NHL Playoffs: Milbury Another Dinosaur Living In NHL Broadcast Booth

by | Aug 25, 2020 | News, NHL | 9 comments



  1. Some of the attention-getting comments have been indefensible.

    I especially enjoy some of the younger voices—Sharp, Carter, Boucher, Ferraro……

    I am surprised that Duff referenced Charles Barkley in the article however. I love Charles, but some of his comments have been far worse.

    • It’s not that a commentator can’t be a little controversial. It’s the total package they provide. Barkley is funny, honest, offbeat, but knowledgable, connected, respected, a HOFer, and works hard to stay in touch. Plus, he’s a genuinely nice guy who people like, not a jerk like Milbury.

      • So by that standard it’s okay to say whatever you want if you’re a hof’er, funny, connected etc?

        I was never a Millbury fan. Or a Cherry fan … and while we’re at it… a Roenick fan either . But the standards need to be the same for everyone across the board.

        You can’t have different sets of rules because someone is more of a like-able guy than the next.

        Although it seems to be the case more and more these days.

      • @nyr4life… note ‘a little controversial’… obviously some use of judgement, tack, and respect for others is assumed, I didn’t think that needed spelling out. A little controversial, to me, is a willingness/ability to express a POV that might be contrary to public opinion but is still rationally thought out and argued. It’s not spewing bigoted opinions.

  2. Seems to me the only bias Mr Duff is ok with is age bias. I think some might find referring to older people as dinosaurs a bit offensive. But he has a good idea. Once they reach a certain age they need to be pushed out of their jobs because there’s no way they can keep up with the younger people anymore.

  3. Ah yes, yet another sacrificial lamb to the alter of political correctness. If a dispassionate observer looks at Mr Milbury’s comments, he, (or she) might just ask where the issue is. Lets be honest, the current NHL playoff environment IS conducive to better team cohesion. Not having the day to day distractions of a normal home environment cannot but be cohesive and women, for better or worse, can be a powerful distraction. Truth used to be it’s own defense but those days have sadly passed us by. Of all of his statements, this appears by far to among the least offensive, (Thelma and Louise?) yet carries the stiffest of penalties. Are we so uber sensitive that any perceived slight results in termination, really? As Gerard Butler said in 300, “This is Sparta!”. Well this is the real world and the NHL, where did our sense of proportion go? As for “pansification”, it seems to certainly apply to the media. Feel free to “toxicly masculinize” that. I wish Mr Milbury well.

  4. I still don’t get what is wrong about him saying ” not a single woman here to disrupt your concentration “. maybe we need to stop looking too deeply into every comment for something offensive. all i take from that commont is he’s implying guys are focused on the task at hand winning the cup. not chasing tail and trying to get laid. I’ve never liked milbury but this is just silly, lets keep pushing this agenda where you cannot have an opinion or a not agree with everyone. seems to be working out great..

  5. Regarding Milbury himself, I was a big fan of his as GM of the Islanders. He did so much to improve all the teams around the league. I wish he was still in that role today.

  6. I’d love to see Jerome Iginla in a broadcasting role.