NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 2, 2023

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Islanders re-sign Ilya Sorokin to a long-term extension, Rangers sign Jonathan Quick, Panthers trade Anthony Duclair to the Sharks, and much more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can see my listing of notable NHL signings and trades during the opening hours of free agency on July 1 by following this link. The following is a compilation of those that occurred later in the day or in the evening.

NEW YORK POST: The Islanders signed goaltender Ilya Sorokin to an eight-year contract with an average annual value of $8.25 million.

New York Islanders goaltender Ilya Sorokin (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A smart move by the Isles to get their starting goalie under a long-term extension. In just three NHL seasons, the 27-year-old Sorokin has established himself among the league’s top netminders. It’s also a reasonable AAV that could become a bargain over the long term if he maintains his caliber of play over that period, especially as the salary cap rises in the coming years.

Speaking of goaltenders, the New York Rangers signed Jonathan Quick to a one-year, $825K contract with a maximum of $100K in performance bonuses.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Quick is no longer the elite goalie of a decade ago when he was backstopping the Los Angeles Kings to two Stanley Cups in three years. Nevertheless, the 37-year-old could be a reliable 20-25 game backup for starter Igor Shesterkin, who could also benefit from Quick’s experience.

TSN: The Florida Panthers traded winger Anthony Duclair to the San Jose Sharks in exchange for forward Steven Lorentz and a fifth-round pick in 2025.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a salary dump by the Panthers to free up salary cap space. There’s speculation they could be making an addition via the free-agent market. We’ll find out if that’s the case soon enough.

The 27-year-old Duclair has reached or exceeded 20 goals and 40 points three times in his nine NHL seasons but was limited to just nine points in 20 games in 2022-23 by a torn Achilles tendon. He carries an AAV of $3 million for 2023-24 and will be a UFA next summer.

Duclair should provide a boost to the Sharks offense but might not fit into the rebuilding club’s long-term plans. Don’t be surprised if they shop him near the 2024 trade deadline.

The Toronto Maple Leafs signed defenseman John Klingberg to a one-year, $4.15 million deal.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: The Red Wings inked defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere to a one-year, $4.125 million contract.

DAILY FACEOFF: The Philadelphia Flyers signed forward Garnet Hathaway to a two-year, $4.75 million contract.

NEW JERSEY HOCKEY NOW: The Devils acquired defenseman Colin Miller from the Dallas Stars in exchange for a 2025 fifth-round pick.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: The Avalanche inked defenseman Bo Byram to a two-year contract with an AAV of $3.85 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is a bridge deal for Byram, who was completing his entry-level contract and lacked arbitration rights. The talented 22-year-old blueliner has been limited by injuries to 72 games over the past two seasons.

TSN: The Arizona Coyotes signed forward Alex Kerfoot to a two-year, $7 million contract.

SPORTSNET: The Detroit Red Wings signed goaltender Alex Lyon to a two-year, $1.8 million deal.

DAILY FACEOFF: Tyler Bertuzzi and  Vladimir Tarasenko are among the notable players still available in this summer’s unrestricted free-agent market.

Others include Max Domi, Patrick Kane, Matt Dumba and Jonathan Toews.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Don’t expect Kane or Toews to be signing new contracts right away. Kane is recovering from hip resurfacing that could sideline him for at least four months while Toews is mulling whether to return to action or retire.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Fantilli won’t be returning to the University of Michigan, signing a three-year entry-level contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets. The 18-year-old center was chosen third overall by the Blue Jackets in the 2023 NHL Draft.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes is asking the club’s fans to be patient with David Reinbacher before judging his performance. Some Canadiens fans were upset over the Habs’ selection of the 18-year-old Austrian defenseman with the fifth-overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft, so much so that several of them sent hateful messages to Reinbacher on social media.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s one thing to disagree with a team’s first-round selection during the draft. It’s another to attack the player on his social media account. People who do this are cowards who get off on saying things to people through social media that they wouldn’t dare say to their faces. You’re not the type of fan your favorite team wants or needs.


  1. Penguins sign D-Man Ryan Graves and a few bottom six players.

    • Hi SK

      Excellent on Graves; great move re-upping Jarry. Great getting Smith.

