NHL Rumor Mill – February 8, 2020

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Are the Avalanche pursuing Jets winger Kyle Connor? Could the Leafs use a loophole to free up salary-cap space for the trade deadline? What’s the latest on Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, and Ilya Kovalchuk? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre cites a “well-connected source” claiming teams are calling the Jets about winger Kyle Connor. The Jets need a top-tier defenseman, and McIntyre notes it takes talent to land talent. He said Colorado Avalanche prospect defenseman Bo Byram is the main name linked to Connor, along with a couple other small pieces. The Avs already have a potential franchise blueliner in Cale Makar, and their window of opportunity to win the Cup is wide open.

Could the Winnipeg Jets move Kyle Connor for a top-two defenseman? (Photo via NHL Images)

McIntyre doubts the Jets will move Connor, who leads them with 25 goals on the season. he also doesn’t think they’re actively shopping the 23-year-old winger. Still, he suggests trading “a highly coveted asset for a major piece to help in the present might make some sense.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I supposed the Avalanche could have interest in Connor. Heck, who wouldn’t? However, they’ve already got a top-line left winger in Gabriel Landeskog, while Valeri Nichushkin is showing promise in the second-line role. They’ve also been linked to guys like Chris Kreider and Tyler Toffoli, who would be more affordable acquisitions than Connor. Most of the trade chatter regarding the Avs of late concerns their goaltending.

Byram is a promising young defenseman who could one day blossom into a top-pairing player, but he’s yet to play a single NHL game. He’s not the top-two rearguard the Jets desperately need right away. Unless the Avs are offering up Makar (and they aren’t), or Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff has decided to start rebuilding rather than push for a playoff spot, I don’t see Connor heading to Colorado – or anywhere else – anytime soon.


TSN: Frank Seravalli reports on the possibility of the Toronto Maple Leafs using the “Patrick Kane loophole” to free up around $9 million in salary-cap space at the trade deadline. He took note of recent comments by Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas suggesting any trade-deadline activity on his part could depend upon how long defenseman Morgan Rielly remains sidelined with a broken foot.

If Rielly, Cody Ceci, and Ilya Mikheyev remain on long-term injured reserve for the rest of the regular season. the Leafs can use the savings to acquire players at the trade deadline. The trio could return for the playoffs without the Leafs shedding salary because there’s no salary cap in the postseason.

It would be similar to what the Chicago Blackhawks did in 2015 with winger Patrick Kane. With Kane placed on LTIR from mid-February to the end of the regular-season schedule, they used the cap savings to Kimmo Timonen and Antoine Vermette, who helped the Hawks win the Stanley Cup later that spring.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s nothing in the CBA that prevents teams from employing this tactic. If a player has suffered an injury serious enough to sideline them until the playoffs, a team is allowed to place him on LTIR and use the cap savings to their advantage before the trade deadline.

The Leafs aren’t the only club that can go this route. The St. Louis Blues, for example, currently have winger Vladimir Taranseko (shoulder surgery) on LTIR. He’s not expected to return until the playoffs, ensuring they’ll have over $5 million in deadline cap space to bolster their roster if they choose.


NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: Brian Witt recently cited NBC Sports hockey analyst Keith Jones weighing in on possible moves by the San Jose Sharks. He believes there’s a likelihood Joe Thornton or Patrick Marleau get traded soon, suggesting Tampa Bay as a good destination for Thornton. He also felt Sharks defenseman Brenden Dillon will be on the move before the Feb. 24 trade deadline, with the Leafs and Florida Panthers as potential suitors.

THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz recently suggested the Lightning, Leafs, Vegas Golden Knights and Boston Bruins as potential landing spots for Thornton. He felt the Avalanche, Dallas Stars, Vancouver Canucks, and Washington Capitals could use Marleau’s services.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Thornton’s no-movement clause makes him the most difficult to move, though he’d probably draw more interest. I think GM Doug Wilson will leave it up to Thornton and Marleau to decide if they’re willing to move to a contender for the remainder of the season.


SPORTSNET: Eric Engels reports the Boston Bruins, Calgary Flames, and Edmonton Oilers have varying degrees of interest in Montreal Canadiens winger Ilya Kovalchuk. Engels also speculates the Florida Panthers could come calling if they swap winger Mike Hoffman for a defenseman. He believes the Canadiens won’t accept less than a second-round pick or a conditional third that could turn into a second-rounder.

