NHL Trade Deadline Tracker – February 24, 2020

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The NHL Trade Deadline is 3 pm ET today. This listing will be updated regularly throughout the day until all trade activity is complete.

Anaheim Ducks trade defenseman Korbinian Holzer to the Nashville Predators for defenseman Matt Irwin. 

Washington Capitals trade defenseman Christian Djoos to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Daniel Sprong. 

Montreal Canadiens trade Nick Cousins to the Vegas Golden Knights. Details to follow…

Calgary Flames trade Brandon Davidson to the San Jose Sharks for future considerations

New Jersey Devils trade goaltender Louis Domingue to the Vancouver Canucks in exhange for goalie Zane McIntyre

Tampa Bay Lightning acquire Barclay Goodrow from the San Jose Sharks for a first-round pick.

New York Rangers traded defenseman Brady Skjei to the Carolina Hurricanes for the Hurricanes’ first-round pick in 2020. 

Columbus Blue Jackets acquire Devin Shore from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Sonny Milano

Vegas Golden Knights acquired goaltender Robin Lehner from the Chicago Blackhawks for Malcolm Subban, Slava Demin and a 2nd round pick. 

New Jersey Devils trade defenseman Sami Vatanen to the Carolina Hurricanes for winger Janne Kuokkanen and a second-round pick. 

Buffalo Sabres trade Conor Sheary and Evan Rodrigues to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Dominik Kahun. 

Calgary Flames acquire defenseman Erik Gustafsson from the Chicago Blackhawks for a third-round pick

Los Angeles Kings ship defenseman Derek Forbort to the Calgary Flames for a fourth-round pick. 

Edmonton Oilers trade a fifth-round pick in 2021 to the Ottawa Senators for Tyler Ennis.

Edmonton Oilers acquired Andreas Athanasiou and Ryan Kuffner from the Detroit Red Wings for Sam Gagner, a second-round pick in 2020 and a second-rounder in 2021. 

Boston Bruins trade Danton Heinen to the Anaheim Ducks for Nick Ritchie.

Buffalo Sabres acquire winger Wayne Simmonds from the New Jersey Devils for a conditional fifth-rounder in 2021. 

Philadelphia Flyers acquire center Derek Grant from the Anaheim Ducks for minor-league center Kyle Crisuolo and a fourth-round pick in 2020. 

Toronto Maple Leafs trade goaltender Michael Hutchinson to the Colorado Avalanche for defenseman Calle Rosen.

Pittsburgh Penguins acquire Patrick Marleau from the San Jose Sharks for a conditional third-round pick in 2020. The pick becomes a second-rounder if the Penguins win the Stanley Cup. 

Montreal Canadiens trade center Nate Thompson to the Philadelphia Flyers for a fifth-round pick in 2021. 

Florida Panthers trade center Vincent Trocheck to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for forwards Erik Haula, Lucas Wallmark and prospects Chase Priskie and Eetu Luostarinen.

New York Islanders acquire center Jean-Gabriel Pageau to the New York Islanders for a first-round pick (lottery protected) in 2020, a  second-rounder in 2020, and a third in 2022. There are conditions attached to all picks. The Islanders re-sign him to a six-year contract extension.

Ottawa Senators trade Vladislav Namestnikov to the Colorado Avalanche for a fourth-round pick in the 2021 NHL draft. 

Detroit Red Wings trade defenseman Mike Green to the Edmonton Oilers for sidelined forward Kyle Brodziak and a conditional draft pick.


  1. Trocheck …..seems ideal 2nd line NHL pivot… still surprised he was moved

    • CANES …just got better …

      I Love this player …I know some guys here are down on him…but I love this guy great sniper ..

      Good job by the Canes ,….really good job!

      SENS …WOW!

      Will have an embarrassment of Riches in 3 years time !

      • Really surprised that the Panthers traded one of their best goal scorers and a game breaker to a team that potentially can take there playoff position ..thsi year !

        this could come back to haunt the Panthers !

        weird !

      • You are mistaken if you think this guy is a sniper. You will love him though. I hope it doesn’t disrupt the Panthers team chemistry. This guy seemed to be everyone’s best buddy. He gives an effort every time and supports his teammates through good and bad. Hate to see him go. I don’t know what we got in return? Anything good? We NEED defensive defensemen.

      • I agree , he’s not a sniper, he has 10 goals this year. Good for 8th on the panthers roster.7th in scoring.

