NHL Rumor Mill – June 7, 2023

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Are more moves coming for the Flyers, Kings and Blue Jackets following their deal to move Ivan Provorov to Columbus? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


PHILADELPHIA HOCKEY NOW: Chuck Bausman reports more moves could be coming for the Flyers after they shipped Ivan Provorov to the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday in a three-team deal involving the Los Angeles Kings.

Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Carter Hart (NHL Images)

Flyers general manager Daniel Briere was asked about the status of Carter Hart during his press conference announcing the Provorov trade. The 24-year-old goaltender has been the subject of trade speculation after Briere recently indicated he would listen to offers.

I’m still in the same spot I was,” said Briere. “We’re open for business. We listen on everybody. Everybody’s being treated the same way for us on our side.”

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Marc Dumont noted a rumor that surfaced immediately following the Provorov trade claiming the Flyers were working on a deal involving Hart. He mused over whether the Canadiens should pursue him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s been nothing new thus far regarding that rumored Hart trade. Perhaps we’ll learn more details soon or maybe it’ll come to nothing. What’s clear is Briere isn’t afraid to make bold moves involving one of his core players provided he gets a solid return. He could trade Hart if someone makes him a good offer.

LA HOCKEY NOW: Austin Stanovich reports the Kings cleared $5.6 million by shipping goaltender Cal Petersen and defenseman Sean Walker. That will give them more cap room to re-sign defenseman Vladislav Gavrikov, goaltender Joonas Korpisalo and forward Gabriel Vilardi. Gavrikov and Korpisalo are due to become unrestricted free agents on July 1 while Vilardi is a restricted free agent.

Stanovich expects Gavrikov will be signed soon, perhaps to a three-year, $6 million per year deal. He also stated there’s nothing linking the Kings to Carter Hart but wouldn’t be surprised if they were in the mix.

THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens also weighed in on what the Kings’ next moves could be. He agrees the Provorov trade makes it easier for them to re-sign Gavrikov. Stephens cited colleague Pierre LeBrun indicating the blueliner’s agent seeks a two-year deal while Eric Duhatschek speculated Gavrikov could get around $5.7 million per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The thinking here for the Gavrikov camp is he could be in line for a much bigger payday in 2025 when the salary cap is expected to rise by a significant amount. He made $2.8 million annually on his current deal so something between $5.5 million and $6 million would be a healthy raise.

As for Korpisalo, Stephens suggested they could re-sign him or look at bringing in another goalie to share the duties with Pheonix Copley.

MAYOR’S MANOR: The influential Kings’ blog offered their analysis of what the Provorov deal means for this club. In addition to re-signing Gavrikov, they believe it allows the Kings to retain forwards Alex Iafallo, Trevor Moore and Viktor Arvidsson. The trio was to be considered cost-cutting trade candidates.

They anticipate the Kings will add another goaltender but will likely only have around $2 million to make that move. “We are not expecting Joonas Korpisalo to be an option for LA.” They also ruled out the possibility of pursuing Anaheim’s John Gibson or Winnipeg’s Connor Hellebuyck.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With just over $13 million in projected cap space and 16 active roster players under contract, the Kings can easily afford Gavrikov. However, it will take a substantial bite out of their cap space. That’s why they’ll likely pass on Korpisalo in favor of more affordable goaltending options.

The Provorov trade might be the only major one the Kings make this summer. They could look at a smaller deal for a goalie or seek a cost-effective option via free agency.

THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline speculates Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen might not be done dealing after acquiring Provorov. He noted that Kekalainen said his club will keep evaluating with free agency coming up and he didn’t rule out making another trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets have some promising centers on their roster (Kent Johnson, Cole Sillinger. Dmitri Voronkov) and could attempt to select another such as Leo Carlsson with the third-overall selection in this year’s draft. However, they still need more experienced depth at that position. With $12 million in cap space and 19 active roster players under contract for next season, Kekalainen could set his sights on a center through the trade or free-agent markets.


  1. Intriguing trade for the CBJ. The deal confirmed the rumors that they were committed to finding top 4 D to bridge until the next wave of prospects are potentially ready and signals they want to be competitive ASAP. Jarmo was very high on Provorov during his draft year and apparently remains so. Interesting to note the deal has received initially mixed to negative reaction from pundits and fans here in C-Bus due to perceptions of Provorov’s declining performance and off-ice concerns. This w/ Babcock hiring are certainly bold moves we’ll see if they work out as hoped. Assuming a C is next on the agenda but it does appear Jarmo is going to continue to be aggressive. At the very least it looks to be an entertaining off season

    • I can see how the MB and Provorov deals make sense in a vacuum, even if I wouldnt have done them, however, will really Babcock and Provorov mesh? I have my doubts since Provorov couldnt work with Torts

    • To me, hiring Babcock and trading for Provorov are desperation moves. Unless the Jackets somehow acquire a Matthews – McDavid type and secondary scoring, they’re not getting close to the playoffs. And young people do not respond well to being bullied. I won’t be surprised if ownership clears house, firing JD, Jarmo and Babcock in one move, next summer.

      • These do have the sense of high risk/high reward moves…if they blow up I certainly agree that I could see the franchise moving in a different GM and PHOP direction. For right or wrong, Jarmo has no fear but I honestly have idea if this direction is really going to work.

  2. I wonder if an affordable backup like Jake Allen could interest LA. I know Montreal needs to move a goaltender with Primeau no longer waiver eligible. I wouldn’t imagine it would cost much for LA to acquire him.