Engels also weighs in on recent trade speculation regarding Max Domi, who’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer. The two sides haven’t talked contract in a while, but that doesn’t mean discussions won’t resume soon. Domi’s versatility and willingness to stay in Montreal could give him leverage.

Rumors linked the Flames, Oilers, and Pittsburgh Penguins to Canadiens winger Tomas Tatar. While Engels believes the Penguins have the assets and the biggest incentive to land the 28-year-old Tatar, it’ll take a lot to pry him away from the Canadiens.

The Carolina Hurricanes have scouted the Habs. They need blueline depth and could have Brett Kulak or Marco Scandella in their sights.

Engels also thinks the New York Islanders could have interest in Canadiens fourth-line center Nate Thompson, while Winnipeg could be a destination for Dale Weise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much will depend upon where the Canadiens are in the standings as the Feb. 24 trade deadline approaches. If they haven’t gained ground, Kovalchuk, Thompson, Weise, Scandella, and Kulak could hit the trade block.

Despite some uncertainty over Domi’s contract situation, I don’t see him going anywhere at the deadline. The same goes for Tatar, who’s thriving in Montreal and loves playing there. He’s signed through next season, so there’s no urgency to peddle him now.


THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple recently speculated the New York Islanders could use their trade deadline salary-cap space (over $16 million) to take on a bad contract from a rival club to pick up an extra asset before deadline day. The Leafs, Golden Knights, Coyotes, and Blues could be cap-strapped clubs looking to shed salary to make other moves.

THE ATHLETIC: Joe Smith wonders if recent injuries to defenseman Ryan McDonagh and Jan Rutta push the Tampa Bay Lightning into the trade market. That could depend upon how long those two are sidelined. They could attempt to resolve the issue internally.


  1. I thought if a player is healthy they have to be activated. How can teams leave players on LTIR until the playoffs then they are healthy. League needs to look at this. Shouldn’t be allowed.

    • So, Dave, the league should decide when a player is healthy?
      And, once Reilly and Tarasenko are cleared to play, you think they don’t want to be out there? They’re hockey players – they want to play.

    • So teams will trade all their mediocre UFA players but nobody else.
      Um okay, good luck with that.

  2. During a recent interview GMJR preferred top 6 winger with term instead of a rental. He also explained I ” may have to ” give up #1 draft choice aquiring top 6 winger. Whispers , both Samuel Poulin and Calen Addison are untouchables. Penguins/Canadians trade , what pieces involved ??? Rumor, Penguins considering trading for a Ducks winger.

    • Hi Speed Kills

      My fav choice for Pens top 6 winger acquisition is TT

      I’m thinking 1st + G-Chuck (to balanceCap) + Lagere (Montreal Lad; doing very well on a veryvery weak Baie Comeau team) just may do it

      Marino injury creates more problems …. Sully will absolutely do the crazy move of pumping up JJs minutes

      Would love an even bigger deal with Habs

      Want TT + Kovy + Scands

      Mont got Scands for a 4th; Kovy for zip (expected to fetch 3rd)

      To my above proposal for TT ; to also get Kovy and Scands:

      Add Bjug and JJ

      Bergevin will say no to JJ

      So make it Bjug and Ruhweedel and added to 1st; Legare ; G-Chuck

      for TT, Scands , Kovy


      • Who the heck is TT, Scands, Bjugor JJ, Lad and if Kovy is Kovalev…well he retired a long time ago

      • Ha!

      • Pengy: G-chuks time in Mtl is over. A failed pick for the Habs, no way MB trades for him. Even if the cost is broken hockey sticks and a bag of chipped hockey pucks. He is not worth the roster spot.

      • Raymond, don’t you just love unfamiliar acronyms? I don’t even try to figure them out.

      • Hi Raymond


        …. but to be clear

        TT …Thomas Tatar

        Bjug ….. Nick Bjugstaad

        G-Chuck….Alex Galenchyuck

        Scands …. Marco (Polo) Scandella

        Kovy ….Ilya Kovalchuk

        JJ …. Lucifer; Satan ; Beelzebub; The Devil; Mephistopheles; …… take ur pick

      • Hi Habsfan1

        No question…. Bergevin won’t trade “for” him ; this was just part of the broader asset package to minimize inequalities in Cap exchange….. just 30 games

        The key to the trade for Montreal is the 1st & Lagere, the rest is smaller balancing parts

        If you insist ; flip out G-Chuck and Habs can have “stay at home “ D – Man ; JJ

        …. and by “stay at home”…. I mean that Bergevin/Julien can do what Rutherford/Sullivan (despite all the damage caused so far) refuse to do…..

