NHL Rumor Mill (Trade Deadline Edition) – February 24, 2020

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The NHL 2020 Trade Deadline is today at 3 pm ET. Here’s the latest on Chris Kreider, Joe Thornton, Tyson Barrie, Jean-Gabriel Pageau and more in the rumor mill.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be evaluating today’s notable deals in the Soapbox following the deadline. While we’re waiting for today’s activities, check out TSN’s updated Trade Bait list.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports it appears the New York Rangers will move Chris Kreider before today’s deadline as contract talks reached an impasse. The Rangers offered a six-year extension worth just under $7 million annually, but the Kreider camp seeks a seven-year term.

The Colorado Avalanche, Boston Bruins, St. Louis Blues, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Vegas Golden Knights could have an interest in Kreider. The New York Islanders may have also checked in, but Brooks feels they have no chance of landing Kreider.

The New York Rangers are expected to move winger Chris Kreider before today’s 3 pm ET trade deadline (Photo via NHL Images).

The Blueshirts could also entertain offers for Marc Staal and Brady Skjei. Brett Cyrgalis believes Jesper Fast could garner the Rangers a second- or third-round pick.

TSN (via Forever Blueshirts): Darren Dreger last night reported the Rangers have an offer of a first-round pick on the table. The expectation is they could get a first-round pick and a prospect or a first and an NHL player.

**UPDATE** The Rangers announce they’ve re-signed Kreider to a seven-year extension worth an annual average value of $6.5 million. 


BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy reports there’s still no confirmation San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton will waive his no-movement clause. Four clubs (Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, Dallas Stars, Pittsburgh Penguins, Tampa Bay Lightning) are thought to be on his shortlist of trade destinations. It’s believed Sharks general manager Doug Wilson has been granted permission to at least explore what he could get from those clubs.


CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Ben Pope believes Erik Gustafsson will almost certainly be traded today after the Blackhawks left the defenseman in Chicago as they departed on their current road trip. Other Blackhawks trade candidates could include goaltender Robin Lehner or winger Brandon Saad. Trade partners could include the Carolina Hurricanes, Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Avalanche, Columbus Blue Jackets, New York Islanders, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Florida Panthers.

THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers and Mark Lazerus report the Hurricanes aren’t willing to part with one of their two first-round picks in this year’s draft for Lehner. Two team sources claim three or four clubs could be interested in Gustafsson. The Golden Knights were thought to be among them, but that no longer seems to be the case. If Lehner isn’t moved today, contract talks with Hawks management could resume.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators are still believed trying to re-sign Jean-Gabriel Pageau to a contract extension before today’s trade deadline. While they’ve listened to trade offers, other clubs realize the Sens wish to keep him. Meanwhile, forward Vladislav Namestnikov and Tyler Ennis were recent healthy scratches as there’s interest in both players from other teams.

What happens with the Rangers’ Chris Kreider could determine the fates of Pageau, Namestnikov, and Ennis. The Colorado Avalanche, Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Islanders and Calgary Flames are all seeking forward depth.


TSN’s Rick Dhaliwal reported yesterday talks were ongoing between the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs regarding Leafs blueliner Tyson Barrie.


MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Detroit Red Wings held Andreas Athanasiou and Mike Green out of yesterday’s game against the Calgary Flames. With Green subsequently traded to the Edmonton Oilers, Athanasiou could be next.

The Oilers are rumored as a potential destination for Athanasiou. The Wings are trying to stock up on draft picks, prospects, and young players.


THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Elliott Teaford reports the Anaheim Ducks held Derek Grant out of the lineup in last night’s game against the Anaheim Ducks as a precautionary measure. It’s a clear sign Ducks GM Bob Murray has at least one offer for the 29-year-old center.


  1. Heading into deadline day I thought it might be interesting to see comparisons as to how teams have been performing in the games played (a low of 20 for a bunch to a high of 24 by Arizona) since the half-way point (41 game mark) – which teams have been trending up – trending down – or spinning their wheels in roughly the same spot – factors that could indicate who (besides the Leafs and Pittsburgh) should be making a move (or two) today and perhaps help generate comment in these pages.