    • 3.85 is not exactly affordable given the $ the kings have to work with. Montreal would have to retain or take a contract in return to make it work.

  3. What’s really important is, how will this affect the Leafs?

    • Affect the leafs…what?

  4. Due to the Flyers being open for business:

    To Colorado:

    To Philadelphia:

    • We’ll that is not a terrible trade, I feel like Hart is going to end up as an Oiler. I do not think they feel strongly about their current tandem and will look to improve.

      • Nah, that’s a pretty bad trade for the Avs

      • I was thinking after yesterday’s trade between the 3 teams, I think the Avalanche should consider something like that along the lines the Kings did? Shed some salary so they can re-sign Compher and if the Flyer’s would consider retaining some of Hayes salary maybe they can use it towards an extension for Toews. Admittingly, I don’t think I understand the CAP stuff but it appears to me, that by shipping out Girard and the LTIR savings they are getting from Landeskog being out all year, they could use some of that money to keep Compher and work out something with Toews before next year is up, he’s valuable. Possibly re-sign Rodrigues? I’m not sure that’s practical, lol. I think Koneckny and Hart are already signed, Hayes, could let him go later if he doesn’t work out

    • Not sure Hart is an upgrade over Georgiev.
      Avs bowed out fast by the lack of depth not by their goaltending

    • With Gorgi playing as a #1 G why include in asking for Hart? Is the anticipation of moving off Gorgi too?

      Newhook for Hayes I like. If Philly holds 50% that may get them say a 1st next yr addition?

      Gives AVS a 2c

    • Agree, bad trade for the Avs. Remove Hayes and the 1st rounder and it will start to make more sense 😉

  5. CMB with 12m in space can offer Roslovic to Philly for Hayes with 1m retained

    CMB gets a top 2 center on their roster and can allow their younger centers more time in the minors and reduced responsibilities on the parent club to optimize their development

    Philly gets a young c to keep or flip. I assume flip for picks. They also rid 2 yrs of contract totaling around 14m

    CMB unites JG with his buddy.

    • #1 Briere would be insane to make that deal. Trading a solid, proven center for an inconsistent center-wing? AND retaining $1MM of Hayes’s salary? Never gonna happen.
      #2 The Jackets have several candidates for #2C. They need a #1C.

      • Holding 3m of the 21m would be a win no?

        EASY to trade off Roslovic for a 2nd or a package of 3rds and prospect ya?

        Idea is to find a way to clear more long term cap. They got rid of that extra yr of Provy and this sort of does the same.

        Hayes can play 1c in CMB with JG. They don’t have a better center if they acquire Hayes. Jenner is not a 1c and trying Laine as a 1c isn’t ideal.

      • Not sure if there is any validity to the rumored interest in Hayes but I personally hope they having higher tier C targets in mind. I really like Roslovic but, unfortunately, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he is moved this summer. It is going to be interesting to see who CBJ attempts to trade for and what pieces are moved out. If the Provorov deal really suggests Jarmo is going to swing big then so be it…I hope it works but also recognize it could flame out spectacularly

  6. Not saying Georgiev should be replaced as # 1; however, create more competition for both to elevate their game. Think everyone on Avalanche need to elevate their game due to their attitude as to how they approach other opponents?

    • Oh ok. At first I didn’t understand your proposal but thank you for clarifying.

      Would you reevaluate and trade 1 when Hart is needing the be resigned?

      • I don’t think so? I think Hart is a good goaltender but nobody is Bernie Parent in Philadelphia. Perhaps, he needs to be in Colorado where we won with Kuemper? He and Giegiorev would be a good tandem! Look at what Vegas is doing, they have had about 4 goalies this year! Be a solid 2 goalies and resolve some of the issues the Avalanche are going to need resolved? 2C Hayes, Koneckny, a good winger. Get back a draft pick which we are lacking a lot of
        Maybe resign Compher, he’s been good but have to lose Girard and Newhook and 1st but maybe some flexibility to sign Compher and keep T oews. I think the Avalanche are going to need to move some guys even though they have been good on the team.

      • With LTIR there is 20 m in space

        Says JT Compher is 3×3.5? Or is he seeking a pay raise from last year?

        That leaves about 14
        Devon Toews will need a raise from his 4m. Say he goes to 6m next year.

        So that leaves about 12 m

        What about skipping Hart and going

        To AVS: Walker, TK, Hayes @25 %
        To PHI: Newhook, Girard, a1st and 2nd and 3rd all in diff yrs

  7. Ok, I think that would be worth considering! However, Compher I am hearing out here is looking for somewhere around 5.8M. Idon’t think it’s realistic but 4.5M -5M could that work for Compher, he probably thinks he should get more! I would hope that the Avalanche keep him? I think the Avalanche don’t have any 2nd or 3rds until next year or year after? If they give up a 1st, I think they should get at least a 3rd back? The rest of your counter offer, I would do!!

    • I like Compher’s game but as a 3c def not worth 5.8

      4.25 x 4 is as high as I’d offer

  8. Feel like PLD gets a bad rap. It’s not like he was 1st player to ever have issues with Torts. Or Columbus for that matter. Can’t punish him for being honest and letting Winnipeg know early he doesn’t plan on staying. Again, not the 1st guy to want out of Winnipeg either. Would Chytil, Laf and goalie prospect Garand a good start?