NHL Trade Deadline Primer: Pacific Division

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Rumors | 2 comments



  1. Vancouver could trade Tanev and maybe they should but they wont and on some level I cant blame them.

  2. Capped out even with many LTIR’s. The goalie situation will have to be addressed Markstrom wants a NMC and a big raise, this puts Demko in Seattle’s crosshairs. Who is the goalie of the future? Van can’t afford a big contract and JM is 30, Dem 24. Tanev would want at least the same as Edler combined with many other raises due. Bonuses, recapture and buyouts add another 9 mil to the next cap hit. Already traded away a 1rst and they are still rebuilding, only 5 players under 24 playing regularly and 7 30 and over, rebuilding still.