Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – February 23, 2020

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The NHL Trade Deadline is 3 PM ET on Monday, Feb. 24. Check out the latest on Joe Thornton, Tyson Barrie, Chris Kreider, Robin Lehner, and many more in the Sunday rumor roundup.


THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz reports Joe Thornton admits it would be tempting to accept a trade to a Stanley Cup contender. The long-time Sharks center has a full no-movement clause. Thornton said he doesn’t feel that this is his final NHL season. He also acknowledged the possibility of getting traded to another club and returning to the Sharks in the summer.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW (stick tap to Shawn Lamba for the link): Adrian Dater reports the Colorado Avalanche, Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars, and Pittsburgh Penguins are apparently on Thornton’s shortlist of destinations.

San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton admits it’s tempting to accept a trade to a Cup contender (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see if Jumbo Joe will accept an opportunity to join a Stanley Cup contender. Just because the Avs, Bruins, Bolts, Stars, and Pens are supposedly on his shortlist doesn’t mean any of them will make a pitch.

It could also come down to what’s being offered for Thornton. He’s one of the greatest playmakers in NHL history and remains well-respected around the league, but the 40-year-old is also well past his prime.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports the Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks and Vegas Golden Knights are among the clubs looking to potentially acquire Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Tyson Barrie. If Barrie is traded, Elliotte Friedman said they won’t do it unless somebody can tide them over until Morgan Rielly and Cody Ceci return sometime in March. They’d also want some futures, either for themselves or to use elsewhere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After that embarrassing loss to the Hurricanes last night, I’m not sure if the Leafs can get a suitable return to make a Barrie trade worthwhile. They’ll either want an established defenseman or future assets that can be flipped to another club to bring in that type of blueliner. It’s not as though Barrie’s performance this season warrants that type of return. We’ll see.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports the Carolina Hurricanes were already in the market for goaltenders before James Reimer and Petr Mrazek getting sidelined in last night’s game against Toronto. They were eyeing Chicago Blackhawks netminders Robin Lehner and Corey Crawford. Depending on the extent of the injuries to Riemer and Mrazek, they could increase their efforts to land a goalie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Mrazek and Reimer are seriously hurt, the Hurricanes could be forced to overpay for a replacement goalie. You can bet the Blackhawks will try to take advantage of the situation if the Canes come calling.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Montreal Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry has garnered plenty of recent attention leading up to Monday’s trade deadline. However, Friedman expects Petry will remain with the Habs because they’ve set a big asking price.

TVA SPORTS: Louis Jean reports the Colorado Avalanche could have interest in Ilya Kovalchuk. The winger’s agent said contract talks with the Canadiens would continue Sunday. If his client isn’t traded, perhaps an agreement on a one-year contract extension could be quickly reached.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin could surprise us by tomorrow. Maybe he finds a suitable offer for Petry. Maybe he opts to keep Kovalchuk if there’s insufficient interest in the veteran winger. Maybe he’ll trade Max Domi for another young forward. Maybe he only moves depth players like pending UFA Nate Thompson. Or maybe he’ll do nothing at all.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the New York Islanders had an interest in Minnesota Wild center Mikko Koivu, but he announced yesterday he’s staying put. The Isles are also believed interested in Rangers winger Chris Kreider. While the Rangers have moved back into the playoff chase, Friedman doesn’t think that means they’ll hang onto Kreider. If they can’t re-sign him, they’ll likely move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One way or another, we’ll have an end to the Kreider trade chatter by 3 pm ET tomorrow.

There’s lots of interest in New Jersey Devils wingers Wayne Simmonds and Kyle Palmieri, though it’ll take a significant offer to acquire the latter. Pending UFA defenseman Sami Vatanen remains sidelined with a bruised leg, but Friedman feels a team that needs offense from the blueline could come calling.

Chris Johnston believes the Chicago Blackhawks will be among the big sellers. They could attempt to move Robin Lehner or Corey Crawford. Defenseman Erik Gustafsson was left back in Chicago as the Hawks left on a road trip today. Gustafsson has been linked to the Vegas Golden Knights, but Johnston believes he’ll be heading somewhere else. He also believes winger Brandon Saad could be had for the right price.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That “right price” for Saad? Maybe a good young forward with an affordable cap hit. Perhaps a first-round pick, or a second and a top prospect. Some of you might scoff at those proposals, but given what we’ve seen in recent deals, my suggestions aren’t far-fetched.


THE ATHLETIC: A year after the Columbus Blue Jackets were major buyers at the trade deadline, Aaron Portzline expects they’ll be quiet this time around. The club is ravaged by injuries, leaving little depth to draw upon for trade bait. Winger Josh Anderson has frequently surfaced in the rumor mill, but there’s uncertainty over when he’ll return from shoulder surgery. GM Jarmo Kekalainen won’t trade his first-round pick this year. They also lack second- and third-round picks this year.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston believes the Colorado Avalanche are looking to acquire a goaltender or some help up front. He feels young Avs center Tyson Jost could be moved on Monday.


  1. Does this put Carolina back in the talks for Hank or Georgie?

    • They should stick with the Zamboni driver. He’s undefeated in NHl!

