NHL Rumor Mill – August 15, 2020

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Check out the latest on the Penguins and Wild in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Josh Yohe and Rob Rossi report rival team executives believe Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford could explore trading Kris Letang, despite Rutherford saying he wanted to keep the blueliner among his core players. One executive claimed Letang still has value in the trade market.

Could the Pittsburgh Penguins explore trade possibilities for Kris Letang (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Letang’s age (33), annual average salary ($7.25 million through 2021-22), and injury history are significant sticking points. While he has an 18-team trade list, his no-movement clause means he cannot be demoted to the minors. With two-thirds of the teams facing a cap crunch for 2020-21, moving Letang seems a remote possibility.

They also reported the Penguins’ decision to release assistant coach Sergei Gonchar isn’t a sign of renewed strain between head coach Mike Sullivan and Evgeni Malkin, who is close to Gonchar. Despite occasional disputes, management believes Malkin respects Sullivan. They also said Penguins captain Sidney Crosby let it be known last year that he doesn’t want Malkin traded unless the center asks to be moved. Malkin has indicated he wants to finish his career with the Penguins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Malkin’s name is always brought up by somebody in the rumor mill as a trade option whenever the Penguins fall short of expectations. Yohe and Rossi remind us he’s got a full no-movement clause, giving him full control over his NHL future for the remainder of his contract, which expires in 2022. Malkin’s not going anywhere unless he wants out, and he isn’t interested in that option.

Yohe also believes Matt Murray could be on his way out, suggesting he needs a change of scenery. He anticipates Rutherford will find a way to move center Nick Bjugstad, who has a year remaining on his contract worth $4.1 million. He also doesn’t rule out Jared McCann and Zach Aston-Reese becoming trade candidates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Rutherford sheds salary, the Penguins cannot afford to re-sign Murray and fellow RFA goaltender Tristan Jarry. I think Murray hits the trade block following the postseason.

Yohe doesn’t expect pending unrestricted free agents like Justin Schultz, Patrick Marleau, and Conor Sheary will be back.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Michael Russo recently raised several questions about possible offseason moves by the Minnesota Wild.

One was whether Wild GM Bill Guerin would bundle some assets, including either Jonas Brodin or Matt Dumba, to acquire a first-line center, or attempt to sign one via free agency. Russo also wondered if Guerin might shop one of his goalies, acquire one via trade or free agency, and/or promote promising Kaapo Kahkonen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dumba would have better trade value, and might even fetch a first-line center in a one-for-one swap. That move, however, would address one problem but create another, as Dumba is (in my opinion) their best defenseman. Guerin will have to look to the trade market as this year’s UFA market is thin on quality centers. 

As for their goalies, Russo pointed out adding one could mean buying out Devan Dubnyk, a move that could suggest Kahkonen’s not the goalie of the future. Dubnyk’s only got one year left on his contract. It might be worthwhile standing pat between the pipes and see how next season unfolds. They’ll have a better idea of Kahkonen’s readiness and can let Dubnyk walk via free agency.

Russo wondered if Guerin might revisit his failed trade-deadline attempt to ship Zach Parise to the New York Islanders. He also mused about buying out Dubnyk or Victor Rask if they can’t trade them, and if they’ll find a way to move expensive winger Mats Zuccarello, who also carries a no-movement clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The attempted Parise deal was done before COVID-19 derailed the schedule and flattened the salary cap. I don’t see that trade happening, especially with the Isles’ limited cap space. Buying out Dubnyk and Rask creates around $4 million in dead cap space next season, over $2.1 million in 2021-22, and $1.33 million for each of the following two seasons.

The Wild are likely stuck with Zuccarello for a while unless he’s willing to waive his NMC and they’re willing to either pick up part of his $6 million AAV or bundle him with a sweetener like a high draft pick or top prospect.


  1. With this being a “Penguin day”, I suggest that we yield the floor to our esteemed colleague Pengy!?!

    • Dont forget black n gold..lol

  2. I seen a headline that Pitts wants to bring down their payroll to around $71m moving Letang would be a start.

    Not sure how true that is or how you trim that much and stay competitive.

