NHL Rumor Mill – July 10, 2023

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Would Mark Scheifele be a good fit with the Bruins? What’s going on with the Flames? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont feels the Winnipeg Jets will seek a return for Mark Scheifele comparable to what they got from the Los Angeles Kings for Pierre-Luc Dubois. He doesn’t think they’ll allow Scheifele to walk away next summer as an unrestricted free agent.

Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele (NHL Images).

The Jets got forwards Gabriel Vilardi, Alex Iafallo and Rasmus Kupari that they can plug into their roster right away.

Dupont believes Scheifele could slot in with the Bruins as their No. 1 or No. 2 center for the next four or five years. However, he thinks it would cost them Jake DeBrusk, Pavel Zacha and perhaps prospect Fabian Lysell to tempt the Jets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’ve been few reports in the rumor mill regarding Scheifele in recent weeks as all the focus was on Dubois, Blake Wheeler (who was bought out and signed with the New York Rangers) and Connor Hellebuyck. That could change over the summer as teams in need of depth at center (like the Bruins) look for help in the trade market.

The Bruins have yet to learn if centers Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci intend to return for 2023-24 or retire. They’re reportedly not waiting to find out as they’re proceeding with their offseason plans as though they’re not coming back.

Whether Scheifele fits into their plans to replace Bergeron or Krejci remains to be seen. As Dupont points out, it could get expensive to attempt to acquire him from the Jets. The Bruins could be reluctant to make that kind of investment. If they do, they’ll have to ensure they have sufficient cap space to sign him to a lucrative long-term contract extension or lose him to the open market next summer.


TSN: Salim Valji recently reported on why the Calgary Flames haven’t made more trades since shipping Tyler Toffoli to the New Jersey Devils nearly two weeks ago.

Valji said the Flames’ Noah Hanifin is highly regarded around the league as a top-four defenseman. He suggested the issue could be the difficulty most teams are having in moving money under a flattened salary cap this summer despite Hanifin being on a team-friendly contract for 2023-24.

According to Valji, it’s possible the Flames go into next season with players like Hanifin, Elias Lindholm and Mikael Backlund who are a year away from UFA eligibility still on the roster.

Speaking of Lindholm, the Flames management still believes they can re-sign him to an extension as he hasn’t given a definitive no toward returning after 2023-24. However, there is concern about the possibility of losing him to free agency the same way they lost Johnny Gaudreau to Columbus last summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames at least know that Hanifin has informed them of his intention to hit the open market next summer. They could find a suitable trade partner later in the summer or perhaps during training camp.

They’ll need more definitive answers from Lindholm and Backlund. They cannot have those two simply walk away for nothing next summer.


  1. Scheifele just isnt worth that cost, my impression is that he is streaky, workrate is average and not the greatest in the locker room(not a cancer), but I could be wrong.

    Flames should retain 50% on Hanifin and get futures and prospects even possibly take a bad 1 year contract back to get best possible return. They have a good D corps without him even if he will be missed. Backlund and Lindholm will be much harder to replace

    • Flames don’t have the cap space to take back a bad contract and retain 50%. Based on the Toffoli trade, they’re not looking to go scorched earth, so they CAN and likely WILL take money back in the return, but for a player that can contribute.

    • I would agree with you on Scheifele. Very talented player, but there is something VERY wrong with him. Character, attitude, whatever it is, it reeks, and the Jets will be better off without him. Time to turn the page and improve that room.

  2. The so called ask from DuPonts post would be a massive over pay by bruins. And would solve zip especially if Zacha our 2 ctr goes other was. Hard pass on that so called trade deal

    • It’s actually a reasonable trade if mark is signed. Debrusk could walk after 1 year.

  3. Debrusk and Lysell is already a heavy price for Scheifele. But I think that is all it should take and it would be worth it for the Bruins.

  4. I believe Winnipeg needs to move both Hellebuyck and Scheifele before the season starts if neither are interested in signing in Winnipeg.

