NHL Rumor Mill – February 12, 2020

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Could the Coyotes consider shopping Taylor Hall? Are more moves in store for the Wild? What’s the latest on Chris Kreider, Joe Thornton, and David Backes? What are the Avalanche and Hurricanes up to? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Arizona Coyotes have no intention of flipping Taylor Hall to another team before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. The Coyotes acquired the left winger in December. While some observers wonder if they’ll shop the 28-year-old Hall before the deadline, rather than risk losing him this summer to free agency, the Coyotes front office remains determined to re-sign him. LeBrun points out they can offer Hall an eight-year contract, while other clubs can only offer seven years if he tests the open market.

The Arizona Coyotes have no plans to move Taylor Hall before the trade deadline (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: None of that questioning about Hall’s future came up when the Coyotes were sitting on top of the Pacific Division a month ago. It was their recent tumble in the standings that sparked this speculation. Unless someone blows the Coyotes out of the water with an amazing offer, they have no reason to move Hall now. He’s crucial to their hopes of nailing down a playoff spot this season.


TWINCITIES.COM: Dane Mizutani reports Minnesota Wild general manager Bill Guerin indicated any potential trade-deadline moves on his part depend upon the club’s performance leading up to deadline day. Earlier this week, Guerin shipped winger Jason Zucker to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

“If there is quit, there will be more trades,” he said Tuesday. “I wholeheartedly expect this team to compete for a playoff spot. We are right there. If there’s any signs of anybody taking their foot off the gas, that will be an indication (of what I have to do).”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Guerin’s next moves could involve defenseman Matt Dumba and Jonas Brodin. TSN’s Pierre LeBrun last night reported the Wild GM was willing to listen to offers for those two. He’s in the market for a top-line center. If the best offer he gets for either guy is a No. 2 center, LeBrun believes it has to be packaged with something else. Guerin is also willing to respect the wishes of captain Mikko Koivu. He carries a no-movement clause and is reportedly leaning toward staying in Minnesota.


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports there’s some growing sense of optimism the New York Rangers might re-sign winger Chris Kreider now that contract talks have begun. However, he cautions it’s going to be difficult for the Rangers to pay what Kreider is looking for. He feels it could still go either way.

If the Rangers re-sign Kreider, McKenzie speculates they could be forced to shop some combination of restricted free agents Pavel Buchnevich, Ryan Strome and Tony DeAngelo by the deadline or during the off-season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Rangers have almost $65 million invested in 14 players for 2020-21. If Kreider seeks around $6 million annually (it could be more) on a long-term deal, their cap payroll rises to around $71 million. Assuming next season’s salary cap reaches $84 million, that won’t leave sufficient room to re-sign all of those RFAs, especially those with arbitration rights.


TSN: Frank Seravalli reports the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning have reportedly had internal discussions about adding San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton to their lineup. Thornton’s spent 1,089 games with the Sharks, so any decision to join a playoff contender will be up to him. If he’s uninterested, that’s the end of it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Just because the Bruins and Lightning have looked at Thornton doesn’t mean he’s the only player on their radar before the trade deadline. Their focus is likely on younger options.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: cites FOX Sports’ Andy Strickland and NHL Network’s Brian Lawton claiming teams are showing interest in Bruins forward David Backes, who hasn’t played since being placed on waivers a month ago. Strickland said many of them are on his eight-team no-trade list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay teams calling about Backes are those with plenty of salary-cap room hoping to get a quality asset or two included in the return. The Bruins might also have to absorb up to half of his $6-million annual average value. We’ll find out soon enough if they’re willing to make that move to free up cap space before the trade deadline.


THE ATHLETIC: Ryan S. Clark reports it’s believed the Colorado Avalanche could attempt to acquire a second-pairing defenseman and a big, middle-six forward before the Feb. 24 deadline. Questions over the Avs’ deadline plans intensified with the news that center Nazem Kadri is listed as week-to-week with a lower-body injury. Nevertheless, Kadri’s injury won’t alter how they approach the deadline.