    The numbers in brackets show their position at the half-way mark followed by games played – wins – losses – OT/SO – points – goals scored – goals against – +/-

    1. T.B. (7) 21 16 4 1 33 74 46 +28
    2. Bost (3) 22 15 5 2 32 70 63 +7
    3. Veg (16) 23 14 7 2 30 83 74 +9
    4. Edm (19) 21 13 5 3 29 80 63 +17
    5. Nyr (22) 20 14 6 0 28 70 50 +20
    6. Pha (11) 21 13 6 2 28 75 60 +15
    7. Dal (9) 21 13 6 2 28 56 56 E
    8. Clb (17) 22 11 5 6 28 55 50 +5
    9. Col (6) 20 12 5 3 27 61 44 +17
    10. Pitt (5) 20 12 7 1 25 60 59 +1
    11. Buf (25) 21 12 8 1 25 61 62 -1
    12. Cgy (18) 22 12 9 1 25 76 74 +2
    13. Car (8) 20 11 7 2 24 62 56 +6
    14. Van (12) 20 11 7 2 24 64 63 -1
    15. Nas (20) 20 11 7 2 24 53 56 -3
    16. St.L (2) 22 11 9 2 24 72 67 +5
    17. Mtl ( 23) 23 11 10 2 24 62 63 -1
    18. Ariz (15) 24 10 10 4 24 66 68 -2
    19. Was (1) 21 11 9 1 23 72 68 +4
    20. Fla (13) 21 11 9 1 23 70 72 -2
    21. Tor (10) 22 10 9 3 23 74 78 -4
    22. Min (21) 20 10 8 2 22 60 60 E
    23. N.J. (30) 20 9 7 4 22 61 66 -5
    24. Wpg (14) 23 10 11 2 22 65 65 E
    25. NYI (4) 20 9 8 3 21 60 59 +1
    26. Chi (24) 20 9 9 2 20 61 59 +2
    27. Ana (28) 21 9 10 2 19 56 69 -13
    28. S.J. (26) 21 9 11 1 18 50 63 -13
    29. Ott (27) 21 5 10 6 16 50 74 -24
    30. LA (29) 22 6 14 2 14 52 74 -22
    31. Det (31) 23 5 17 1 11 41 83 -42

    • Just an FYI …for any Leaf fans ..

      There was a post from SKATRZ yesterday that show analytics on a potential deal with Barrie and Stetcher…it showed ..that Stetcher would be a serious downgrade …just thought you should be aware as it seems as if the Canucks are in deep on Barrie..

  2. Trade deadline day!
    Tsn. Sportsnet. All the hype, to have nothing happen. Maybe there’ll be a swap of zamboni drivers?

    • Happy Trade deadline day boys…

      Caps & Bolts have rally built up a crazy team …

      I expect Pitt to do something on the back end to add some experience …( Hainsey maybe ?)

      not sure if the Pens have the assets to get in on a rental …but Hoffman would be nice …IMO

      In any regards …there are going to a few upset teams …ONLY 1 Team can win !

      I am looking for an off the board trade ..there are a few older guys…like a….E Stall…

      Thornton ..Marleau …to PITT????

      that could move the needle for some teams …

      My wish today is for the leafs to move Nylander and Barrie & Kerfoot for some sort of upgrade in size !

      Cheers …

      have a good one guys..look forward to the day !

      Good luck …let the Hunger games begin!!

      • Nylander, 1st and kerfoot
        Barrie to bolts for stamkos and Hedman

      • Hainsy and Jack Johnson on the blueline equal playoffs poison. I’d rather just get Dumoulin and Marino back.

  3. Going to be a busy day.

    If you want to know before it gets announced let me know.

    Be specific.

    Have a good day

    • Okay Kreskin

    • I predict Namestikov will be traded … I feel somewhere out west… somewhere high…. I’m sensing Colorado….. I see a pick… I envision a 4th….

      • Wander if Lundqvist would take a trade to the Devils to stay in the greater New York area and get playing time …

        Devils can fit in his contract better than say …the AVs

        is it Cup or bust or does he LOVE New York more…

    • Again, who the f is John?

  4. buddy claims to have insider info that Drew becomes a Leaf today. Cannot see how it fits cap wise

    • Unless your buddy heard something in the past hour, had that had been brewing he would have been held out last night instead of playing over 25 minutes!

    • @ ds

      They can do it for the remainder of this year ..and it will fit no problem with the right pieces going out …as I discussed yesterday ..

      Its next year where they will have to be really really creative !

      • CAPER & NYR4LIFE

        You guys have a lot of skin in the game here today….

      • Dubas needs to pull all out the stops to save his own career

  5. What would this day look like if GM’s could trade termed cap space for draft picks. Much more fun. Lets do it!

  6. General comment regarding the Leafs: I hear people asking why the Leafs just can’t beat the Habs this year, and bemoaning the back to back games, and the backup goaltending…
    It’s not because Montreal is more elite… Far from it. Toronto has the elite player card down in spades. But we have a Gallagher. A Tatar, who everyone gave up on. We (had) Kovalchuk, when nobody else wanted him. We have players with heart, who are out there to prove that those who gave up on them, or told them they’re too small…to tell them they’re wrong.

    Carolina lost 2 goalies in 1 game, on the tail end of a back to back. If any team had an excuse to mail one in, it was them. Instead, they told the emergency back up goalie (a 42 year old Zamboni driver for the Leafs’ farm club) to just relax and enjoy the moment…and they proceeded to double down on heart and determination, and outplayed the apathetic Leafs, made them work for every shot that Joe Q Public took from the Leafs.
    Those Hurricanes have a much better shot at winning the Cup, unless the Leafs manage to find their heart…if not from within, then Dubas has the job of trying to find one in his stats and metrics.