        “ Jack….. stay at home. No need to come to practice or games; we’ll courier your paycheques. Relax; take a load off. No need to call us. We’ll be fine. Have fun at home”

      • PENGY,

        Unless Poulin or a 1st are in any deal coming to Mtl, imo you can forget TT or Kovalchuk.

        The last think Mtl needs is another small player a la Légaré.

        So, how badly do you think your GM wants a deal/to win?

        I think there will be high demand for Kovalchuk (nay-sayers may snigger here), a proven finisher with a Cap hot of app 750K.


      • Stay at home defensemen…. no really……stay at home!

        I usually hate the never ending Jack Johnson 💩 on here… but couldn’t resist.

      • I’ll snigger. Whatever that is.

      • Wow that’s a blockbuster and i don’t hate it…

        Kovy power play help playing well..

        TT is the top 6 winger we need

        Scands gives defensive insurance and once everyone is healthy he can be solid on third pairing.

        G chuck number #1 pick this year defensive prospect pierre Oliver Joseph and a third round pick.

      • Yesterday on ESPN the writer suggested the Pens deal Filip Hallander and a 2021 second round pick for Tatar. There is zero chance I’m trading any of Poulin, Legare, Addison, or Joseph or a first round pick for a guy that’s only going to be there for a few months.

      • Hi Rattus Rattus

        Legare is in no way small

        He’s only 18 and is heavier than the average NHLer and more than closing in on 2/3rds of Habs roster

        He’s 6’ 1/2 “ ; 208 lbs

        Pens under no trade should (nor can I even fathom “would”) trade away Poulin or Addison

    • George, Ceci has been a part of the Leaf penalty kill pretty much all year. He’s a right shot defence man playing just under 21 minutes a game. I don’t think they are trying to avoid using him, apparently he has a high ankle sprain, a serious injury for any athlete, especially hockey players.
      No sinister motives with either Ceci or Reilly, just serious injuries.
      Of course, the league could demand that teams be specific when reporting injuries and drop the “upper body”, “lower body” garbage but they’d rather have the uncertainty, I guess.

  3. Good morning


    Jets would be insane to trade Connor ..this guys is a pure sniper… solid player all around ..I would look at other avenues such as picks or 1 A prospects to deal in any trade scenario if Iam the Jets.
    You would have to hit a PURE home run if trading Connor …not for a player who has yet to play a NHL game you need a player that has at least 2 years worth of experience to know what your getting back …I would not move this guy!
    Id move Laine before Connor …IMO… 100%


    Id Love to see Marleau and Thornton on the Penguins for this playoff run ….that would be amazing ..its doable cap wise as well…


    I would love to acquire Anthony Beauvillier on long Island …this kid is good!
    Id love if my team could pick him up..Id over pay a bit for him ..Kappy or Johnson and maybe a depth pick or prospect like Timashov

    Leafs really miss Mikyahev…speed size and diversity in the lineup ( as well as cap hit )
    ..hope hes back for the last few handful of games and or playoffs if they make it !


    • ooh, Kapanen for Beauvillier? careful what you wish for … if I’m a Leafs fan I don’t think I do that …KK has tremendous upside to me, more than AB imo …

      • @ Ed vanimpe

        Geroge O knows… Ive been pretty high on this player for the past 2 years now…

        Iam a really big Kappy fan…and Iam not holding his lateness against him..but Ive been watching Beauvillier quite intently on the NHL net work this year and last …and this kid is a pure goal scorer a comparable would be someone like a Rielly Smith or a Hoffman …

        While I like kappy as stated ..he just does not look engaged this year …Id really like to see what a player like AB can do with higher end talent in the top 6 roll with leafs …Id really like to see that !

        Appreciate your reply


      • Read a trade suggestion on espn, that Boston should trade 1st, Bjork and a prospect for Kreider. That’s a hard pass for me.

        If you’re going to give up that much it better be for someone with term.

        Look no further then the Jets at the cost of going for the Cup and failing to deliver.

      • I’m s little confused? If Beauvillier is a pure scorer, and Kapanen isn’t engaged….. why would Kapanen and a prospect or pick a bit of an overpay?

      • @ NYR4LIFE

        Do you think Krieder has yet to be moved due to teams not wanting to give up a 1st and a piece for him ..do you think he will get that and get moved ??

        What is your wish for the player for your team ?

