NHL Playoffs Game Day Notebook: Penguins vs Canadiens Game 4

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Soapbox | 13 comments



  1. I read that Alex Belzile may draw in for Evans. Good for him… career minor pro age 28. Known as a hard working, grinding player and may finally get to play his first NHL game.

    • Yes, that change came after I’d sent this in for publication. It’ll be interesting to see how he does.

  2. I may be late to the party, been really busy lately, so I don’t know if this has already been addressed or not but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the Domi/Julien situation looks eerily similar to the Galchenyuk/Julien situation!???

    And we all know how that ended!!!

    • You’re not the only person to point that out. Michel Bergeron was saying pretty much the same thing recently.

      • On that note, I wonder how Max would look with KK & Armia in the next round, as Joe doesn’t look to be clicking with the two Finns!!!

      • I don’t see that, domi hasn’t played well these games I know not the best line mates but just making bad decisions. I think he will be a winger next series. If price,weber,Chiarot and Petry play like that anything can happen. This series is the reason the players vote price the best goalie in the league

      • Big Bear, with all the opportunity Joe has been given & the little Max has, I believe Joe’s play falls farther beyond expectations than Max’s.

        Joe’s problem is he tries too hard to be a one man show. I may be bias on that because I watched him play with the Moosehead’s & determined then even playing with the likes of Nate & Nik, that he was a “puckhog” & didn’t utilize his teammates properly.

  3. You don’t get to gloat often Lyle. You are as professional as they come. But give this pens fan a weee little bit of comuffants. Lay it on me. Fan my rear end up just a tad! You deserve it.

    • In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz: Ha-ha!

  4. The pens best player of the series was double J……….that’s why they lost

    • Stupid move by Habs on winning this series. Anyway it doesn’t matter, cause they will be swept in the next one (no it doesn’t matter against who they will play).

      • Isn’t that what you said the pens would do to them? 🤔

      • Prediction is very difficult … especially if it’s about the future.