NHL Rumor Mill – April 13, 2020

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Some suggested destinations for Torey Krug in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin recently listed five potential destinations for Torey Krug. The 29-year-old defenseman will become an unrestricted free agent in the off-season.

Boston Bruins defenseman Torey Krug will be among this off-season’s top free agents (Photo via NHL Images).

Re-signing with the Bruins topped Larkin’s list. Krug wants to stay and the Bruins would love to keep him. They could have around $20 million in salary-cap space if the maximum remains at $81.5 million. Larkin pointed out there isn’t a player within the Bruins’ system to replace Krug.

If Krug can’t work out a deal with the Bruins, Larkin suggested the Michigan native could sign with the Detroit Red Wings. He’d be a perfect fit with the rebuilding Wings, who’ll also have plenty of cap room to pay him a big raise.

Krug could fill a long-term blueline need for the Vegas Golden Knights, but the cap-strapped club would have to shed salary to sign him. Larkin also suggested the Montreal Canadiens could be a fit if their management believes they can contend soon. The Florida Panthers could also use Krug if they decide to distribute their spending differently.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Bruins and Krug will work something out. He’s a valuable member of their defense corps and will help them remain a Stanley Cup contender over the next several years. He’s talked about a hometown discount, which I believe could come in between $6.5 million to $7 million annually. A sticking point could be the term, not dollars. Bruins management could balk at anything over five years.

It could take a big sell job by Detroit general manager Steve Yzerman to sell Krug on the Wings. They can easily afford Krug, but he might prefer joining a club with a shot at becoming a Stanley Cup contender within the next several years.

Cap Friendly indicates the Golden Knights have over $72.6 million invested in 14 players for 2020-21. All their core players are under contract, but they can’t afford Krug without dumping a big contract. Larkin suggested shopping recently-acquired Alec Martinez, who’s signed through next season with an annual average value of $4 million, but I don’t think that will free up sufficient cap room for Krug and still leave enough to fill out the rest of the roster.

The Canadiens desperately need help on the left side of their defense. Krug would help, but would he sign with the Bruins’ long-time rival? He could if the Habs offer up enough money, but they could seek a left-side top-four defenseman who can play more of a shutdown role.

Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon has a reputation for making bold moves. Signing Krug, however, could be challenging.

There’s speculation the Panthers could cut costs for next season. As Larkin suggested, that could mean allowing forwards Mike Hoffman and/or Evgenii Dadonov to depart via free agency and sinking the savings into someone like Krug.

However, the Panthers got burned by last summer’s expensive signings of Sergei Bobrovsky ($10.5 million annually) and Anton Stralman ($5.5 million). Ownership might not have the stomach for another big UFA addition this year.


  1. I got mix reviews on Krug, also wonder if Jack Ahcan is Krug replacement. Realizing that Ahcan may need a year in Providence like Krug, or part of the season.

    Mentioned several times I’m not a fan of having several small guys on d. Krug is one dimensional put he can push the play. 5yr max at $6.5

    I would rather Boston take that money and add a mil and try and sign Taylor Hall 5yrs at $7.5

    • Taylor Hall is not signing for 7.5 regardless of the economic situation on the world today. Everywhere Hall goes seems to bring team failure. Even Arizona was in a firm playoff spot before Hall showed up. Krug may be small but he plays with an edge. Size means nothing when a player has Hart and a willing to do what it takes to help the team.

      • Hall kind of reminds me of Duchene that way – team failure seems to follow him.

      • Hall may face a difficult choice … whether to go short-term and hope the cap ceiling rises next year or the year after to allow more generous offer or accept security at less then his target salary to get term.

    • I 100% agree Caper. To me if they sign Krug it needs to be for short term and less money. Based on the core they have there he should not make more then Bergy for sure.

      If they sign him even at 6.5 mill, they will have trouble getting other players in under the cap.

  2. I doubt Boston let’s Krug go especially if he’s willing to take a discount. I know he’s small but he’s a tough defender with offensive upside. Boston should have to give up a bit of term if Krug is willing to give up the dollars. Chara on his way out and a lot of Bostons success can be attributed to a great defenceman and one of the top lines in hockey. You try to add to that not subtract if you can.

    • RL if Krug wants more then 5yrs Boston walks, outside of the PP Krug brings little else 28 of his 49 pts are on the pp.

      I don’t think Sweeney will pay more then 5yrs and he shouldn’t

      You say Hall bring failure where ever he goes, then say he won’t sign for $7.5?

      First off he single handedly took NJ to the playoffs.

      He may get better offer; however i’m stating what i think Boston max should be in a offer.

      Adding Hall by subtracting Krug is a huge win for Boston.

      There defense is Fine with McAvoy, Carlo, Chara, Lauzon, Grzelcyk and Moore.

      Again not against resigning Krug but the $$$ and term needs to be right.