        Last year….10 goals. This isn’t exactly the mold of a sniper.

        He had a great season 3 years ago. With 31 goals and 75 points. Since then, he’s put up 70 points in 110 games. It’s starting to make me wonder if that season was more of an anomaly than a pattern or any type of indicator of the player he is or will be.

        Something seems off in Trochek. Maybe it’s a long term injury he’s dealing with ? He’s a good player, but I don’t believe he’s one of those “change of scenery “ type scenarios where he all of the sudden becomes that player from 3 years ago.

        I could be wrong….

      • @ NYR4LIFE

        LOL …I know you dont like me and thats fine …

        I have noticed how you love to write players off ..

        I get it its an easy thing to do …you take no stock in what a player has done or what talent he has …or why he is in the NHL or how he contributes …Trochek over the past few years and YES outside of injuries was an elite Sniper …and still is …he will and or can contribute just the same as a Zucker is in PITT

        To write the guy off and to say he has no game or hos attribute of being a quality goal scorer or sniper is really inaccurate ..this guy has an amazing shot ..and over his tenure was scoring at will some stretches !

        His shot and play is still a serious threat ..IMO

        Its ok ..I know we are at different ends of the spectrum on a WIDE variety of evaluations…


      • 111 goals in 420 games is hardly a sniper. Are you thinking of Hoffman? Tro has been playing better recently and did have an ankle injury that he’s just getting back to 100% from.

      • @kal please explain how trocheck is an elite sniper other than just an opinion. He has 111 goals in 420 games. Opinion is not fact. Fact is he’s has one really good year 3 years ago and is nowhere near an elite sniper.

      • I don’t dislike you, and if I did it wouldn’t make me sway my opinion of a player….

        I’m not sure how you get that I’m writing him off.

        “Something seems off in Trochek. Maybe it’s a long term injury he’s dealing with ? “

        HE’S A GOOD PLAYER….”

        but I don’t believe he’s one of those “change of scenery “ type scenarios where he all of the sudden becomes that player from 3 years ago.”

        And who else have I “written off”? Curious to see this list if it’s a tendency of mine…

        This is calling a spade a spade here. 10 goals does not constitute a sniper, in anyone’s mind.

        I did close with “I could be wrong” that combined with “HE’S A GOOD PLAYER “ obviously isn’t writing him off at all.

        😜😜😜Mike Rupp 🤪🤪🤪once scored 13 goals, and NOBODY ever accused him of being a sniper!

      • TROCHEK

        I dont have any outside credibility other than my own junior hockey background and just being a simple poster here …

        From what I see… or have seen from Trocheck over the years and how he scores goals and beats goalie ..pre injury had an ELITE shot and is an ELITE shooter …

        Iam a big Hoffman fan as well…sorry I see the game differently ,,,from being a Goalie ..I see shooters who have born to be talent to shot and score and his is one of those guys when given a chance in top health like a Hoffman ..

        There are just some players who have a gifted shot ..you can not see that from your TV screen ..but I can tell you Trocheck has that kind of shot !

        Anyways …cant explain myself any better ..its one mans opinion…i guess…


  2. The Sens are just piling up the draft picks !

    • They now have 3 first round picks (2 in the lottery), 7 picks in the first 2 rounds, and 9 picks in the first 3 rounds.
      We have heard all season long that this is a deep draft year. The proven way to build a team is building through the draft, so now they need to hit on a few of them to make these trades worth what they gave up.
      I was hoping that the Oilers would have acquired Pageau, but not for that return.

      • @KevJam: At some point, do they convert some of those options into tangible assets with term or risk having a slew of picks who all become RFA;s at the same time?

        Either way, nice spot to be in !

      • Funny thing….I was listening to an NHL scouting analyst on the NHL network yesterday describe this as a weak draft outside of the top 5 picks.

      • Exactly Joey – you can bet some of those picks (not theirs or SJ’s 1st rounders) could be flipped for a good useful player or two – either today or at the draft table.

      • Iago, he’s likely a scouting director for a team that doesn’t have a pick in the first round

      • George O – No, he was scouting service guy – didn’t work for any team.

      • @Iago at the world jrs. there was something like 22 players playing they figured that could go in the first 3 rounds. Canada alone brought what 5 undrafted kids to their camp and 2 made the team. So I would say it’s definitely not a weak draft. Sometimes if there isn’t a lot of kids that can step right into the NHL they call it a weak draft

    • @ SCOTT 68

      No disrespect …this guy is a legit sniper ..sorry !

