NHL Free Agents & Trade Candidates – Pittsburgh Penguins

by | May 8, 2020 | Soapbox | 2 comments



  1. Pens don’t buy out players. Good summation

    • Hi Chrisms

      Hope all is well with you and you are recovered (or almost recovered) from the Shingles

      I acknowledge the past (haven’t done buyouts); but this “new” world almost implores it

      As you may know, I’m a businessman

      Strictly from a business perspective; some investments are warranted that have current negative impacts but will more than compensate with increased production or Revs or profits down the road

      The converse happens when you divest of a division that is forecasted to be a drain down the road.

      A division of a large company may be treading water now; could even be losing money now; but is expected to have a huge decline in the future ; hence costing substantial more down the road. There are costs associated with the divestiture, including front laden severance costs

      For just a second; set aside how much of a burden and negative impact that JJ has been on team; teammates; owners; fans…. set that aside… if we weigh keeping him at the expense of losing production/pluses now and in the future…. to me this is not a good decision

      The Sid/Gino next cup window is now and for maybe two more seasons

      I don’t think Jarry/DeSmith or Murray/DeSmith is strong enough to win a cup. In those cases if either Jarry or Murray go down for quite a while….Danger danger Will Rogers

      JJ has to go.

      Bjug to me not worth keeping… trade him

      If to CBO’s were allowed (again there may be none)…. JJ and Horny (great player but Cap to production in decline)

      In a perfect world …. Jimbo somehow gets Billy G hammered and gets him to sign off on Bjug + JJ + ZAR for E Staal

      Pens free up $5 M in Cap; massively better at 3C; gargantuan leap in D world; at the expense of a good grit/grinder forward.

      Extra Cap space now allows both Jarry and Murray

      Jimbo might have to kick in an extra asset (Laffy?) or take back some of Bjugs Cap

      Barring that…. must do a buyout

      Even if no CBO… reg buyout of JJ; more than $2M in Cap savings this year; only costs $5.5 M cash (over 6 years !!!!!!) and most importantly the team production; player stats; player morale; ownership happiness; fan level of amusement and happiness …. ALL take aMASSIVE uptick surge

      Another way to look at it …. the investment (as an owner of a storied franchise) I’m proposing is this…..only $900 K for each of the next 6 years to guarantee

      All players improve statistically

      All players happier

      6-10 extra standings points next year

      Happier fans

      Improved playoff chances

      Happier co-owners

      The answer to the question of whether to invest should be a resounding yes

      Rant over