NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 10, 2023

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The Red Wings acquire Alex DeBrincat from the Senators and sign him to a four-year contract. Check out the details in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

NHL.COM: The Detroit Red Wings acquired forward Alex DeBrincat from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for forward Dominik Kubalik, defense prospect Donavan Sebrango, a conditional first-round pick in 2024 and a fourth-round pick in 2024.

OTTAWA SUN: The conditions of the first-round pick are as follows:

Ottawa Senators trade winger Alex DeBrincat to the Detroit Red Wings (NHL Images).

The Red Wings have the option of sending the Senators their own 2024 first-round pick or the 2024 first-rounder they acquired from the Boston Bruins. However, if Boston’s selection is a top-10 pick, the Bruins have the option of retaining that pick and sending the Wings their 2025 first-rounder. The Wings will then have the option of sending that pick or their own 2024 first-rounder to Ottawa.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This looks like a steal for the Red Wings and an underwhelming return for the Senators.

DeBrincat, 25, is a two-time 40-goal scorer who should help Detroit address their need for more scoring punch. He’s also a Michigan native who wanted to play for the Red Wings.

Ottawa general manager Pierre Dorion apparently wanted to move DeBrincat before his arbitration hearing later this summer. He didn’t want a player on his roster who didn’t want to be there becoming an unnecessary distraction for his club as they try to reach the playoffs in 2023-24.

Nevertheless, if this return is the best Dorion could find it doesn’t say much about the offers he received from other interested clubs.

Kubalik, 27, tallied 20 goals and 45 points in 81 games last season. He is a middle-six winger who might only be a Senator for one season given his unrestricted free-agent status next July. The 21-year-old Sebrango was ranked 14th among the Wings prospects in The Athletic’s midseason prospect evaluations.

The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reports getting a first-round pick was crucial to the Senators. If Kubalik and/or Sebrango fail to become significant long-term additions to the Senators, the only saving grace could be that first-round pick.

Acquiring DeBrincat without any assurances of signing him to a long-term contract was a risky move by Dorion that failed to pan out. Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman, on the other hand, didn’t make the same mistake…

The Red Wings also signed DeBrincat to a four-year contract with an average annual value of $7.875 million. He’ll also get a 16-team no-trade clause commencing in 2024-25.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: DeBrincat was a restricted free agent. His camp reportedly sought an eight-year deal worth $8.8 million. He gets half that term for $1 million less but I doubt the winger is unhappy given his desire to play for the Wings.

MLive.com’s Ansar Khan believes Yzerman got DeBrincat on his terms and I concur with that assessment. As Khan observed, he got the winger signed to a team-friendly contract without parting with any core players or prime prospects. If DeBrincat regains his high-scoring form this will be a big win for the Wings.


THE PROVINCE: Recently-signed Vancouver Canucks defenseman Ian Cole has withdrawn his request to wear No. 28 after learning that number was last worn by the late Luc Bourdon, who died in a motorcycle accident in May 2008.

Cole wore the No. 28 for most of his career and had received permission from the Canucks to wear it. Following an outcry from the team’s fans, the 34-year-old blueliner issued a statement indicating he was unaware that Bourdon was the last player to wear that number.

To honor Bourdon’s memory, Cole will instead wear No. 82 with the Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was an oversight by Canucks management that put Cole in a difficult spot. They should’ve known about the significance of Bourdon’s memory to the club’s fans and informed Cole that the No. 28 was not available.

TSN: Speaking of the Canucks, they signed restricted free-agent forward Nils Hoglander to a two-year, $2.2 million deal.

THE SEATTLE TIMES: The Kraken avoided salary arbitration with defenseman Cale Fleury by signing him to a two-year, $1.6 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kraken also avoided arbitration with blueliner Will Borgen last week. That brings the original 22-name list of NHL players who filed last week for arbitration down to 20.

DAILY FACEOFF: Vladimir Tarasenko and Matt Dumba are among the notable names still available over a week into the 2023 NHL free-agent period.


  1. “Nevertheless, if this return is the best Dorion could find it doesn’t say much about the offers he received from other interested clubs.”

    Lyle, that pretty much sums it all up. No one was prepared to give him the term and cap hit he was allegedly seeking … Dorion’s alternative was to take him to arbitration and go with the resulting award for 1 season – probably trying again to deal him at the trade deadline. In the meantime, the rest of the roster would go through 3/4 of a season playing alongside someone who’d rather be elsewhere. Not a good scenario.

    They get a 1st round pick back – plus a 4th rounder – which gives them other options – they can now use the cap that would have gone to DeBrincat to explore other options. Kubalik gives them some decent pop on the 3rd line. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Ridley Greig move into DeBrincat’s spot at LW.