      • Kal El, no disrepect here aither – but not with all of 111 goals in 420 nhl games and 10 this season he ain’t … if he is, then Pageau is a goal-scoring machine

    • You definitely seem to be alone in that opinion. Nobody here or stats seem to agree that this guy is a sniper.
      Guys with gifted shots find the back of the net more often than 10 times a year.

      I’m pretty sure I know where you’re going with statements like…,,,,”There are just some players who have a gifted shot ..you can not see that from your TV screen ..but I can tell you Trocheck has that kind of shot !”

      So you played against Trochek? You’re a goalie ? Who are you? Name, where’d you play and can it be verified you are who you say you are ? No offense, it’s way too easy and used on boards like this to try and gain leverage in a discussion….. but if you can’t put names of sources or to yourself….. it’s just dead noise imo….

    • Can someone take Bergevin? Bergevin and Kotkaniemi for used after training towel, anyone?

  3. Weaponize the Islander’s pick. Package with Anderson and a 2nd round and move up. Where do Carolina’s picks fall?

  4. ….and none of it is going to matter a lick.The second those picks start to pan out, and require getting paid, Melnyk will just trade them all anyway…

    • HUSH cucumber!! Don’t spoil our good mood with all of that truth stuff.


      • @DarkG: Well all that could happen; and yes Melnyk has shown time and time again that he and the late Harold Ballard could have been real life buddies complete with their apparent arrogance, stupidity and frugality… BUT..

        At some point, even the dumb catch on: At the end of the day, Melnyk wants to win a Cup long before his provincial rivals do and if he has to “suck it up” to do so,he will.]

        TML is the most storied yet laughable franchise and nothing would please Melnyk more than to hoist the CUP before TML ever does. That is a fact !

    • Says a fan of a team that doesn’t have a pick until around the 55 point.

      And remind Chabot how “cheap” Melnyk is. As for Duchene and Karlsson, how, exactly, are they living up to their big contracts in Vegas and Nashville – same money they turned down in Ottawa! LOL

      • @George: Who U beaking off too? Me? I’m on your side here 🙂

      • LOL. Cucumber Kid Joey … not you.

  5. @ George O: Ya exactly: Nice position of leverage the Sens are in. Curious to see it all unfold !

  6. Nate Thompson from Montreal to Philadelphia for a 3rd round pick

    • 5th rounder

  7. Every year we get absolutely blown away by what GMs will pay. JG, great heart guy but a first and a 2nd for a guy who has never hit 20 goals or 45 points in a year (before this year) is a crazy overpayment.
    You have to wonder if a team will come in a pay something like that to avoid other deals happening in the league

    • He’s at 24 goals this year so he does have a 20 goal season but an overpay for sure.

      • Don’t agree. The 3rd rounder is “make believe” because the condition was if the Isles win the Cup this season- not happening! So they get our 1st & 2nd this year or our 1st next year if our pick is in top 3-also not happening! We’ve accumulated plenty of assets in the past. This player just fits. His overall contribution will be felt in the face off circle, the PK & overall D- any scoring is a plus.

      • If the Isles don’t re-sign him, and either miss the playoffs (and don’t get into the top 3) or go out in round 1, it will definitely be an over-pay.

  8. I wonder if it has something to do with making sure nobody else got him.

    Depending on who you’re listening to this draft is crap or it’s the best draft ever. Lou might have been told to go for it.

    • LEAFS SUCK!!!

      Leafs give away Marleau …along with a First and a 7th round pick in 2020 …only to have this player now compete against you and back into the Conference …

      Trochek is available and you pick up Malgin…

      Namestnikov goes for a 4th and you bow out LMAO

      over the past 2 years ..Dubas has traded away

      a 5th and a 2nd pick in 2020 for 2 Back up
      Goalies ..

      a 1st and a 7th to get rid of Marleau ..

      A 3rd pick along with Kadri ..

      3rd round pick to the Sens

      They have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR ANY TRADES…except a back up Goalie and Kerfoot for the 2020 Draft and only 1 pick in the entire Draft!

      • @ Kal El: That’s the Duffas Way: The more Barney Rubble they are, the more valuable to him you are.

