NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 10, 2020

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Latest on the league’s plans for the schedule and the draft, the 50th anniversary of Bobby Orr’s legendary Stanley Cup-winning goal, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont cites Bruins president Cam Neely pointing out the NHL and its TV partners would have the opportunity of trying new camera angles if the schedule resumes without fans in arenas. That would include perhaps mounting some cameras in lower-bowl seats or along the top of the glass that surrounds the boards.

“Even closer to the action, league broadcast executives also have toyed with the idea of embedding cameras directly into the boards, or perhaps mounting them directly behind the boards with lenses shooting the action through small portals drilled into the boards.”

Another option could be mounting small Go-Pro cameras to players’ helmets, though the NHLPA would have to agree to it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sounds like a great opportunity to provide fans watching on television with some different angles they otherwise wouldn’t see. It would be a great way to give them the feeling that they’re in the game, especially for those who’ve never attended a live NHL contest. 


Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas (Photo via NHL.com).

SPORTSNET: Mixed feelings persist among NHL executives over the league’s proposal to stage the 2020 Draft before the resumption of the season. Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas was diplomatic when questioned about his take. “We’re just going to try to prepare as though it’s going to happen,” he said. “It’s not going to be normal regardless of what it is, so we’re fine with whatever is decided.”

Player agent Allan Walsh, however, said most general managers he’s spoken with aren’t happy with the idea. “I have not talked to one GM who likes it, and I talk to almost all of them.”  Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman is among them. “I haven’t heard a good reason why we should do it prior to the end of the season if we do conclude the season over the course of the summer,” he said. Los Angeles Kings GM Rob Blake, however, indicated he and his staff are “quite comfortable with either scenario.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m against it, and not because I’m some old-school guy who’s against “outside-the-box” thinking. I’m against it because the league higher-ups believe it’s going to draw big TV ratings and generate excitement among sports fans heading toward the restart of the schedule. I doubt it, especially when the most exciting component of the draft – the possibility of a major trade involving established players – probably won’t be permitted.

What will generate fan excitement is training camp and exhibition games taking place leading up to the proposed resumption of the schedule in July. Save the draft for when the season is over.   

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Today is the 50th anniversary of Bobby Orr’s legendary Stanley Cup-winning goal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That was the first Stanley Cup Final game I ever saw. I was seven-years-old at the time, and the only reason I got to see it was because it was an afternoon game. That goal was seared into my memory and made me a life-long Bobby Orr fan. He did many amazing things throughout his career and truly changed the game with his style of play, but it’s that goal everyone remembers. It wasn’t the prettiest goal Orr ever scored, but it’s certainly among hockey’s most memorable.

CALGARY SUN:  Flames center Sean Monahan hopes the season resumes this summer. “Everybody is just looking forward to get back with one another and push each other to get to that end goal,” he said. That end goal being, of course, the Stanley Cup. 

THE SCORE: If the league resumes play this summer, Vegas Golden Knights winger Mark Stone will be ready to return from the lower-body injury that sidelined him before the schedule was paused by the pandemic. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang made an unspecified donation intended to provide meals to the Students and Families Food Relief Fund and the Knead Community Cafe in the Pittsburgh area.


  1. Cancel the season. For one I am hoping Damian Cox’s turns true. See that one? Bye, bye Ottawa, Florida, Buffalo, Carolina, NYI, NJD, Nashville and Arizona! I guess any one of these franchises could relocate to Quebec. And just for the record even though I am a HUGE proponent of NHL contraction I am in favor of Seattle. That one’s a good call! Too many teams; short and simple. If you can’t make it without revenue sharing then move to the AHL. If this pandemic the NHL has a lot more to worry about then 2019-20.

    • Damian Cox’s article that should say. And my name is Steven lol.

    • ROFLMAO If you think, even for a second, that the league will allow 2 New York area teams to either relocate or fold, you should schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist because you’re delusional.
      As for a team being placed in Quebec, what do you think the odds are for that when the league is expanding to Seattle instead?

      • Ottawa could and should be relocated to Quebec. They couldn’t even fill the arena for the Stanley Cup finals so they dont deserve a team.

      • Uh, Wendell, you have heard about the ongoing Phoenix Pay System boondoggle involving thousands of public servants in the area – some of whom hadn’t seen a pay cheque in over 8 months at the time of those playoffs?

        Climb down off your sanctimonious self-righteous high-horse.

  2. First of all

    To all the Mother’s on this site

    To Lyle’s Mother

    To the Mothers of everybody here

    To everybody’s spouse here who is a mother

    To everybody’s daughter here who is a Mother



    • That Steven up above is one type of mother. Worst kind of fan wishing for other teams fans to lose their teams.

      • Wendell is another – apparently has no clue about the fiasco that existed during those playoffs and STILL surrounds thousands of federal government pay cheques – only THE largest employer in the region.

        Wonder how many Leafs games he’d attend if there was NO income for lengthy periods of time.

      • George, so true. Experienced it 2nd hand when my oldest daughter, who works for the gov’t in Ottawa, went approximately that long without a paycheque. It came to a head when she finally swallowed her pride (after stubbornly refusing our help) and called us in tears saying she had no money left to pay her rent and had completely run out of food! We were in a position to help her but I’m sure not everyone was so fortunate. An ugly situation for those that were impacted!

      • And still not completely fixed Ranzeir


        Your daughter was fortunate she had someone able to help – many did not. So hockey tickets were – and in some instances still are – the last thing on their minds.

        Ticks me off when ignoramuses like Wendell and Stevem spout off without trying to determine the root cause – preferring to lay all the blame at Melnyk’s doorstep. He is a problem – but not to the extent that showed up in that many empty seats.