Clark points out the club has spent the entire season adjusting to numerous injuries. They could entertain moving one of their top prospects if the deal benefits them over the long term.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, they’re not parting with Bo Byram, Martin Kaut, Shane Bowers or Conor Timmons for a rental player.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the Carolina Hurricanes are willing to trade a draft pick for a defenseman under contract beyond this season. They’ve looked into pending UFAs like San Jose’s Brenden Dillon and New Jersey’s Sami Vatanen, but team owner Tom Dundon doesn’t like spending assets on rental players. They’ve reportedly shown interest in Minnesota’s Matt Dumba.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes have two first-round picks in the 2020 NHL Draft, though one of them is a conditional one from the Leafs that could be moved to 2021 if that pick lands in the top-10. Would they be willing to part with one of them for Dumba or a blueliner like him?


  1. Habs deal petry for picks and prospects to a contender.

    Habs deal Domi for Dumba.

    • Why would we trade Petry for picks ? We have plenty of picks ; trading Petry would leave a huge hole on our right side.
      As for the Dumba/Domi trade, I very much doubt the Wild would accept , but I’d love it ! May be adding a…..2nd ?
      Nah….not enough !

      • Petry is old and a ufa next year. Deal him now while his value is sky high was a 1st, roster player and prospect.

        Dumba would replace petry nicely. Lots of small forwards like domi in the pipeline that dont take stupid penalties.

    • Good morning

      Wish Jay Bouwmeester a quick recovery …

      Kudos to an amazing training staff and the team work from the players and medical group on the Ducks ..

      The Yotes miss Keumper he has really come into his own the last 2 years …big kid !

      Petry has been a very decent and quality signing by the Habs definitely part of the solution !
      Would be a great addition to any team looking for a 3 / 4 D man

      Time for the WILD to blow things up !

      If someone takes Backes its going to have to look like a Marleau deal …tough one not many takers !

      If Canes are looking for a Hockey deal ..Id be asking for Warren Foegele….if available !

      • and how many goals did Beauvillier score last night? And KK had the game winner in OT … not too bad for being disengaged …LOL

  2. “Guerin is also willing to respect the wishes of captain Mikko Koivu. He carries a no-movement clause …”

    There is no “respecting” involved … Guerin has no choice unless Koivu approves a trade.

  3. Arizona hold the second wild card spot by 1 pt over Winnipeg, but has played more games then anyone; have played 3 more games then Minny and Chi who trail them by 4 and 6pts respectively and 5pts up on Nashville who has played 4 fewer games.

    Arizona has 6 games before the trade deadline Ott, Wash, NYI, Dal, St.l and TB. the Dal and St.l is back to back. Realistically they could go 1-5 on their next 6 games.

    Does Taylor Hall want the money or the Cup? Present look at Arizona they have no players with 20 goals Garland has 19 and Dvorak 17 the next closes is Soderberg and Hall at 14, Kessel has 12.

    Would Hall look at this roster and say “yes i can see us competing for a Cup in a year or two?” or who he be looking at a team that is further in its development where he could be a complementary piece and not have to do all the heavy lifting just to help get to the playoffs?

    • The Coyote’s troubles started when Kuemper got injured.
      Kuemper – 25 games started, 12W, 8L, 2OTL
      Raanta – 26 games started, 11W, 12L, 3OTL
      Hill – 8 games started, 2W, 3L, 3OTL
      Kuemper was supposed to make his return from injury last night but had a setback on in injury on Mondays practice.
      Once they’re healthy they should be right back near the top of the Pacific.
      If Hall is smart and wanted to win a cup he should stay with the Coyotes. They have a good mix of youth and veterans, and will be a top team in the west the next bunch of years.
      As an Oilers fan I happy that Arizona is rumoured to be the team that will move to the Central division when Seattle enters the league. 🙂

  4. Rangers need to face reality and move on from Krieder. We are in a rebuild which has far exceeded anyones expectations at this stage. Retaining him will only hurt the process. At this point it is clear we are stable on defense and Shersterkin seems to be capable at the NHL level in his small sample size to say the least. Resigning Krieder does no favors by eating up valuable cap space that can be used to resign DeAngelo and Strome would you would have to imagine will come in at slightly more combine than what it would cost to retain captain inconsistency.

