NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 6, 2023

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Jeremy Swayman, Troy Terry and Vince Dunn are among 22 players filing for arbitration, Vladimir Tarasenko changes agents, Alain Vigneault, Patric Hornqvist, Darren Helm and Michael Stone retire, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

NHLPA.COM: Boston Bruins goaltender Jeremy Swayman, Anaheim Ducks winger Troy Terry and Seattle Kraken defenseman Vince Dunn are among 22 players who filed for salary arbitration by the 5 pm ET deadline on July 5.

The deadline for club-elected salary arbitration notification is 5 pm ET on July 6.

The salary arbitration period begins on July 20 and ends on Aug. 4. A schedule for those hearings will be released shortly.

Here is the complete list of players who filed for arbitration:

Morgan Barron (Winnipeg Jets)
Will Borgen (Seattle Kraken)
Noah Cates (Philadelphia Flyers)
Ross Colton (Colorado Avalanche)
Brandon Duhaime (Minnesota Wild)
Vince Dunn (Seattle Kraken)
Cale Fleury (Seattle Kraken)
Trent Frederic (Boston Bruins)
Filip Gustavsson (Minnesota Wild)
Brett Howden (Vegas Golden Knights)
Tanner Jeannot (Tampa Bay Lightning)
Philipp Kurashev (Chicago Blackhawks)
Jack McBain (Arizona Coyotes)
Ryan McLeod (Edmonton Oilers)
Ian Mitchell (Boston Bruins)
Drew O’Connor (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Ilya Samsonov (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Brandon Scanlin (New York Rangers)
Jeremy Swayman (Boston Bruins)
Troy Terry (Anaheim Ducks)
Alexei Toropchenko (St. Louis Blues)
Gabriel Vilardi (Winnipeg Jets)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be surprising if any of these filings end up going to arbitration. Players and teams usually file to use their dates with an arbiter as a deadline to complete their contract negotiations. It’s expected that all of them will agree to new contracts before their scheduled hearings.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman yesterday reported that Vladimir Tarasenko has replaced agent Paul Theofanus with agents Pat Brisson and J.P. Barry. This means the unrestricted free-agent winger has no deal yet with any team and his process of negotiation begins anew.

Vladimir Tarasenko (NHL Images).

NEW YORK POST’s Larry Brooks tweeted that Tarasenko had multiple offers of varying lengths with average annual values between $5.5 million and $6 million from teams ranging from contenders to rebuilding clubs. The Carolina Hurricanes were among those bidders. However, the 31-year-old winger rejected those offers and changed agents.

Brooks also indicated that Tarasenko had wanted to remain with the New York Rangers. However, the club lacks the cap space to make it happen.

THE ATHLETIC: Jeremy Rutherford also reports that it’s back to square one for Tarasenko as his new representatives attempt to find the right fit for the UFA winger. They’ve been reaching out to clubs, including those that previously made offers to Tarasenko.

There were reports Tarasenko was close to signing a deal with the Carolina Hurricanes before changing agents. The Hurricanes declined to comment but Rutherford indicates his new representatives have reached out to the club and are waiting for a reply.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tarasenko remains the best player available in this summer’s thin UFA market. He’s coming off an eight-year contract with an AAV of $7.5 million.

Tarasenko will still generate plenty of interest. However, the high number of clubs with limited salary-cap space could make it difficult for him to find better offers than those he reportedly received before changing agents.

RDS: Former NHL coach Alain Vigneault has no interest in pursuing another head-coaching job. The 62-year-old remains under contract with the Philadelphia Flyers but was fired as their head coach in Dec. 2021. He now considers himself a retiree and wants to move on and enjoy his life.

Vigneault ranks 15th in NHL history for games coached (1,363) and is tenth in wins with 722. He spent 19 seasons as a head coach with the Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, New York Rangers and the Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vigneault won the Jack Adams Award as coach of the year in 2006-07 and guided the Canucks to the 2011 Stanley Cup Final and the Rangers to the 2014 Cup Final. He leads all Canucks coaches with 313 wins. Best wishes to Vigneault in his retirement.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: Panthers winger Patric Hornqvist has announced his retirement, citing the concussions he suffered in December that ended his 2022-23 season. He spent 15 seasons in the NHL with the Nashville Predators, Pittsburgh Penguins and Florida Panthers.