    • Caper, that is definitely what was put out here. Idk that they’ll actually do that, but that’s what Yohe and Rossi gave us. The rough part is, the pens really don’t need much. All these rumors are a huge exaggeration. JJ out the door, followed by Schultz and Murray. Bjugstad would be nice too, but the first 3 must happen. That’s basically addition by subtraction

      • Hi Caper

        I had also heard the cost savings suggestions re Pens but all were suggesting in the $76 M Cap range ; and most were centred on actual cost savings instead of Cap concerns (although one does co-relate with the other) and talked about buyouts as savings strategies … I posted well below a strategy that gets them in $78 M range; younger ; and better (albeit with a gamble of DeSmith in for MM)

        I’m happy and sad on that… if they are on the cost cutting and buyouts ….obviously they are buying out #3 👍🙏🤞😁😁😁😁; and perhaps # 72 (like him but I understand it) ….combined buyouts save $8.2 M in committed cash… and would lower Cap by $5.6 M each of next 2 years

    • Thsy have talked about moving letang bfore..i guess we will see !! Montreal seems most likely where ldtang would accept a trade..

  3. With this being a “Penguin Day”, I suggest that we might as well yield the floor to our esteemed colleague, Pengy!?!

    Let it begin: Murray + JJ for?????????

    • Would much rather do the much more logical JJ buyout … saves $2.1 M in Cap over next two years; lowers committed cash (they are being suggested to cut costs) and massively improves team

      Net neutral… buyout JJ; sign UFC Soucy…. massive increase in Pens potential and team motivation

      • PENGY…Black n gold here.
        Proposal for our Penguins. We need a lefthanded top 4 dman and a third line center.

        To Pittsburgh,
        center 27 vincent trochett $4.75 2022 ufa Pittsburgh born boy

        Defenseman 24 Hayden Fluery $850,000 pending rfa

        To Carolina,

        Goalie 26 Matt Murray $3.75 RFA

        Center/wing Jared Mccann 23 $1.25 pending Rfa

        Plus a second round draft pick

        WE get a third line center (Pittsburgh boy) who can score 15 to 20 goals and a young physical skilled defenseman to put with young john MARino.

        Carolina gets a starting 26 year old goalie much better than mirasnek or Reimer a 23 year old fast cdnter and winger. Also a second round pi.ctk.

        Money is close lots of rfas here


  4. Dumba and a pick for Marner

    • At first I thought this was a steal for Wild. But not a center and a big salary acquisition changed my mind. It would be a steal for Leafs.

      • I think if marner gets moved it will be for a good young cap controlled dman plus a bad contract or like a subban trade a couple of picks and prospects. With what’s happening with the cap the trade will be a dump/solid trade

      • Marner isn’t going anywhere.

        Dumba for Nylander

        Nylander plays C and is cost controlled at $6.92M/yr and most of his $45M salary has been paid. He scored 31G last year.
        If he doesn’t work out as #1C he’s still a 1st line RW. He would have led the Wild in scoring this season…Goals and total points.

      • Daryl no way the most one dimensional player in the league gets dumba the leafs would have to add a lot more

      • Daryl,

        Playing one game at center doesnt make Nylander a center, it makes Keefe a moron though.


    • Doubtful the Wild trade a stud defenceman for a marshmellow like Marner let alone adding pick for him.

      Minnesota declines and blocks your #.

      • Daryl, Nylander played one game at centre – of course, that was the elimination game. Good move, Coach.
        Hope the Boudreau rumour is true.

    • Hi Bill (Guerin)?

      I don’t see you (Bill Guerin) making that offer

  5. Rutherford is in a tough spot. If it is accurate that Sid doesn’t want Gino traded that takes viable options off of the table, difficult though it would be to move Gino with his cap hit and age.

    It is a reality that superstars have a lot of influence in team decisions, but they should stick to what they do best: play.

    • LJ….there is a thought floating out there that because of the friendship between the Domi family and the LeMieux families….that Domi who many Hab fans seem to want to trade will end up there…

      Can you see a LeTang for Domi trade…

      Congrats on your Habs….well constructed team….great calm goalie…..big confident D men….
      forwards who do what they are told to..