    In the end, they had a player for one season who, for his own personal reasons, wanted to be closer to home. S&^t happens. Move on.

  2. Was not a fan of the Cat getting his want of an exorbitant 8 yr contract and all the assets Ottawa originally wanted. I think what was given and now spent on salary and term was fair for all concerned. Still not convinced that a 5′ 7″ diminutive sniper is what the Wings needed, but it is the best acquisition so far this summer for the Wings. Hopefully he pans out to be the next Marcel Dione.

    • I agree JZ. I don’t feel as if the Wings are a much better team than they were on Saturday. Kubalik may score as many goals as DeBrincat next season. Overall, I think that this was an overpayment for a player who will likely not be a difference maker.

      • Wings got the better and younger player, they are better.

      • I will wait and see Johnny. DeBrincat needs to play a whole lot better than his -31 stat from last season indicates he did. Ottawa was a +21 when DeBrincat was not on the ice. I remain skeptical.

      • “Kubalik may score as many goals as DeBrincat next season.”

        And Lucas Raymond may lead the league in goals. Are you willing to be on things that are almost certainly not going to happen?

        Me Seider could get hit by a train at some point in his life, so the Wings better not sign him long-term, right?

      • Keep in mind Kubilak goal total was an anomaly compared to his normal output AND he scored most of the goals in the first half of the season and went cold for the rest of the year, which may be his true colors

      • Actually they arnt anomalous. His last year in Chicago was a down year but he scored hi teens in only 50 something games year before and 30 year before that.

      • Johnny Z, Kubalik turns 28 in August – DeBrincat turns 26 in December – I doubt, at this stage of their careers, that 2 years is going to make much of a difference in and of itself.

    • “Still not convinced that a 5′ 7″ diminutive sniper is what the Wings needed”

      I wish people could get past this.

      The entire Wings D corps aside from Gostisbhere is 6’2″ or bigger, and most of their F are 6′ tall or more.

      Did having Brayden Point and Kucherov negatively affect the Lightning?

      • I hope you aren’t seriously comparing DeBrincat to Point and Kucherov Garth.

        I also think one needs to analyze what else Tampa and Detroit had/have on their rosters. Detroit does not have the size and toughness that Tampa had on their team to help protect the DeBrincats, Points, and Kucherovs of the league.

  3. It would be nice to see Canucks management do something right for a change.

  4. Dorion got schooled.

    He gave up draft picks for a player he didn’t need, shoring up scoring instead of defense.

    He was unable to make a deal during the trade to tie him up.

    How many years does he need to miss the playoffs?

    Yzerman got his man at his price

    • Same guy who got Draft pick rights to Tim Sutzle with Josh Norris, Rudolfs Balcers, Chris Tierney, Dylan DeMelo, round 2 pick in the 2019 draft (Jamieson Rees), conditional round 2 pick in the 2021 draft (Zack Ostapchuk) and conditional round 1 pick in the 2022 draft for Francis Perron and Erik Karlsson.
      You some you lose some and time will tell on others . One thing you nailed was he should have focused on getting some defensive , goaltending help instead of landing DeBrincat

    • Dorion has gotten schooled many times. So not shocked at all with the return. He has had one lucky trade with SJ.

      The Summer of Pierre is not looking too good in hindsight. He overpaid for Debrincat and gave away the goalie of the future. And there is a huge question mark still on the Chychrun trade given his injury history.

      I am a Sens fan and I hope Andelaur cleans house when he takes over.

      The only positive thing is I would not want Debrincat at that salary on the Sens. He was their 4th or 5th best forward. Now that money can go to locking in Jake Sanderson next year to long term.

      • Hardly hindsight Ray Bark. Forsberg was an injury prone journeyman goalie and he invested heavily in him. Gustavsson was acquired from Pittsburgh as the goalie of the future and Dorion dealt him before letting him mature. It was a shortsighted and stupid trade.

        As far as Debrincat I posted when they got him that he would likely need to be traded (or Norris traded). Too many forwards making big money. Otherwise they were investing too heavily in forwards money wise. I actually never understood the trade and Debrincat was not very impressive in Ottawa. I also think he is overpaid at what Detroit is paying him.

        Hindsight has nothing to do with the fact I don’t think Dorion is a good GM. I haven’t liked many of his trades. He got lucky with one trade and in hindsight who would have predicted that SJ would go from Western Conference finalist to having the third pick in the 2020 draft?

      • Can’t argue that, Peter.

      • @Peter PD is a far better scout than he is a GM. I honestly think this will be his last year unless they magically win a Cup.

