NHL Rumor Mill – June 8, 2023

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Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois seeks a summer trade, Alex DeBrincat submits a list of trade destinations to the Senators, and the latest on Carter Hart in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports that Pat Brisson, the agent for Pierre-Luc Dubois, has informed the Winnipeg Jets that his client doesn’t intend to sign a contract extension this summer. Brisson would like to work with the Jets to arrange a trade to another team for the 24-year-old center.

The Dubois camp last summer informed Jets management that he didn’t intend to sign a long-term contract with them. He was a restricted free agent last summer and accepted the club’s one-year, $6 million qualifying offer. He’s an RFA this summer but is also a year away from unrestricted free-agent eligibility.

LeBrun said the Jets can decide to keep him for next season, take him to arbitration or attempt to move him before next year’s trade deadline.

Winnipeg Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois (NHL Images).

Darren Dreger said the Jets prefer not to have to trade their top players and they’re not committed to doing that or extending them. However, he believes there’s potential for them to get a solid return in the trade market for someone like Dubois that would help stabilize the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff seems to have little room to maneuver with Dubois. It doesn’t do any good to have a player on the roster for one more year that you know is going to walk next summer. Dubois’ situation would overshadow the season and become an unnecessary distraction.

The same goes for goaltender Connor Hellebuyck and center Mark Scheifele. Like Dubois, both are due to become UFAs next July. If they’re also unwilling to re-sign, it’s time to bite the bullet and see what you can get for them before the free-agent market opens on July 1. That’s when teams have more cap space and a willingness to spend on quality talent.

If there aren’t any reasonable offers this summer, Cheveldayoff would be justified to retain them and try his luck at the trade deadline. Dubois’ RFA status could complicate things unless the Jets take him to arbitration.

THE ATHLETIC: LeBrun expounded on his Dubois report, saying the Montreal Canadiens remain an interested party. However, he doesn’t see the Habs paying a fortune in a trade for a player they could bid on in next summer’s free-agent market. LeBrun claims there are a few teams looking into Dubois.

SPORTSNET: Ken Wiebe suggests the Jets allow Brisson to broker a deal with clubs that Dubois would be willing to sign with as it could enhance the return. He thinks a bidding war could take place if the center is open to joining a team like the Los Angeles Kings or Boston Bruins or New York Rangers. However, the Jets won’t have much leverage if it’s Montreal or bust for Dubois.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Colorado Avalanche and Carolina Hurricanes have also come up as possible destinations for Dubois. It’ll be interesting to see how this situation unfolds but it’s clear that we’re going to hear a lot more about Dubois in the rumor mill in the coming weeks.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports that Jeff Jackson, the agent for Alex DeBrincat, has submitted a list of preferred trade destinations to the Ottawa Senators. He also believes Senators GM Pierre Dorion would want the 25-year-old winger signed through this trade to get maximum value in return.

THE ATHLETIC: LeBrun said he doesn’t know which teams are on DeBrincat’s list. However, he speculates the likes of Nashville, Vegas and Dallas could be included. He also wondered if the Michigan native would be interested in playing for Detroit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun drew a comparison to Matthew Tkachuk’s situation last summer with the Calgary Flames. Tkachuk provided a list of preferred destinations to the Flames which helped shape the deal sending him to the Florida Panthers for Jonathan Huberdeau and MacKenzie Weegar.

DeBrincat is a restricted free agent on July 1 who lacks no-trade protection. LeBrun points out that Dorion could send him anywhere. However, he believes it’s better for the Senators to send him to one of the teams on the winger’s list. Those clubs could be interested in signing him, thus ensuring the Senators get a better return.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch believes the Red Wings, Hurricanes, Washington Capitals, Seattle Kraken, Nashville Predators, and St. Louis Blues could be destinations for DeBrincat. Those clubs are all in the market for scoring this summer.

Garrioch noted the Senators were linked to the Philadelphia Flyers because they’re listening to offers for goaltender Carter Hart, prompting some observers to suggest the Senators swap DeBrincat for Hart. However, DeBrincat might not be willing to commit to a long-term contract with a rebuilding club.