      • @Kal El how is this kid a pure goal scorer a consistent 20 goal scorer yes but hardly a pure goal scorer. Beauvillier is getting every opportunity to score goals on Long Island and he`s not doing it for a team that needs a pure sniper. His goal production would put him a par with Kappy but he`s smaller doesn`t have Kappys speed. Plus Kappy seems to be a more versatile player, so why would you trade Kappy + to get him. Yesterday you were mad because Dubas overpaid in that trade and yet today you appear to be doing exactly the same thing here

      • @ BOB

        I agree about my frustration on the over payment for Soupy and Cliffy …Campbell has 10 years in the NHL with only 59 game splayed ..LMAO ..a 2nd or 3rd and a player was way to much for either player but I digress..

        Right now when I se Kappy on the bench and in the play he just seems out of sorts and not engaged as he once was…I just dont know what it is ..dont get me wrong I love this player on teh leafs …but he isnt using his size at all…playing more on the 3rd and 4th line with this group …I see a more versatile style that the leafs need to play ..and the need a finisher in the top 6 outside of Mathews and I think Beauvillier would be an amazing addition to that group …top 6 with a lot more of those players being a disher !!

        Marner loves to pass Tavares is not finishing well this year and Johnson is not a pure goal scorer and kappy has just been well…all over the place …if you insert a TRUE finisher on the top 2 lines outside of Matthews ..it will be better and beneficial long term IMO !

        AB is young and plays really SMART …he is an all around good player and can play on the penalty kill and PP as well !

        I dont mind over paying for production…not out of necessity …covering up mistakes and or desperation like the last few trades …

        I WILL OVER PAY for Production and smarts !

        Young player he has a 30 plus season in him and then some IMO ..with the right set up guys ..Leafs top 6


      • @Kal El checked Beauvillier`s stats and they just don`t agree with what you`re seeing in the kid. In his career, he averages under 2 shots a game. His shooting percentage this year is 2% higher than his average. He`s getting more ice time basically 2nd line time in NY with more PP time and yet his goal production hasn`t really gone up. He`s not fiesty and he doesn`t really kill penalties. He seems to be the same type of player as Kerfoot and I don`t believe Kerfoot`s value is anywhere near Kappy`s at the moment

    • Thornton & Marleau in the yellow and black? Intriguing… But seriously I think Vegas maybe Colorado is more likely. The former because it’s so close to SJ, and the obvious connection with DeBoer.

    • Kal El, I agree with you on Conner, he is a building block not a trade chip.

      Cheveldayoff’s phone must be blowing up with offers or inquiries.
      Just to add more enthusiasm he is on a good contract as well

    • Kal el,

      I don’t read too much into Kreider not being traded yet. Prior years NY held onto rental players right down to the last minute. Miller, Mcdonagh, Nash, Mcquaid, etc all deadline day deals. Zuccarello was a day or two before the deadline. Nothing to panic about there.

      I think NY may be trying to retain Kreider at this point. Something I didn’t think was possible until yesterday.

      If they do trade him. I’d like to see a near ready nhl player (20-22 years old, preferably a center) and a 1st round pick.

      • @ NYR4LIFE

        Do you think an internal divisional or conference team will pay a 1st round pick ++ and if not this will take Boston out of the mix…

        Personally I dont see them signing Krieder ..I think the rumour of him staying is to put a faster pace to a move and up his anti !

        More likely a deal with a western conference team !

      • At first I thought retaining Kreider was not possible. Now there is very real talk of Lundqvist being bought out. That’s a 3 million in additional cap space next year.

        They’re now saying NY has zero interest in moving Georgiev. The writing is on the wall. Ny one way or another looks like they are heading into life after Lundqvist.

      • I’m fairly sure that those asks are why gmjr said he was turned off by the trade market. I think teams are holding out for 1sts and then some and nobody wants to pay that. It’ll be interesting to see who blinks first.

      • Tampa And Carolina both have 2-1st rounders. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tampa spends one or both at this deadline. I don’t think they’ll do nothing like last year.

        I wouldn’t mind seeing Kreider traded to NY Rangers south.