      • OBD, interesting rumour. I personally would not take on Letang for the reasons Lyle has cited: 7 million is a lot of money for a guy with age and injuries as factors.

        I don’t want to trade Domi but with the emergence of the Habs’ young centers Domi is the one solid expendable asset the Habs have to offer in any trade. And as surprising as the Habs play is so far, their small forwards are sure to wear down.

        Thus, in my opinion, the Habs would be better off looking for a top 6 forward with some size, and to be greedy, another quality D.

        Thanks for asking.

    • Hi OBD and LJ

      18 team NT … would think rest of teams are up against Cap… yes could see Habs on his list; however I can’t envision the Domi/Tanger swap

      Pens already have D issues…. they won’t move their top pairing RHD for a forward

      Marino is great… but I think his ceiling is exactly where he is at… a very very good 2nd pairing RD

      The only Habs/Pens flip that includes Tanger that is IMHO possible … and it’s still a long shot is Captain Hab for Tanger and Habs would be retaining

      @ 8% retention… Cap even for next two years

      Habs would be ridding I ligations after 2 years; and Pens would be gambling on Weber retiring at 38 (after 22/23) when his Sal drops to just above League min (by then) @ $1M

      Looooooonnnnnnnnnng shot

  6. Kris LeTurnover … anybody? anybody???

    • lol.

    • Probably not…leturnovrr is lestaying..uuuggghh

      • Most likely because Kris Lesucks…..

  7. Hindsight – I know murray is younger but would Pens have been better off keeping MAF years ago? He’s stayed at a high level that I don’t think Murray has ever reached.

    Also if Letang is being traded Toronto is most logical. He is a defenceman and Leafs always popular destination for big names. Nylander for Letang and Murray.

    • You do know Fleury is the backup to Lehner in Vegas now right?

      Letang is just about the last defenceman the Leafs need. Toronto needs a big bruising defenceman with the focus on defence, not another pond hockey playing member of the ice capades.

  8. I highly doubt Letang would get much in return in any deal. Age, concussion history, salary, had a stroke and the inability to play any type of actual defence render him almost untradeable.

    • RRJ

      100% spot on.

      To the Habs?
      What a laugh.
      As a RD does he displace Weber? Or Petry?

      think, people!

  9. If Wild looking to move some salary and get a young center. How about Staal and Dubnyk for two native sons Okposo and Mittelstadt?

  10. With the number of teams needing a significant retool this off season, it should be very interesting. Toronto, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Florida, Nashville, Minnesota, Edmonton, and Winnipeg may all be pretty active.

  11. **** Newsflash****

    Tuuka Rask leaves Bruins and “bubble”.

    Jaroslav Halak now Bruins #1 goalie for duration of playoffs.


    • first Rask says the games are dull then the next day he bows out altogether. I am not sure of his family status perhaps there is a situation he need to stay close to but he should have played the ‘not playing’ card before the playoffs started. Cam Neely just bit through his lip.

      • Well well, Rask didn’t seem emotionally invested.

        Personally I dont care who opts out of the Covid Cup.

        Rask wants to be home with his family, ok.

      • Super interesting! To get your name on the cup you have to play 41 games or in the finals. Tuukka played exactly 41 games! I can’t stand Boston mostly cause of the Cheating but I would delight in bruins winning the Stanley cup playoffs just to see Tuukka get his name in the cup anyway

  12. Rask don’t let door hit you in a……. on way out. Halak is quite capable would make hell of a story.

    • Obe

      True enough. The Bruins have a very good backup in Halak. Can you imagine the carnage if someone like Price, Markstrom or Holtby (among others) bailed? No name backups that would give their respective teams little or no chance of triumph.

      • Samsonov was the better goalie in the season and is far from a no name.

      • Chrisms,

        I agree. However Samsonov is not with the Capitals currently which leaves them with a no name backup to play if Holtby bails or gets injured.

      • Really? Why?

      • Biking accident.

  13. If letang doesn’t want moved he just puts 12 teams on his go list that are in cap trouble. So unless salary comes back he stays in that case.