Ken Warren, meanwhile, suggests the Senators might be better off using the money they might’ve invested in re-signing DeBrincat to address their roster needs. They require an upgrade in goal as well as a proven two-way, third-line winger.

SPORTSNET: Wayne Scanlan suggests the Senators could get a good asset plus a draft pick. They lack a pick in the first three rounds of this year’s draft.

As for assets, Scanlan suggested there are lots of options from Winnipeg’s Connor Hellebuyck to New Jersey’s Jesper Bratt, who’s also a restricted free agent this summer and a year away from UFA status. He also suggested perhaps getting creative and swinging a three-team deal for someone like Philadelphia’s Travis Konecny or Carter Hart.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Based on LeBrun’s report, I don’t think Winnipeg’s an option here. New Jersey could be depending on how contract talks go with Bratt, but he might not be willing to sign long-term with the Senators. It would be better to pursue someone with some tenure remaining on their contracts. As for Konecny or Hart, see Garrioch’s comment about DeBrincat’s potential reluctance to sign with a rebuilding club.


SAN JOSE HOCKEY NOW: Sheng Peng yesterday cited Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek speculating that the Sharks could be interested in Carter Hart. However, the Flyers could seek a bigger return for the 24-year-old goaltender than what they got in the Ivan Provorov trade earlier this week.

Peng cited a source saying the Flyers could seek two first-round picks as part of the return. That’s something the rebuilding Sharks can afford.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can’t blame Flyers GM Daniel Briere if he’s setting a high asking price for Hart. He’s not under any pressure to move the young netminder, who’s signed through next season and will be a restricted free agent next July. He can afford to shoot for the moon here and see if someone is willing to take him up on it.

DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli and Colby Cohen discussed the Los Angeles Kings’ goaltending situation. Seravalli thinks Winnipeg’s Connor Hellebuyck would make a lot of sense for the Kings while Cohen mentioned that Hart was also linked to the Kings.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan doesn’t expect the Maple Leafs to get into the bidding for Hart if the Flyers are willing to move him. He thinks they have a bright future in goal with Ilya Samsonov and Joseph Woll.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Samsonov and Woll impressed me with their play for the Leafs this season. Given the club’s limited cap space, I can see them sticking with that tandem for 2023-24.


  1. Dubois seems like a step backwards for MTL. Not to mention, wherever Dubois goes, mediocrity follows. I definitely do not believe MTL should part with draft futures in the deepest draft in 20 years to acquire PLD. MTL is still rebuilding. If anything they’re using their current treasure trove picks and futures to move up in the draft.

    • I am torn on what PLD brings to the room as much as on the ice…
      But if the Habs traded the #5 pick +? for #18 pick and PLD that gives them Suzuki+PLD for the next 7 years.
      but does PLD disrupt Suzuki having the room and the C?

      • Habs need to send some salary back, I do not think #5 will be there for PLD either.
        Fla 2023 1st, Dvorek (however he has an 8 team no-trade list!), Jan Mysak

      • Hughes would deal for PLD, but the price has to be right. Don’t even mention Dach or the #5 pick – neither of then are happening. Johnny Z’s suggestion is likely in line with what the Habs would be willing to give up, albeit with a prospect who is more promising than Mysak. If the Jets want more, I think Hughes will pass.

        The other teams being suggested for PLD are no slam dunks either. The Rangers are squeezed for cap space and are pretty solid at center. No way they’re trading Zibanijad and Trochek has a full NMC. They’re more in need for a scoring winger. Same with the Kings. They have Kopitar (who won’t be traded) and Danault (full NMC) at center. Same with the Canes, who are also stocked at center. The Avs are certainly possible, but they may be inclined to look for a cheaper option for a #2 center and use their cap space on a scoring winger to replace Landeskog. The Bruins may be the best option if Bergeron and Krejci don’t return, but their cap situation is also a bit dicey.