  4. I don’t know how Cheveldayoff looks his team and Paul Maurice in the eye every day with that defensive corps he handed them … I am not a Jets fan but Maurice has done an incredible job this year … Connor isn’t going anywhere …

    and now with the incredibly horrible news regarding John Marino, does GMJR go after a vet d-man along with a top 6 forward?

    are you guys familiar with hockey writer Emily Kaplan? She wrote on espn yesterday that the Pens should deal Filip Hallender and a 2nd rounder for Zucker? If I’m GMJR where do I sign? That doesn’t seem like enough to me, especially after watching the patience Bill Guerin has exuded so far .. plus, the Wild are in it …

    • Yeah, with almost no Wild followers in these pages, they tend to be lumped in with either the ongoing “fleece” suggestions, or those automatically thinking they are among the teams that need to start a re-build,

      Meanwhile, they’ve quietly edged back into playoff contention, sitting just 2 points out of the 2 WC slots and with games in hand. They also sit well poised to improve in the off-season with almost $11 mil in cap space to sign 5, and with just 3 RFAs (Kunin, Greenway and Soucy) coming off ELCs likely getting modest increases and only two UFAs to replace (Koivu, who’s likely done, and RD Matt Bartkowsky, easily replaceable)

      Leading up to the trade deadline, they have 7 games, none back-to-back – 5 at home (Colorado Feb 9 – Vegas Feb 11 – NYR Feb 13 – SJ Feb 15 St.L – Feb 23 and just 2 away – Vancouver – Feb 19 and Edmonton – Feb 21

      They could well end up among the competitors for the best UFA rentals on the market

    • Good morning ed vanimpe, agree Zucker deal requires more. Giving up #1 draft choice and ?????? , I trade for another top 6 winger.

      Penguins injured D-MEN , both Marino & Dumoulin should return before playoffs.

      • Hi Speed Kills and Ed VI

        Agree … that trade would be a steal an no brainer

        I’m not a Zucker fan by any stretch. I think he is grossly over-rated

        Fair forward; but to me; over-rated

        If there is a trade with Minny …. it better be straight up Bjug for Staal

        That said….a 2nd (which has to be in ‘21 ) and Hallender …. not going to get Billy G to agree

        The Marino loss is tough; what a great young player

        Marino /Pettersson 👍👍👍👍👍

        With Marino out Sully is just going to stupidly up JJ’s and Ruhweedel’s minutes…. unacceptable for sure

        Yes both Dumo and Marino will be back pre- playoffs

        However ; Isles on rise ; so I think a Dman acquisition is a prudent move

        Early today I repeated my fav move for GMJR re top 6 forward….. Tatar

        A bigger move with Montreal that netted Tatar; Scandella and Kovalchuk with only moving G-Chuck and Ruhweedel from current Playing roster (the rest was 1st; prospect [Legare] and Bjug[LTIR] ) would have a big impact on Pens and would significantly move the needle on the expected length of their playoff run


  5. Kyle Connor is on pace for 37 goals, it will be his 3rd consecutive 30+ goal season. Ton of speed and will drive to the net. He isn’t being traded.

    If the Jets were to move a forward for a dman it might be Ehlers and I doubt that also.

    If would have to be for a number 2 or 3 dman.

  6. Would like to see the Bruins make the move for Toffoli or Kreider now why wait get either settled into the Bruins system and and familiar with new line mates …. have to believe they should be looking for a vet Dman probably a UFA type ( Dillon) if K Miller isn’t coming back ROS

  7. Kappy is not being dealt for an inferior forward. Get real.he will only go in a trade for a top 4 RHD.

    • I don’t think kapanen gets a top for dman kapanen is a bottom 6 forward no more

      • He’s better than most guys on your crummy team.

      • Lol your team hasn’t won a playoff series in 15+ years or a cup in half a century lol

    • Then relax, because in that event he ain’t going anywhere.

    • Wendel17higgins

      If you think Kappy is worth a TOP 4 D man how come it hasn’t happened yet ??

      How is a 20 plus goal scorer inferior …I am a huge Kappy fan …but he isnt doing very much …and I really dont see him as engaged as he once was a player this year is really weird ..Id rather the leaf invest in a finisher !

      Go Leafs..

  8. If I’m Boston I’m not trading for Kreider unless Backes part of deal only way they can resign him. I know the return would have to be more but giving up picks and solid prospects for a rental is suicide.

    • A lot to do with what they do with Krug at years end, the Bruins do have some dead $$$ coming off the books Beleskey & Seidenberg about $ 3.5 million total and Millers $2.5 million doubt he’ll be back plus a few RFA’s and UFA’s that they have there should be enough $$$ to resign Kreider if the trade for him

    • I don’t see Ny taking back that type of contract to trade Kreider. If Kreider is dealt, I don’t see them taking any toxic contract with any term past July 1.
      Term or not, Kreider is definitely the biggest player rumored to be available.