      Signing a third goalie that is worse than DeSmith, term on below average bottom 6; not buying out Granlund; still having Petry and Rutta; missing out on many very reasonable 3C options; no QO to Poehling….. failures by Dooby IMHO

  2. Lyle I thought WSH signed Max Pacioretty to a 1 yr yesterday?

    Good pick up by NYR on Wheeler and BOS on JVR

    Surprised Zucker only got a 1 yr deal with AZ

    Plenty of mind blowing payments and term yesterday and not in a good way

    • Patches got a 1 yr, $2M with the Caps and sits on IR

    • Yes, they did, and it was duly noted in yesterday’s roundup of notable moves.

      • Lyle you have Max listed as still available in the Daily face-off.

      • LOL, that’s because they still had his name on the list. I just typed it without thinking. I’ve amended it accordingly. Cheers!

  3. I don’t know why the Avalanche didn’t do a sign and trade like NJ did with Severen to Columbus re: Compher? Is that circumstance different? Can anyone let me know? It seems like the Avalanche could have at least gotten a draft pick, which we need…..And not really crazy about Drouin as well. I know they didn’t spend much to get him but to me, they passed up an opportunity to get something better on offense and defense? I continue to believe there is more to come; either in a trade or signing. I guess it is crazy the money spent for some of the players available but at the same time everyone is in the same boat?

    • I think the Wings will regret signing Compher. Finally had a breakout year on a stacked Avs team at the age of 28 and he’s cashed in. He’ll probably revert to the mean.
      Don’t like Killorn for 4 years at over $6m. per. He’s getting into his mid 30s and I don’t see him producing nearly as much with the Ducks as he did on a powerful Tampa team. Strange move for a rebuilding team.
      Reeves for 3 years wasn’t a good idea but at least his cap hit is low enough that it could mostly be buried in the AHL if needed.

  4. Read the comments on that Gazette article and its a unanimous thumbs down to the haters.

    FYI the comment section is filled with complainers and “GM” who are smarter than team executives…..so if ever there was a crowd to back the haters, this was it.

    On a side-note Montreal has a bad history when it comes to drafting , scoring sensation for decades now. Aside from Guy Lafleur, top five picks on scoring potential have been busts or lukewarm. hello Doug Wickenheiser, Rejean Houle, Alex Galchenyuk

    • Habfan30, I don’t get it. Kid dream has just come true, selected in the first round of the NHL by a storied franchise and to no fault of his own, folks ripping on him.

      Reality most fan have not seen either player.

      Their information is an opinion by someone else.

      • Caper. I don’t get it either. I can understand that you are not happy with the pick but shouldn’t any anger be directed at the GM? HF30, I agree, we haven’t had any good luck drafting scoring forwards so let’s give this kid a chance.

    • Reajean Houle, good little hockey player. Wasn’t a great scorer, I guess but a hell of a player and he could skate. Good contributor on some great Montreal teams!!!

    • It’ll be wild if he turns into a top pair stud and refuses to sign long term cause of this

      • Chrisms, don’t see that happening. If he becomes a top D-man, the true fans will love him and he’ll likely be happy enough to want to stay. Besides by the time he’s eligible for UFA, this incident will be long forgotten.

    • habfan30, nice little story : a young female fan asked Habs fans to send nice messages to her, destined to the kid. She printed them, put them in a book, and gave it to Reinbacher in Brossard, this morning.
      Hope that counterbalanced the hate messages he got. Apparently, he went ”wow”.

      • Yes I read about that in the Gazette online, Patrick. People like her and the ones who sent the messages are the real fans. A fan does not have to agree with every move the team makes. And it’s okay to criticize when warranted. But please act like a human being.

        I hope this gets as much media coverage as the hateful messages. Especially from Arpon at the athletic. Equal time you know.

  5. 1. Bunting and Orlov to Carolina for 13 Million…
    Obviously Carolina is preparing for a blockbuster ?

    2. Klingberg ??
    Really – Treliving

    3. I can’t understand O’Reilly not wanting to come back to Toronto – same money and chose Nashville ?

    • Nashville has a better chance of getting past the first round of playoffs.

  6. Winners and Losers UFA…

    Foligno and Perry for sure tied as the overall winners…. $4 M to babysit!!!!!

    Killorn…. Winner… 4 @ $6.25

    Canes…. Already a Cup contender… re-upped their Captain , Fast and their Tandem with reasonable contracts; added bunting and Ordovician, AND apparently still in on EK!