In 901 games, Hornqvist tallied 264 goals and 543 points, winning back-to-back Stanley Cups with the Penguins in 2016 and 2017. He scored the Cup-clinching goal for the Penguins against the Predators in the 2017 Final.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Avalanche forward Darren Helm is calling it a career after 16 NHL seasons with the Detroit Red Wings and the Avalanche. In 823 games, Helm tallied 119 goals and 266 points as a checking-line center, winning a Stanley Cup with Detroit in 2018 and with the Avs in 2022.

CALGARY SUN: Defenseman Michael Stone has announced his retirement and is joining the Flames as part of their player development team. He played 552 games and netted 145 points skating with the Arizona Coyotes and the Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Best wishes to Hornqvist, Helm and Stone in their future endeavors.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets signed restricted free-agent defenseman Dylan Samberg to a two-year, $2.8 million contract.

DAILY FACEOFF: The Philadelphia Flyers signed defenseman Victor Mete to a one-year, two-way contract worth $775K at the NHL level.

NHL.COM: David Reinbacher signed a three-year entry-level contract with the Montreal Canadiens. The 18-year-old Austrian defenseman was chosen fifth overall by the Canadiens in the 2023 NHL Draft.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: The Red Wings promoted Kris Draper to assistant general manager. He will still retain his title of director of amateur scouting.


  1. Congrats Kris👍👍

    Michael and Darren, enjoy retirement

    The next next “chapter” has begun….. It’s Arb/2nd Buyout window season is upon us…

    “If a team has a player go to arbitration and it is either settled or awarded, the team receives a new 48 hour buyout window beginning 3 days after the arbitration settlement or award”

    Samsonov (Leafs) and O’Connor (Penguins) filed their arb papers yesterday….

    So Tre and Dooby…, have the paperwork and cheques already made out (for Murray and Granlund) and simultaneously file with your signed re-ups of Samsonov and O’Connor

    Tre…. Leafs already waaaay over…. Players must be moved for much less coming in. Impossible to fit in Murray, Samsonov and Woll

    Buyout saves $4M this year; dead cap $2M next year (less than Cap going up; and it looks inevitable WW has to be traded… so the net in trade for 24/25 should cover AM’s raise )

    Dooby…. Get off your high horse re “buyouts should be a last resort”

    For some teams maybe…., NOT for Pens

    He should have been bought out in the first window…. But Pens are nos already at your proverbial “last resort”

    Pens have at best, a 2 year window left

    Granlund buyout saves an extremely valuable $4.2 M this year; $3.2 M next year

    The deadcap of a measly $1.8 M in 25/26 and 26/27 is when window is closed; not going to spend what your spending now…, AND by that time Cap ceiling will be at least $92M and $95 M (at least) respectively

    You are obviously having a hard time moving Petry

    Buyout Granlund; sign Dumba 1 year @ $4 M;

    Hopefully you can finally get a trade that moves Petry; with something coming back; nothing as a sweetener given…. Not holding my breath

    Dumba replacing him

    Worst case…. Send both Petry and Rutta to Ducks with Gruden and Butcher as the sweeteners…. For “future considerations”

    Freidman/P-O J

    Note…. You also don’t need both DeSmith and Nedjelkovic on the big team. Waive one

    In fact… as soon as Murray is bought out…. Sign him for 1 @$1.2 M

    Then at training camp….. take the best of DeSmith, Nedjelkovic , Murray for the big club(whoever shines)

    Waive the other two…. If you lose them on waivers…. (Unlikely to lose both)…. You lose them…. No biggie

    Worst case…. The rich owners pay two NHL sals to players that have to play in WBS…. And owners are loaded…. It’s a rounding error at best…..

    Pens bury $1.2 M on each contract (that has s Cap $1.2 m or greater) that is sent down

    • Now Dubas has another chance to buy out Granlund. But i don’t think he will sign Murray again if the Leafs buy him out (i think they will and they should).

      • Hi Juss

        I hope you are wrong…. Absolutely needs to buyout Granlund

        Yes re Murray

      • @Pengy:
        Buy out Granlund and don’t sign Murray if the Leafs buy him out. That’s what i wanted to post. Not a native english speaker… May be I am confusing some of you…

      • Granlund didn’t have a great year last year, especially after traded to PIT. But he has had quite a few very good years, and unless he forgot how to play or had a debilitating injury history suggests he will return to form next season. Like most good NHL players do.

        So does he have health issues I don’t know about?

        I wouldn’t want to walk into ownership’s office and pitch to them: Hey boss, we want to buy out a quality NHL player so YOU can pay him to be a quality NHL player for somebody else.

