NHL Playoffs: Canadiens Tie Series with Convincing Win over Flyers

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Soapbox | 3 comments



  1. So the thing that bothered Vigneault the most about the game was that Muller put out his #1, yet worst in the league, PP unit when the Flyers were down 5-0????

    Really???? That is straight out of the book of Donald Trump, highlight something absolutely ridicules so the media chases that instead of asking him why he fell short on his duties!!!!!

    Anyhow, I expect a far better effort out the Flyers tomorrow.

    Other random Habs thoughts; Ben Chariot is worth every penny of his contract. This is what MB expected he was getting when he signed Alzner. The Weber/Chariot pairing stir up memories of the Chelios/Ludwig pairing & how nasty they were to play against.

    That said, how long can Weber & Chariot play at this without burning out???

    Armia is a streaky scorer, can we expect him to put a streak together for the rest of this series??? That could be a huge swing point in this series if so.

    That third D pairing of Ouellet & Mete make me feel really uncomfortable about the Habs making any kind of a long run in these playoffs. I really liked Fleury’s play earlier in the season, did his play drop that significantly, that he the two aforementioned are better choices???

    How did everyone feel about the Domi goaltender interference penalty??? Maybe it’s only because I am a Habs fan, but I thought the Philly D-man should have been called as well!!!

  2. A late response:

    Ouellet and Mete are doing ok. Not great but they are 5-6, they are doing their part.

    AV is trying to light a fire under his guys with his comments. They have been the dominant team for one of the six periods in this series, he has to try something.

    I thought the Domi penalty was weak, but I am glad they are erring on the side of protecting the goalie. We don’t want the Flyers to start running Cary.

    Yes, Chariot was a steal. As was Petry before him, and Suzuki after him. So much for critics of Bergevin.

    This series is a long way from done.

    • I don’t for one minute that had anything to do with firing up his team!!!

      His team played poorly, well below their abilities & he didn’t want to get bombarded with questions about that, so knowing full well there was raw meat hanging out there for the media wolves to attack, he comes out makes that statement first & foremost hoping they chase that rabbit!!!

      He was deflecting from the obvious.

      Folks say that KK & Drouin are weak & can’t stay on his skates, but their #1 center Sean Couturier was on his ass more far more times than any Habs forward yesterday!!!!

      So I am sure that Vigneault wanted part off explaining why Weber, Chariot, Petry & Kulak were having their way physically with the Flyer big boys???