    WTF category…. Ducks…. Who should still be rebuilding…. Gouda’s and Killorn?

    Loser for sure… Zucker…. After a great year…. Should have got multi year and raise…. But ended up with a 1 year haircut…. On the worlds absolutely worst pro sports franchise. How is he going to prove himself for his next contract, being on that team…. And…. No one is going to see him …. Very very sad… deserved more

    Smart low risk move…. Avs… Drouin….League min…. If he fails…. Bury him… he has everything to prove…. Pens should have tried this move…. Give him a shot at 3C

    Stars and Duchene…. After Duchene gets bought out…. Quick recoup of some of lost $’s, and on good team

    Stevie Y…. Smart reasonable moves… Sprong, Lyon, Ghost, Reimer; Kostin. Overpay/term prob on Compher. Holl was a bad move

    Oil…. Great to get PB laden contract on Brown…. But…. Missed out on one of the very big steals of the draft…..Soucy (Van)…. 3 @ $3.25 M

    • Good summary, Pengy, I think many of the players signed by bad teams will be available at the trade deadline. Zucker might top that list.

      • Thanks BCLeafs Fan

        Agree re Zucker, and hopefully for him (so he gets a good contract for 24/25)… to a team that gets a long run in the playoffs

    • Heh. I guess Korpisalo to a team that used 7 goalies this past season and missed the playoffs by 6 points is among the afterthoughts.

      • George O, I think Korpisalo is a good acquisition for Ottawa. He has had struggles at times but his athleticism is good. I think he will turn out to be good for them?

      • Hi George

        Certainly not a deliberate “no mention” by me

        My bad on missing that

        Very good move by Dorion

        I think he’ll fit in well and that definitely moves the needle for Sens!!!!

  7. Obvious depression of money and term across the league. A lot of players will be making smaller contributions to their portfolios this year. Two possible results:
    A number of GM’s improved their teams at reasonable cost, and, reasonably, the league maintained parity. We may look back th this as the tipping point where several front offices regained sanity.
    Enough good players took a hit that the membership of the players association may finally realize that continuously raising the max-out for the few stars eventually beggers most of the membership- perhaps we get rewrite, legacy, or other mods in the contracts to keep players with teams and allow dead money to be renegotiated to pay foot soldiers.

    • Agree Richard… good post

      One exception re depression…… Perry…. He’s dancing gleefully around his backyard with his kids…. Going from basically League min…. To $4M…. Just to baby sit for a few months…. Then likely moved to a contender

      Or…. Maybe Davidson see’s him as such an excellent baby-sitter…. That he extends him (at 39) at $5 M for 24/25!

      Connor Bedard…. “Grampa… read me another bedtime store please; and wear your Stanley Cup rings when you do”


  8. Leafs and UFA….


    Ok deals re-upping Holmberg/Kampf …..replacing the departed Holl with Klinger for $2M extra 👍👍👍.

    But Reaves for 3 years at his age?

    And…. You already didn’t have a good enough team to win the cup; you remain cap strapped; still have 4 Fwds making up 1/2 cap and didn’t trade 1 of them…. And now you’ve passed 1/7 so AM has full NMC and WW has some trade protection….

    AND …. You’ve publicly stated you have confidence in re-upping both…. You really think after WW’s dad held out so long last time that this gives you confidence in getting a contract done that is good for Leafs AND you? Dreamer!!!

    Not good Tre


    Dooby…. Glad he’s been still publicly linked to EK…. That’s the good

    He needed to upgrade 3C, D , secure good tandem, get team younger, bigger, faster

    The good….

    Re-upped Jarry… reasonable and with term 👍👍👍

    Smith replacing the exit of Zucker at less Cap hit; reasonable trade pieces given up👍👍👍

    The excellent….

    Graves for 6 @ $4.5 M…. Hugs and kisses out to Dooby from all Pens fans👍😀👍😀👍😀👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Out of his control…. Carter still on team

    TBD…. And he must move them….

    Must move Petry and Rutta

    Must NEVER EVER play CR

    The Failures….

    Had many many many options that he lost out on at 3C….. but decided instead to go with 2 extra 4 Cs (when Poehling or O’Connor at much cheaper could have sufficed)…. With term, both at over $2M… Eller and Accairi

    Decided to sign another small forward….Nieto

    The absolutely horrific…

    Did NOT buy out Granlund

    Signed a third goaltender who is actually worse than DeSmith…. WTF???