        Stay tunes. Will be an interesting few months,

    • I don’t get it. He’s a mediocre player that always wants out of whatever city he plays for. If it’s truly JT pajama party situation for Dubois and Montreal, he had better hope that they truly want him and it’s not a one way street. If he waits until he’s a UFA, he will, and should, get a lowball contract offer. “Hey kid, you wanna play here? Take it or leave it.”

      • You are correct. Dubois is the greatest player not to score 30 goals in a season. Therefore he should get paid a small fortune by a team and then have the right to say he wants out because he has poo-poo pants again. This guy only plays hard when he feels like it.

  2. Bernie Parent – Pelle Lindbergh – Ron Hextall – 30 years of sieves – Carter Hart.

    Hope Briere has more than Ersson up his sleeve if hes going to move Hart out.

    • Agreed Ron,

      Why would you get rid of your best prospects between the pipes since Bobrovsky?

      • Easy answer, because in 5 to 7 years these prospects wont help us much being on the down side of there careers.

        So yes trade anyone if the return is 1st rd pick plus. All we should do the next 4 years is stock up on prospects and develop them properly. Then in another 2 to 3 year we should compete for the playoffs then the cup if constructed right.

        I come back to, NO1 center, NO1 defenseman, 2 elite players, and then you fill in the rest with 2oo ft players and it appears the old NO1 goalie thing is an old model. A bunch of team are doing really well using 2 goalies. Me being an old time homer I still think you need to have 1 guy as the main go to guy.

    • What are you talking about? Parent won two Vezinas, two Conn Smythes, and not surprisingly two Cups.

      • Not to mention being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1984. Not many “sieves” in there.

      • I was so bemused by Ron’s post I cut my reply off. Lindberg won a Vezina before dying early, and Hextall (whom I loathe, so it hurts to stand up for him) won a Vezina and a Conn Smythe.

        Can’t recall a more inaccurate comment than that post.

      • Pretty sure he meant after those 3 not much stability in net until Hart.

      • I think what he meant is that they had great goalies like Parent, Lindbergh, and Hextall then 30 years worth of mediocrity and now a potential good one in Hart?

    • Think intent of my post was misunderstood:

      Bernie Parent followed by Pelle Lindbergh followed by Ron Hextall followed by 30 years of sieves followed by Carter Hart.

      Hope that clarifies it.

      • That helps, Ron.

      • LOL Ron – see what the omission of one little word – then – can do?

        Bernie Parent – Pelle Lindbergh – Ron Hextall then 30 years of sieves

        Sometimes a simple thing like a comma can save lives – e.g., “let’s eat grandma …” – “let’s eat, grandma”

    • that’s hilarious ron, couldn’t agree with you more!! No one has lived up to Parent and Hextall. I don’t get it they have had some good goalies: Biron, Esche, Burke, Bobrovsky, Bryzgalov, and a cast of others. Wasn’t VanBiesbrook there too at one time? I’m sure I have left out a lot of others. Oh well, maybe they will turn the corner? That guy they got from LA Peterson is not that bad, seen him play against the Avalanche. Sometimes, he was pretty good. So, who knows maybe they are done with Hart and when the right deal comes a long, they’re not afraid to trade him? IF I was the Avalanche, I would consider trading for Hart, packaged with Konecny if they are willing to do consider that but they would want a boat load back probably. Other teams. might have more to offer than the Avalanche. I would do it if I were the Avalanche!

  3. Jets haven’t had any luck with the current core, even when they win their division they bow out early in the playoffs. Get rid of Sheifele, Wheeler, Hellyebuck and Dubois and go from there.
    Maybe take a chance on John Gibson, who is still signed for a few more years? Jets don’t have any goalies in their system ready to take over.

    • Kind of think that the Jets ask for a goalie in return for Helly, given that FA’s do not flock to the Peg.

    • The Jets are at a crossroads right now. Their core never managed to reach the heights projected for them and are now mostly on the downside, with a number of them close to UFA status. It may be time to blow it up; certainly, major changes are needed.