    If he wants a change of scenery there wouldn’t be a shortage of interest but I doubt the offers would improve the team over keeps by the guy. He pushes the offense and doesn’t get enough credit for his defensive work. And a top pair d at a little over 7 is a bargain compared to other top pair.

    • The don’t think Letang garners the type of interest you think he will.

      Ultimately, who wants that type of cap hit on an aging often injured offensive defenseman?

      Better yet, who HAS the type of cap room? NJ? Nope, not without dumping salary. Ditto Ottawa, Montreal, Columbus, Colorado etc.

      • Would those types of players interest Seattle?
        Either leave them exposed or trade them there after the fallout from the draft.
        Prospects and dollars held?

      • The oft injured stuff is old news. Unfortunately I doubt there will actually be a result to settle the debate of his value as finding a match would be essentially impossible if letang doesn’t want moved and I doubt he does. Or fortunately I’d say as I’d rather not see him moved.

      • It really isn’t old news . When someone has been unhealthy more then they have been healthy, it’s a problem.

        He missed 17 games last year.

        That’s a bit under his career average of missed games, and hardly old news. He’s missed a ton of games on his career. That’s not going to get better with age, not sure how you think otherwise.

      • Agreed letang will be a tough sell..HE is alented, aging, brittle, and dumb, oh yeah expensive too..

      • Not impossible, but more than likely they will need to retain or take back some $$$

  14. Penguins trade Murray, Bjugstad and their 2021 2nd round pick to Wild for Dubnyk ($2 million retained), Rask and Pittsburgh 2021 1st round pick returned.

    Guerin has publicly stated that he wants better goaltending. Bjugsatad and rask are nearly identical cap hits and both could use a fresh start.

    • you may be onto something Cliff, might need some small tweaks but the proposal makes sense to me.

      • Nyr4life..pdns cant retain money…good idea but not sure pens will do that
        Letting go
        MURRAY $3.75
        SHEARY $3.5
        BJUGSTSD $4.1
        JOHNSON $3.25
        BUYOUT WE $2.1
        SIMON $1.0
        SCHULTZ %5.5

        Alot of money of the books..

    • Not a bad trade value wise but if pens want to lose cap money it doesn’t help. Jarry will likely make murray money and DeSmith is slightly over 1. Dubnyk salary would all be an increase.

    • I don’t see a 1st going Pittsburgh’s way in that deal

      • if I am seeing this correctly Pitts ships their 2021 2nd and gets their 2021 1st back, which they traded in the Zucker trade, so it is a matter of Pitt moving up a few spots in the draft next year.
        The retained salary on Dubnyk also makes this attractive ( 2.3 cap hit & 2.5 salary) . He has proven once before that he can come out of the ashes and perform.

    • Cliff

      JJ must be in the deal… nix the picks in the deal

      Bjug; JJ; Murr

      For Rask and Dooobie

      • Sorry,
        I was trying to be realistic.

      • You did a rare nice job cliff. Although I think dubnyk would have to be out of the deal entirely.

  15. Thinking Rask is done there was a little noise durning reg season about his lack of interest Wit hockey

    • Mostly to do with his head injuries

      • Injuries and fact in the 92 games he’s actually played over last 3 seasons and he has 22 points. 2 years left at 4m per. Ouch.

        Strome and DeAngelo for Dumba and 4th rd pick.

  16. Late to the game today

    Re: Pens

    Malkin not being moved….. however when his extension is possible; it’ll be a 35+ contract AND past the Pens window (and in the rebuild time)…. can see him then retiring from NHL… on to KHL

    Murray being shopped… ????….I’ve posted against this many times as I believe a Jarry/DeSmith tandem is one injury away from tragedy… Larmi as backup…no NHL experience (more EHL than AHL and not very good stats)

    That said… some are starting to rumble that Pens may not spend to Cap …, and thus no longer thinking in terms of potential cup next year…. so with that in mind… Murr likely traded …. but goalie mkt flooded… low return…. would Oil do JP for MM?

