to the goalie, and your right, he has been excellent.

      • Hi Ray

        I’d have to go (in order of most deserved)






    • Pengy…Gibson will absolutely be a god fit in Pittsburgh.

      1. He is a hone town boy badly in need of a change of scenery.
      2. Dubas isn’t going to run the same defensive corp out there count on that.
      3. He will have a chip on his shoulder to prove some people wrong.
      4. The cap next year will go up and his $ 6.4 million dollar tag will be a steal compared to what alot of goalies will be getting..
      5. He will only be 34 when his contract runs out and will still be younger than half the team..

      We can’t afford Hellybuck he will want north of $ 9 million, Thatcher is too injury prone, maybe Korpasalo he had a solid year will depend on the numbers..

  17. Pengy..Gibson is a terrific goalie who is on a shit team…..period..

    He is heads and tails above the injury prone, inconsistent, soft goal letting up Tristan Jarry.

    Yes $ 6.4 million is a tad high but the cap next year will be going up $ 3 million and Gibson will only be 34 when his deal is finished. he still will be younger than Letang, Crosby, Malkin Rust and many others

    Helly is way too much money after this year.
    Comtois is a nice add and hell ill give up Poehling and O’connor for him..these two are ok at best.

    buy out granlund is fine too

    • Hi BnG

      We agree to disagree here

      He was a terrific goalie… yes

      He is on a crap team … yes

      He is a hometown ; which would be great for Pens… yes

      Cap is going up next year snd he is younger than core… yes

      And yes Jarry has been injurred

      That said…. Healthy Jarry is a better goalie than a healthy Gibby

      $6.4 M is just too much to gamble on the sub 900 goalie

      His GAA is high due to crap team

      His save percentage is influenced for sure by who is playing in front of him….

      But take a look at Harry’s save percentage …. Playing all those minutes with Dumo, CR, Rutta infrint of him; and playing through injury…. Still went 909

      when Dumo AND AND Ruhweedel AND Rutta were all in the bench…. Jarry was 928

      Again it’s the $6.4 M risk

      If Duck’s retain 1/2 (they won’t)… different story

      Better options for Pens (than Gibby) UFAs (nothing given in trade) ; and cheaper:


      Even possibly:

      Varly, Lyon

      • A so-called healthy Jarry played 58 games in 21-22. He was 34 and 18 with a 2.42 gaa and .919 save percentage. A “healthy” Gibson played 60 games in 17-18 going 31 and 18 with a 2.43 gaa and .926 save percentage. So who is better?

      • Aidan Hill sucked in San Jose but are you going to relay on this small sample size?

        Yes he was terrific but you and I could play well in front of that Vegas defense….they are so good

        we agree to disagree on Jarry and Gibson.

        Gibson is a way better goaltender.. can you imagine Jarry in Anaheim….,7000 save percentage

  18. Hellebuyck to Buffalo makes the most sense to me. They have the assts to move without creating very much, if any disruption to their lineup. Start with the 13th overall, Levi & roster player.

    As for Dubois, Habs could offer Dach, Harris & the 69th overall.

    Hellebuyck will get the better return for the Jets than Dubois just due to the demand from teams that require his service & will be able bid up the price.

    Scheifele may be a fit in St. Louis, as they may have assets to pull that move off. Say the 29th overall, Saad & Zac Bolduc.

    Then move Blake, the 18th overall, the 69th overall & the Jets 2nd rder in ’25 to the Sharks for Hertl.

    Sign one the UFA goaltenders available to mentor Levi.

    Winnipeg’s top three lines for the next couple of seasons consist of :


    Culture changed & outside of a top 10 goaltender, team remains competitive.

    • I like Dubois and Stanley to Boston for Swayman, Frederic and Carlo.

      Hellybuyck to Buffalo for Kulich or Krebs, Rosen, UPL, 1 round pick

      Scheifele to Rangers for Braden Schneider, Lafreniere. Jets throw in Schmidt.

      Jets sign J Toews.

      Jets need to pick up two goalies

  19. .700 save percentage sorry Jarry in Anaheim.