      Wheeler will be gone by this time next year pretty much for sure. PLD will likely be traded. The major question marks are Hellebuyck and Schiefele. Chevy obviously has to open talks with them now. If they can be signed to extensions, then the Jets would be in a position to trade PLD for players that could help them now. If not, the Jets are best off trading all 3 of them for returns that include plenty of futures.

  4. Winnipeg, Vancouver and a third team should make a trade involving PLD. The foundation of the trade would be PLD going to the third team and Miller going to Winnipeg. Miller is signed for 7 years which means no contract troubles for Winnipeg. What Vancouver gets depends on which the third team is. Winnipeg could want more due to PLD being younger and getting better, however they only have control for one more year and gets a player signed for 7 so I think its pretty much a wash.

  5. I wonder if a marner for scheifele plus perfetti would make sense. The addition of perfetti is the premium for the age gap between the two and marner having one more year on his contract.

    From Winnipeg’s standpoint they are getting true star with some term.

    From Toronto’s standpoint you are getting a solid 2nd line centre , some cap savings this year and a potential top 6 winger in perfetti.

    • As a Leafs fan, I believe Marner is off the table. The only way they trade him is if it is an extremely one-sided trade in the Leafs’ favour.
      Nylander is much more negotiable, despite the cap hits.

    • @Jeff a better deal might be Marner and Samsonov for Scheifele and Hellebucyk. Winnipeg gets younger and doesn`t lose a lot in the net. Marner`s NMC is a problem in Toronto, but won`t be in the Peg because either Marner likes Winnipeg or he doesn`t. If he likes it they can resign him , if he doesn`t Marner will waive the NMC to get out, so Winnipeg shouldn`t any problems recouping assests for him. Toronto maybe getting the edge talent wise but they`re taking most of the risks. Both players are 30 and a year away from UFA, can they resign them? First they have to decide what happens to Matthews. If they`re keeping him, then they have an idea what their lines will look like. If he`s being traded then depending what his return is, the Marner deal may not be worth the gamble. I`m thinking Matthews is staying, so with this deal it`ll improve the goaltending and give them a second line centre. I`d move Tavarez to lw on Matthews line and maybe look at Kane as a free agent for the rw and yes Toronto does have the cap space to do this plus improve the defence via a UFA. Unlikely that they can trade Murray, a buyout would save 4 mill this year. Another possibility is trading Brodie, unlikely because he earns 7.5 mill with a cap hit of 5 mill, so a buyout would be more likely. Between the 2 that gives them an extra 9 mill cap space. Muzzin will probably go on LTIR, giving Toronto a little over 21 mill after the trade, LTIR and the buyouts. Depending on what Matthews and Nylanders new contracts will look like will determine on whether resigning both Scheifele and Hellebucyk is possible. If Scheifele or Hellebucyk don`t pan out or their demands are too high, they can be moved at the TDL. Scheifele, Hellebucyk and 21 miil cap space more than makes up for the loss of Marner, Samsonov, Murray and Brodie. They may not even have to put Muzzin on LTIR, allowing them to accrue cap space which would be an extra bonus

  6. If PLD’s list has the Canes on it:
    PLD + Scheifele for Kotkaniemi, Drury, 1st, Philly’s 2024 2nd and Coughlan
    Canes have plenty of space to re-sign both if desired.

    • That would make Don the turtleneck very happy!

  7. I’m shocked to read how the senators don’t have a pick in the first three rounds of this year’s draft. That can’t be good for a team like the senators who are not in the playoffs to not have a first second or third round pick in what seems to be a great deep draft.

    They need to recoup some picks in the draft even though Dorian said the rebuild is over because they still haven’t made the playoffs and next year they’ll be in a tough to make it in too.

    Last summer showed so much promise and potential, and after all those moves that were revered as great moves and still no closer to getting in. Will next season be the season where they finally get over the hump? Maybe trading this asset might bring those missing pieces or it might set them back. Ottawa’s entered the critical stage now.

    • Yet another rookie added at this point would do NOTHING to get into the playoffs. The farm team is chock full of prospects…the need now is to solidify the roster and worry about more picks later.