    • I agree. Unless NY buys out Lundqvist. That is a bit of a game changer. Having Kreider around doesn’t hurt if it’s not at the immediate expense of other players.

      Ny can’t rush every prospect in the pipeline. They need a good mix. Right now, They aren’t giving these kids development time they need.

      • I do not think a buyout is the right direction for the team cap wise. I also think a buyout is a huge slap in the face to Hank. But on the other hand Hank has to and should at this point realize that his time as the #1 here has drawn to a close. He’s got nothing to be ashamed of in not bringing a cup to NY. He did everything he could in his time here to make this team a winner. IMO it was managements missteps that cost this team they’re window along with having the Pens and Caps in the east.

        Now will he bring back a huge return in a trade probably not, but getting a return of any sort and cap flexibility along with giving himself 2 playoff runs with a contender makes sense for both he and the franchise.

        I really hope he comes to terms with his place on this team and is willing to accept a trade. I don’t think there is a single Ranger fan that would hold it again him.

      • I doubt he agrees to be traded. And I won’t even go down that silly road of buying him out is insulting to him…. bs….

        Remind me how the pens and caps in the east had any effect on NY Rangers playoff success?

        You may want to look at their playoff history before making that assumption.

    • Agree nickrock and Nyr, when you look at their cap situation it is after next season when they gain flexibility. Big time. Is your money better spent on the rest of the roster than another big ticket winger or pursue a C when they have the space?
      Strome has appeared to come into his own offensively but is that a 1 year blip? Gorton absolutely fleeced Chiarelli on that deal. Strome wasn’t contributing much offensively in Edmonton but he was a responsible 3C and a useful player, for Spooner.
      Rangers have some decent young D on the roster and prospect depth. I think Robertson makes it after a year in the AHL. Big guy who skates really well, moves puck great and is the leader of a very good Oil Kings team in Edmonton.
      I don’t know the Rangers all that well but when you look at the roster and cap space, I’m not sure Kreider, while a good player, is the best use of valuable $$. IMO you need quality up the middle and on the back end to succeed. D core and tenders look promising, C not so much. Wait a year see how it looks. Some interesting possible UFA’s out there after next season if they don’t resign.

      • Hey Ray Bark!!!! I’ve changed my mind from yesterday.

        I think Boston should go on in I want Kreider, Toffili and Dillon again. Short window, Boston window is now.

        After watching Sunday game the Bruins although outshot Detroit looked tried to me especially Bergeron, this team if to compete for the cup need depth and grit also as presently stand they would need to win their series in 4 or 5 games and get the rest, they are not built to win the cup in 20 plus games.

        *Editor Note* the opinion above is only valid for the next 10 minutes as the writer may and sometimes will change his point of view with or without and new information to support his own thoughts that change with each additional cup of coffee.

      • I’m struggling with it Caper, and can go either way. The B’s are kind of like the Pens IMO, but also different in that have some younger stars and key pieces.
        Pastrnak, McAvoy, Carlo and some good D prospects. Pens prospect cupboard is pretty bare.
        But honestly, without Bergeron, Chara & Krecji and an older Marchand & Rask, are they really going to contend for anything? Probably not.
        So ya, go for it!

      • Thats the million dollar comment. Soon the bruins will not longer have the window they have right now. I am scared of what they might have to give up, however the time is now.

        I hope they do not trade, Vaak, Luzon or Stud. Anyone other minor player I am fine shipping out.