    • The Wings got the better of the deal but it’s not as if The Sens got nothing. Kubalik can provide solid secondary scoring and you never know about the draft pick.
      Still, Debrincat is a top level goal scorer although he can be inconsistent. Considering what the Wings got, it’s a great deal for them.
      Still I credit Dorion for trading for Debrincat last year. Sometimes a GM must take risks. They don’t always work out.

      • Exactly, Howard.

      • Ya Howard and George, I always find it amusing when folks have the benefit of hindsight and talk like they knew all along.

        Like he gave away their goalie of the future in Gustavsson when his #’s were brutal the year prior in the NHL and way worse than Forsberg’s. Plus his AHL #’s were meh, middle of the pack.

        Some folks didn’t like the choice of Talbot, but I don’t remember anyone on here claiming Gust was their goalie of the future. He’s had one good year, let’s see where he goes from here, the position is the most volatile in the NHL after all.

        OTT got a 1st, a 4th, Kubalik and had DeBrincat for a year.
        They gave up a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd to get him. But the 1st was 7th overall vs where OTT will pick, which if I had to bet will be middle of 1st round.

        Did a year of DeBrincat really cost that much where Dorion got schooled?

        Sounds like reasonable risk to me.

      • Hey Ray, the goalie thing clearly is a mystery to all teams not just Ottawa but it’s foolish to cut bait on a young goalie that did show promise but as with a lot of young players, consistency was a problem. I don’t think anyone outside of here thought Talbot would be any better but in fact worse (both numbers and cap hit).

        Some people carry on about other teams and all their shortcomings like they know something about it…clearly looking at how they view this event on their team kinda shows it’s a skewed view for them…but like I always have said, we don’t really know what’s what until they play and it’s foolish to rate a teams success or chances of success in the offseason or even before 10-15 games are played. It’s basically a missed opportunity by the Sens but I doubt this will impede them.

      • Were they cutting bait Ron or worried about losing him on waivers for nothing?

        I don’t think we know for sure, but OTT wanted to shore up their NHL tending, and didn’t seem to think he was either ready or likely to be the guy if they wanted to see some improvement in the standings to play with Forsberg.

        Minny had MAF already, so could afford to have a “riskier” or project #2.

        Not 100%, but Gust could have been claimed on waivers when they sent him down if they were not going to keep him in the NHL, which they didn’t appear comfortable with.

        Hence my hindsight comment.

      • Howard … other than the Karlsson deal and maybe the Hamonic deal… tell me a risk that Dorion has done that has worked out?

      • agreed.

    • How did Dorion get schooled?

      IF he thought DeBrincat was his guy, a scorer, his one timer like in Chicago, then get him signed up during the trade and not rely on thoughts and prayers.

      LA signed Dubois during the trade.
      Wings signed DeBrincat during the trade.

  5. Kubalik get 20 goals a season with 3rd line minutes.
    why is he so undervalued?
    DeBrincat 3rd team in a short career…his 200ft game is limited but if he can keep potting in 40 goals good deal for Wings

    • Bingo, ds! I’m pretty sure that both players score at or around the same clip at 5vs5.
      I think Debrincat is a beneficiary playing with a healthy Kane.
      Good but not great move by Dorian. At least he got rid of a potential distraction and got a guy who can also pump in some goals.
      The draft picks are worth more now than in years past because more and more late drafted players are breaking into the pros than ever before. Be it 5 games or 500, the trend is evident.

    • Kubalik is also a defensive liability and he landed at 20 goals largely thanks to a streaky, hot start to the season. After his scoring rate dropped off markedly, his contributions were marginal at best. Given that he doesn’t bring strong physical play or PK abilities, he’s basically one dimensional and not elite in that one dimension, so I wouldn’t say he’s been appropriately valued. A borderline top 9 forward. That said, he seemed like a good dude last year and I liked him.

      • Meant to say, wouldn’t say he’s undervalued…

  6. Both teams got what they wanted

    The cat was playing with Patrick Kane senting him up for his 40 goals his 2 years in chicago ….🤔
    Sens are better of without him being a distraction…
    good for PD not over paying him to stay

    Nobody was intrested in giving the cat a 7 or 8 year deal,
    Are GM’s getting smarter out there….?⁉️

    • Wings still have $8M in cap space. Maybe Kane joins them in November?

    • Good take Wille

      • I agree. There wasn’t much else Dorion could do considering DeBrincat’s declared wish to move on from Ottawa and go to Detroit. It would have been nice if Detroit had taken Joseph as well since then the possibility of a Tarasenko acquisition would have been more likely.

    • “Both teams got what they wanted”

      You think that’s all Dorion wanted?

      • No but he did not have many options left. You win some you loose some.

      • Obviously, compared to what other interested teams were clearly offering, yes, he did get what he wanted.