    Over Cap…. With less than 23 (move a goalie is a start…. Should move both the back ups!!)

    1. Petry, Rutta, O’Connor, Accairi, Nieto, Gruden; 1st ‘24 for EK (30% retained) and Sturm


    Sturm at 3C,

    Tanger, EK, Freidman down the right

    Graves, Pettersson, P-O J down the left

    7th… Smith

    2. Secret Swiss bank account payment by owners to Carter of $3M (what he is owed); to waive …. Be traded to Yotes (for future considerations)….

    Then he immediately retires…. He won’t be playing in 24/25 anyway… loses no cash, retires early. Off Cap hit for Pens.

    Bonus for Yotes….. free $3M cap hit… literally costs them nothing (future considerations almost never see light of day, when they do… almost always a dump AHL contract)

    • Pengy,
      Sullivan will love Nieto I believe. He kills penalties, lots of speed and consummate teammate. Not much offense but can find the back of the net on occasion!!

      • Hi Tommy Boy

        I’ve heard he is a pretty fair player

        My knock was more that once again….Pens got smaller…. And paid collectively too much for what they collectively got for their bottom 6

        I truly believe there were better options for Pens

        I’d have much more loved that Sal going to Wheeler…. Who could have done 2C work

        Instead…. Blueshirts snagged him $800 K (with $300 K in potential PBs)

        Pens could have kept Poehling instead of signing Nieto…. Same style…. Speedy, but much bigger than Nieto

        If Dooby was OK with speed but on the slighter side…. Sprong (27 goal [82 game pace] pace last year)…. Just $2M

        I’m pleased as punch re Graves, Smith, Jarry…. But not happy (as at now) with the other adds and lack of necessary exits

        Hope your correct re Nieto

      • @Pengy:
        Do you really like the Klingberg signing @$4mil? I don’t think an offensive d-man is what the Leafs need….
        I was a fan of the Tavares signing because I expected bridge deals for Matthews and Marner. That didn’t happen and Dubas couldn’t sign them to max term deals.
        And Treliving is afraid of trading one of Marner, Matthews or Nylander… Result will be a $9-10m contract for Nylander and another relatively short deal for AM @+$14m…. AND NO CUP because for the pennies that are left you can only sign crap.

        I like the Graves Acciari Nieto and Jarry signings
        Hopefully Granlund can bounce back as Zucker did last season. Hope they can dump Petry and Carter…

        I am surprised that Soucy did not land in Edmonton, TOR, Buffalo vor Pittsburgh.

      • Hi Juss

        Not saying I love Klinger…. But certainly an upgrade on Holl

        Yes…Dolby’s blunder by Capitulating on the Nylander holdout lead to $3 M – $5 M total/cumulative overpay on the 3 and for sure at least 1 year less (in term) on at least MM and AM…. With net of 1/2 Cap on 4 Fwds and inability to round out roster for a plausible Cup contender

        Re-upping both AM and WW will have Leafs spending at least $46 M (when cap is only $87 M) for 24/25…. nearing 54-55% of Cap

        So even less to round out the team

        Already basically at ceiling… still have players to sign including Samsonov

        Not a good situation at all

        Re Pens… love Graves, Jarry, Smith moves

        Non-pulsed at best re Accairi and Nieto… there were many other options… likely cheaper… but definitely bigger options

        Granlund…. Extremely hard to envision a resurgence…. Absolutely impossible to fathom he plays ANYWHERE near a $4M player let alone a $5M player

        Absolutely should have been bought out…. Saving $4.2 M in Cap this year

        Buyout Granlund…. Could have signed RoR or many others

        Soucy…. I’m gobsmacked he signed with ‘Nucks…. Absolute steal…. I thought for sure he was going to hometown (well very close…. Viking) Oil

        I’ve had a man crush on him for quite a while…. Soucy on Leafs or Pens would have made my day

    • Pengy, did you see any clips from Kyle’s press conference? One sports writer raised the issue of cap compliance, noting that they were already over the cap. KJyle darted left and right, asserting that the Pens were under the Cap based on the team’s comprehensive knowledge of the cap calculation.