        I may be the only guy that feels this way, but I hope they bring Thornton back.

      • Mixed feelings on Thornton Greatgonzo. IMO you have to play him on the wing because he may be a defensive liability at 3C or 4C.
        1st PP unit is already really good, but he sure would hep the 2nd unit, which today doesn’t see the ice until there is only 30 seconds or less left in the penalty today.
        2nd line RW with Krecji? They both have great vision and can pass. Throw Kreider on the left side so somebody shoots the puck, Debrusk with Coyle as they have done recently and it has worked pretty good at times.
        Interesting possibility.

      • Well Thornton played the wing with Pavalski at center so he can do it. I also think I would take Debrusk off the 1st PP and put him there. Those others are all so smart he would fit in seamlessly on the PP with them. Plus he wants the cup and I believe would elevate his play come playoffs.

        If they also got Krieder and as you said put together that line 3rd line it would be great.

        I might have to go to Boston Again this year for the finals. I would love to see another bruins cup in my lifetime and it would be crazy if after all these years Thornton won one with the B’s

      • Nothing wrong with another highly motivated player in the room to rally around, especially when things aren’t going your way.

  5. After reading all the 106 comments yesterday. I must say it was nice to see comments from people whom i have not seen before and some who haven’t posted in a while. Please continue to post, may not always put it’s nice to see different opinions.

    • It’s this way near deadline every year. Also near draft and fa Start. But mostly near deadline. But I agree. Hearing from the same ol bozos over and over can get stale.

      • Yeah, it’s good. I read many days, post few days…and when things get particularly negative I take a break for a few days, oddly it seems cyclical except for a few specific folks that are always negative. Seems like things go from polite, get a bit testy and then full out trolling, unproductive arguments…recriminations, lost opportunities, frayed relationships and general malaise. Seems to be a bit more civil around deadline and draft when there are more people. And yes, I’ve been hanging around this site for years and years, back to the great Shticky and Jello war of 2012.

      • Since aught 12? Oh my!

      • Yessir, you young whippersnappers don’t have anything on me. I remember the dark old days before broadband when I would yell at my parents for picking up the phone and disconnecting me from my dial-up modem…back then you couldn’t even get avocado toast in Hamilton, ON. Cars were all gas, lightbulbs were all incandescent, newspapers came on….well, newspaper. It was a glorious time.

      • I resent that!!! 🙂

      • I have written and mailed a letter.

      • Ed, assume you’re joking but to be clear I’m not complaining about what anyone posts on here, I like to practice this weird policy of if I don’t like it I don’t read it…some days I barely skim the actual rumours section and just focus on the comments…mostly bvecause I have this sneaking suspicion that Pengy doesn’t like Jack Johnston but I’m still trying to piece that mystery together.

      • I don’t remember when I came on board. I started getting into online hockey coverage in nursing school so about 14years ago. Can’t remember when I found this gem.

    • We will obey, colonel Caper !

      • been here for 6 years–post rarely–wonderful site–best on the internet

    • I have enjoyed lurking in the shadows on this page for years.. I read the comments daily I love the different perspectives.

    • Caper, it seems to me that Bergeron always looks tired and he’s always the best player on the ice.

      • Kinda like kessel for many years!

    • Re: Hall

      Starting to feel bad for this guy. Stayed in Edmonton for years on a brutal team. Gets traded to NJ and was unreal for them. One playoff appearance for them and is shipped out to the Yotes. I agree if he stays in Arizona for a few years they could be competitive. But does he really want to wait that long again. He could get paid in free agency but it’ll probably another bottom feeding team with cap. Or he takes a cap friendly deal and heads to a contender. I’m betting he takes the cash.