  2. Pittsburgh would be a good option for him. They are extremely well positioned. What that team has done with all the injuries this season is impressive

    to Pitts: Thornton & Marleau
    to SJ: Bjugstad plus

    Give Joe and Marleau another cup. Can always resign him

    If Vlasic could be convinced to waive his NMC for a contender (doubt but) then send him to Pitts for Dumoulin (since he has no set return date…could miss this year, including playoffs)

    to Pitts: Thornton, Marleau, Vlasic
    to SJ: Bjugstad, Dumoulin, ZAR plus few mid to low rd picks

    • I wouldn’t mind a bjug for Thornton type move. I wouldn’t trade dumo for vlasic at all.

    • Dumoulin for Vlasic??? beyond preposterous … but typical

    • IHC

      Thornton only please

      Thornton and *5th for Bjug

      *5th cuz Bjug has a year left

      • If anything I think fifth goes other way. Bjug play and injuries have hurt his value.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Not sure if SJ would take Bjug 🤞

        Small sample size but 1 G 0A in 10 games 😡

        Ideally I would love to know the Billy G extra ask for a Staal-Bjug flip

        Pens not been using Bjug for 50 games and are still 3rd in league; so no loss this year to Pens moving him; big gain in bringing Staal in at 3C

        Bjug is a Minn lad and is under contract for 1 more year; 8 years younger

        The plus in the deal required by Billy G won’t be small …. I’d at least like to know what it would be

        Jumbo would fit in nice at 3C and obviously come cheaper than Staal

      • 8 years younger, yet nowhere near the player…. Minnesota is not making that trade straight up…. if at all.

        Sometimes , we use silly justifications to make these horrible trades seem less horrible.

        Bjugstad doesn’t have a no trade clause and he ain’t putting butts in seats in Minnesota….other than his moms!

        Him being from Minnesota is a irrelevant, he may as well be from Pakistan.

    • ”another”cup ? as either Thrornton, or Marleau, won one ?

      • that hurts.

    • ihatecrosby , ridiculous , Penguins won’t trade Dumoulin anytime soon. Aware injured , Dumoulin top pairing Penguins defenseman +17 abbreviated season. Penguins good bet won’t trade for either Thorton or Marleau. Both players bad fit , they’re slow, what’s their age ?? Another cup , ha-ha , when did either Thorton or Marleau win a Stanley Cup !! most ridiculous comment !!?!?

    • So Sharks accept two players on IR with over $8M in salary for two HOFs and one of the best shutdown Dmen in the league? Shirley you can’t be serious?

      • Don’t call me Shirley!

        The spin on this post made me dizzy. Well done.

    • Wasn’t there talk of him “coming home” in a Montreal trade scenario? I read an article awhile back that the Habs wish list was to have Letang or Vlasic to quarterback the D for the upcoming rebuild and it doesn’t look like Letang is going anywhere.

  3. Canucks

    Great game by Toffoli I thought he should have been in the same conversation and market as Krieder all along …IMO as Ive posted.
    Canucks stole this guy ! I think he can resign with this team as well….who would not want to play wing to Petterson in his prime could be a lethal combo !


    have to move Kovi for a piece they need future assets ..plain and simple !


    I really think the Rangers should get the best they can which should be GREAT pieces and then resign him in off season !


    They need a goalie …but what will they pony up !
    Maybe they should pick up Louie Domingue for the interim ?? On waivers !


    I REALLY think that they should get Palmieri ive maintained …less than Krieder still signed plays PHYSICAL game and has great hands and good skater ..he keeps moving …for a higher quality team such as the Bruins he could be a game breaker when given the opportunity !

    • Kali El I seen what you did THERE.

      • @ Caper

        LOL was on my cell phone ..TYPO …

        LOL …trying to keep up on the road !

        LOL…Its me !

    • I doubt Kreider gets traded and brought back. That pretty much never happens.

      If they can re-sign him today, keep him. If they can’t , it’s time to move on. This team can not get fooled by the amazing play of Shestyorkin.

      • Agreed. No need to waste losing assets by riding the play of Igor to a level the players themselves cannot sustain.

      • @ NYR 4 LIFE

        The Blues did with Binnington …Iam not saying that the Rangers have the 4 lines deep that the Blues did …

        but they are getting fooled by the play of Shestyorkin …

        I thought you said 2 days ago …that your fine with going for it even if it means keeping Krieder ..inst the play of your goalie contributing to the GO FOR IT mentality as opposed to the… get as many assets as you can this year….. and move forward I was of the belief that they should do …

        You and George were on the bandwagon of making the push and all in …and make the playoffs ..

        you rookie goalie just won 6 of the last 7
        or is it 7 of 8 now ??