  8. Jeff, why would Winnipeg trade Perfetti, who’s still in his entry level contract, and Scheiffle for Marner, who will only play two years in Winnipeg? Next year Marner would be in the same boat as Scheiffle, Dubois and Hellebuyck are this year for Winnipeg.

    Kent Nilsson, if Vancouver wants to cut some salary and Miller doesn’t have a no trade clause, that’s a great trade suggestion IMO.

    • I think so too, will be imperative for winnipeg to get players with term or control, which means Marner should be off the table

  9. Silverberg



    Smooth it out with retained money and picks

  10. Would OTT and WPG agreed to

    Helly & Schiefele and pick for Debrincat & Norris


    • AND Norris? What are you smoking??

      • Schiefele replaces Norris

        Norris so far appears prone to injury

        Ott gets their goalie

        And ott gets a solid pick too

        Also OTT reduces some cap hit with move

      • I’d do that deal in a heartbeat.
        Norris is Kyle Turris 2.0

      • Yeah, Ron, they’re dead in the water next year.

        A team that finished 6 pts back of the team that then knocked off two of the top-ranked teams in the playoffs and which scored 261 goals – just 18 less than the Leafs and their potent core four and that without, quite possibly their most potent goal scorer in Norris for almost the entire season.

        Their problem lay in the goals against – 271 – attributable mostly to the fact that, through injuries, they played no less than 6 goalies over the season – 3 of them rookies.

        That’s the one area that Dorion has to get settled this off season … and it won’t come through the draft where they’d be picking 12th. The draft may be deep … but you can bet the 12 pick, whoever it is, won’t be in the NHL for a while. Even more so for the 12th in rounds 2 and 3 – unless you get extremely lucky.

        Yes, the first three round picks are gone – but those moves did get them assets.

        TheSaint has it right – heading into a new season they have Norris, Tkachuk, Batherson, Stutzle, Giroux, Pinto, Joseph, Gauthier up front and on D Chabot, Zub, Chychrun, Sanderson nd legitimate prospects in Greig, Jarventie, Ostapchuk, Sokolov, Lodin, Kleven and Bernard-Docker.

      • Good points by both of you especially regarding the youth still in the system. All I’m saying is potential is just a word when it comes to young players and I don’t think it’s wise to bet on potential. The fact is the team isn’t a playoff team and so far nothing has shown otherwise, having a few more bullets (draft picks) will increase you chances of success no matter how you potentially look.

  11. MTL should offer Dvorak, Florida’s 1st and Hoffman for PLD

    Not that WPG would say yes but leave that offer on the table till after the draft to see if WPG decides having a young center and frost rd pick is enough to not deal with the drama all season

    • Dvorak has a 8 team M-NTC which I would bet the Jets are on. Florida’s 1st is more like a 2nd round pick, plus Hoffman would be just carrying suitcases.

  12. I never warmed up to Debrincat and he always gave the impression he was playing for this team with one foot out the door. He’s giving EVERY single signal that Gaudreau gave the Flames. Time to trade him and get what you can and move on. That money is WAY better spent elsewhere.

    Also I feel like his play in Chicago was an anomaly… I liken it to Cheechoo playing in San Jose.

  13. Dubois to Boston for Swayman and Frederic.
    Start the bidding on Hellybuyck.

    • Not a bad offer!Can we substitute Ullmark for Swayman for financial reasons?

  14. Maybe Ottawa is close enough destination to Montreal for Dubois.

    Out of the box but what if Ottawa offers Norris and soogaard for Dubois and Hellebyuck in a larger trade involving picks and prospects going to Winnipeg.

    Winnipeg can change up their top 6 with Norris being added and signed for some time. Ottawa gets their goalie.

    Winnipeg can get D real t picks and young players/prospects .

    Say Brannstrom goes to jets, maybe Creig.

    Ottawa claws bank Pionk and Stanley.

    Seems far fetched but I can see the two teams solving each others problem and filling holes.

    To bad debrincat won’t got to Winnipeg.