        Kyle is a young man, I assume he wants to be an NHL GM/Prez for a while longer.

      • Hi Juss

        Got it , I understand now

        And I get the trepidation re Murray

        Hi Ray

        Dooby just signed up for many years.., no matter what moves he makes…. Won’t affect his contract…. Could get a “stern” one-way convo from ownership; but that’s likely it

        Re Granlund

        Yes bad year last year. That said; under no circumstances do I see him playing anywhere near that Cap hit

        Setting aside his downturn in production…. He’s slower be a jump than he was; AND at 4”, 25 lbs and much more strength… Eller is by far the better choice at 3C…. He’s (Eller is) also coming in at less than 1/2 Granlund’s cap hit

        Pens are over the Cap by $1.5 M right now( and only at 22 on roster; Still need to sign O’Connor… that’ll br s minimum of $2.3 M over

        They are stuck with Carter

        Dubas , for realistic purposes; has but two moves :

        … somehow move Petry and get a replacement in for less than $4 M (Petry’s $6.3 M Cap less above $2.3 M overage)


        …. buyout Granlund

        Option two is not only the most logical…. It’s the option that is fully in his control

        Re Granlund’s value…. Absolutely no one is biting in trade without 50% retained (foolish move) plus a sweetener…. And… when Dooby buys him out…. The absolute best Granlund could hope for…. $1M for 1 year…”prove yourself” contract

        Were I in the GM spot (and would only happen if Petry does not have them on his protection list)…..

        Petry, Rutta, Granlund , plus sweeteners (Gruden and Butcher) to Ducks for future considerations

        Immediately sign Dumba

        Team is much better; younger; faster…., and in the process just freed up a net minimum of $7 M (after getting Dumba; bringing up Smith; signing depth UFA forward…, see my list from earlier today)

        I’d actually even do it if Verbeek said….. O’Connor on top of Butcher/Gruden

        No matter what…. A move ID imperative… they are over Cap

        I stand firm that Granlund buyout is the absolute best first move!!!

      • Can’t say I watched many PIT or Nashville games last year Pengy, unless they played BOS or EDM. But what I do remember about Granlund, is he is small, not physical, but good with puck and distributing it offensively.

        So if PIT plans to play him in there bottom 6, it likely won’t work out very well.

        Play Smith on the 3rd line if you want to boost production there.

        Dubas is right, buyouts should be the last option, but hey, if your right about the player, maybe they do?

    • – Pens have no “window”, period. They’ll avoid rebuilding for a year, but will be forced into it. Father Time is undefeated, and that core should be proud of what they achieved.

      – Anyone that sees Matt Murray play and signs him (post-buyout) even league minimum deserves to be fired.

      – Trading Petry will require a sweetener and you’re getting a token return at best. A prospect who will never play, a 7th, etc. Losing Matheson was a huge mistake and nothing can change that.

      • Hi Pete

        100% agree…. Petry in , Matheson out….. seriously hurt Pens

        Re Pens having “no” window…. To me it is not “no” but more appropriately “limited” or even “seriously limited”

        Now in no way am I saying Pens have a string chance at a Cup

        I di however, feel that moves I suggested above can (1) get them in the playoffs ; and (2) win a round…. After that…. any wind are bonuses

        Anything can happen in the playoffs

        Yes re Petry trade costing asset(s)… as sweeteners…,my suggestion was Butcher and Gruden

        Re signing Murray… as a fireable offence

        Sorry I see it very differently

        Other than cash …. And just to reiterate… owners are loaded… there is zero risk in signing him

        When healthy he is far (far far far) superior to DeSmith or Nedjelkovic

        Sign him at $1.2 M or less…. He can be burried…. Zero Cap risk

        Waiving two goalies and no one picking either up… benefit of calling either up if Harry or the back up goes down

        Also could move them at TDL for late pick

        Both waived; both picked up…. (Extremely unlikely)..,No skin off Pens…. As they’ve evaluated from the 3 (training camp) and chosen the best (of the 3 as back up).,. And those other two then wiped off the books

        I truly believe it’s a smart move; not dissimilar to the move by Avs on Drouin…. He fails…. He’s waved

        Potential upside higher than cap hit; downside risk is limited to cash (for rich owners)

    • Window is closed Pengy. Time to face facts. Just enjoy the hockey.