  6. I love the external sales pitches to help the Bruins move David Backes.
    “There’s interest but they’re from teams on his no-trade list”

    I wish Canucks could get that kind of media love in helping to move Loui Eriksson

    Im sure Benning and team owner would throw in a case of vintage wine as commision for all parties involved in helping any deal

    • Tyler, I agree with you. I think half of the posts I read are designed simply to drive the value of a player up or down so a team can either dump someone they can’t get rid of, or to acquire someone on the cheap. Let’s face it – nobody is going to trade “for” Backes, or Erickson, or Ceci, or Barrie, just to name a few. You are spot on -the only interest in these kind of guys is to acquire the additional assets that would need to be added to get rid of them, as Carolina did with Marleau.

      • Hi lago, I’ll take Barrie if your gonna give him away.
        But ya, Backes and Erickson ain’t going anywhere unless there is a sweetener.

      • Ray Bark – Well, I probably shouldn’t try and trade him since I am not a TML fan. I will say that, as a Red Wings fan, and admitting that we desperately need defenseman, I have zero interest in pursuing Barrie. We already have enough defensemen who can’t defend, thank you very much.

  7. Never say never depends what your willing to give up if Boston were to include a quality prospect or pick or eat some of his contract why wouldn’t you make that trade that’s how teams get better down the road. All the players you mentioned are NHL players on a bad team that can’t be good role models for young players.

    • Maybe I’m old and out of touch. My concern is, Kreider goes elsewhere, and explodes into the power forward I believe he is capable of being. Rick Middleton comes to mind! I seem to be the only person that sees intangibles with Kreider. I’ve suggested those before, and won’t repeat them now. I believe, somehow, you find away to keep him.

      • No question on talent but are intagibles worth north of & million on a long term deal?

        6.5 for 3 sure but 6.5 plus for 5 plus? I’d say no thank you and use the cap for long term solutions.

        Huge Kireder fan but he needs Zib to help him take over a game. Top dollar players need to do it on their own with this young and not rounded out yet roster.

        Without Panarin the Rangers are not as high in the standings and Strome does not have this type of year either.

        Panarin worth all that bread.

      • I would jump at Kreider for 6.5 over 5 yrs, the guy is a powerhouse, great in the locker room, loves playing for the team and has great chemistry with Z. He is only 27 yrs old and fits in perfect with the core they are building. I would give up Buch and Fast to make room for him. If it was a choice between him and Strome, I take Kreider all day long. He may not be a game breaker, but he shows up every night, scores 25-30 goals 50-60 points, he is well worth 6-6.5 for 5 yrs. We have more prospects than we know what to do with and not enough roster spots as is, gaining more prospects and picks for a guy you will want back in the next 2 yrs seems foolish. This team will be a playoff team next year.

  8. Why can’t Lundqvist just retire? I can’t imagine him being happy if he was sitting on the bench all of next season. He signed his contract before he was 35 so only a percentage would count against the cap. Does anyone know what that percentage would be? This way they could keep both young goalies. I guess they could then make Lundqvist the goalie coach sometime in the future.

    • Would you sacrifice all those millions?

      • I wouldn’t Chrisms. Isn’t Lundqvist still a decent tender? Obviously not what he used to be or worth the contract, but from I have seen or read he doesn’t suck. His numbers are pretty much at the league average.

      • Not to brag, but yeah I wouldn’t stop to pick up that much if I saw it on the sidewalk.

      • Chrism well if you ask Dustin Byfuglien he might say, Yes.

      • Hank is still top 30$ of legit starting goalies.

        Think NY is trying to leverage tings and not lose Igor with his out clause to go back overseas.

        With 1 yr left….Colorado may try to convince him for 1 solid cup run before he retires. They have the cap this year and next.

        But to the question of giving up 8Million doallars? Not Hank. His hair stylist makes half of his salary.

      • He/she is worth every nickel IHC.

      • Huh caper. That made me think. I think with buff he didn’t think this was going to go this way initially. But valid point. More and more athletes are doing this but it’s almost always health related. As it appears buffs was. Think Andrew luck

      • Question for everyone. If a player was convinced that playing wasn’t exactly in their best interest… getting old, injuries, etc… and the team is on the hook for a big salary… could the team and player mutually terminate contract… then the team hires the player as say a scout for the same salary? Do teams have to disclose salaries of every employee?