  15. Dubois to Avs for Bowen Byram

    Debrincat to Carolina for Jarvis and a 1st

  16. The core 4 has to change, who will go, or how many of the core 4? Some say 1 others say 2 other think the coach needs to go.

    One thing for sure the season won’t start with the roster list of today.

    The GM also has to take blame for the present situation.

    You may think I’m talking about the Toronto Maple leaf’s.

    This is of course about the Winnipeg Jets.

    Wheeler, PLD, Scheifele, Hellebuyck

    There is a chance that not one of them is on the opening night roster.

    The Pierre-Luc Dubois news isn’t really news, we knew this from the same day the trade was made for Laine.

    Now it’s a year closer and he wants out this off season and it’s been reported everywhere his prefer destination is Montreal.

    The one conclusion Dubois must come to if his desire is Montreal that is salary demand can’t be more then captain Nick Suzuki $7,875,000 that number is establish. Dubois is one year older and is a better all round player then Suzuki. Their stat lines last season are very similar. Montreal has already set the hierarchy of payment.

    Wheeler has one year remaining at $8,250,000 he has lost a step but still has good speed and gives 100% all the time. Wheeler had his captaincy stripped by coach Bowness last season. Wheeler also spoke out about Bowness after Vegas eliminated the Jets from the playoffs, When Bowness criticize the players after the loss, to be fair Morrisey, Lowry and Scheifele all criticize Bowness comments. During exit interviews Adam Lowry was quoted as saying “we didn’t take the C away and we still look to him as our Captain.” I don’t see a scenario where you can have Wheeler and Bowness on the same team. A Wheeler buyout would save the team $5,500,000 in cap space this season, if a trade cannot be made.

    Mark Scheifele, I don’t know what to think. Prior to the Jake Evans hit; Scheifele was an excellent 200ft hockey player. Something has changed, he has floated and looked disinterested from week to week. This season he backed check more then the previous couple of seasons. With all the chatter around Winnipeg, most would like to see Scheifele leave and believe him to be the problem in the dressing room. Mark Scheifele is an excellent hockey player but if there is ever a player who needs a change of scenery this is the player.

    Connor Hellebuyck is a top 5 goaltender in this league if not higher, this year he is up for the Vezina again. Reports he wants $10m any team to pay a goaltender $10m a season if off to a bad start. Hellebuyck is definitely worth a long term contract and needs to play less games a $10m per season contract will guarantee he is not going to be playing less games. As we seen in the playoffs he tired out. Hellebuyck played 64 games this season and 66 the previous season. If his demands are $10m time to move on.

    I’m not a fan of Rick Bowness, i believe he is over rated and got badly out coached by Cassidy. I don’t believe in thrown players under the bus (media) and as previously stated several players were not happy with Bowness comments after being eliminated by Vegas. Bowness could not change the team chemistry or change the players attitudes and with Bowness staying 2 or more of the above have to leave. Bowness did a good job of getting Josh Morrissey more involved in the offense and Morrisey had his best statistical season.

    Kevin Cheveldayoff, this season you have Wheeler, Scheifele, Hellebuyck, Brenden Dillon. Dylan Demello, Nino Niederreter and a rfa on his last season Pierre Luc Dubois all on their final season of their contracts. This isn’t Toronto, Tampa or LA where players first try o go in UFA season, this is last choice Winnipeg. How do you allow your team to have all these expiring contracts at the same time and we are not talking 4 line and third pairing dman. Understand trades come into play but some of this is bad asset management.

    If it going to be one interesting off season here in the Hot 32 degrees city of Winnipeg.

    Sorry for the long rant.

  17. The best return on trading Dubois will come at the trade deadline, *IF* Dubois boosts his effort and output to try to earn a big raise as a UFA.

    There is no way WPG gets a fair return now especially given the fairly public suggestion last year that Dubois has a 1 team wish list.
    Meanwhile, Dubois has succeeded in cultivating a questionable attitude as a player who may not be putting his team or teammates first.
    Dumb bargaining.