2020 NHL Draft Could Be Held This June After All

by | Apr 30, 2020 | News, NHL | 4 comments



  1. So, if the draft is in June, free agency starts on July 1?
    And conditional trades involving picks go ahead?
    C’mon man!

  2. As I said earlier BCLeafFan, no matter what formula they adopt and how they decide on the draft order, there will be some who disagree heatedly. C’est la vie in an unprecedented time.

    In time it will all become just retro bitching … like when Pittsburgh had Crosby fall in their laps. Most will forget.

  3. NHL TV ratings will be in the toilet if NBA and MLB get on TV before NHL figures out what to do.
    Kill regular season now, Pick the 16 teams going to the playoffs by going back to game 68 for everyone or by percentage of points on all games played. Get the players in camp by May 15 and start the playoffs June 1. Figure out the playoffs procedure now so that your ready June 1. Once you decide who makes the playoffs you can do the stupid lottery balls right away to determine 1-15 picks. Picks 16-31 will be determined as in the past when rounds are finished. By the time these people figure it out the Super Bowl will be on TV.

    • *slow clap