        1 How short are you?
        2. 5′ 3″
        3..Will U punch somebody in the knee if you have to since you’re not tall enuf to do much else?
        4. yes
        5. Hired

      • Marleau doesn’t go for a 3rd rounder if he still had the 6 million cap hit that Lou gave him. The 1st was the only way to get that cap hit off the books which we had to do. Again Lou is the one who saddled us with Marleau. Wait to see if Barrie is traded today before giving us your precious opinion on that one. Barrie just didn’t work out in Toronto it happens. Trotcheck wouldn’t make our top 6 so why would you get him at 4.5 million cap hit. I think you need to rethink hockey

      • And if they don’t deal Barrie and he walks as a UFA, that trade winds up being Kadri and a 3rd rounder for Kerfoot and a 6th rounder. Yikes

      • Yes but most Gms make that trade. Barrie came off a season where he actually had more points than Kadri. Like it or not Barrie is a top 4 defenceman. Kadri has a huge attitude problem is one of the reasons we lost the last 2 series against Boston. Kerfoot is also a very serviceable 3rd liner. I get that Barrie didn’t work out on Toronto but facts are facts. We traded Kadri for a top 4 rh defensemen who just had a 57 point season and a very serviceable young 3rd line center.

      • Roger, just out of curiosity … do you ever see the negative side of moves by the Leafs, or is that simply anathema? I understand trying to see the bright side of everything when it comes to the team(s) followed – Lord knows I’ve had plenty of opportunities to do so here in Ottawa – but there comes a point where you simply have to face facts. Kadri – warts and all – is 10 times the player Kerfoot will ever be. Never ignore the facts, especially the ugly ones.

      • @George I like to look at the entire trade. I never said I liked the trades either just that I understand why they were made. I look at the logic at all trades by all teams. I try not to base it on opinion like most posters on here but actual facts.

      • Fair enough Roger

  9. As pens fan I don’t get the Marleau deal, young and fast wins in today’s NHL. They should of went after saad or someone of that mold. Ps please trade LeTang he blows

  10. yet Kreider gets resigned (allegedly) and could ahve gottena better package than JPG.

    If they resign him that mean Hank or Skjei is gone? or they gave up on resigning ADA?

    I want to see the term on this.

    • 7 years @ $45.5 million

      was $1 million off yearly …but got the term…

      • interesting to see him take less than market value to get that 7th year. VERY unselfish from CK. Team guy taking a ton less to stay with his brothers.

        how do Rangers clear cap? hope their forward prospects pan out and add scoring depth.

        Does this mean ADA not getting resigned and less money for Strome?

        lots of questions now for me.

    • Shestyorkin was injured in a car accident with Buchnevich. I’m not sure Hank is going anywhere now.




    • Gorgi can start
      JF Berube can get called up to backup

      Hank still goes to a contender.

  12. Kreider resigns.

    Didn’t I say that?

    Want to know some other stuff?

    Barrie is going to either FLORIDA or LA.

    Want more?

    Dumba to Carolina.

    Another one?

    Jesper fast to Vegas.

    Another one?

    Derek Grant, Tyler Ennis & Jimmy Vesey talking with the OILERS.

    Another one?

    Tatar has 10 teams wanting him.

    More later


    your welcome

    Re: Pageau

    Pageau turned down 5 Million/year for 5 years from Ottawa,

  13. Wayne Simmons To The Sabres? OMG ! Ya, well ….Wow

  14. Not big on Marleau, maybe if it was 10 years ago. I hope that’s not all Rutherford has up his sleeve after losing 3 in a row to some bad teams. Not super stoked to be adding a dude as old as me, I know how slow I have become.

    • Maybe it’s the fam in me but it kinda feels like a guerin type of trade. Same cost. Vet leader. This some delicious spin!

    • Ritchie…….Good move Bruins it was a need tough kid who can also won’t hurt when on the ice

  15. More News

    Was right about Simmonds

    Another one?

    Gustafsson going to Nashville or Florida bt other teams interested as well

    Another one?

    Columbus outbid Calgary for AA

    Another one?

    Nick Cousins going to wither Dallas or Blues

    Another one?

    Tyson Jost going to Flyers or Avs

    Another one?

    Hoffman had interest from Oilers now none?

    • Is that you Striker? Or are you someone engaged in some sort of university social media experiment designed to test the reactions of people in sites like this?