      • I think that would be circumvention but an intriguing idea…if you could get away with it though than Lou would have a bunch of expensive ex-players working for him at inflated salaries….this is my executive assistant, Joffrey Lupul…

  9. Matt Dumba for John Taveras
    Leafs get cap space Wild get a #1 center

    • Since we’re going there…
      Barclay Goodrow for John Tavares. Swap of (current) #1 centers and Leafs get cap space.

    • Rather have JT, and Toronto doesn’t have cap issues this year if they want to add and even with all the handwringing about their cap situation they’ve managed it well so far and they’ll figure it out for next year.

  10. To:Ottawa

    David Backes
    Boston’s conditional first this year
    Boston’s conditional first next year
    Conditional on top ten either year they get pushed back.

    To: Boston

    J.G Pageau
    Dylan Demelo

    • Interesting idea.. two first round picks would be nice to have for Ottawa, but they have two this year already and have a ton of prospects… I think (and have read) that Ottawa wants young players who can step in to the lineup now, a 21-24 year old player. Think Robby Fabbri going to Detroit, only a better player.

  11. Rangers need to trade Kreider get awesome value back, then re-sign him in the offseason. I would also Trade Skjei, TDA, Strome and Buch. We have Defensive depth in our system to over come those 2. Strome is not worth 5 million+ a year with only 1 good year…especially playing with Paranin. No thx. Buch needs a change of scenery too many mental lapses.

    • The problem with the prospect of getting “awesome value back” is that there aren’t many GMs prepared to relinquish anything of that nature for a pure rental. Most if not all who are interested in Kreider would want to have permission to speak to him first to see if he’d sign with them before agreeing to such a return. No such permission and no such guarantee waters down the return from “awesome” to “not bad.”

    • I do wonder why more players don’t do this. Agree to get traded at deadline returning assets that make their old team more valuable. If they love the old team just sign back there after having a shot at a cup? Don’t even sell your house for the few months your put in competeville

      • Well if you trade good players off your roster for the rental, does that not hurt the chances of the team in competeville to compete?
        Hence it is usually draft picks and prospects, which are unproven commodities.

      • Maybe I didn’t relay my thoughts well. The ufa wants to stay in said city. Wants to resign. But that team is a seller. Not making playoffs. So they go to a competitor and their old team… in the offseason it will become their current team again… gets better.

      • Ya, it doesn’t happen much. But I think it has. I don’t remember who it was though.
        Maybe the grass is greener on the other side.

    • Trade anything and everything that looks like an actual nhl player, and put more pressure on the already rushed young players and bring in some new ones to rush along in development.

      That sounds like a plan! 🤪

  12. There’s no way in hell I trade Kreider because I’m worried about signing DrAngelo and Strome. It’s been well documented Stromes point production is inflated playing with Panarin. Look how well Cam Atkinson is doing! IMO, both DeAmgeli and Strome are replaceable easier than hole Kreider will leave. Everyone focuses on what Kreider will want, but DeAngelo was the guy that held out last year and who knows if Strome will ever get a chance to cash in like he can now.

    • I hope Kreider can play center?

      Strome has been fine with and without Panarin. I don’t believe ny will prioritize signing Kreider at any expense…. nor should they.

      This is why the signing of Panarin was premature. The trade for Trouba was premature but understandable.

      Strome is playing just fine. When are NYers going to embrace it instead of question it?

      Kreider would be nice to keep around…. but who’s stepping into his role next year? Certainly doesn’t appear to be any center currently on that team.

      My guess, if there is a solution to Lundqvist they’ll try to keep Kreider. But I’d say zero chance they retain him by the deadline without a contract.