      Maybe expecting a player to be on LTIR? Drew O’Connor qualifies for arbitration, so Penguins could buy out a contract. Could also be very close on a trade that would reduce the payroll – Petry was due a $3 M bonus yesterday, so he will only be owed $9.5 M over the next 2 seasons.

      • Hoping and praying HOG

        Dubas is over the Cap…. Plain and simple

        Granlund can only be bought out if O’Connor or Pens elect to go to Arbitration…. It’s not just having an eligible Arb player… Arb has to be elected

        If I was Dubas… I’d negotiate a deal with O’Connor camp… agree on it… tell him to elect Arb …. Buyout Granlund; then sign O)Connor to the deal they agreed upon

        Granlund buyout miss is really really really bad

        Yes re Petry’s SB and it is greater than Karlson’s SB (paid yesterday at $1M)

        If Greir would retain 30% and take back Granlund and Petry…. He saves $6 M cash…. Obviously more needs to go in trade

        However…. If EK comes over full whack… but Greir accepts Petry , Granlund , Rutta…. He saves $13 M cash…. Almost $17 M if he (Greir) buys out Granlund

        Pens gain $2.5 M in Cap

        If Pens taking EK at full whack…. The extra piece is reduced…. Maybe just O’Connor

        The best for all… Dubas does the nudge nudge wink deal with O’Connor…. Arb election, buyout Granlund…. Now saving $4.2 M on Cap

        Then EK (30% retained) for Petry ++

        The Pens net $1.8 M in Cap ($8.05 M in ; $6.25 M out)…. Take that off $4.2 M savings above…. Net $2.4 M

        Grier nets $17.1 M in Cash

        What is that deal (on top of $17.1 M cash savings) worth to Grier… for sure it means O’ Connor and Gruden…. But how much more? Legare and a 2nd??

        The Nedjelkovic signing was ludicrous… 3 goalies and the one just signed is worse than the current back up (that already needs to go)

  9. Habs fans sending hate posts to Reinbacher…. WTF?

    First of all… hate posts …. Awful. Plain and simple.

    And before anybody counters here with stating my repeated posts on JJ and CR…I don’t hate either, and never have posted such… don’t know them personally . I abhor their playing and the brutal effect that that has on the production and success of Pens. That is not in any way a dislike of them personally.

    2nd…. Why the angst directed at Reinbacher….. he had zero say who picked him

    I’m not saying I would have picked him at 5. I’d definitely take him over Mitchkov… who is tiny… and even if he is up to the hype…. Won’t be in the NHL for at least two years

    I probably would have taken one of the available Cs…. That’s me

    There may have been better moves @ 5. He for sure was the top D guy in the draft…. Hughes went for what he thought was the best move for Habs

    Reinbacher on most sites, was supposed to go 7th-9th…. So he moved up 2 to 4 spots… not a big deal

    This is not the twice “off the boards” picks Yotes

    He moved up 2 to 4 spots AND was , as expected; first D-Man to be picked

    Time will tell

    • Pengy, I really think the “hate posts” thing has been overblown. I didn’t look at Reinbacher’s social media page but following on some of the Habs twitter feeds, there were obviously some who were not shy about expressing displeasure, as there always is, some who were supportive and some who are taking a wait and see attitude. The truly over the line postings were the work, as usual, of a few idiots, as they always are. Who knows where these things come from. Maybe bots. Some of the writers who cover the Habs really went overboard with ridiculous coverage (yes Arpon Basu, were looking at you). Any suggestion that this would affect how the Habs handle Reinbacher is belied by the fact that he’s in for development camp.

      I agree with you on passing over Michkov. Primarily because of the geopolitical situation. No guarantee that he’ll be able to come over even after 3 years. Leonard is the guy I’d have gone with. Reinbacher would definitely have gone #6 to Arizona. The mock drafts I saw had him going not later than 8. Definitely not a reach.

      On a different topic, you’ll notice that Poehling signed elsewhere. And you posted above that the Pens should be looking to trade Petry. Last summers trade looking pretty good for Hughes now.