      They’re not going to get punished to sell his services…. unless there is MUCH more assets coming back….

      The Lundqvist story is getting interesting. There is now talk about ny keeping Georgiev and Shestyorkin and buying out Lundqvist. I’m starting to think this is a very real possibility. Also talk that Kreiders team is in talks with Rangers management about an extension.

      • And if NY could afford Backes…. why not just keep Kreider ?

        The entire idea of trading Kreider is about cap space next year. Ny signs Kreider, or takes on Backes with nothing else changing… they lose two or Deangelo, Strome, Lemieux.

      • The Lundqvist story was a suggestion made by Larry Brooks and not a sure thing yet. I have a hard time believing the NYR, a first class team, would buy-out his veteran goaltender who he’s 5th for wins in NHL history and helped the team to reach the Cup final in 2014. They will maybe look to trade him first, but it wont be an easy task. He commands a 8,5 M$ salary and owns a NMC, so he’ll got a say on his next destination. With all these hurdles, good luck to find a team with enough cap space to take his salary and where Lundqvist will accept to waive his NMC. So, trading the all-star netminder is far from a done deal.

      • Class has nothing to do with buying out Lundqvist… this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this ridiculousness suggested on Lundqvist or other players while we’re at it.

        It’s a business, not a feel good story. If Lundqvist is in the way, they have every right to move on. There’s nothing wrong with protecting the best interest of the team and organization. No room for 8.5 million dollar nostalgic mistakes in the cap world.

        I tell people at work all the time. This is a 2 way street. You work for a company, the company pays you for your services. They don’t owe you 💩 above what you agreed to work for, you don’t owe them 💩 above your agreed position, responsibilities and hours agreed to work. Lundqvist did great things for this organization. In return they paid him close to 100 million in salary.

        You can’t say in one breath he’s untraceable…. and in the next they won’t buy him out….
        maybe if we go on the class thing Lundqvist should be classy and retire… leaving his salary on the table? Hey it’s only money….

        This wasn’t just about Brooks musing. This was about an interview that took place with Lundqvist back in May. And about the organizations sudden reversal on trading Georgiev and retaining Kreider.

        I have a ton of respect for Lundqvist, he took them as far as anyone could expect, and maybe beyond. But I don’t get all gushy about any player . Especially one that is staying beyond their time and taking someone else’s spot…. for the sake of nostalgia.

      • Could not possibly agree more Nyr4life. Nostalgia/sentiment has absolutely NO place in the world of pro sports. By its very nature it has to exist on a “what have you done for me lately” basis and those that don’t almost always come to regret letting such foolishness get in the way of sound management.

      • What kinda tax dodge are the rangers going for if his salary is untraceable?

      • Un trade – able which is nowhere near an actual word! 🤪

      • 😉

    • I’m with you, Obe.
      I’m not sure there’s a team that can win 4 out of 7 against this Bruins team.
      Stand pat unless it’s a real “hockey trade.”

      • Ohhhh, brushing up against hubris, ShoreOrrPark. And you know what the gods do in response.

        The Bs are a legit contender but need a top 6 scorer. Otherwise, don’t bet too heavily on them.

      • Don’t think they avoid a TB or Wash or both on their way to the SC this season ……need a goal scoring winger and need to add grit somewhere along the way ….

      • Wash, St.L, TB, CLB, Pitts would all give Bos a tough series.

        My cup favorite to win this year is Tampa, I think they have learned from last season.

      • Yes, LJ. I should know better, but I have a good feeling about this group.

    • Then Boston is not getting Kreider….New is building the right way no need for Backes. Gordon option is to sign Kreider and get the verteran goalie to accept a trade somewhere.

  9. Kapanen is a very good 3rd liner and a number one P.K. He creates lots of chances and is noticeable but his plays don’t seem to finish . Whatever that is worth in the market I don’t know.

    Kerfoot Johansen should be moved
    Bennett Jankowski and a 2020 pick. To compliment the 2 or 3 they have left. Leafs will be not moving out draft picks.

  10. If any of Kapenan, AJ or Kerfoot or combination of them is to be traded, it would have to involve a D man of fair value and equal contract coming back…..who that would be I do not know….but it needs to be someone with term…any ideas from other teams as to what would be equal value??

