NHL Rumor Mill – June 11, 2020

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Updates on Jack Eichel and Braden Holtby in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE SCORE: Matt Teague cited Jack Eichel’s recent interview with TSN’s Darren Dreger affirming he and Buffalo Sabres management are on the same page over the club’s lack of progress. The Sabres captain spoke with general manager Jason Botterill and head coach Ralph Krueger, saying they understand and share his frustration. Eichel also said he wasn’t the only one expressing that opinion, only he was a little blunter.

Buffalo Sabres captain Jack Eichel (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Eichel’s remarks last month over the club’s constant losing prompted some observers to suggest he could end up on the trade block or Botterill could listen to offers. I believe that’s just wishful thinking…for now.

The Sabres have no intention of trading their franchise player. He’s the foundation piece upon whatever future success rests.

Eichel won’t be traded unless he asks for it and there’s no indication he wants out. That could change in two or three years, however, if the Sabres remain mired in mediocrity.


NBC SPORTS WASHINGTON: J.J. Regan recently reported on the uncertainty facing Braden Holtby and his fellow unrestricted free agents in the off-season caused by the coronavirus. The 30-year-old goaltender seemed destined to hit the open market, but Regan wondered if there’s an opportunity now for the two sides to work out a deal. “To be honest I have no clue,” Holtby said when asked about his future status as a UFA.

Regan doubts Holtby will sign a one-year contract in hopes of getting a better deal following next season. The Capitals’ future starter, Ilya Samsonov, is already on the roster. Regan doubts the Caps would bring back Holtby as their starter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There been a sense this season that Holtby and the Capitals would party company. This is his first time eligible for UFA status and he reportedly intends to make the most of it.

Holtby’s completing a five-year deal with an annual average value of $6.1 million. As a former Vezina Trophy winner and Stanley Cup champion, Holtby feels he’s in line for significant pay raise.

The Caps, meanwhile, have over $71 million already invested in 16 players for 2020-21. Even if they re-signed Holtby to a hometown discount on a one-year deal, it would leave them with little to fill out the rest of the roster.


  1. At one point when talking to Braden he mentioned Seattle would be a fresh start not seeing how that would work timing a little off. Would be a great fit in Edmonton and close to home.

    • Would be an upgrade in net for Edmonton, but they’d have to move Nugent-hopkins and Athanasiou. Or find some other way to shed ~9M in salary.

      • If he wants a long term contract he will have to settle for way less. Has he started his decline already? I think Florida js kicking themselves for the Bob contract – so don’t see anyone making that mistake in this environment.

    • I would prefer Koskinen at $4.5 for 2 more years over Holtby at a bigger ticket and longer term.
      Koskinen doesn’t suck and at times carried the Oilers this season. Still needs to prove it for a longer period.

  2. He is going to be very disappointed if he is expecting a raise. His game has already started to erode, he’s be luck if he even gets a team to match the salary he made on his last contract. This was the case before the corona thing happened, which only made his situation worse, as teams are looking at a flat cap in a best case scenario and decrease being a real possibility. Any team that gives him term or big dollars would be shooting themselves in the foot, as they’d be in the same situation Florida is in with Bobrovsky.

  3. Eichel situation is definitely interesting. Seems far fetched that they’ll trade him, but this is how it starts. Already saw trades on other rumor sites. If he’s unhappy with the losing, I don’t see any quick fixes next year. Maybe they can land Holtby would be a start. Winning the draft lottery or at least getting in top 3 might help. Buffalo has some good young players. If they where to deal Eichel, the return could be huge. A couple of good prospects and some 1st rd picks?

    • She is a pipe dream, but man I would love to have Eichel on the bruins. I don’t see anyway the Sabers trade him but it is the Sabers…

  4. Holtby’s got a couple decent years left in him. I doubt he’ll get what he thinks he deserves. a 2-4 year contract would make sense. There are a few good goalies out there, so market is a lil crowded.

    Think of the Devils with Cory Schneider. 2 more years at 6 mil. (Devils fans all wonder why he took such a nosedive) or Bob (Fla.) but i believe Bob will be back

  5. Bill Murray reference
    “ What about Bob”

    Brutal deal and Holtby will not get those dollars. A team cannot spend that kind of money on that position. Not even on Vezina reincarnated.
    He will get a raise but not a big one but I have a gut feeling not with Washington

    • I’m not sure he will get a raise.
      If I had to bet the over under from his current deal, I would go under.