        Your either all in or all out and move Krider and get assets …I think even if you move Krieder and get the best you can …your goalie is playing so well right now you may very well still make the playoffs without Krieds…

      • If Kreider isn’t signed before deadline doesn’t necessarily mean he will be dealt. I’m sure Gorton will listen to offers right up to deadline, but needs to be blown away. The Av’s are only a couple seasons removed from being a bottom feeder. Are they going to deal away top prospects and 1st round picks now? I don’t think so. What other teams are there that havnt already made trades?Isles? They’re only 4 points ahead of Rangers. 2 if Rangers win next gameMy guess is the parameters are there for a Kreider extension, one more day won’t make a difference. As far as Shestyorkin , his play is inline with what he’s been doing in KHL and AHL … this isn’t a hot streak. This is what everyone was expecting.

  4. Who says no – Marner for Doughty?

    LA gets young talent.
    Leafs have a strong top 3 D in Doughty, Muzzin and Reilly.

    • I love it I’ve been saying that all year !!

    • Who says no? L.A. says “no thanks”

      • Who says no? Doughty

    • No !!!

      Nylander and Sandin instead !

      add Ceci to make money work…

      • Money wouldn’t work. You would still need to pay players to replace those in the trade. So you would need one of the big 3 salaries – Marner, Matthews or Tavares to make it work.

      • @ Chris

        Explain further on the money and how it does not work ?

        Confused ?

      • It’s not often, if ever that a rebuilding team trades an asset like Doughty, and is worried about making the money work….. or taking on big contracts like Marner or Nylander.

        I can’t think of one single example of a deal like this proposal…. not one.

    • La might. Pre contract maybe. But with what Marner is paid it’s a tough sell

      • @Kal El – Next year you would have 4 players at $45M, plus Muzzin, Reilly and Anderson at more than $15M. That’s 7 players at 60 M. You now need 15 players at approximately $23M. Once you add in Kapanen, Johnson, Kerfoot and Hyman you can only pay minimum salary to every other player on the team.

        Doesn’t work. Only way you can add in an $11M contract is to remove one.

        You couldn’t think about moving a guy like Sandin because you need as many guys that can play for less than a million dollars as possible.

      • Hi Chris

        Appreciate the convo ….

        Iam making this deal for today THIS YEARS RUN …and thinking about next year when it comes !

        If youd like to discuss long term …and next year …YES… your correct and there will need to be movements …agree !

    • I agree with you heat I have been saying they should do this trade since the summer. Leafs however would need to get more than one for one.

      Doughty and 1st or legit young player

      Reason for this is doughty has 4 to 5 years of good hockey left marner has 10-13 years left.

      • Drew is a more valued position. Toronto would have to add… not la.

      • Agreed Chris, in fact I’d wager a guess the only player on the Leafs that the King’s would be interested in for a Doughty trade, would be Mathews.

    • LA says no. I’d rather have Doughty around to teach the young guys what the coaches can’t. He’s a generational talent on d, not trading that for a streaky, smurf winger, albeit a talented one, when he’s on his game.

    • No but I would trade marner for an injured seth jones right now and jackets might consider for playoff push.

      • 😂

  5. I’d like to see the Sharks trade Thornton to the Islanders if for no other reason than he’d have to lose that Smiths Brothers Cough-Drops beard that must add 5 lbs every night.

    • Thornton needs a serious shave he looks like a homeless person. Lou would take the razor to him agree with you when you are 40 plus and gray not the time for a beard.

    • that is a good one, even had me chuckling .. and I am perpetually crabby

    • Don’t be putting people in a box. Rock the beard Joe!

    • Beard stays. It’s got a racing stripe. Makes Jumbo faster.

      • That wouldn’t be difficult!

  6. Bruins…..If they pass on getting a winger they should go after a physical Dman or a 4th line tough guy for the playoffs they don’t want the players they need to mix it up & it clear that Chara is done trading punches with anyone it’s all about takedowns with him now …..

  7. 6-3 to a 42 yr old Zamboni driver! bwa ha ha ha … beyond pathetic … maybe the Loaves can recruit six other drivers to pay defense …

  8. This talk of leafs flipping assets that they receive for Barrie should be put to rest by last night’s effort. The leafs should sell hard.

    Muzzin, Marner, Kappenen, Barrie, Johnnson, Clifford, etc….

    People may say I am nuts about marner but the make up of this team is not working….the inmates are running the asylum. They have already quit on Keefe 20-30 games into his tenure. Goes to show Babcock was not the real problem. There is also a management problem, you can put 20 great players or 20 great workers together if it is a free for all with no structure the team or workplace will fall apart case and point TML.

    Jeff O’Neil was losing it on overdrive last week that the day after the Pens loss they were having skills practice with lady gaga blasting on the arena speakers instead of a bag skate, now today they get Sunday off after last night’s loss…..unbelievable they should be on the ice at 6am for a 3 hour bag skate 3 hour break back on at noon for another bag skate. Oh wait you can’t do that because the rich kid millennial will tell their mommies that the coach bag skated us for half the day 🙁 I am no longer playing for this coach.

    It is clear that Marner and Matthews combo is toxic you can’t trade Matthews because of his goal scoring ability.

    Marner should have been traded in the summer with the contract gongshow he put on. Out of the big 4 Marner is the only leaf that is overpaid IMO. Yes he is a 90pt player but his attitude and the way he plays like he is having fun playing road or pond hockey with his friends at 13 years old shows his immaturity and he is not committed.