    I watch the Leafs too much….I liked this week’s trade as it MAY have solved the back up goalie problem…I am optimistic without real proof based on last night against Anaheim

    Other than Muzzin the Leaf D runs around in their own end without purpose when the pressure is on….

    A couple of weeks ago Carlo Colovacio ( ex Leaf) suggested Del Zotto for a late draft choice..maybe he knows something we don’t…Del Zotto wants to come home..after seeing last night’s game I would do Del Zotto for a 4 th round draft choice immediately ….can’t be worse than some of the current options…

    Marner is a huge source of frustration to me as he can be so good and so bad within any 10 minute span of any game…maybe he was the immature element Keefe was talking about 10 days ago….

    • I disagree you on Marner he can look great and terrible on one shift never mind 10 minutes. Del Zotto is a lefty that doesn`t play the right side often so he really doesn`t solve their problem and Dubas spends draft picks like a drunken sailor on shore leave so don`t encourage him we have few left. I`d move Kerfoot then Johnsson looking for a RHD with term. Kappy is the one with I think that still has another level of play plus he`s way more versatile than the other 2. Kerfoot and Barrie that`s a bad trade, imagine if we had Kadri to dangle now

      • Hoo ya. A former 1st round pick 7th overall with some sandpaper to go along with18g 16a 34 pts in 49 gp and on pace for 31g 29a 60 pts – they’d be lining up to make quality D offers. A LOT better than Tyson Barrie who, despite what some might think, is NOT going to fetch a 1st round pick at the deadline.

      • George O – Barrie also will not bring a second or third or fourth round pick. He is bottom pair defenseman who you can use on the PP but then must hide for the PK or 5v5. Also a UFA, is he not ? Who needs a defenseman who can’t defend ?

      • George If I could a 2nd for Barrie he`d be gone. I`d even drive him to the airport. It took Sakic a couple of years to find a sucker to take Barrie so sadly we`re stuck with him

    • We all watch the Leafs too much, OBD. It’s part of being Canadian – kind of like freezing for six months of the year, paying way to much tax or getting screwed by your phone service.

      • Haha!

      • Strider, there are other channels, there’s streaming and everything now, have you tried Netflix for example?

  11. I have Byram replacing Erik Johnson, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    I agree that the Avalanche goaltending is suspect this season. This Avs fan isn’t getting too excited for a long postseason run with our current situation in net…

  12. Brind’Amour describes Jaccob Slavin an elite defenseman and the perfect partner for Hamilton. He is so good defensively that third pairing defensemen do not look out of place playing on the top pair with him. He has the ability to seamlessly adjust to any type of partner.

    I bring this up to point out that Slavin gives Waddell trade options that he wouldn’t normally have. Waddell could trade for a shutdown defenseman for the second pair and stack the first pair with Slavin and Pesce or he could get an aggressive offensive defenseman and pair him with Slavin.

    The general consensus is that Jake Bean is NHL ready which gives Waddell even more options. It makes me wonder why they would be looking at Scandella. Petry would cost too much, and Montreal shouldn’t trade him, but in my mind he is the perfect fit.

    One of TVR or Edmundson will not be on the team next year, and its possible neither will be. Maybe that comes into play at the trade deadline. In the mean time they are taking turns as Slavin’s partner on the top pair. Fleury has played well, seems to be consistently improving, and is still only 23. Bean and Priskie are on deck so trading for long term defensive help is not necessary.

    That being said Hamilton will be in the final year of his contract next year. Will he be able to get back to the same level and if so when? Even as deep as Carolina is on the back end they can’t take a chance on losing a 27 year old #1 right handed all star defenseman for nothing. Carolina’s biggest off season concerns will be starting goalie and Hamilton’s contract.

  13. Iago and Bob – I only included that about Barrie not returning a 1st because, back on Jan 30, Wendel17higgins admonished me by reasoning that “Barrie will get leafs a first because of his potential to turn it around and his historical stats and his ridiculously low cap hit. Full stop.”

    I didn’t ask then “turn what around? His gaffes?”

    He clearly feels teams will be lining up to relinquish a 1st round pick for a UFA who’s coming off an annual cap hit of $5.5 mil. Yeah, I realize that what’s left of Toronto’s $2,750,000 portion of that on Feb 24 will be relatively negligible … but in the end you’re still getting a defensive liability whose offense – while ok – simply doesn’t offset the brain farts. Certainly not enough to relinquish a 1st. If they’re lucky – and really want to move him – some team might take him for a 4th. Then they’d have to decide what’s better for their fortunes heading down the stretch – no Rielly, no Ceci and no Barrie – and instead a troika of Liljegren, Marincin and Sandin?