      • Agree Howard

        The “Haters” are few (or bots as you’ve said)

        My concern was more that they were riding any blame at all re the player… zero control who picks him

        He was the best D prospect in his class… has size…. Should blossom into solid to 4…. Maybe he gets to be top pairing…. Time will tell

        Re Hughes trade last year…. He won that from the get go

        I did however like Poehling’s game when he was in the roster…. Dubas should have given him a QO…. To me… cheaper and better (much better) option than Accairi; and bigger /better option than (but not as inexpensive as) Nieto

        Hughes on right track

        Like that he signed (later rounds) Wifi part Deux …. At least all teammates will know how to pronounce his name now…. LOL

    • Pengy, re the Pens. I am not a Pens / Dubas fan. However, I am amazed at the work you put in on the trade possibilities. I saw how some of the pieces you mentioned could come together for a Karlsson trade, but it is another level to check all the contracts and spell it all out.

      Nedjelkovic is a puzzle, he was supposed to be the future number 1 in Detroit. My guess is that Kyle is just taking a (free) look at a goalie who was once a very highly rated prospect. After all, he traded for (ok, was paid to take) Matt Murray last summer. Place the number 3 netminder (Nedjelkovic or Smith) on waivers in October and hope he is claimed.

      Great Post !!!

  10. Pengy. Give it time. Graves will be your new JJ. Lol

    • Hi Slick

      I’ve been watching Graves for a while…. And been wanting him on Pens

      I can’t fathom that happening

      Anything is possible….. but Graves turning into a JJ has to be as likely as Bedard becoming an “average” player

      If Pens can move out Granlund, Petry, Rutta and bring in EK (not saying in same trade btw)and a good 3C…. That’s a good team

  11. Amen Spector to your thoughts on Habs fans attacking Reinbecker. It’s not the kid’s fault the Habs drafted him, and the Habs know what they are doing to rebuilding the team

    • mikeP: I’ll put my faith in Kent Hughes over any armchair GM any day of the week.

      • Hey, don’t run down us armchair GMs. We work for free and we’re not shy.

  12. Pengy,
    Good point on size, the Avalanche had the same problem and they are finally addressing that but at the same time, guys like Now to can be invaluable. Not always on the score sheet but contribute in numerous other ways! Not sure if the Pens could have gone in other direction like you mentioned and maybe you’re right? But let’s put it this way, it takes a lot to dislike Now to. He will do whatever Sullivan asks of him!!

    • No challenge at all re his guts and determination , will or following whatever challenge

      I just don’t like Pens (overall) getting smaller

  13. @ Pengy

    I thought bringing in Shane Doan would help with the Matthews signing
    I just can’t fathom the thought of this being Goudreau all over again ..
    Now Treliving has to deal with Nylanders wish list and contract demands
    1 of them definitely should of been moved out …

    There is still the possibility of Bertuzxi or Domi being a Leaf?

    I would of preferred Dumba over Klingberg – defensive liability

    • Ken, Nylander only has a 10 team no trade list. Could be headed to Carolina with Pesce coming back as part of the trade. Then Brodie will likely be moved out and an impact forward brought in. Not necessarily in that order.

      Treliving had dinner with Matthews. Bet the topic of an Ice Guard came up. IF Leafs had Reaves last season, no way does Matthews get the wicked slash from Benn, nor does Bennett take Knies down like a rag doll.

      Unqualified minor league players are being scooped up quickly. Toronto picked up a couple of Carolina dmen yesterday; today NYR signed Mac Hollowell and Pitt signed Zohorna, both ex Marlies.

      • Hi HOG

        Reaves definitely brought in as body guard… but 2 years would have sufficed IMHO

        WW for top pairing D … I’m in👍

        Re Zoho… he was a Pen before being on Leafs… coming home so to speak

    • Hi Ken

      Both Dumba and Klinger have struggled defensively of late

      I do like Dumba, not sure if an offer was sent

      Klinger is bigger than Dumba…. Not sure if that played into it

      Bertuzzi would be great on Leafs

      Domi… nice, but not as good as Bert as an add imho

      Neither can come without moving one of the top 4… minimal space… still spots to fill , including Samsonov

      I actually think, pre 1/7…. The move might have been to get a 2C, top 4 RD, top 6 winger (all in the 25-28 range) in return for Mathews…. And for no more than $1M more Cap than Leafs will have to re-up AM at

      Kraken would have been ideal… he’d be made not only the franchise player, but new Captain…. And he’d be motivated to sign there… beyond Captaincy… team on rise…. And $M and $ Ms extra in take home (no state tax)

      WW for a top pairing D 👍👍👍

  14. Sweeney went to the outdated section of the store, looking for deals that would hold him over until he earns enough money to shop in the name brand section.