    Nylander paid correctly (last season production was a fluke his career average show he is paid correctly if he continues to grow like this year)

    Tavares would have got more from another team as UFA leafs had to pay him 11, his leadership on the other hand is a little questionable at this point see NYI and leafs of last season and ahalf

    Matthews is 45-50 goal scorer so that is 11 million player

    Everyone outside of Matthews, Reilly, nylander and Sandin (Tavares NMC and losseso chose TO shouldn’t be moved) everyone else should be looked at being moved. I know Andersen is leafs back bone but his attitude even seems poor after a losses and a lot of talk that they couldn’t play Campbell this week because they would lose Andersen mentally. Well if that’s the case he needs to be moved on from. I was a goalie my whole life and played Junior hockey so know a thing or two about goaltending;
    Campbell was on fire since the trade and team was responding well to him, Andersen was struggling and team not responding well to him that was major turning point in season if leafs win 3 of 4 with Campbell in net this week the trade deadline looks different(its hind sight but I think Campbell should have played multiple games this week if you were reading and coaching your team properly) .

    Sorry about the rant long suffering leaf fan 🙁 aberviation L-S-L-F

    • @ L-S-L-F

      Not throwing marner under the Bus …not trading him ..he is one of the best set up men in the league !

      Nylander HAS TO GO …#1 Issue
      Barrie has to go #2 issue

      kerfoot is to small for a pounding 3rd line that is suppose to wear teams down #3 issue

      outside of Matthews there are no FINISHERS on the Leafs ..#4 isssue

      No size on the Wings no power forwards for a cycle game and or dump ins…#5 issue

      All of which I have been saying the past 4 years and never addressed !

      Dubas has literally been spewing that he does not need size …he just said last week that its better to have SKILL …SKILL SKILL on 3rd and 4th lines than size anywhere in the line up ..out of his mouth last week !

      • @ Kal El I agree with a lot of your assessments and agree marner is one of best set up guys in the league. However I think you under estimate how big of a problem he may be (potential cancer in room). there and always one or two of the players in the room who have that attitude and are bigger than the team and to me he seems like that kid. Immature plays the way he wants, hot dogs it out there back hand saucer pass, spin o-ram that doesn’t work.

        It all started with his contract negotiations and how his dad was coming out in media saying certain things just showed a lot of selfish things about Marner. Don’t get me wrong he should have gotten paid just not as much as he did.

        Maybe I am dead wrong and it Matthews who si the cancer but believe you me it’s one of the two inmates who is running that asylum

      • L-S-L-F I think you might be spot on that there is something in the room.

        Keefe isn’t the solution and maybe not the problem just some entitlement. It comes from the leadership core and that starts with Matthew’s.

        Not saying move Matthew’s but he need to lead this team.

        Blame the D all you want but when you have a team playing as disinterested as the leafs there is a bigger issue at play here.

      • @ CAPER & L S L F

        I love the convo and please no disrespect …

        I disagree here about the room issues ..

        Its really a personal issue and team creation ..the 2 BIG major issues …

        They have no size on the wings which means they can ONLY play a North and south game which means no cycle game dump in game and most likely loosing 50 / 50 puck battles …so possession stats are flat !

        They have no skaters and or puck trackers or players that use there size in the bottom 6 …which means you DO NOT WAR TEAMS DOWN through a 60 minute game …and allow teams that do have these guys in the bottom 6 ( which most teams do ) To #1 beat your bottom 6 contribute and put points on the board ..other teams secondary scoring and roll players are putting up points against the LeafsBIG TIME and the leafs roll players ARE LIKE CRAP and NOT contributing ..can not win when only 3 guys on a team put up all the point and you can not defend or get secondary scoring

        BY not having size on the wings and on the back end or in your bottom 6 allow teams to stay in teh game fresh and they can play a full 60 minutes and contribut all game long …leafs have no snwer for other team bottom 6 …they are schooling the Leafs game in and game out.

        Special teams stats shows this LOUD & CLEAR
        ….as does goals against vs goals for !

        Its not a room issue its that this team is built like a SWEDISH ELITE LEAGUE Team and its the NHL !!!


      • I didn’t plan on watching the leaf – Hurricanes game but started watching passively then got more interested as Reimer went down, then when Mrazick went down I was glued to the TV.
        When Aryes went in every time he made a save I jumped off the couch cheering for the guy.

        After saying all that the one thing I noticed is how the Babcock structure of the team is fading away. I really started to notice a decline in the team game. Say what you want about Babcock his teams will always play a strong structurally sound game with discipline. He could get a lot out of lesser players because of that strong team game.
        I expect to see a sharp decline because the lesser players will be bad and the stars will want to play for themselves.
        Be careful what you wish for it might happen. Leaf fans are going to see what happens now that they no longer have one of the best coaches in the NHL and his structure and discipline has worn off as Keefe tries to implement his philosophy which does not have the strong disciplined team game that Babcock had.