    Worst case scenario, Winnipeg is a playoff team with both Hellebuyck and Scheifele on the roster; you can not move the players at the trade deadline because you will lose the fan base by throwing in the towel.

    Yes Scheifele would be an excellent fit in Boston, but the return has to be dollar based because of the lack of cap space the Bruins have.

    Moving Scheifele to Boston would mean shipping Ullmark to Winnipeg with his $5m cap hit; Scheifele cap hit is $6.125m and he will want a raise.

    Scheifele is coming off a 42 goal season and has two seasons of 30 plus goals. Scheifele over the pass 8 seasons has average 62 games played and 30 goals. He also produces in the playoffs with 19g 32pts in 37gp.

    Ullmark has a 15 team to trade clause, will he be willing to move it to go to Winnipeg.

    Winnipeg obtaining the Vezina trophy winner, would allow them to move Hellebuyck and get some quality back in return.

    The bigger question is Ullmark who has 2 season left on his contract enough of return for Scheifele?

    My first thought is no and that’s because of how i view Ullmark, my neighbor a season ticket holder for the Jets thinks it is, Ullmark gives Winnipeg a #1 to replace Hellebuyck.

    • Ullmark ha an NTC and I’d bet Winny is a no-trade team. I would think that if Boston wanted to trade Ullmark that whey would deal with NJ. Seems like a no-brainer.
      Ullmark for Schmid + 2025 2nd
      Boston then uses the 2nd towards acquiring a C

    • No chance Ullmark goes to WPG with that NMC, and Boston couldn’t afford Scheifele’s new contract and give up Debrusk and Lysell also?..This has desperation written all over it.

    • Schiefelle has an offensive skill set that Debrusk, Zacka et al don’t have. Lysell projects as a second line RW and is the best prospect in the Boston cupboard followed by a lot of mediocre options.

      Expect the Swayman arbitration decision will be a 1 year bridge that Boston can’t afford and then they will be in the one year from UFA game very fast even if they did. Not sure if someone can comment when he is UFA and if there is any offer sheet exposure given currently going to salary arbitration. Swayman is 24 so he wants to get paid and I see sign and trade.

      Getting a high-end offensive player requires trade currency. Not just a NJ reclamation (Zacha) or middle-six prospect winger. If I were Chevy I would expect Swayman and send forward and defense player/prospect to take on extra salary from a Zacha or Grzelcyk as need be.

      Winnipeg has 3 or 4 forward prospects equal to Lysell and D prospects so Boston can keep Lysell and should stop thinking they can fix problems years in the making with salary cap, aging players, lack of propects and picks with food stamps.

      If “cash is king” Boston doesn’t have any and the bill is on the way.

      • Boy you are lost lol no way in hell the Bruins ship out Jake Zacha and Lysell for just MS. There would have to be Ana lot more coming back to Boston for that package. And it absolutely makes zero sense to trade a center especially one who is there for Pasta. They are good buddies and isn’t going anywhere.

      • Scheifele and Logan Stanley for Swayman, Frederic and Carlo

  5. Before the Bruins make anymore moves they have to see if either or both 37/46 are coming back ….I would really like to see what the Bruins top prospects can do for a season . If 1-2 or 3 stick great then they have them plus a lot of $$$ to spend next offseason …I for one think that this is the last season in Boston for DeBrusk he’s a UFA next offseason and will want $$$ probably more than the B’s will be willing to give

    • I agree Joe, they are in a holding pattern until they know what’s up with those 2.

      They have just under $7M in cap space, Swayman and Frederic are getting a raise. Plus 2 more roster spots to fill. Frederic will get a bump, Swayman is tougher. Good start to his career, but long term deals (like 7-8 yrs) is really risky with a tender with only 82 starts. Great start, but…. we have all seen tenders that struggle for prolonged stretches after great years. Or you get you starter on a reasonable deal for a long stretch if he keeps it going. Tough call.