    Add 4 players for $5m all but one on one year contracts.

    This year seem about keeping your head above water.

    Next year cap is projected to go up by $4m

    According to capfriendly.com Boston has 10 players under contract and almost $31m to play with.

    This year is a stop gap with outdated but useful one year players.

    Worst case scenario finish just outside the playoffs with no 1st or 2nd round draft pick.

    If there going to lose, lose big and finish in the bottom 10.

    Best case scenario, Win the Cup!!!

  15. I can’t help but notice that the Leafs became decidedly worse in just one day. We will see what the rest of the summer brings.

    Dorion did exactly what I hoped. Resigned Brannstrom and JBD. Got a solid goalie at numbers that are pretty damn good. Even if he ends up a backup to Mads in a few years, 4m per is a great price.

    Now he can concentrate on trading the Cat and filling out the rest of the roster. Next summer will really be the big one for him…the cap will finally go up significantly and the Sens drop almost 3 million in dead cap space.

    This WILL be a playoff year for Ottawa, but next off season will be the creation of a true Cup contender. Mark my words.

    • The Saint

      As a Leafs fan….I hope you’re wrong….

      But fear that you just may be prognosticating a reality

      Certainly as at now…. Sens odds at a cup in next 4 years, rising much faster than Leafs odds at a cup in same time-frame

    • The Atlantic division will be a dogfight this year. In addition to the usual suspects, Buffalo and Ottawa will be right there imo and Detroit will keep getting better.
      The Leafs need a couple of their prospects to really blossom to stay in the hunt.

  16. @ Hammer of the Gods

    Thankyou for your clarification

    I was hoping for a menu you brought forward , as per a Carolina – Leaf swap

    Carolina must be way over the cap , with recent signings , not sure how they trim that, with Nylander going the other way ..

    Brodie going out would be a “blessing” and freeing up 5 million cap space …

    George has disappeared , must be wining and dining with new Senator ownership .

    I just hope Treliving is the real deal , so far , I am on the fence …
    Klingberg is only for 1 year
    Soucy to Vancouver totally boggles me ?
    Reviewing Sportsnets fan comments , it almost seems like a dressing room issue , preventing signings of choice !
    Reeves is definitely a “rah, rah “ guy , boisterous , hopefully this helps , security for his team mates .
    Good luck , I guess !
    Frustrating being in the Leafland !

    It was also very , very disappointing , Boston not winning the cup ..
    I just wasn’t into it after the Florida upset

  17. @Pengy

    A pre- 1/7 deal would have been electric !

    Maybe the Bertuzzi addition is on the burner , awaiting a Nylander and Brodie transaction ..

    Something has to give …
    The present line up , for sure , not going to “Cut” it !

    • Ken & Pengy, remember that it’s only July 2nd. Treliving has been to this rodeo before (Calgary in 2022). Although the makeover didn’t work out as planned, the Flames weren’t a complete disaster – they finished with 1 more point than Florida despite being horrendous in overtime games. Brad was at a severe disadvantage with the Huberdeau trade and signing because Calgary had only played Florida 3 times in the previous 2 seasons.

      It should not be that difficult to trade William Nylander, a 40 goal scorer who is only owed $2.5 million in cash next season, as a $3.5 M bonus was paid yesterday.

      Plenty of comments about the quiet Leaf dressing room; that will change with Reaves, who is well known for his team enthusiasm; Ryan will also be a leader of the team building events. Supposedly, several Leaf players were quite blunt in the exit interviews, apparently very tired of the endless focus on the “core 4”, noting that it was a “team” game. Seems like they felt their contributions were under appreciated.

  18. Transparency has finally arrived

    “Core 4”
    Dressing Room
    Unappreciated , Not a Team environment , other ..

    The leader of this “train wreck” is now in Pittsburgh , a green horn at the time of his tenure in Toronto .. I am sure Dubas has grown as a person and would have done things differently …

    With 2.5 , Only owing to Nylander next season , starting to make more sense – Light at the end of the tunnel, as per revamping this lineup
    I.e. – Something has to brewing , as per a Carolina Swap ?

    Knowledgeable minds on this Spector site , puts my mind at ease , and HOPE for the Better , as per days ahead !