NHL Rumor Mill – September 6, 2023

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Could Patrick Kane sign with the Red Wings? Could they pursue William Nylander or Tomas Tatar? What’s the latest on the Flames’ Elias Lindholm and the Ducks’ Trevor Zegras? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Kevin Allen recently cited the Chicago Herald’s John Dietz suggesting Patrick Kane could sign with the Red Wings.

Free agent winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

The 34-year-old former Blackhawks winger is currently rehabbing from a hip resurfacing procedure in June. An unrestricted free agent, he’s indicated he could be ready to return to action earlier than expected.

Dietz cited a source close to Kane claiming the winger told him that he’d like to follow former Blackhawks linemate Alex DeBrincat to Detroit if he’s able. There would have to be mutual interest from the Red Wings.

Allen is skeptical that Kane will sign with the Red Wings. He doesn’t dismiss the possibility, noting that they’re among the few teams with more than $5 million in salary-cap space this season. However, he pointed out that Kane might prefer signing with a Stanley Cup contender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane’s preference may be joining a contender but the priority is to return to action. If the clubs he’s interested in can’t afford him, he’ll have to consider signing with a team like the rebuilding Red Wings. That would give him the opportunity to prove that he’s returned to form with no lingering effects from his hip procedure.

That would also make Kane a valuable bargaining chip near the trade deadline for the Wings. They could retain part of his salary to send him to a contender for a decent return.

MLIVE.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Ansar Khan was asked if there was a possibility the Wings could pursue a trade for William Nylander if the Toronto Maple Leafs decide to shop the 27-year-old winger.

Khan doubted the Wings would release the assets necessary to acquire Nylander unless the winger agreed to re-sign with them. He noted that the Leafs will have plenty of potential trade partners outside the Atlantic Division for Nylander. Khan also pointed out that the Wings no longer have the urgency to acquire a sniper since landing Alex DeBrincat in July.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Nylander were interested in joining the Red Wings, he’d only have to wait until next summer when he could sign with them as an unrestricted free agent. He will be an expensive signing for any club as he’s reportedly seeking an average annual value of $10 million on a long-term contract.

Asked if the Wings might have a reunion with winger Tomas Tatar, Kahn didn’t rule it out. However, he thinks general manager Steve Yzerman might prefer someone who can play center and wing. Khan also believes the club is comfortable with its current group of wingers.


SPORTSNET: In his Sept. 4 “32 Thoughts” podcast, Elliotte Friedman acknowledged Elias Lindholm’s recent interview with a Swedish reporter indicating his willingness to remain with the Calgary Flames. However, Friedman said that it’s his understanding that contract discussions have been quiet between the two sides.

Friedman believes it’s good news for the Flames and their fans that Lindholm wants to stay. Nevertheless, the two sides have to reach a place in negotiations where they’re comfortable. He anticipates discussions could pick up as the season gets closer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lindholm said he was leaving it up to his agent and Flames management to work out a suitable new contract. This could occur before the season opens in October or those talks could continue during the season. For now, it appears there is a low possibility of the Flames trading him.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman also weighed in on Trevor Zegras’ contract talks with the Anaheim Ducks. The 22-year-old center is a restricted free agent after completing his entry-level contract last season.

Friedman doesn’t see the two sides reaching an agreement on a long-term contract. Instead, it sounds like Zegras will be getting a bridge deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman didn’t indicate how much of an annual cap hit the young center will receive. Bridge deals tend to be two or three years in length. Zegras will get a significant raise following back-to-back 60-plus point seasons.


  1. Flames should be able to retain Lindholm . That eighth year is a big advantage 7×10 is the same as 8x 8.875 and I don’t believe he gets 10:on the open market
    Move on from Backlund and Hanifin

    Smart play for Zegras . A bridge will provide more at the end of the day with rising salary cap. Elite finisher who will get paid

    • That’s a slight oversimplification silver. Doesn’t take into account the possible money of a deal after this one.

    • Lindholm is going to be 29 when his next contract starts. Giving him 7 – 8 years after that is nuts. It may be what the “market” demands, but its still nuts.
      The GMs will need some new CBA clauses added into the next agreement (more buyouts?) to save themselves from themselves (again)!

      • Its a funny scenario because there are teams that will give him a large 7 year deal. If owners complain at buyout time the question to Edwards is do we have a policy to not do long term deals once a player gets to 29-30 or be prepared to really over pay for the 2-4 years of the long term deal where player should be able to play up to the contract. Tough call.
        I agree, you have to wonder what the players would be prepared to give to get the league to not have buyouts count against the cap. That would be quite the game changer. Perhaps the formula for buyouts can be reduced enough to have the owners consider it.

      • 7 and 8 year term limits are simply too long.
        Especially with these ridiculous No Trade and No Movement clauses players are demanding.
        The NBA has a 5 year term limit and I would like to see a 5 or 6 year term limit in the next NHL CBA.

    • As Flames #1 center I see Lindholm in the $9 – $9.5 range, just below what Carolina paid Sebastian Aho!
      I am surprised that Conroy has not gotten this done as it would cripple the franchise to lose their best player.

  2. “That would also make Kane a valuable bargaining chip near the trade deadline for the Wings. They could retain part of his salary to send him to a contender for a decent return.”

    One thing I think is almost guaranteed is that Kane will want a full NMC no matter where he signs.

    *IF* he decides he wants to sign with the Wings I’m sure he wants control over what happens if they end up being outside the playoff picture.

  3. Willing to stay and wanting to stay are not the same thing. Willing- If you pay me more then i want
    Wanting- I will take a hair cut

    I would pay Lindholm $10m before i would pay Nylander $10m but i wouldn’t pay either $10m

    Kane can take his time up to December 1st and sign wherever he can find an opportunity. It will be a ntc and if with a non playoff team he can have control over his final destination.

    • I dont think Lindholm gets 10, but he could get 9. Nylander is more difficult I think, how will we handle being winger on the first line? I think it get done in Toronto at 9,75 times 8

    • One has to wonder as a Flames fan about the reports back before the draft about a huge offer tabled to Lindholm to now negoyiations have been quiet. Doesnt make sense to this fan. Seems Lindholm is ok to reign in Calgary but wants to see how the year plays out. For Conroy, that is unacceptable. I truly hope that Conroy & his agent are having conversations on what teams Lindholm is willing to extend with now & then get as fair of a deal as he can. I get its the players right to go to free agency, but if he is any bit unsure, its a business & both sides will have to treat it the same way.
      If players like Matthews are willing to extend prior to becoming a free agent, flags should be flapping with Conroy right now.

  4. Kane to Sabres

    • Ever wonder if Buffalo fans were a lil miffed Kane desperately wanted to go to Rangers, & not Sabres. If I were a Sabres fan i’d tell him to pack sand. I know they barely missed the playoffs, but still.

  5. Probably.

  6. I am not saying Tatar is what the Red Wings need, but “would prefer someone who can play center and wing,” when they have Larkin, Compher, Copp, Rasmussen, Velano, Fabbri (5) with Kasper and Danielson coming through the pipeline doesn’t add up. What the Red Wings need is some GOAL SCORING, and I don’t mind if they find it through Kane, Tatar, Kessel, or a long-term deal with Nylander. Just find some, somewhere, because DeBrincat isn’t going to do it all by himself.

  7. Debrincat is a good start. I think Raymond is going to get a few and Larkin can potentially get you 40. Perron may have one more good season. I am worried about the mish mash on defence Seider aside