      • @L-S-L-F agree with some of what you’re saying. The one thing that I don’t agree with is Andersen. He’s an average goalie that gets hot for a while. Andersen has a tendency to not show up for big games and the game sheets prove it. Gardiner took a lot of heat in the playoffs for Andersen giving up soft goals. They say Andersen takes 2 months off a season October and April and his stats prove it

      • Marner should definitely be available for trade.

    • Where are you hearing that Mitch M is a cancer in the dressing room?
      Shows more heart and emotion than most of the.

  9. I hope Montreal extends Kovalchuk for 3yrs.

    • Pfffft. Or is a set up to get Bergevin fired?

  10. How much help does anyone think Zach Bogosian can offer to a team? Where will he end up? Toronto?

    • @ CAPER

      I live in southern Ontario ..and for the past while I have gotten mini packs to the Sabres games to see my favorite teams as the Leafs games are wayyy to expensive ( PENGY ) LOL ….

      I see a lot of games in Buffalo !

      Bogosian can still play …he is a 4 – 5 D man …very good first pass …still plays tough in the corners and is a stay at home guy who can give you a SOLID 15 to 20 minutes per game if not on the penalty kill…a lot !

      He was what I wanted the leafs to pick up at the deadline last year I posted here as the sabres were in the building last year on the EVE of the Deadline last year and he was in the building and they need a BIG GUY like this for the run last year!

      Id rather have Bogo than CECI or Barrie ANY DAY!!! …IMO for a run…

  11. Typical over reactions from Leafs media. For some strange reason Leafs have a hard time against the canes.
    How about
    Out; Johnsson, Barrie, Bracco, Timashov
    In; Manson and Kreider.

    • why dont ya offer Barrie & Johnsson to ANA for Manson & Ritchie ???

    • Yeah, how about that? The problem is, the GMs in Anaheim and New York don’t have s*^t-for-brains.

      • 😜

      • Harsh

      • Sorry that it came across like that YesGuy but come on man, you guys have to stop with the canoes for battleships proposals.

        You want other teams to relinquish a solid d-man like Manson and a power-forward beast like Kreider for a D who is a D in name only, a couple of 4th line soft Fs (one of whom was just placed on waivers) and a guy who seems to be involved in every Leafs trade proposal in here and who – before he disappeared for “personal reasons” from the Marlies, couldn’t even get a sniff at the NHL level by the Leafs when they were going through all those injuries.

        Just not going to work. Any number of teams would dwarf those offers for either guy IF their teams made it known they were available. Kreider may go today or tomorrow but if he does it’s going to get NYR something they can actually use to their advantage. Manson, I doubt, is going anywhere.

    • Kreider will not accept a trade to a Canadian team. And he would cost them a first rounder as well – something the Leafs can I’ll afford to give up.

  12. One of the things Stevie Y did with the Bolts, and more than once, is make “bad” deals during the season to free up cap space. I think more GM’s should study his record. As we approach the deadline, for most teams cap space is the biggest single problem. Good Teams must bite the bullet and play some of their entry level contracts at the start of the year, and stash a couple of experienced replacement players on their AHL club that fit the system. The problems are always the same….Toronto should have traded Marner the way Stevie traded Drouin; the return was better than one might have expected but once he turned the corner (and he had, with the Bolts) they couldn’t pay him and the other three studs Stamkos, Kucherov, Hedman. Stevie, and Rutherford should b the case studies in the Harvard school of hockey GM’s — PS check out their coaches tenures.

  13. Could a Bjork & Heinen bring back a Palmieri

    • Joeman, rather it be Moore and Heinen. Two nhl players and the analytic guys love Heinen, me not so much.

      • Think NJ will lean towards having picks as well as a player. This way whomever becomes the GM, that person can draft players he or she likes.

        Not sure NJ needs to revisit Moore when they have Vatanen they could use that cap room to resign if he is not traded.

  14. This is on Shanahan for hiring Dubas and giving him too much leeway…..Dubas for insisting on keeping the expensive forwards….Dubas for letting Ferris and Paul Marner push him around…..Marner for being extremely immature and not treating the fans and the game with respect….he gives away too many lazy overconfident passes ….

    It is time for the Board to do their job….probably too late until after 3 pm Monday….then fire Dubas and replace him with

    Christian Banard…

    That one for you George as you were the only one that got my Andrew Ladd vs Alan Ladd error

    • LOL. If you meant Christiaan Barnard, the South African heart transplant pioneer, I got it right away Old Blue Dog.

  15. I am hearing that LA is “all in” for Barrie

    LA was also pursuing Kreider but was told that he’s staying in New York

    Pageau resigned in Ottawa

    Other players have resigned with other teams have resigned as well

    Will be announced tomorrow

    Also heard many other things but time to post is limited

    Most of the “rumors” are incorrect

    • @John any team making trades is great! Where did you hear LA rumors? It would make no sense for LA to be after Kreider or Barrie they should be in full rebuild.

      They should be trading the likes of Doughty to do quick rebuild

      • They were after both now just Barrie

        Kreider is staying with New York

        Picks being offered for Barrie

        LA wants another Top 4 Offensive Defenseman

        Doughty is not going anywhere

      • @ L-S-L-F

        They may want to flip those players with there own assets make the moves they actually want to do for themselves …not just acquire the player …Rangers and or Leafs may not do the deal with other teams Kings may be involved as to do a 3 way trade !

