The Latest Status of the 2020 NHL Draft

by | Apr 6, 2020 | News, NHL | 2 comments



  1. Unlike past years when the consensus list of draft picks could be – and would be – juggled right up to the last minute following playoffs, this is likely the definitive list.

    Broken down by position and shooting side there are

    13 C – 10 right and 3 left
    11 W – 7 right and 4 left
    6 D – 4 left and 2 right
    1 G – right-handed

    One thing that will be interesting to see is if that goalie actually goes in the Top 10. Once we know the actual team order of draft position it’ll be fun to speculate on who might go where

    • Yes , and I think Ottawa has San Jose first pick as well as their own . Last year Ottawa didn’t have their first pick but this year they do.
      They have the Islanders first pick too.
      Hopefully Ottawa gets first pick because as Alexander Daigle said nobody remembers who goes second.
      Chris Pronger for those wondering.
      Sure hope the magic beans turn out
      Stay safe and healthy and don’t forget to help the food banks