      • Hall has great skill but he is like a kessel,Matthews type player great on the ice but isn’t a leader just quiet, needs to be playing on a team that already has leaders

      • Caper if Krug gives up the dollars why wouldn’t Boston give him an extra year. You’re basing on opinion when this is a business. You have to give something to get something. It’s pretty normal for high scoring defenceman to get there points on the power play. You need those types of players special teams wins you hockey games. Why would Hall take a couple million less just to play for Boston. Would you leave that kind of cash on the table. I know you’re basing everything on opinion but if another team is going to give Hall or Krug what they want and Boston is unwilling to move from your OPINION than bye. But I guess based on your OPINION that’s fine. Means Boston will be shopping for a pp point getting defenceman as good as Krug. I’m sure they’ll all sign for less than your opinion of market value.

      • Adding Hall is exactly what I think the Bruins will try to go myself. Will it happen? Who knows, but I believe they have the leadership there to let him just play hockey and he could be a stud on wing with Krejci. I also think that he would take less money to play on a team like the Bruins. What that money looks like is anyone’s guess, I am not sure how many millions one needs more to set yourself up.

        And I think guys like Hall will look at JT signing in Toronto and think maybe less money is the better way to go.

  3. I kinda agree with you Caper Krug at a discount I’m ok with but nothing over 6. I also see Boston taking a run at Hall it’s been rumored for awhile now and he wants to win. Bergeron,Pasta, and Marchand all on fair contracts can’t see Taylor getting way more than them. Think the key to next year is Studnicka will he be ready and can he replace Krech? Can’t afford to have everyone signed not enough cash to go around.

  4. I would love to see the Habs take a shot at Krug. He’d fill their biggest need – an offensive, puck moving LD who would help their PP. That is a much bigger need than a so-called “shutdown” defenseman.
    Obviously, the chance of the Habs getting Krug are far from certain, but the overall point is that it’s time for Bergevin to fish or cut bait. A decision must be made now as to where he will take the team, especially with Petry and Tatar heading into the final years of their contracts.
    There are two ways he can go. The one I feel would be best would be to copy what the Rangers did a couple of years ago. They could probably get a 1st round pick plus a good prospect for each of Tatar and Petry. That would help them down the road. However, it seems that Bergevin is intent on keeping them and making a run for the playoffs next year.
    If Bergevin does indeed follow the latter option, then leaving the roster as is would be malpractice. With the salary cap likely to be flat, the Habs would be in a pretty good position to add a decent UFA, as they have a lot of cap space available while many other teams do not. A good option would be to sign a solid RW – such as Dadanov, Hoffman or Toffoli – and then trade either Domi or Drouin (plus a 2nd rounder if necessary) for an LD who may not be quite in Krug’s class but who can still fill the hole (Brodin, Matheson, Gostisbehere are examples).
    Either way, standing pat will not work. Like I said Marc, fish or cut bait.

    • Howard, Krug is a good player but the Habs have far too many small players and the rest are not physical. They also have Caufield coming who is listed at 5’7″.

      People keep saying Petry would fetch a first, without thinking through the consequences: weakening a mediocre defense. Petry will be effective for several more years now, and they don’t need more help “down the road.”

      I agree with you that cap space to sign a good ufa is a way to go – if the Habs can find one who wants to play in Montreal.

      • As to Krug’s height, if he was a forward I’d agree with you, but they badly need a LD who can provide offense. And he can do that.
        I agree that trading Petry and Tatar would weaken the team for next year. My point is that the team as it’s currently built will likely fall short of the playoffs again next year. So a tear down and rebuild may be a better option.

    • Last thing Montreal needs is another no hit smurf.

      • You obviously didn’t see the smashing hit Krug put on Blues’ forward Robert Thomas in game one of last year’s final! Check it out online.

  5. I’m not sure yzerman would make the same mistake his predecessor made and offer a guy big money when at least half the deal would be when he’s past his prime. Detroit is finally looking at the light at the end of the tunnel with those deals.

  6. Habs head scout Trevor Timmons recently spoke to the difficulty of drafting this year. No combine, no U-18 tournament, no junior or NCAA playoffs.

    Going to make this year’s draft more uncertain for every team this year.

    • Since they’re all dealing with the same circumstances, and only have the games played up to the point of cancellation upon which to base their recommendations to their GMs, this is where the GMs will be basing their choice on the consensus established by the Central Scouting Bureau. And keep their fingers crossed.

      Even so, I’m sure there will be individual team scouts whose personal recommendations will be forcibly voiced at the draft if, at that particular position, they differ from the Central Scouting consensus


    • This might make this an interesting draft. Looks like the same 5-6-7 players are moved around from 2-7 etc so I doubt NJ/OTT/LA/Ana/Det etc trade their picks but after that it may become more of a crap shoot than normal, so if teams drafting say 11-20 aren’t confident as to who they select, do they traded down for a later #1 and add a #2 or do they use that pick and trade for a player that is needed ? I’m sure the Wings/ Kings / Sens / Ducks etc who are rebuilding would be “all ears” when they get a call. Montreal has 10 picks in first three rounds over the next two years so they could afford to trade a first & second maybe more for a center or D-man they need now

      • Boom/Bust – the Sens have 15 picks in this draft
        3 in the 1st, 4 in the 2nd, 2 in the 3rd, 1 in the 4th, 2 in the 5th, 2 in the 6th and 1 in the 7th

        Since there is NO way they’ll be picking 15 players you can bet Dorion will be wheeling and dealing somewhere early in this draft – probably the one they have in the 1st from the Islanders in the Pageau deal as I think they ‘ll keep their own 1st as well as SJ’s. A couple of those 2nd round picks could also be in play.