        Just sayin…

      • Kal El,

        No talk of 3 Way Trade.

        Kredier is staying in New York.

        A new contract has been agreed upon.

        Many other players have resigned with other teams as well.

        These will be announced tomorrow.

        LA wants Barrie and is offering more than other teams.

        Many picks involved.

        A lot of other news as well.

        Too much to type 🙁

        If you are specific I can do quick replies.

        Have a good day

      • John, I’ve heard no such thing regarding LA and Barrie. If Blake wants him so bad, why not save his assets and just sign him for free in the summer?

      • Couldn’t agree more CanadianKing. The Kings are under absolutely NO pressure to do anything more today or tomorrow. They are ideally situated to get one of the two consensus top picks this year and have all summer to sort out how they want to re-structure their roster heading into next season.

        At the most they might peddle Lewis, Schaller, Forbort, Hutton and/or Ryan by Monday, with Forbort probably bring the best return.

        Doughty, however, isn’t going anywhere.

  16. One other thing I gotta get off my chest other than the leafs. It’s the Sportsnet/HNIC fake news brainwashers and how they consistently push this mainstream agenda. That’s why they fired Cherry because he wouldn’t push brainwashing agenda. The only people who should be happy about last night is The Ayres family; every team and fan of the league and this is including Carolina should be mad and embarrassed about how this went down. I will explain below.

    Yes it is crazy how this zamboni driver won a game but there is multiple problems with it and is not like he played well. Leafs had 2 maybe 3 real NHL level shots and they scored 2 goals. If this goalie maybe makes 20-30 saves and actually played well I would be ranting and raving and saying give him AHL tryout but this is not the case you could tell on first shot he didn’t even know how to make proper butterfly and I know this because I was a goalie who played junior hockey for 4 years. Don’t get me wrong we would all be over the moon like Ayres if we were in that net it’s not his fault but it is a horrible look for the NHL. How does some one not on the roster not even in the league record 2 points for a team, this could completely alter the playoff race.

    I also used to Ref minor hockey and in minor hockey if both goalies are hurt they have the option to dress a player as the goalie this should be the only option it’s not like in minor hockey you can grab a 40 year father or mother and put them in net to win a game. Even if they had a rostered goalie in the stands that was ahl level talent as the commentators are suggesting how can he dress he is not on the official gamesheet and should not be able to get the win, the only player who should be able to help is a player currently on the bench or the ice(you are only allowed to dress 2 goalies by the rules) . How much better would it have been and legit win if the Canes put Justin Williams or Sebastian Aho in net. Minor Hockey rule book is flawed but it’s crazy how much more put together it is compared to NHL which is a pro money making league.

    Frank Sarevelli(tsn) hit the nail on head I am not quoting him exactly but could you imagine Joe blow coming out of the stands in MLB to throw half a game as a pitcher to an elite roster in a playoff race. Could you imagine Joe blow coming out of stands in NFL to play quarterback. Guess what they don’t do it if they run out of pitchers they put their 2nd baseman in as pitcher, NFL if you ran out of quarterbacks you would put wide receiver back there. How complicated is this if both your goalies get hurt you put your Dman in net.

    Again sportsnet net wants social media hits and wants to brainwash people becuase this type of fake news attracts the non-hardcore hockey fans and that’s the market they are after. But this should anger all hardcore hockey fans. I am finding it harder and harder to watch the sportsnet product.

    • LSLF
      I agree with you. It seemed very unfair when 2 teams in the same conference are fighting for their playoff lives and the outcome is determined by a zamboni driver.
      The leafs should have won the game 10 to 4 with the outcome not even in question.
      For the Hurricane fans it should have been devastating.
      But in true fashion like only the leafs can do they totally embarrassed themselves

    • @ Bob the more I think about it I agree about your assessment about Andersen. In another post I stated I don’t think Campbell is the next coming of Pat Roy but the team responded well to him after trade and with Andersen stumbling I think the leafs should have started Campbell 3 of 4 games this week and we may be singing a different tune today. This is poor coaching on Keefe’s part he should have read this last weekend when Andersen struggled off of injury. There was no better time to switch it up after the start Campbell had with the leafs

      • Keefe must go with ” win and you’re in ” goalie rotation until playoffs.

    • LSLF, fair point that it is a goofy rule. I understand the league may look at it in the off season.
      But what’s with the fake news, brainwashing mainstream media crap?
      I usually don’t point many fingers on here but that is total BS.
      Sportsnet shouldn’t report what actually happened? They don’t make the rules the NHL does.
      It is a story that people want to read about. Not a good look for the Leafs, but they should have done something about it.
      Mainstream media isn’t fake news. Bloggers, Twitter and places that don’t actually employ fact checkers, and have specific journalistic standards before real news stories go on the air,those are where the issues are.
      Do they overplay some stuff if people react to it, sure. They are a business. But fake and brainwashing is conspiracy theory BS language. We are talking about sports aren’t we?
      Cherry didn’t get canned because he refused to “brainwash people”.
      Look in the mirror and change where you get your info dude if you want to look for brainwashing.