    • I know what you were saying George, the nice about it we get to see the kids finally and yes the kids screw up but at least you know there`s improvement coming with time. Guys like Barrie Ceci Holl Marincin you get what you see and there`s not a lot to see in them. I can handle kids making mistakes they`re learning. Went to the Vees game last night it was like watching an NHL lineup with some of the names, we have 2 Niedermayers, a Weight an Amonte and a Sillenger, You should recognise some of those names George. None of the kids will be as good as the dads except maybe the younger Niedermayer he has a chance to be a name to watch for

      • If some can be half as good as their namesakes they’ll be NHLers. And yes, all teams reach that stage where they simply have to see what their top prospects can do at the NHL level, hoping they see more encouraging signs compared to the inevitable rookie mistakes.

        Toronto’s situation with their D and cap reality almost dictates that that is the best approach.

        Ottawa’s going through something like that now big time (can’t win for losing) with a number of kids in the line-up and if they can peddle even half their UFAs leading up to the deadline (there’s 10 of them!) there will be even more rookies like Brannstrom, Formenton, Norris, Chlapik, Abramov called up for the remainder of the season.

        Their best bets for decent returns among the 10 are Pageau, Namestnikov, Borowiecki, Hainsey, DeMelo and Craig Anderson.

      • I believe Cole Sillinger wil be an NHL player one day.
        Watched the Neidermayer boy at the Brick tourney a few years back. He might make it too.
        Saw Tyler Bertuzzi there once too.

  14. Question to all Bruins fans here

    Can’t remember who it was ; but someone here posted 2 or 3 weeks ago that McQ was “secretly” practicing with some Bruins

    I hadn’t seen anything in the news on this

    Does anybody here know anything wrt McQ status….

    1) still considering a return

    2) skating but nothing

    3)Formally announced retirement?

    Also ….has anybody heard anything at all re Vanek?

    If both players still available and still wanting to play…. wouldn’t there be teams willing to offer similar to what Bergevin gave Kovalchuck….. basically getting asset for zip!

    I’d love McQ as a Pen!

    • Hey Pengaroo.
      Mcquaid has skated, but nothing other than unofficial practices.

      • Thanks ShoreOrrPark

    • Penguins need help on defense even before the Marino injury (thank god its a 2 to 3 week time frame).

      We gutted out a 3-2 win at Florida but this defense can’t survive a 7 game series against Washington, Tampa, Carolina, Islanders, or Boston

      Rutherford needs to load up because teams like Boston will.

      We need two forwards a top 6 winger to replace Guentz,,

      We also need a bottom 6 guy!

      Our 4th line is crap- Sullivan benched them over half the game tonight..

      Marcus Foligno Minnesota, Nick Ritchie Anaheim all good character guys, play physical and can score some goals..

  15. Connor for McAvoy or Krug?

    i still propose
    Ehlers and Pionk for Spurgeon and Donato or Fiala

    • Ehlers is better than both those forwards put together and pionk is on par with spurg. How does this even out?

      • Hard to get a good read on Fiala, we see the Wild hardly at all. He seemed to enjoy a breakout season in his sophomore year in Nashville in 2017-18, potting 23g 25a 48 pts. After an injury in the playoffs he had a slow start to the following season and wound up being dealt to the Wild at last year’s deadline for Granlund (which hasn’t turned out well for the Predators).

        An RFA hold-out this past season, he started to get untracked in December and is now on a pace for 20g 35a 55 pts, so there is something there. But I agree, not even close to Ehlers at this stage.

    • Take Krug….

  16. If there is a loophole to the LTIR, be sure the good staff at TML, are all over it.

    I hope in one way that TML misses the playoffs cuz even though their personal player egos say they should be there for the dance, they don’t deserve it.

    Most of their talent have no respect for what it takes to win a CUP and the worst part is; most of them believe they are entitled to a Cup based on their own individual stats.

    Well, rock stars. sit down with anybody who has ever won a CUP and the story of what it takes to win is quite a different journey. U guys don’t deserve a championship and until your colossal egos take a back seat to a collective team good, you rock stars are nothing more than predictable, expendable assets because you have shown everybody to date that this is all you care about !!

    Want the prize? Grow up and do it soon as the window to grow up is a small one when it is open and you guys appear too full of yourselves to obtain hockey’s biggest prize !