      You do know the old saying that, if you slap enough s*6t against the wall, some of it will stick? I’m sure we’ll be reminded of the few you get right while glossing over the multitude that you got wrong.

      • George O

        A great quote for you to ponder

        “Don’t judge me by my winners judge me by my losers as I have so few of them”

      • The weird thing is George this guy did this last year too. Not sure what he is trying to prove by making a fool of himself. Besides predicting the obvious he is also reporting on things that everyone with a phone already knows as if it’s breaking news. Very bizarre

      • Weather forecast for tonight: dark (George Carlin)

    • Ready for mine?

      Water is wet.


      Tomorrow, the sun will rise. I predict in the east. Definitely not the west.


      The Atros may have had some shenanigans doing in the 2017 World Series, it may get reported soon.

      Not convinced I’m more important than you yet?

      Kim Kardashian may have an enormous bodonka donk….it may even make her famous one day.

      Feeling “stoopit “yet? Good! You are nowhere near as smart as I am!

      More trades will be made today, I predict before 3 pm.

      I’ll be back in an hour to tally the score.


    What are you doing with Wayne Simmonds ???

    He can skate with either Eichel or Skinner !!

  17. Pageau has signed with the Islanders

    6 Million per year/5 years

    is being discussed

    1 Million more than Ottawa offered

    • that has been retracted – fake twitter account

      signed yes

      term not released

  18. @ GEORGE O

    This wont go over well…But

    Trochek is wayy better than a
    Blake Coleman..or a Pageau all around ..IMO

    Anyways…I have to go celebrate as the Leafs got back Rosen…for Hutch…LOL

    • LEAFS

      If Leafs trade Kappy to the Canes…as is the rumour

      I want Warren Feogele ..as one of the pieces coming back !

      • Any truth to the rumour that Dubas was overheard muttering ” …. life, when I asked you if things could possibly get worse you do realize, I hope, that that was a rhetorical question?”

    • Nice ask but he’s too tall. Think more Barney Rubble who can skate without using his NOS button for his skates.

      Remember short, weak, speedy, useless on the boards and 3 finger tough is the new TML mantra…and don’t forget Tweet tough too !

  19. Told you that New York was going to be talked about today

    Your welcome

    Zach praise makes his dad proud

    • With Kreider topping every list by every pundit on trade day? No kidding Captain Obvious! Are you the one who writes cautionary signs such as “If door does not open DO NOT ENTER” and “Don’t walk in front of moving traffic?”

      • Lmfao. There was 100% certainty Kreider would be traded or re-signed by 3pm today.

        Don’t quit your day job!

  20. WOW !!

    A lot of Eastern Teams are all stacked !!

    Awesome moves today thus far !

    Islanders ..wow…Parise Pageau

    • A A …to Oilers…

      What a big name day …the shifts in the league are monumental …today !

      Some Teams still need to move money …after making bigger deals …

      The East is just crazy stacked…Caps Bolts Islanders and Pitt have all done very very well…

      Canes good deals also …

      Rangers are going for it !!

      Bruins still working and are under the gun to compete now with other moves !

      Ritchie and Kase good moves though !

      If you are a fan ..should be happy and proud !

  21. Nice: AA from the Red Wings To The Oilers

  22. Boston gets Ritchie …nice size upgrade !

    Hienen replaces some skill left behind from Kase

    Bruins after Palmieri now that the rest of the Conference has stacked up as suspected ..!!

    I cant wait for the playoffs even if Leafs are on the outside !

    This should be amazing to watch !


  23. Hey John, did you conjur up a better deal from Edmonton for Athanasiou than Columbus offered?? I knew you were the Darth Sidious behind trade deadline day!!

    • Calgary was interested

      Then Columbus outbid them

      Then the Oilers outbid Columbus

      Wait til you see what the Oilers gave up for him

      It is still being finalized with the League Office

      Don’t know who Darth is?

      Your welcome if I have made your Trade day more fun

      it should be fun especially when we all are hockey fans


      • Just razzing you like some of the other guys here! All in fun.

        Darth Sidious is the Star Wars character, the primary “bad guy” of the movie series that pulls strings behind the scenes without anyone noticing.

      • Also looks like Treliving will be left with scraps, if he makes a move at all. Boo-urns.

      • Have the OILERS done enough …to stack up against :


        East is going to come down to Goaltending !!

        Plain and simple !!!

