NHL Rumor Roundup: The Dirty Dozen Days from the Trade Deadline

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Rumors | 5 comments



  1. My trade predictions involving defencemen:

    Sharks trade Dillon, M. Karlsson, Heed and Senator’s 2020 5th to Lightning for Mike Condon (to keep the Lightning contracts at or below 50), Lightning’s 2020 1st and Red Wing’s 2020 4th.

    Kings trade Martinez and Toffoli (retaining 50% to make the dollars work) to Panthers for Connolly, Pysyk, Avalanche’s 2020 3rd and Panther’s 2020 4th.

    Devils trade Vatanen to Coyotes for their 2020 2nd and Lyubushkin.

    Sabres trade Bogosian to Hurricanes for Sabres’ 2020 3rd back.

    Ducks trade Del Zotto to Blues (again) for Hurricane’s 2020 5th.

    Sabres trade McCabe and C. Miller to Blackhawks for Maatta and Gustafsson.

    Islanders trade Mayfield, Hickey and Griess to Avalanche for Graves, Barberio and Francouz.

    We’ll see if any of them actually happen. Have with it.

  2. I don’t remember reading of any team other than the Penguins that was ambitiously pursuing Zucker. If there were none, the Penguins trade may not start the trade dominos falling, Could other teams be thinking, “Who cares?” Were there teams other than the Penguins with more than a passing interest in Zucker?

  3. Francis…kind of agree with you..I didn’t hear too many if any outside of Pittsburgh interested in Zucker.

    We did over pay but he will be a good fit with the Penguins either with Sid or geno!!

    • A Penguins fan would have to hope that it’s not really true that nice guys finish last. But if we compare Zucker’s 29 points in 715 minutes of ice time this season to Galenyuks 17 points in 516 ninutes of ice time, you have to wonder if the Pens would have gained much if they’d gotten Zucker for Chuck alone.

      Just wondering, if you were JR, what player would you have tried to acquire in return for the players that the real JR traded?