  17. Toronto trades 2021 1st round pick for 20 pairs of testicals because after last nights sh*tshow its clear the Leafs currently have zero ballsl

    • @ RON JULL


      …From Saaadamized to testicles and Balls …

      You are pulling out all the …private part euphemisms….this week!
      Nice !

      • @ Kal El

        Love the convo as well and no disrespect taken. Enjoy your opinion and back and forth. I don’t have FB, Twitter or Instagram and normally just come to Lyle’s page to read rumors and enjoy reading the regulars who offer their comments and are normally always respectful and that’s what I like good old fashion hockey talk with out negativity directed at other posters. After last night I had to come on here and rant and have some good convo to get leafs non-sense off my chest

    • @Ron jull

      No doubt! LOL

      Who ever made comment earlier was 100% right about how big of wussies this team is. Barrie gets laid out dirty check Tavares goes in there pushes with 3 fingers and leaves.

      And every one who says these guys aren’t fighters just look at Nathan Grebe 5 foot nothing fights a guy who is probably 6’3. It’s about Hart anyone in nhl can punch some one in face with gloves on just do it! Stick up for your teammates

      • Its great to have highly skilled players on your roster. Every team wants that. But you also need a solid defence which the Leafs do not have. You need some sort of physicality and grit which the Leafs do not have.

        Toronto plays pond hockey which is fun to watch and great to pad ones personal stats but as Ive stated before the Ice Capades free wheeling no defence style cannot win once the Mens Tournament starts.

        All the Leafs had to do last night was shoot but instead they chose to dangle and make their fancy little pass plays. Matthews could have gotten 5 easily if he had shot the puck.

        Toronto needs to get rid of a couple of their marshmellows and get some sandpaper on their roster.

        Somewhere Babcock is laughing his arse off.

        This is clearly on Kyle Dumbass and the entire Shanascam.

      • @ L-S-L-F

        That was me and yes I mentioned that about Gerbe as well ….and yes your right !

      • Here is what last nights Leaf game reminded me of ..and what I say if I was the coach or Dubas or Shanny

        Could not be more accurate !!!

      • @ Ron Jull

        Unfortunately Matthews and Nylander and to a

        greater extent ..Marner and Tavares will not take or give a a hit for a 50 / 50 puck ..or to finish a check …NEVER!

  18. I love how mad everyone is about TML loss.

    That said, If the sharks are smart they sell as much as they can for as high a price as they can.

    I’d be willing to move the following players:
    Goodrow, Sorenson, Lebanc, Thornton, Marleu, Kane, Vlassic, Jones and Burns.

    I know you’ll think I’m crazy but this team is in shambles and every game feels like I’m watching TML lose to a zamboni driver. They might as well take as much as they can. Burns isn’t winning us a playoff spot. He’s getting fat and slow but might be the offense a team needs to win a cup. as for everyone else i listed… they are worth picks and prospects. It’s time for SJ to tear it all down.

    and no i don’t think Thornton for Buj is a good deal. I’d pass on that garbage. Thornton has only 27 points but that’s on the worst Sharks team i’ve seen in 10 years. Put him on a team with tallent and he’ll get more points.

    Will any of these people get moved, probably not, but a guy can hope.

    • Jshark, agree with most. No reason to move Barclay Goodrow though. He’s been one of the few bright spots this season, and, if anything, deserves a raise.

      I’ve already spoke about Burns and Vlasic, who I think should be moved for both team and individual reasons.

      Evander Kane is an enigma at this point. After serving suspension, I thought he’d be very motivated to make an impact as a player on the ice. Except that he didn’t. Looked very much not into the game, and ended up on the bench for the 3rd. And he looked pissed. Do we move him? Kane is one of the few guys who can score.

      Thornton and Marleau to a contender would be nice – especially if they return to San Jose in the offseason.

      Shesterkin looked great last night. I hope the rumors of the Sharks going after the young netminder are true.

      Sorenson, Lebanc, Melker Karlsson, Jones are probably done if not now then in the offseason.

      • And if he is done, Labanc will be kicking himself in the arse for not playing hardball with his first crack at RFA status and meekly signing that stupid deal Wilson offered.

  19. Let’s look at the bright side of things.
    Boston lost 9-3. Maybe they needed a zamboni driver!!!!!!

    • And Tampa too after getting hammered 7-3 by the Coyotes

  20. Kal El earlier today, you sent a post saying you would not be commenting on our beloved Leafs any more.
    Can’t resist, can you? It’s like dry January, isn’t it? Or joining the local gym and getting in shape? Or a hundred swings a day to improve your golf game?
    Or (pick your favourite and put it here).

    • @ BC Leaf fan

      L M F A O …..yea I quit drinking yesterday night too…for the 99 the time …

      beer tastes good right now after chopping some fire wood though ..LOL

      Can resist as you say !

      But Id rather talk about more teams to be honest with you

  21. Another cup of what?

  22. Caps brought their hitting game today …WOW

  23. Nowhere to go but up from here, for the Leafs.

    Sometimes we grow and get better after terrible things happen to us.
    Sometimes we don’t.
    It’s on the Players to figure it out and respond accordingly.