        Good luck Dubas with the Smurfs …You said skill skill skill…. 4 lines deep is better than SIZE any day on the bottom 6

        Good luck !!

      • Augustus

        Sounds like a cool character?

        I’m just telling you all what’s actually happening instead of mostly fantasies you guys post 🙁

        that was not meant to upset or offend you all but it will 🙁

        I am just honest and share the truth

        Hopefully you can accept and respect that


      • Kal El, I am a Flames fan and not all that into the Leafs, but I was still shaking my head at Dubas’ moves recently.

        Max Veronneau, Miikka Salomaki, Denis Malgin…. more small-ish skill forwards (except Salomaki, I don’t know what his style is like).

        The Oilers are a dark horse now, in my opinion. If Mike Smith can give them the goaltending he has, and is capable of giving them, and their injured players like Klefbom return in time, they could be the team that nobody in the Pacific Division wants to play in the playoffs.

        They would be a tough speed match with the Avs, but I don’t think they would stand up against the Blues. St. Louis is my pick to win the west again, with Dallas close behind and Colorado behind them.

        A secondary thought ….. if Martinez was had for two 2nd rounders, then why didn’t Florida snatch this guy up for a similar price? He would have been exactly the kind of left shot D they needed. Instead, they have gotten rid of their 2nd line center and replaced him with depth. Mind boggling to me right now.

      • @ AUGUSTUS

        I think teams are going to have a REALLY hard time against the Knights …I see them coming out of the West …

        I was kind of Hoping that the Oilers would pick up Henrik Lundqvist …

        but that is not going to happen now !

        Oilers do not have enough D to compete with Blues or Vegas

        Avs injuries and no Goalie upgrade has really tarnished there chances!


      • No one needs you to tell them that John. They already know what’s happening. They have access to the same resources you do. People want to give their opinions on what happens here. Hope you can accept and respect that.

  24. JUMBO JOE back in Boston

    League office approves Gagner & 2 2nd Round Draft Picks for AA

    • Brady Skeji

      to Canes

      Details To be announced …@ NYR4LIFE

    • Wouldn’t hate it

    • I don’t know about the rest of the guys, but I like you. You seem fun.

    • Jumbo Joe – another swing and a miss.

  25. what’s going to be the sweetner in the Parise Ladd deal……

    why did Johnny Hockey leave practice early…

    • Dark G…. as Eric Francis poetically put it… “he had to pee”

  26. John, it takes a lot to offend me, opinions rarely do it.

    I will defend the ‘fantasy’ posts we all do here by saying that a lot of our trade proposals, etc. are just that… what we want to see, or what we think might be fair… we’re not insiders, so we love to speculate and have fun with it. Nary a post on these forums involves us saying things like “This is going to happen, I have heard it” ….

    So, fantasy or not, it is kind of the point of many posts here, to wonder what might be!

    Nevertheless, we’re all free to post our opinions here and you are as welcome as any other.

  27. @ Kyle Dubas: Like Frank Zappa would say ” Buns Up Kneeling”

    The difference between you and Lou is Lou could get some kind of a pick on a bag of garbage whereas you would not only trade for that same bag of garbage but give your trade partner a sweetener too to facilitate that trade

    • @ JOEY


      with all the action and upgrades in the East over this pat week….

      Leafs went from Contenders to pretenders and buyers to sellers ..in 1 week!

      Wait till you see what happens against the Bolts …next game …

      I am afraid to watch … Literally …

      that 18 wheeler is in 4th gear !

      • @ Kal El: I’m afraid too: I’m never sure now whether to watch the beating or listen to the beating on radio

        Dubas has to be the dumbest MOFO ever to wear a GM crown and of course, Shanny is nowhere to be found

      • @ JOEY

        I always have the radio on…TV down …with Joe Bowen doing the call …and watch the game at the same time ..Bowen is the best !

        leafs in on Vatanen …..UGGGGGGGG

        Theres the garbage you were talking about !

      • @ Kal El: Joe Bowen is the best: Between him and Marina Ortiz the singer with that opera voice, its all good….but the team 🙁

        I like the Donaldson quote: ” This is not the try league: this is the get er done league”

        This Leaf team is full of dogf**kers and lazy entitled rock stars.

        Over the next 3-4 months, either Dubas grows some or puts himself on waivers cuz , the general fan populace has had enough of losing since 1967 and so far neither him or Shanny have proven to have a clue.

