Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – September 17, 2023

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Check out the latest on Hurricanes’ Brett Pesce, Brady Skjei and Teuvo Teravainen plus a recent look at some possible Oilers trade assets in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Luke DeCock observes the Carolina Hurricanes appear to be rolling the dice on the expiring contracts of defensemen Brett Pesce and Brady Skjei and winger Teuvo Teravainen. The trio is slated to become unrestricted free agents next July.

Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Brett Pesce (NHL Images).

DeCock believes the Hurricanes are unlikely to be able to re-sign both Pesce and Skjei if they’re still unsigned by the end of the season. They’ll have also foregone the opportunity to move them for significant returns by the trade deadline.

Teravainen is less of a gamble for the Hurricanes as his trade value has declined due to his recent on-ice struggles. It may make sense to let the 29-year-old winger play out the final season of his contract and let him depart via free agency.

General manager Don Waddell said the club is waiting to see how things go this season and then they’ll deal with it. DeCock believes the potential costs of being trapped in a negotiating corner with those players are outweighed by the competitive benefits.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pesce regularly surfaced in this summer’s trade rumors while Skjei and Teravainen made occasional appearances.

It’s still possible for at least one of them to be shopped before the start of the season. However, the Hurricanes are among this season’s Stanley Cup contenders. They stand a better chance of winning it with those three in the lineup right now.

Things could change over the course of the season. At least one of them could play so well that the Hurricanes re-sign them. Perhaps one of them becomes a trade chip to address a pressing need elsewhere on the roster. Maybe the Hurricanes struggle under the weight of heightened expectations forcing Waddell to make a bold move. Or possibly all three end up getting shopped at the trade deadline.

DeCock’s colleague Chip Alexander reported Pesce has changed agents. Perhaps that signals the possibility of a contract extension for the 28-year-old defenseman in the coming weeks.


THE ATHLETIC: Allan Mitchell recently listed five Edmonton Oilers assets that could be moved at some point before the March 8 trade deadline to address potential issues in goal, on right defense and at right wing.

Mitchell believes their 2024 first-round pick could be in play if it’ll fetch an effective asset like Mattias Ekholm. If they seek a right-shot defenseman, blueliner Philip Broberg could be the asking price.

Winger Dylan Holloway and prospect center Raphael Lavoie could also become trade bait. So could veteran defenseman Brett Kulak.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers are said to be all-in on pursuing the Stanley Cup this season. That means sacrificing pieces of their future to address their potential weaknesses by the trade deadline. Their first-rounder in the 2024 draft plus youngsters like Broberg and Holloway could become valuable bargaining chips at some point this season.


  1. All in but one and done ?
    I would absolutely keep Holloway and Broberg . You would have others of interest in the organization aside from those two. Who I believe are close right now .

    • I listened to 32 thoughts and they had draisaitl on. I beleive he said Holloway and Bromberg are looking good at camp. I suspect if they are moved it will be late in the season as they ascertain if they want to move them.

  2. The thought that Carolina doesn’t move one or two D men before or at the deadline doesn’t make sense with all being veterans as their is surely to be chemistry and locker room issues with most getting north of 15 min TOI and how RBA manages that will beg like a juggler balancing on a ball while on ice throwing up 8 pins at a time…Depth is great but can be a problem. Oh and some team will have injuries to the D corp at some time and will need a top four D.

  3. Would Sanheim(27) LD @ 8x$6.25 be an option for Carolina long term?

    Skjei (29) will he cost more than 6.25?
    If yes then flip now and make move for Sanheim?

    Philly can take just picks

    They can resign Pesce and Burns (both RD) and Orlov will only have 1 yr remaining on their deals

    Still leaves them cap flexibility to allow more youth to be grow and sign.

    Philly can use picks to retool and trading Sanheim clears cap

    Trading Skjei this summer gets picks to send to Philly.

  4. Off topic but

    To NJ: Hart and Walker

    To PHI: Schmid, Nemec, Holz and 1st and another pick

    Nj gets goalie of now and future
    Walker great depth
    nj set up well for future too
    Nemec can go with having Hughes
    Holz not making NJ roster anytime soon so gets a chance in rebuilding Philly

    Philly gets top D prospect and a 1st

    • IHC, I would be surprised if NJ would give up nemic due to his potential as well as Holtz?

    • Ok. So it’s pretty much established that goalies don’t bring back significant returns. How is hart worth even a fraction of that package?

    • You forgot to include the SI swimsuit model you will get to sleep with if this was going to happen.

    • Nemic, Holtz and a 1st for Hart?
      You must be kidding??
      Have you looked at Hart’s stats over the past 3 years.
      He is barely league average!!!

  5. What about

    To EDM: DeSmith, Blackwell

    To CHI: Campbell and Holloway

    To MTL: mid to late pick

    Mtl gets a pick for DeSmith
    EDM gets cap space
    Chi gets prospect for taking on Campbell which they need to use their cap space anyway with Mrazek sign for this season only
    Gives them two vet goalies and can waive Mrazek or trade at deadline to a team for backup goalie or to a team whose goalie gets injured.

  6. Babcock’s gone!

    • Well, you nailed that one, Paul.

    • Didn’t even make it to game 1. LMAO. Highly overrated. Now CBJ. Gas same issue. They need a real nhl coach

      • I think Pascal Vincent is a good choice. His reputation is for working well with young players and the Jackets roster is going to be about half filled with first, second and third year players. The Jackets weren’t making the playoffs this year, anyway, so a good “development” coach can lay the foundation for future success.

  7. PB

    At least he has familiarity with the team. Another new hire now would be tough for the season start for sure