    • @ Shoreorpark

      Unfortunately ….that has been the mantra every 3 game this year !

      This year is a serious step back and it does seem to correspond to everyone getting there BIG signing bonuses and 80% of all there money front loaded …

      Players should earn year to year to keep them honest !!

      Are you telling me Nylander isnt chopping at the bit to get back to European life and teh Summer there where he will be the flashy kid in town and line the high life in the fancy glasses and braided hair and do his modeling GIG !

      He cant wait !! $30 million this past July 1st…. NICE!!

      All goals are coming from rebounds in front …he does nothing at there…. as always!

    • Yes. I think?

    • I mean, no. Not at all?

  24. How about Kreider and Lundquist to the Avs for a first. If they win the cup or Kreider resigns they pay a 2nd as well. They do get Kreider on the cheap but they also take Lundquists cap for next year. He gets of the books next year and that is ok for the Avs, they have room next year, and they get a exp goalie for the playoffs that can either backup Grubauer or replace him. If you look at L advanced stats he is really playing quite well

    • @ Kent I like it for Avs but I think it would cost them more

      Blake Coleman alone got a 1st and Nolan foot (good prospect)

      You think Kreider and Hank would get you 1st, 2nd and a prospect or controllable young player. No conditions on picks.

      • My thought is that Lundquist is a negative value to Kreider.

  25. Canadian King,

    Most of the trades that happen are the ones you won’t hear about.

    Barrie won’t be available in the Summer that’s why.

    George O,

    You are right that Schaller and Lewis are available for trade and that teams are interested in them.

    LA is strongly pursuing Barrie and when it happens don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

    Many other things have happened that have still not been announced.

    Have a good day

    • Who is this John guy ???

      @ John …Iam pretty sure a lot of things that have not been announced yet have happened or vice versa…..

      are you a Spector insider ??? LOL

      Can you help me out with the upcoming Kentucky Derby…& Preakness

      Id like to place some bets !

      Just joking …

      We will see …I guess !

      Keep em coming !

    • Welcome aboard John. Interesting thoughts. But regarding Barrie, I have to agree with Canadian King in that, no matter where Barrie is dealt to – assuming he’s dealt (which he almost HAS to be) – he and his agent will still test the UFA waters later this spring. He’s coming off a cap hit of $5.5 mil and at this stage I just don’t see ANY team that gets him as a rental sitting down to talk extension at something north of that. They’d be crazy. Assuming whoever got him as the rental would even have the cap space to start dickering at around $6 mil.

      Do I think he’ll get that kind of deal as a UFA? Hell no. But at this stage of his career he’s got to at least see if something can be worked out. Sort of like Pageau in Ottawa. Nice depth C – but if he and his agent think they can get a deal for more than 5 years and in excess of $4.5 mil per they’re engaged in wishful thinking.

      Both, when push comes to shove, will face reality and will sign for the best deal they are offered in the spring. So why not L.A. if they really want Barrie and offer him a realistic, decent deal at no more than 4 years? Same with Pageau but in his case he could get 5 years.

      The years of tossing good money after bad are effectively over.

  26. One post here today stated with confidence that the Kings are after Tyson Barrie and willing to move picks to get him…. right at the start of a rebuild in which they are trying to load up on picks?

    Just seems awfully counter-intuitive..

  27. P.s …. look out for the Devils! Looks like they will go for it this year, what with the sneaky signing of the indomitable Julian Melchiori for the remainder of the season!!

    • Devils are handcuffed by one of their players.

      Zajac has refused to waive his NTC.

      Simmonds has 5 teams that want him and they aren’t who you think.

      Palmieri and Vatanen have NOT been made available for trade contrary to what people believe.

      There is interest from 2 teams for PK Subban but doubtful either team will get him.

      The major problem with PK is his attitude and “weirdness” that makes many people uncomfortable.

      Cory Schneider also has 2 teams interested in him but doubtful he will get traded.

      Vatanen & Domingue are negotiating new contracts so they aren’t going anywhere.

      • Earlier this morning I had Domingue to the

        Devils …as he was put on Waivers the other day

        and they are in dire need right now !!

        See what happens I guess …it wont take more than a conditional 7th pick I am sure

      • I can’t believe that Carolina didn’t pick up Domingue off waivers. He was there for the picking and for nothing. He’s an decent back up goalie.

  28. I will say it again, the Leafs and the NHL are very lucky that Carolina won the hockey game.
    It’s better that the Leafs are laughed at for not being able to beat a Zamboni driver.
    Carolina won the hockey game and deserved too win.
    If Toronto had of won under those conditions and Carolina missed the playoffs because of it . The credibility of the NHL would have been in question .
    As a Leaf fan and an Nhl fan I prefer this result. I can take the abuse. lol
    In the future the game should be called and played when a suitable replacement is available.
    What would of happened if Ayres had of been seriously injured

  29. A note to the new posters here and a reminder to the regular commenters that this is a hockey website, not an open forum to air your political or social views. Stick to talking hockey. Thank you.