      • @ JOEY


        Here is what Dubas will say as…. ALWAYS!

        We looked at a couple of things ..we can not mortgage the future and we need to stay the course here .

        Some things just did not make sense for us .

        If a deal presented itself to where as in we would get better… than sure we would make that deal …just wasnt there today …or did not make sense..

        nothing really presented itself today …we did not feel there were any good deals on the table !

        We signed a lot of these players to league record setting contracts for a reason …and believe in this group ..we see very encouraging growth …we still have a young team …and we are growing and making great strides in building our identity !

        we feel we have a great core of players that will be competitive for a long time ..these are highly skilled players …and we want a team that is skilled 4 lines deep.

        Sheldon is doing a good job and breaking things down and creating a new structure …its a bit of a learning curve these past 3 months as we are trying new systems new lines and getting over some injuries …

        We didnt feel as if we really needed to make a deal on the back end as we felt our best trade scenario is getting back Reilly and Ceci and we just need to wait that out … we should be better when they are back and compete for a playoff spot …as we did not have to give up anything …

        There just wasnt any deal or players that made sense for us ….


        OK Dubas …you didnt have any draft picks to trade …

        your still soft on the wings and terrible on D and could not make any of those deals that happened today for any of those players because you dont have any leverage or picks !

        Bolts are going to eat these guys alive tomorrow !

      • Especially if they’re really pissed over that 7-3 hammering in Phoenix.

  28. If I’m Wayne Simmonds, I’d file a grievance for the trade that landed him there.

    IN 20 games or so, U’R a UFA. Who the hell wants to be traded to the Sabres?

    Count your $ on hand and decide if showing up there in that toilet is worth it or not

    • Simmonds waived a clause to go to Buffalo, because it is only an hour and a half from his home, and he has a young daughter, just wants to be close to home.

      • @Augustus: If that is so, I get it. If I was him and my daughter was the impetus to accept that trade, I’d do it too ! Touche!

        He won’t win there; not a chance; but as you have said, his reasons are family based and a man has to have a foundation, and to that end, rock the house !

    • Don’t look now but the Sabres have quietly edged their way into the mix – just 6 back of the Leafs for 3rd in the Division – with a game in hand – and very much in the mix for a WC slot.

      As I point out in the rumours thread, in their 21 games played after reaching the half-way mark (41 games) they sit 11th in the league with a 12 8 1 25pts record, scoring 61g while giving up 62.

      The 2 teams ahead of them in the Division, Toronto and Florida, have given up 78 and 72 goals in that same span and, in fact, the ONLY team giving up more goals than the Leafs are the Red Wings at 83 – and they’ve played one more game than the Leafs who are in TB next,

  29. John, Who else in involved in the Parise Ladd deal?

    • league vetoed it

  30. If confirmed I like what the Flames did. Their backend depth was razor thin . Both are at least playing in the NHL . Whether they make the playoffs is debatable . Not sure of the price just yet

    • Very reasonable price tag. A 4th round pick for Forbort, and a mid-round pick for Gustafsson… I think both conditional? So, very decent depth acquisitions.

  31. @ Kyle Dubas: Please put yourselves on waivers: U are useless: and your boss? he’s not much better

  32. I think Carlton the Bear is a Better Gm than Kyle Dubas:

  33. Dubas …..

    had a GIMMEE,,,with Barrie …and couldnt even do that right !!

    This is an absolute JOKE!

    They know they are going no where …so why bother I guess …

    Barrie walks …great !

  34. Well I like It: Dubas did nothing: Gave nothing and acquired nothing and a nothing GM did even less than nothing to accomplish and help his team do absolutely nothing.

    So like the Billy Preston song once went ” Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing”

    • But I bet his “analytics” support his lack of action. He’ll have charts and graphs ready to show Shanahan and HIS superiors that, despite their less-than-stellar performance on the ice, the figures prove he has a championship-calibre team assembled. As Benjamin Disraeli once observed “there are lies, damned lies … and then there are statistics …” If he were alive today he’d probably add “analytics.”

      • @ George: What a disgrace they are: Jersey toss night is long overdue: I fully support this method of unhappiness as clearly the brains of this F**kUp only respect lack of cash flow:

        So that being said, why did Shanny show up an fire Babcock because his pussy ass GM couldn’t and now that that the team really sucks, it’s all on Dubas?