    • I second that Pengy. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. For all you do – and you do it all. Unfortunately, I am currently grieving for my own mother, who passed away the week before last. The first Mother’s Day after that is especially hard. But we have many happy memories. And I am obviously thinking today about all of the great Moms in my life, especially my wife.

      The Bobby Orr OT Cup winning goal is one of my early hockey memories. I was 6 years old at the time. I was watching the game in the den while my best friend was out in the yard kicking a soccer ball around with my younger brothers. I told him that the third period was over and the score was tied. He told me that now they’re going to the fourth period. I remember thinking “a fourth period? Really?”
      BTW Lyle, based on your photo, you look great for 57.

      • My condolences

      • My condolences for your loss, Howard, and I appreciate the compliment.

      • So sorry for your loss, Howard.
        Cherish her memory and your memories with and of her.

      • Howard sorry for your loss. Cherish your wonderful memories.

      • Hi Howard

        Very sorry to hear of your loss

        Sorry if my post caused you some pain

        Condolences to you and your family

  3. Hi Lyle

    I was two years older than you were while watching that super goal by Orr. Not my first Cup (mine was ‘67) but etched in my memory.

    Even though I played Centre; Orr was my idol as a child.

    I stick by my convictions that he is the best hockey player EVER

    870 points in just 621 reg season games (again to all those Captain Obvious guys out there …. Orr was a Dman) that he played at 27 or younger (he only played 36 reg season games after he turned 27 due to a dozen brutal knee surgeries ….10 Games in 75/6, 20 the following year; missed entire 77/8; only 6 games in 78/9)

    He was just something else!!!!

    • He truly was. I consider myself fortunate to watch him play in his prime before the knee injuries ended his career.

    • Thanks to all for your condolences and best wishes.
      Pengy, your comment caused me no pain at all. When a loved one passes, a person realizes how important it is to appreciate their loved ones, to be thankful for them and to hold them close here on earth while we can. We must also take the time to express gratitude for all we do. Indeed, every day is Mother’s Day!
      I am very grateful that you took the initiative to express Mother’s Day wishes to all of the wonderful Moms in our lives.

  4. Lyle, I agree totally with your comments about the draft. Someone mentioned the other day that, for cap reasons, there could be unprecedented player movement via trades, buyouts, free agent signings before the 20/21 season.
    I for one really hope that happens – a bunch of blockbuster trades would be just what the doctor ordered.
    Btw, Lyle, I was one of the lucky ones who got to watch Bobby Orr during his junior career with the Oshawa Generals – he was simply incredible.

    • I’ll bet he was, BCLeafFan! If only he hadn’t suffered those knee injuries, who knows what further heights he would’ve scaled.

  5. Vividly recall that goal. Incredible talent whose career was cut WAY too short due to those wonky knees (over 12 surgeries). He only made one mistake – hiring that sleazeball Eagleson as his agent.

  6. if the draft is held before the playoffs, there IS way to allow trades: if a player is traded, he ineligible for the 2020 playoffs.

    this would make teams consider the trade off between going for it in the playoffs, or take care of their cap issues.

    and obviously pick for pick trades will still be allowed

    then the draft might not be so dull

    • I think they should lift the trade deadline restrictions if they’re intent on staging the draft next month and going to a 24-team playoff format. It’ll provide excitement for the draft and allow the clubs that wouldn’t have reached the playoffs in the normal format to bolster their rosters.

      • Lyle, that may seem like a good idea on paper but I don’t see that accomplishing anything. No one would be selling. Under a 24 team playoff, the only teams that would be in a position to sell would be teams like the Wings who’ve been out of it since December. And they have no one left to sell.
        MikeP, I don’t see teams trading for players who they could not use in the playoffs. And teams bound for the playoffs would simply not trade players. Pick for pick trades are an NFL thing. They don’t normally happen in the NHL first round.
        Just do the draft after the season ends or is cancelled. I think the fact that the league has not yet announced a June draft, when it seemed likely a couple of weeks ago, is a sign they’ve backed down.

  7. Each year I would say the playoff should be over by the end of May.

    As the days get longer and weather warm up, I’m constantly outside doing other things.

    So far the days are getting longer not so much for the temperatures but, I’m getting closer to saying time to call it a day.

    Then all the NHL needs to figure out is all the deadline deals, lottery draft and salary cap.

    • This why the playoffs need to be canceled and why the league needs to be smaller. That way less teams make the playoffs and people can move onto other interests once hockey is done at a more reasonable time. It’s nice to ruffle a few feathers every now and then. My job is done here for today.

  8. I see the note above that NBA & NHL may be fighting over Las Vegas as a site to finish season and playoffs.

    Las Vegas, Carolina & Dallas have all been listed as potential sights. I’ve lived in Dallas, visited Carolina and been in Vegas many times.

    All three can be very hot in the summer with Vegas 110 to 120 on a regular basis, Carolina & Dallas not quite as hot but humid. Can these rink ice plants handle these hot days without getting soft ice and could they handle 2-3 games a day ? Also wasn’t there a game in Buffalo many years ago in May where the heat and humidity caused FOG above the ice.
    Just asking ?

    • Again folks… cancel! Sports are just not important enough to risk public safety. It is over! Move on!

      And like I said this morning if this thing drags on into another season many teams are at risk of folding.

      Just the way it is. And the league would be better when smaller. Can’t count the amount of times I have heard the same argument made by several others before me!

      Ever hear an old timer talk about the glory days of the original six? Why take everything so personal? Jeez I live in the Maritimes and have 0 chance of ever supporting a professional team in my home town outside of the QMJHL.

      No revenue means no ability to handle expenses. Pretty basic concept.