NHL Rumor Mill – June 4, 2020

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Could the Canadiens pursue Torey Krug or Taylor Hall via free agency? Does Shayne Gostisbehere fit into the Flyers’ long-term plans? What’s the latest on the Kings? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill. 


SPORTSNET: In a recent mailbag segment, Eric Engels was asked about the possibility of the Montreal Canadiens pursuing a left-handed defenseman like Torey Krug during the off-season.

The 29-year-old Boston Bruins defenseman is due to become an unrestricted free agent at season’s end. While Engels believes the Canadiens would love to have Krug’s skills in the lineup, he doubts the long-time Bruin will sign with the Habs.

Could the Montreal Canadiens target Taylor Hall in the off-season free-agent market? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens have plenty of cap space to make Krug a tempting offer. While the idea of Krug in a Montreal jersey could excite Habs fans and infuriate Bruins’ followers, I agree with Engels. If Krug hits the open market, it’s doubtful he’ll sign with the Canadiens.

Engels was also asked if Arizona Coyotes winger Taylor Hall had any connections with the Canadiens that might tempt him to come to Montreal as a free agent after this season. Engels isn’t aware of any but acknowledged the Habs are among the few clubs that can afford to make Hall a maximum contract offer. He’d be the type of high-end offensive player the Canadiens need, but Engels wonders if Hall sees the makings of a winner in Montreal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens have long struggled to entice UFA talent to Montreal, even during years when they had the cap space to do so.

Hall, 28, wants to play on a winner after years of skating with non-contenders in Edmonton and New Jersey. If the Coyotes can’t convince him to stay in Arizona, I anticipate he’ll try to land with a potential contender.


THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: In a recent mailbag segment, Sam Carchidi was asked about where Shayne Gostisbehere fits in long term in the Flyers defense corps. Carchidi observers the 27-year-old defenseman struggled over the past two seasons and could be moved in an off-season trade.

Carchidi expects Gostisbehere will have a difficult time getting into the lineup when this season resumes. While he’ll be healthy and has impressive speed and offensive skills, the Flyers defense has excelled and showed great chemistry without him.

If the Flyers shop “Ghost Bear”, Carchidi expects they’ll hold out for a first- or second-round pick, or a winger with 20-goal potential.

SPECTOR’ S NOTE: The decline in Gostisbehere’s performance hurts his trade value. However, a strong bounce-back effort in the 24-team playoff tournament could make him more enticing to clubs seeking a mobile blueliner. That could improve the Flyers’ chances of landing a solid pick or a scoring winger in return.



  1. Yes MB, sign Hall to a max deal if he decides on Montreal. Here’s a pen

    • FD as a Habs fan I disagree. Not blaming Hall for all the playoff misses in his career but great players on big contracts should be able to get a team to the playoffs every now and then .

      • To be fair to Hall, the Devils have been fairly dysfunctional this decade and Edmonton was a tire fire through no fault of Hall. At a reasonable $ he will be a great add to any team. BUT I think some team will overpay….

      • I agree Kevin I just don’t think Hall is an 8-10 mill type guy . If I am Mtl. I would pass lots of promising prospects if any money needs to be spent I lean toward a number 1 centre or a top left D man not a winger just me thoughts

    • Signing Hall would be a typical Bergevin move. Another marshmellow for Team Charmin. Only team softer than the Habs are the Leafs.

      • It is clear from past posts, Ron, that you don’t like the Habs. That’s your right. But how about being on point with your comments?

        Were the Habs to sign Hall it wouldn’t be for toughness, it would be for scoring.

        As to whether they should sign him of offense, no. Hall has a great season every three or four seasons, interspersed with average ones at best.

        Had you been talking about Krug being another small player on a roster with too many others, you’d have had a point. The Habs have 7 players on their roster 5’10” or smaller. Krug would make that 8, or 1/3 of their line up.

      • I agree with Swanny on this one. The consistency hasn’t been there with Hall, plus some injury problems. Took a while to mature with practice habits and being your best everyday while here in EDM. No idea if he has yet.
        All depends on the contract, and agree that someone will give him a boatload.
        I wouldn’t say he is soft though. The guys goes to the tough areas and while in Edmonton he played with reckless abandon.
        Don’t watch NJ or ARI much so can’t say if he is still like that.

  2. I doubt the Flyers could get a 1st for Gostisbehere (Jim Benning on line one?). At best maybe a 3rd and a middle tier prospect. I like Ghost but his played dropped noticebly the last year or two. Decent salary and term should make him easy to move if Philly goes that route.

    • If a 2nd rounder is the price for Ghost, I’d do it if I were the Habs. They have 3 2nds this year and it’s a small price to pay for the reasonable chance that he’ll bounce back.

      • Not a Habs fan but actually does sound like he could be a good fit in Montreal, but the question would be who to pair with him so that they compliment each other. To me that would be the question.

  3. Nesterov Seems like a safe and good pick up. Hoping the Leafs would snag him. I’m sure he’s better than half of what they have now. Nonetheless, good pickup for LA.

  4. As much as it pains me, I think Vince Dunn to Montreal for a 2nd is a possibility. I believe he is more complete, with more upside, than Ghost. I would hate to lose him, but something has to give for the Blues.

    • As a Habs fan, I’d happily give two 2nds for Dunn. Would be a great fit for us and the kid is a definite player.

      (And if we win the play-in and only pick, say, 20th overall, I’d consider that 1st rounder for him, too!)

  5. Dunn gets a lot more than a 2 nd….

  6. Dunn goes for a lot more than a 2 nd

    • Yeah. He’s a fine young player. Quick and smart.
      His and Pyrakos emergence is probably what leads to the Captain signing elsewhere. If that were to happen.

  7. Caufield won’t help that average

    • Think he scores as a pro?

  8. All the contenders for the most part don’t have the cap room for Hall. And to me, he isn’t worth the big bucks. Some team will regret it down the road

  9. Hall to Habs, nope we have a sporadic winger who already disappears named Drouin.
    Krug would be a great addition despite his size, but his size keeps a small team small, although would be interesting how he’d pair up with Weber or Petry. Ghost could be the one and agree a second round pick is not a big cost, especially if he bounces back, by having Weber and Petry already there. Should Romanov arrive takes even more pressure off Ghost and he can just play again rather than be expected to carry whole D corps like it appears is the case in Philly.