        Better the assets received than a sulking forward for 3/4 of a year … and perhaps a lot less at the trade deadline.

        But those who want to believe Dorion got “hosed” – believe on. In one case in particular that person’s team of choice has little or nothing to brag about.

      • I think the second sentence of your comment is the bottom line and what we are hoping our GMs don’t do.

        The Sens failed to make the playoffs with him. Maybe they will without him…we’ll find out soon enough. Like the other commentator said, summer of Dorian isn’t looking too good one year later… valid moves but bad results. That goalie trade, oh boy thank god no one is pointing that big blunder out. That was a failed move from the get-go.

      • Tarasenko has said he didn’t want to go to Ottawa, so heir is tat.

  7. Kubalik was a 30 goal scorer when he entered the league. He is a 20 goal scorer last year on a team who struggled for offense. I think we all may be surprised at how well he may do -as a Sen.

  8. Debrincat…

    Agree Stevie Y got a good deal

    That said; he didn’t hose Dorian

    Dorian had….

    A player not wanting to stay; with 1 year left until UFA

    Going to Arb; he could have kept him this year; but playing on a team he didn’t want to be on; paying a good chunk of Cap

    List of viable suitors (right now) was slim/short

    He (Dorian) could have lived with Arb; moved him at TDL (retaining 1/2) and IF DeBrincat maintained pace; could have got a 1st and mid rounder or B prospect

    Instead…. Dorian saved cash and cap; and team uncomfortableness and media scrutiny for another 7 months…. And got a first; 4th Kubalik

    He paid a 1st to get him…. So getting a first is a saw off

    Paying the balance he (Dorian) did…. 2nd; 3rd….

    He got Kubalik and a 4th

    How much more is a 2nd and a 3rd worth (if at all) than (A) 1 year play of DeBrincat; + (B) 1 year play of Kubalik; + (C) a 4th, + (D) more Cap space than he would have had; + (E) happier team (than playing 5 months alongside a top player that clearly doesn’t want to be there?

    To me…. That’s not being hosed

    Could Dorian maybe have squeezed Yzerman to give a 3rd instead of s 4th

    To me this deal was s Win-Win-Win

    Wings certainly win in the here and now with a top producer; 4 years; still keeping under Capitains Cap hit

    DeBrincat…. Plays for his “hometown”; gets 4 years; can negotiate an extension 3 years from now when Cap is mid 90’s

    Sens; move on ; got back the first they gave up; have more space than anticipated; flip a 2nd and a third for 1 year each of DeBrincat and Kubalik ; and a 4th

    • Well said, Pengy. Agree totally. Time to move on.

      • And, as I post elsewhere, that 1st (combined with their own 1st in 2024) and 4th provide other options – especially when it comes to future trades.

    • Nice set of eyes to look at what clearly was a bad deal for the Sens. But who cares? The guy didn’t want to stay, they could of gotten a favorable arbitration ruling and shipped him at the trade deadline for probably more than what they got. You can’t help but feel if it’s a bit personal since there really wasn’t a reason to ship him out on a low time. He wouldn’t be a distraction other than everyone knowing he’ll be gone come march.
      StevieY got his guy for what he wanted pay, a bottom six player, a B prospect and a couple mystery boxes in the form of draft picks, then signed him to a favorable contract, taking full advantage of the flat cap to make it, even though he had the cap to give more – typical yzerman…this is how you manage a team and it’s assets.

      As for Ottawa, well that’s just part of building a young team. Guys you hope will stick somehow one way or another don’t. It goes hand and hand with having a young team that’s basically a roller coaster of emotions for its fans and a ride that ends with either a window slamming shut or a parade downtown.

  9. Everyone says they should have signed the Cat and traded him later, but maybe there are further moves Dorion REALLY wants to get done before season starts. Maybe he doesn’t want to flush away over half a season on a guy that doesn’t want to be there and plats like it too.

    He got cap space back, got a draft pick back, got someone for the farm, got a serviceable player for bottom six and maybe even top six depending on how he plays in Ottawa.

    Not bad for someone that was publicly hamstringed by the player. Better than Gaudreau brought in for the Flames… better than the picks Toronto lost for a couple months of O’Reilly…

    And the goalie thing… yeah…there is a WHOLE CLUB of GMs that have goalie regret from last year… Matt Murray and Jack Campbell ring a bell?

    Anyway. Probably was the best trade PD could get, and frankly I wanted the Cat gone regardless so the other boys could get his money. Cap space and the draft pick would have been fine by me.

  10. The Saint,
    thanks for sharing the report on the young d/man
    6ft1 & 195lb Donovan Sebrangonice

    Scouting report,
    Long Range Potential:
    Versatile, mobile defenseman with upside.
    Nice one PD👍