    I hope it happens, and soon. I’d love to see a Habs Leafs playoff round…played with heart, on both sides. It’s been too long, and I want it to be something to remember for all the right reasons.

    • @ Darksyde

      You are 1000% Correct …and this has been teh problem with analytics..that people of a certain ERA have been talking about ..if you ask
      Shoreorpark …or… Oldbludedog …as well as I they will agree you 100 % that METRICS and analytics are only 1 way of building a tem through stats …but what is not measured ..is work ethic …heart ..determination …size and how to wear down a team …

      Muzzin talks of the leafs wanting to play an easy game…what he means …is they just want puck possession all the time …an play with it …problem is ..when you dont have it ( the puck ) LMFAO ….you have to get it back !!!
      LOL …and that is the problem …

      The Bruins have had the most 3rd period goals for a good duration of this season…

      That is a stat you can hang your hat on…that will show a wide variety of good qualities about your team ..outside puck possession and skill…

      Dubas wants a Swedish Elite League Team …and he is building like that ..unfortunately …this is the NHL ….missed the memo

      Iam really surprised Shanny let this go on as long has it has …with no one playing with size in the line up …its pretty visible that is the issue.

      ANYWAYS…29 other teams to talk about !! Cheers

      • Namestnikov….to the Avs

        Is Krieder off the board or just to …RICH…$$$

  7. As a Ranger fan I know it will be tough to fit Kreider and ADA salaries next season( and MORE buyouts not the way to go).
    Of course if Henrik waives today it becomes much easier to keep both those players.

    But I am leaning towards Kreider over ADA if its between fitting one of those salaries. We have D in the pipeline….we have one potential top 6 winger in Kratsov and thats it

    • WOW….. GEORGE O

      Your SENS hit an amazing home run on Pageau

      Just wow !!

      with how deep this Draft is in 2020 and all the picks you guys have …in 3 years time …you should have an embarrassment of riches !

      • Every year we hear how deep the draft is. I’m sure every time it’s the case but what exactly does that mean and we are to expect?

        Are we talking about a lot of top six or top 4 pairing talent or are we talking about a bunch of guys that will make your team but not necessarily star players?

      • Thing is Kal-El, there’s no way they’ll draft all 14 they have in the first three rounds – 5 or 6 of those could be “currency” towards trades for good live bodies either today or at the draft table,

      • Ron, somehow that sounds more like an observation from a fan whose team doesn’t have a pick in the 1st round than factual speculation.

      • ” all 9 they have in the first three rounds …” (14 in the entire draft) … “

  8. Kreider, to me is being greedy .. fair offer from the Rangers, but with all the talent they have in the pipeline they can live w/o him …

    Thornton & Marleau to the Pens would be incredible but the Pens could also use a few d-men so Ruhweidel, Rikkola & Trotman can wear suits on game days … and of course they need grit/sandpaper but I’m not holding out hope for that, as if it would matter with the current HC ..

    Pageau to the Isles is a really pickup for Lou … they still don’t score enough but this guy is excellent at the two-way game that Trotz preaches and demands …

    Dillon to the Caps was tremendous for them, he is exactly what the Pens needed … but he’s tough and wouldn’t fit in Sully’s “Soff” philosophy …

    Hainsey is too old, pass … too bad the Pens missed out on Bogosian, that stung a little …

    • Well, you did get Marleau from the Sharks. How much younger is he than Hainsey?

  9. Who said the GM for Ottawa was horrible wow what a haul for one average player. Don Sweeney please don’t over pay unless it’s a hockey trade not a rental.

    • CANES ….Just got better !!!

      Trocheck is a great sniper !!

      I know ppl are saying that he is on a downward slide..but I love this player !

      Great pick up by the Canes …good job !

    • The Islanders literally got drafted fleece, great deal for Ottawa.

      Wow early in the day, wonder what impact this deal will have on other potential trades.

  10. Kreider resigns.

    Didn’t I say that?

    Want to know some other stuff?

    Barrie is going to either FLORIDA or LA.

    Want more?

    Dumba to Carolina.

    Another one?

    Jesper fast to Vegas.

    Another one?

    Derek Grant, Tyler Ennis & Jimmy Vesey talking with the OILERS.

    Another one?

    Tatar has 10 teams wanting him.

    More later


    your welcome

    Re: Pageau

    Pageau turned down 5 Million/year for 5 years from Ottawa,

    • Grant to Philly from what I heard

      Kreider taking 6.5 is classy to get the 7 yr term

      he ate getting PAID to stay with NY and his brothers in that room.

      How do Rangers clear cap now?