      The B’s don’t have the assets to start making the moves like suggested above. Could they? Of course but now it’s whack a mole. The B’s have multiple holes to fill already.

      They have one chance to be compete for a cup this year, those 2 come back for cheap, and they stay healthy and productive at an older age than most guys do.

      If they don’t, cool your jets for a year, keep some space, let some young guys get some minutes, see how they play and take it from there. But the guys they promote are not top 6 players.

      If they struggle, or are in the mushy middle (where I think they will be without those 2), move the pending guys, start building up the prospect base which has been depleted by going for it year after year.

    • Joe

      Curious what you think DeBrusk would ask for salary wise when he becomes a UFA?

      You say he will want to get paid…a similar player with better point totals the past two seasons just signed a 3 year deal in CAR for $500K more than what DeBrusk is making now.

      DeBrusk has a career high 27 goals and 50 points. I think if he wants to make much more than $4-5M he’ll be playing elsewhere

  6. Well as a Jets fan you have to pay for a 1 st line center that scored 42 last year. They just don’t fall off the apple cart. Saying that I would accept the above offer even though the assets aren’t exactly what I would want in return.
    Boston just doesn’t have that young center that I would want back in the package. Yes Zacha had a real nice year but I don’t believe he’s a natural center and DeBrusk might be a hard resign once a UFa. Lysell has been ordinary at best.
    However assets can be moved in other moves later on in the following Hellybuck trade🤔.
    Big team reorg in the Peg well underway

  7. as a side note the purpose deal Kpd put out isn’t happening.

  8. Just to add on. Scheifele is a shooter not a premium distribution guy. So if you’re a Bruin fan realize that you’re not getting a Bergeron, Krechi guy back. Completely different dynamic moving forward.
    I guess I’m saying I don’t believe in the fit for either team if they want to maintain the same culture

    • Check your stats.

      Scheifele has over 40 assists in 4 of the last 5 years

      Your right he’s not Bergeron, but which “other” center in the league is a perennial Selke winner

  9. Would Courtourier be an option?

    To Phi: Forbert, 2nd 2025 and 2024 3rd
    To Bos: Courtourier

    Philly not getting much back but clearing roster spot for young guys and the obvious long term cap space clearing

    Bos gets a true center two way under contract that also can play wing.

    • I think ultimately Boston would just be getting ltir relief.

      • Chrism what about Sj Coutoure

        Send them Ullmark, Grez and a pick

        Or send them that plus a 1st and prospect for hertl??

      • Maybe the hertl trade cause of the futures. Ullmark, until it’s proven otherwise, doesn’t have a lot of trade value cause goalies generally don’t. And grez has limited trade value.

  10. Scheifle…. Same return as PLD?

    Both centres and big (same height; I think PLD is 10 lbs heavier)

    One is s leftie; 1 a rightie

    Both very good Cs

    Both were 1 year away from UFA

    Scheifle certainly had an excellent 22/23 year


    PLD is a tad more than 5 years younger; AND came over (after have signed 8 year extension with Chevy)…. As Kings asset for 9 years (ages 25-34)

    To get even close to the same offer; Scheiffle would also have to be a secured trade (extended by Chevy and then traded)…. And then is that an 8 year extension (plus upcoming… so ages 30 to 39)?

    If it is just a 4 or 5 year extension (netting receiving team Scheifle, for 5 or 6 years of his early to mid 30’s; where his production statistically; is expected to wane)…. Can that be worth PLDs prime years (25-29; plus another 4 in his declining/waning years of his early 30’s)?