      • I meant who’s stepping into stromes role

  13. Bruins/Canadiens tonight

    Bruins -$203

    Two points the Bruins should get @ home but you never know

    • In the season series so far Boston is 2 – 1 outscoring the Habs 15 – 7 … and the Habs don’t have Weber. Look for Marchand to have a big night.

      • 👍🏻

  14. Before I go through my explanation re a potential future for Hank; I want to make it clear that I am a huge fan and setting aside the Cap hit; he’d be welcomed and lauded on most teams

    His career has been great; he is a great ambassador for the NHL ; and is a treasure to watch play

    I’d absolutely love him on Leafs

    I think the most likely scenario is Hank’s last game is played as a Ranger

    However….. for ships ‘N giggles….

    IF (big IF) Hank has more desire for a Cup than he has for staying in the Big Apple; there is a Cap finagling way that Rangers ; Hank and two more teams can be happy…. a whimsical win-win-win -win. It’s a slim chance; but it IS possible

    Again, stressing first that it would have to be Hank hinting to Gorton a desire to move to a contender ….. and this would need to be for next year…..

    Then Gorton finds a trade partner who will have space next year ; and that has no need/desire to spend to ceiling next year

    Two options; both have Rangers retaining 50%

    1. trade before July first (signing bonus) and while buyout window is still open. ….Receiving team buys Hank out (again these scenarios are presumed to already have Hank’s blessing on this) ……Receiving team cash outlay is $2.5 M; Rangers $1.5 M ; Cap hit for EACH team is $2.75 M next year (NYR’s save $5.75 M in cap) next year; then $750 K hit fir each team in ‘21/‘22
    2. As above but traded after July 1st (note this is limited to teams with players in Arb [for 2nd buyout window to open]) …. Cap splits the same; but the $1M SB paid by Rangers instead

    So what is required (ask) in trade by other team for (1) $2.5 M cash paid and $2.75 M Cap outlay (which they aren’t using anyway)?

    And is Gorton willing to pay that ask to save $5.75M in Cap next year? Cash outlay is irrelevant to Rangers

    Then compare that to a lesser ask for (2) …. as $Cash outlay is $1M less for receiving team; but number of suitors (with space and with at least one Arb case) is much less

    There could be a reasonable and amenable trade in there

    For Hank …. if he signs to any team for $1.5 M for one year ; he doesn’t lose a cent and picks whatever team he wants to play for to try and get the cup. I ‘d think he’d get more than $1.5 M.

    I’m sure there would be at least 1/2 the teams more than willing to pay Hank $1.5 M or more as their back-up

    Would Hank accept a back up roll?????

    Tons of ifs , suppositions , mysteries, unknowns; insanity, speculation etc etc in the above; and again it all has to start with Hank not only desiring this; but also conveying that sentiment to Gorton

    However remote the nutty the scenarios above are… the result ….. win-win-win-win:

    Win …. Rangers save $5.75 M in Cap

    Win …. Hank plays another season on the team of his choosing with a chance at a cup; does not lose a cent and may likely get paid a tad more

    Win…. receiving/buyout team…. gets an asset package that they are comfortable with …. for $1.5 M cash or an even bigger asset package for $2.5 M cash … the Cap hit is irrelevant as I stated …. it would have to be a team that had space and wouldn’t be spending to ceiling

    Win…. eventual team that gets Hank 👍👍👍👍

    Odds it happens … slim… it is just food for thought

    No matter where Hank plays for the rest of his career; I will watch and enjoy his play.

    I may be grumpy if he shuts-out Leafs or Pens; but I will enjoy watching him

    • Forgot to add the reminder that Carolina paid $3.8 M cash for Leafs first rounder (‘20 OR ‘21 [if top 10] )in the Marleau deal

  15. I would really like to know what defenseman. if any the Leafs are considering.
    I really do not see a difference maker out there, maybe I am wrong..
    The Leafs still need something.
    Lots of talent , but what;s missing !

  16. Is Pasta God or what