NHL Buyout Barometer – Atlantic Division (Part 1)

by | Apr 14, 2020 | News, NHL | 7 comments



  1. While I could see the Senators buying out Ryan in that event, I doubt they’d consider Zaitzev. Both Dorion and Smith have let it be known they are quite happy with the way he (and Connor Brown) have performed since joining the team. He only turn 29 in October and would still be just 32 when his reasonable deal expires. Ryan, on the other hand, turns 34 next March and offers nowhere near the full value of that $7.5 mil deal which has two more years to run.

    • Also though I doubt it would happen, ie Melnyk, Ottawa is in a great position where they could also trade for a player to be bought out and pick up a prospect and/or pick for the service.

      • Yeah, sigh, there’s always THAT fly in the ointment. Maybe, if his business interests take a hit during the economic downturn, he might be persuaded to sell to someone like Laliberté. Can only hope.

  2. Weber and Price will NOT be bought out. Period! Any column which even broaches the subject should be tossed in the trash heap.

    • I remember another brave bold statement guy that used to post here. He said thinks like Hall, Weber, Subban, Mcdonagh, would never be traded. Rangers weren’t rebuilding…..Lucic had years left of being productive…..

      And when you didn’t go along with him, he’d be dismissive and throw around a lot of condescending comments. Like everyone else was wrong……

      God I miss him!

  3. Weren’t all those comments posted between flights all over the world, many after attending games in just about every NHL city?

    • Lmao. Last seen skydiving with the Pope while curing covid-19 and cancer and making a new album with Elvis, Tupac, Jim Morrison fearing artwork by Jimmy Hoffa.