      • Hi Randino

        You are very likely tight on re “cup” window

        Playoff window and winning a round is not closed …. If they just tweak slightly… free up space (Granlund buyout); Petry out (and hopefully Rutta); and say Dumba in

        If the window is closed…. Dubas should not have dine the moves he did

        His direction (from owners) therefore; must be to still have a roster that deals with the here and now

        This decision was not Dooby’s…. He inherited that decision (made when Tanger; Gino; Rusty etc were re-upped)

        If they were rebuilding…. It would be a difficult try by Dooby to speak to Sid to see if he wantrd to br an Av and win another (maybe 2 mote) Cups….

        Sid @ 50% retained to Avs… all but handing them cup in ‘24, maybe ‘25 as well…. What does that return look like

        Not happening…. But just throwing the thought out there

      • Pengy, I agree. It wouldn’t shock me to see the Pens win a round or two. With EK, that’s very likely, imo. Without him, I fear that most of the top end talent is a little too over the hill the bring home the cup.

  2. George has taken over on an interim basis in Ottawa

    Hopefully he signs Tarasenko , then the Hurricanes can pursue a real forward in Nylander .

    If Treliving could pull off a cliff Fletcher manoeuvre , as per Calgary and Toronto – Gilmour trade – IDEAL
    I feel Calgary’s GM is ripe for the picking
    Zadorov ++ coming our way

    • Ken

      Headlines…. “85 year old ; retired Federal Civil servant takes over reigns of Sens” has a nice ring to it

      George…. Are you prepared for a change to your tax bracket?

  3. As I posted yesterday when the news broke, Brooks report that Tarasenko received multiple offers between $5.5-6m. (He also wrote that it was for varying term) is pure drivel. And the reports of being close to a deal with the Canes likely not accurate either. If he had received these offers he’d have signed already.
    Changes agents won’t matter. He’ll wind up with a contract for one year at much less than $5m.

    • Excellent points Howard

    • Howard maybe the best bet for Tarasenko is sign a one year deal in Chicago or Anaheim; get moved to a contender at the trade deal line and look for a longer term next season.

  4. Waddell has had a good offseason. He should walk away from Tarasenko and Karlsson.

    I have read articles that state if Carolina trades for Karlsson they will be Stanley cup favorites. I wouldn’t trade Pesce for Karlsson straight up. If Karlsson plays top minutes for Carolina their Stanley cup window will be closing. The media tends to minimize Karlsson’s goals against. That works for the Norris but the Stanley Cup isn’t voted for its earned by 200 foot team play. Carolina only has one Slavin, it would take two if Karlsson was on the team.

    • I’m with you on Karlsson, GP. CAR has plenty of offense on the back end (Burns, Skjei, Orlov to a degree, and probably TDA). They need another shut-down D, and Pesce is far superior to Karlsson as that.

      I’m good with bringing Tarasenko on board, but probably not at the $’s mentioned, and especially not at a longer term. He’ll likely get both elsewhere. Hopefully a nice cap-gumming overpayment by an Eastern Conference team.

  5. Bruins didn’t need to keep both goalies they should’ve traded one …sign a vet goalie for 1 year and then when the time comes bring up their best goalie in the minors

    • I’m surprized no team gave a offer sheet to Bostons young goaltender…. Jerramy Swayman

      They need to Re-work this to make it more user friendly and encourage more offer sheets in the NHL….⁉️

  6. I like what the Pens did in UFA. They have put together a really solid bottom 6 group. If a 40+ point guy like Granlund is the only issue, I think you will be ok.

    Eller, Smith, Granlund, Accari….those are some really solid 2 way forwards.
    However, have no idea who is going to replace the Zucker scoring……

    • Hi Brian

      Smith was brought in as Zucker’s replacement

      Bottom 6 (barring of course Granlund) is an uptick from last year

      However, I’m not convinced Eller is the solution at 3C

      Would still like to move Petry and Rutta; sign Dumba

      That leaves nice space

      I honestly thin Toews at 3C would be perfect…. $1M Sal plus appropriate PBs

      Still some bottom non 35+ bottom 6 options out there …. That will come in at 1 year between League min and $1M at the max….

      Ritchie ….13-13-26 … 74 GP, 27 years old

      Boquist 10-11-21 70 GP , 24 yrs old

      Sundquist 10-18-28 in 67 GP; 29 yrs

      Pius Suter 10-14-24 in 29 GP; 27 yrs

      Gregor 10-6-17 in 57 GP; 24 years