        Definitely going to be interesting.

  7. I’m a high or something cause there’s two things I can’t seem wrap my head around.

    First, what’s with all the attention given to Krug lately? People talk about him like he’s a game changer or something. Font get me wrong he’s a good player but far from being something special. If you want my opinion, Pietrangelo should be garnering way, wayyyyy more attention than Krug.

    Second, there is no way in hell Hall signs for $7.5 mill per, that is some next level dreaming in technicolor stuff right there.

    Superstars aren’t going to have to take paycuts because of a flat cap. Their contracts won’t suffer from this. The players that will be affected will be the complimentary players. The star players contracts are the first to rise and the last to fall, that’s how it works.

    • Hahaha, I must be high cause that was supposed to read “Am I high” not “I’m a high”.

    • Exactly Canadian King. Krug is the level below Pietrangelo which puts him at the 7 to 7.5 million mark. If he signs for the 6 million per that the opinionated people on this site say then it’s going to cost Boston some years. This is Hall’s big contract. The one where he’s still a UFA in his prime. He’s going to be looking for the most money possible so the opinionated people on this site who think he’s going to sign in Boston for a couple million less than market value good luck. Not happening. This isn’t fantasy hockey. It’s a business.

      • Roger, aren’t we all opinionated on this site? Thought that was the whole point.
        Caper has his, you have yours. All good.
        Agree with Caper that 5×6.5 for Krug is what the Bruins should stay under. They have options, if he leaves he leaves. Next man up.
        Pastnak and Marchand could have gotten more on the open market and chose to stay because they want to win in Boston. Krug might too, or might not. We’ll see I guess.
        Hall might be sick of losing and sign for less with a contender. I also can’t see the B’s offering anything close to $9.5. Exciting player, great skater with offensive skills, wasn’t a team first guy in Edmonton, no idea if has matured. Sure is hurt a lot. Agree he will get more somewhere else, I think Caper was suggesting what he thought Boston should do. Agree with him on that one too.

      • Ray when you give an opinion it should be realistic. People keep using Pastarnak as an example but at the time he signed as a. RFA with no arbitration rites he signed his value. As a UFA with the numbers he’s put up after the RFA contract was signed nobody including Boston would get him for less than 10 million a year. Hall signed for 6 per as an RFA because that was value at the time. He’s not going to leave millions of dollars on the table. The point is if Boston way low balls them on dollars and term they will not sign. Same goes for Krug this will be his last big contract. He’s on record saying he will take less but the fanatics think these guys will just leave mega millions of dollars on the table just to play for a contending team. The Stanley cup is hard to win and there are 16 condending teams every year who go after it. I’m sure they will pay these players. Everyone also keeps saying Boston will not even notice if Krug walks even though Chara is turning 43. They base opinions on unproven defenceman they have on there system who will just magically make up 50 points from the back end. That’s funny because there’s only a few of these guys in the nhl already especially since Krug also plays with an edge. But hey since it’s opinion Toronto should sign Reilley for no more than 5 million a year for 5 years because you know it’s Toronto

      • Well it is an opinion Roger and not fanatical at all. Here is logic I am using.
        The entire issue with Boston is use the $$ on Krug or up front. Can’t do both, so if he doesn’t sign a team friendly deal, get the help up front because we have a lot of depth on D, we don’t up front. Agree Krug plays hard and with a slight edge, but the bottom line is he is small and try as he may he gets muscled off the puck and is a liability on the cycle and can’t contain large forwards in front of the net.
        Good puck mover, great PP QB. Also don’t think he ages well and what will he look like into his 30’s.
        You’re right we don’t know if McAvoy or Grez will be his equal on the PP, but their not chopped liver either. McAvoy is a #1 D man and gets next to zero PP time. in my opinion, he has the skill, just needs the reps. B’s have plenty of proven NHL D men, and some excellent young ones.
        Not sure how that is fanatical.
        Not a Hall fan, and I wouldn’t invest $9.5M on him. I am sure others disagree.
        Not many contenders with big cap space, we will see some UFA deals this year. In my opinion. If they don’t take it have fun in Detroit.

  8. Krug would be missed by the Bruins, that’s for sure. However, I think both Matt Grzelcyk and Charlie McAvoy are quite capable of filling PP quarterback roles. Especially Grzelcyk, as he doesn’t play nearly as many 5 on 5 and penalth kill minutes, as McAvoy.

  9. When your rebuilding like Detroit you don’t sign players who won’t be in their prime when you start to compete. Detroit is to many years away they need to draft and trade for young quality prospects. I could see Krug signing with the Islanders if he leaves a Boston.