  35. I Think Al Bundy Would Make A Better GM Than Kyle Dubas….Hell I think Ellie May Would Be More Gnarly than the current TML emoji master

    • Hey Lyle

      Could use a new section for a re cap of trades …
      Breakdown on Winners & Losers and Scardy cats …

      Lol…. Fresh page …throwing it out there …

      Hope your day was ok .

      site was up no loading or crash issues good job


      • Kal El: I’m doing a summary after all the trades are completed of the notable deals of the day.

        I’m doing a winners and loser piece for MY NHL Trade Rumors that should be up by tomorrow.

        I’m also working on a piece for Featurd.io examining the under-the-radar moves that could pan out.

        And I’m also working on a piece for Sporting News examining the noteworthy trade bait that didn’t get moved today.

      • @ Lyle

        Thats it …LOL..

        Look forward ..


      • Kal el. Lyle is also doing a piece for my neighborhood news bulletin. It’s on winners and losers of the annual snow man contest.

    • @ Joey
      Dubas looks like professor in front of Bergevin

      • @ Chrisms

        BY FAR the best snowman is Tim Allen in The Santa Claus…LOL ,,,

        But this is a classic !

        Frosty the Snowman, the popular vintage TV special (1970)

        Comedian Jackie Vernon provides the voice for Frosty in the musical Christmas fable based on Jack Rollins’ now-traditional song about the good-natured snowman with the corncob pipe, the button nose and the eyes made out of coal.

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

  36. Montreal as usual failed. Only 1 first round pick, which will be between 10-15th, some scraps from 3rd to 5th. Bergevin is a joke, why is he still keeping Petry, Tatar?
    It’s good to be Ottawa or NY Rangers fan, at least they have smart GM

    • Tatar’s numbers are okay, but if other teams are looking for scoring going into the playoffs, why would they target a guy who got benched during the Golden Knights’ playoff run two years ago? Bergevin’s mistake was flying out to Denver for the last few days. You aren’t going to get a guy like Sakic to overpay on a playoff rental. He should have flown to Miami instead.

    • Don’t sweat it K! They traded away a whole forward line today … true, nothing high-end but how many game-winning goals just left? Not to mention work ethic and effort. They will likely finish lower than you have them.

      • Shaun, they are dumb enough to fight and finish 14 th 🙂
        GM is a joke, and i still believe they could get something for Tatar and Petry.
        True, Sakic is greedy, and i wouldn’t go on a beer with him (i would be the one who’s paying for it), but there is couple other teams in the NHL, so that’s another mistake by Bergevin. He is probably the worst GM in the NHL at the moment

  37. Barclay Goodrow for a 1st??!?!?!?

    • Must be no one in the bottom of the round you don’t think is as much of a crap shoot as rounds 2-5 … or your planning to trade a cap problem and get back in after the playoffs. He does add size to a team that has been pushed around at times.

    • ya i don’t get that either. That’s a massive over payment.

      Can anyone make sense of that deal?

    • Barclay Goodrow is a sneaky great pickup for Tampa. Can play all four C spots (sort of), and is a terrific PK. Plays smart, physical game and will stick up for teammates when necessary. Also scored a pretty big goal last year.

      Worth a 1st? Probably not, unless he helps Bolts win a cup or enjoy a deep post season run.

      I am most curious about Anthony Greco. Didn’t he set record at AHL fastest skater?

      Very surprised Jumbo not moved.

  38. I have to assume they decided they wouldn’t be able to afford him next year, otherwise the Kahun deal makes no sense for the Pens. And I wanted Sheary back.


    The best move today was the Rangers resigning Kreider to a team friendly deal instead of trading him for maybes.

  39. Big winner today IMO is Carolina.

    In: Vincent Trocheck, Brady Skjei, Sami Vatanen

    Out: Lucas Wallmark, Erik Haula, Fredrik Claesson, futures

    Hard to argue with that… even if their net situation is currently dicey.

    • I agree Augustus Carolina killed it today.
      Some what surprised they didn’t get a goalie.

      As far as the flames go it does not surprise me Treliving acquired defencemen. That seems to be a thing with him at trade deadline. The two that he got are actually pretty good. I’m just not sure what his plan is for next year.
      I suspect he will want to sign Gustafsson and hopefully he resigns Hamonic.
      Brodie and Forbort may not get resigned.

      To be honest I really don’t understand his logic giving up draft picks so he can have a surplus for a short playoff run