    To me it doesn’t warrant as much and the proposal suggested by Dupont; IMVHO; is too steep

    Would he be a great add to the Bruins…. Yep

    Odds that BOTH Berg and Krejci return are not high; and certainly both won’t be back in 24/25….. so Scheiffle on Bruins would be an excellent move (for Bruins!!!! Certainly not a nice move in the eyes of this Leafs/Pens fan)

    A lesser package should be negotiated

    Jets are getting much less at TDL…. And…. Hard to see Scheiffle re-upping to stay in Winnepeg; not impossible… but not looking likely

    Dobbie just called me and said I can offer the following

    Scheiffle (50% retained) and Neidereiter (50% retained); and Demelo (50% retained)

    1st (24) lottery protected
    1st (25) lottery protected
    3rd in ‘26

    • Pengy you would have to remove Demelo from your proposal

      He is better than anything you are sending back to WPG including the 1sts that are protected.

      Even then wpg is out now a #1 c and top 4d man with nothing to take their slots.

      All players you send to WPG are 6th or 7th d man and 4th line forwards except Granlund who I do not see taking over 1c

      Especially with WPG retaining

      Why not just O’Conner granlund and 2 protected 1sts for Schieffele

      No salary retention

      • Hi IHC

        Absolutely no challenge re players coming over ; each individually not as good as DeMello… true

        Was more hyperbole trade due to number of assets flipped; and potential nudge by Chevy knowing all 3 leaving are UFAs; but gaining two 1sts ; a third; and prospect (O’Connor)

        I’d take Neiderietter for

        Granlund; O’Connor; Accairi

        Then sign Pius Suter

        Suter/Eller/Niedereitter waaaay better than any 3rd line Pens threw out there last year

      • Ya Nino can be had I think for players with upside under contract

        The Jarry signing is the only thing I don’t like that Dubas has done thus far

        Hoping he leaves plenty of extra room to reup Guentzel

    • B’s 2024 1st is gone (along with 2nd and 3rd) with the Bertuzzi trade [and if not 2024, then 2025]. They had an awesome run this year, truly sad about how it ended. But the party is over…. read somewhere that behind the Pens and the Bolts (?), Bruins are 3rd from bottom on assets (both current and future). Unfortunately, this coming season looks a bit dark. A 38 year old Bergeron and 39 year old Kreji cannot save it, or be properly compensated to do so after Swayman gets signed. The real question is who will carry the “positive culture” torch in organization after those 2 guys.

      Would not invite Scheifele to a tupperware party, let alone into the Bruins locker room. Know he was not the cancer in WPG, but he had the pom-poms on while Wheeler was making the rest of team running in circles.

      • apologies…. Bergeron and Kreji are currently both 37.

        Not trying to be a B’s hater…as a Wings fan, I know what purgatory looks like when you sell your future for today (and the lonnngggggg road back).

      • Wing nut

        I agree bruins draft capital is way low. This will be a tough year vs last year but Sweeney has a ton of capital in $$ next tear to put more stars in the line up The new core is a solid bunch there already. If they are not making playoffs. Then he has a bunch of 1 yr contracts he can move for draft capital. Bruins will be fine if 37 returns they will make the playoffs. And as we saw anything can happen after that.

    • Pengy I could certainly argue both sides of the Shief – PLD value. Totally different players bringing opposite skills. Depends on what the team trading for him wants.
      Scoring shooter then Shief. Younger more grit and edge PLD.
      I’d also argue you point of valuation at the trade deadline. Jmo but I’d say a very good prospect and a 1 st rd pick would be offered at that time. Jets might be happy and able to take most of the cap hit at that time.
      Holding onto a motivated Shief and Helly until then might be more valuable. Injury risk considered of course, but that can work both ways for and against you.
      I’m afraid your stuck with some of your proposed Pens for now

      • Hi Isotopes

        Love the Graves snd Smith moves…

        Unfortunately “stuck” is apropos for Pens…. Dooby missing trade opportunities and early UfA deals was hard to see

        signing small players when younger and bigger and equally (or more) productive players still available at same Cap hits…. Perplexing

        Not buying out Granlund in first phase….,doubly perplexing

        Signing another back up who is worse than the one you already have…. Mindboggling

        Going over Cap (already) and still perusing EK …. What the Fuddle Duddle (a Trudeauism)

        Granlund and Petry need to exit

        Dumba had for zero assets out

        Would like to address 3C situation…. But Dooby brought in the Dane…. Which had to be s 3C replacement for Granlund

    • Pengy…that is way too much Schieffle is an enigma and part of the problem in Winnipeg…

      Niederritter ayh uggh who cares..

