Did Early Success Derail The Leafs?

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Soapbox | 8 comments



  1. Interesting. But I, for one, won’t touch this thread with the proverbial 10-foot pole. Who needs it? Only Leafs fans need respond.

    • And yet you did George. Lol

      • Would an outside perspective be such a bad thing? I think most Toronto fans need that type of outside opinion…..

        You’re way too sensitive when it comes to George! And way too stalker-ish!

      • Yup yup I shore did Vinnie. Hyuk haw haw haw. Glad I culd make yore day … yuk yuk yuk

      • Nyr4life, some may find it kind of pathetic that he feels the need to stalk me. As long as he doesn’t try to skin me and wear me as a coat I find it hilarious.

        I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt who once observed that great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people

  2. Brit Selby won the calder trophy with the Maple Leafs in 1966.

  3. The coat would be to wrinkly George.
    Geez , ya I think the Leafs are struggling because nobody is offering their perspective.

  4. The facts are:

    Shanahan screwed up at the outset hiring a coach. THE GM HIRES THE COACH.

    Lou saddled Dubas with a brutal Marleau 3 year colossal contract that cost team a 1st to extricate from.

    Shanahan further hurt the team by not letting Dubas can Babcock in the off season.

    Despite all of these hurdles once Dubas hired HIS COACH the leafs have been playing at a pace that would have had them comfortably in the playoffs had Keefe started season as coach as he should have. This is even with the very poor recent performances by the team.

    And most importantly the best bets to go deep into the playoffs have yet to be determined. It all starts with how teams are going when playoffs start. Just check which 4 teams have the best records in the last month with emphasis on the last 2 weeks. Those teams are your true Stanley Cup contenders.

    Until then , just relax leaf fans and hope Anersen re-finds his game in this final stretch.