      Draft picks


      Accari who we need just got.

      Nietp a nice bottom six

      Not for those two and whoe er demelo is..

      Schieffle is a unmotivated all be it talented problem in the room

      • Hi BNG

        The big trade was hyperbole just for sheer magnitude of assets

        One thing Pens did not need was more and more small forwards

        Those depth moves could have garnered several other players of equal production/worth for the same Cap hit… but who were not so small

        Over and over and over during the stretch last year; play by play and colour commentators consistently observed two glaring flaws in the Pens overall roster…. Small and old

        Nieto (30) ….5’10”, 184…. 12-12-24 in 81GP

        Hinizstroza (29)…. 5’9”, 170…2-9-11 in 26 GP

        Compare those two to players (who will sign for the same) that are STILL available….

        Ritchie (27); 6’2”, 230…. 13-13-26 ; 64 GP

        Erne (28); 6’1”; 215…8-10-18…52 GP

        Comtois (24); 6’2”; 216….9-10-19…64 GP

        Boquist , 24; (6’, 188; 10-11-21 ; 70 GP

        Gregor (24); 6’0; 188; 10-7-17; 57 GP

        Let’s not forget that Pens need grit and Mcewan was signed at league min BEFORE the two Pens were acquired

        Thise were not smart moves by Doobie

      • Hi BnG

        Trade was hyperbole due to so many pieces

        Certainly a gargantuan upgrade (over last year) for Pens if their 3rd line was Scheiffle; Neiderreitter; Eller

        Alas not happening

        Neiderreiter is achievable; and would certainly boost the third line

        Would love EK in ; Petry and Granlund and Rutta out…. Just not feasible; too much to give up

        What is in control for Dubas….

        Buying out Granlund; signing Dumba

        No assets given up…

        Petry already paid his SB

        Only still owed $9.5 M

        There would be a few teams wanting to take Petry at 25% ($1.55 M cap; $1.18 M cash AAV)

        I would think they’d give up a 2nd (‘25); and a B prospect

        Middle team gets 2nd (‘25); B Prospect (from final team); plus mid rounder (‘25) from Pens; for retaining 35%

        Pens (retaining 40%) save $3.8 M off Cap at the cost of a B prospect ; get “future considerations” (which basically means nothing) from middle team

        Rutta at 33% (just a tad over league min) will have a team give up a 3rd

        Middle team retains 1/3 (as do Pens) receives a 3rd from final team; 3rd (‘26) from pens

        Pens free up another $1.8 M at a cost of a 3rd

        Friedman/P-O J

        Graves, Dumba; Friedman; Smith replacing

        Dumo, Petry, Rutta, Ruhweedel

        Is a massive jump on the back end; and D became faster and younger (as did the team)

      • On opening day last year Pittsburgh average age was 29.9. Right now the average age is 30.13

        Uhhhh I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure you’re doing math wrong.

        Common core math?

        I know you don’t like to respond when called out. But your posts are confusing.

        You seem excited about the changes in one post, then are trading away everything they just acquired in the next.

    • Well. Props for not trying to include butcher I guess. Ludicrous still. But baby steps.

      • It looks a lot like the Karlsson package.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Fully agree… Dooby acquiring Butcher… ludicrous…. Waay better options

        Trying to find a GM that sees Butcher , Hinnestrozza; Nieto, in the same light (Pea soup fog) as Dooby…, proving impossible

        Calls are out….but all other GMs seem to be under full blue skies and all with proper vision

        Even Yotes didn’t take them!