    Re “will find a way to move center Nick Bjugstad”…. yes pleas and thanks

    Re “Penguins’ decision to release assistant coach Sergei Gonchar isn’t a sign of renewed strain between head coach Mike Sullivan and Evgeni Malkin, who is close to Gonchar. “

    …..everyone knows the reason Gonch ; JM etc were let go…. they pleaded and begged Sully to sit #3… Sully refused…. they continued to complain…. GMJR took Sully’s & #3’s side over prudence; fan desire; teammate desire ; common sense; and then publicly threw JJ and Murray under the bus….assistant coaches again complained… that’s why Gonch et al gone

    Re “He also doesn’t rule out Jared McCann and Zach Aston-Reese becoming trade candidates.”…. better be kidding unless used to move JJ

    Re: “Yohe doesn’t expect pending unrestricted free agents like Justin Schultz, Patrick Marleau, and Conor Sheary will be back.”…. that statement should have started with “ Captain Obvious” instead of “Yohe”

    Right now… 10F,6D,0G signed… $13.2 M space

    Bjug out as above; Poulin in to fill that roster space… now $16.4 M… still need to sign/pay for 4F; 1D; 2G

    The obvious buyout of JJ and waive Ruhweedel (replacing him on roster with Czuczman or P-O J) plus re-up Riikola (in place of Mr. Nightmare) …$17.5 M … still to sign 4F, 1D; 2 G

    If the Oil bite on JP for MM; and Pens go with DeSmith as back up… then around $14.3M to sign 3F, 1D, 1G

    Bridge Jarry; McC; Rodrigues; Simon.. $9M

    More than $5 M left… sign Soucy…. then still plenty of Cap space after Soucy signed


    P-O J or Czuczman


    Doable…. but all starts with simple move…. buyout #3; and then the slightly difficult (but not impossible) move of Bjug ….. some team will take him for late rounder in ‘21 or ‘22

    • I see sheary back. He would be a cheap top 9. I think the pleading thing is fabrication. And Malkin absolutely will head home so long as the money is roughly the same.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Sheary a possibility but he’d have to take a haircut and no more than 2 years… and I’m not confident in it happening

        I think $’s won’t even be close (KHL) vs what Pens could offer Gino; but still think he goes home

        Re pleading…

        “pleading “ is subjective and I’ve used it to emphasize the mood….they did repeatedly and aggressively lobby Sully re sitting JJ. He refused over and over and over again.

        They did it last playoffs and finally got their way game 1. The only time ever that Sully listened to them re JJ

        Pens dominated that Isle’s game 1 ; but ran into a brick wall in net; lost in OT… Sully then said JJ goes back in game 2…. and you know what happened there 🤬🤬🤬🤬

      • I don’t know. Didn’t khl pay kovy a good chunk of change? If Malkin gets an offer in the 8 mil range in nhl compared to 5 or 6 in khl I think he sticks around another few years. Ultimately he will okay in khl at some point but maybe as a 39 year old instead of 36

    • Hi Chrisms

      Cut and paste from Hockey Zone:

      “ According to Forbes, he signed a 4-year agreement with SKA St. Petersburg for $US4.4 million per season. “

      That was when he was 30; top of his game; and KHL was making much more in Revs

      Economy down ; and Eugene at 36?? Not sure that KHL would give more than $4 M

      His re-up (if done) with Pens would come at a time when Pens rebuilding (with the prospect cupboard basically bare that may take some time) ; so I don’t know what they could/would offer him

  17. Pengy….

    Murray, JJ and a 3rd rounder to the Bruins for Rask.

    • RRJ

      You make that happen; and I’ll buy you a case of Glenfiddich 😁

  18. Tuukka Rask will retire

  19. Reading some of the above, it’s interesting how rabid fans can easily wrap their heads around transactions that best benefit their team of choice and fit them conveniently into their version of reality.

    Yesterday, Wendel17Higgins responded to my facts about the majority of teams absolutely needing to shed cap simply to re-sign key RFAs and even a few UFAs they wish to retain by saying “Cap comments by George is in a vacuum. Poile can dump Turris to a dog team like Detroit with picks like leafs and marleau …” then when I posted a rebuttal opinion – simply based upon existing facts – he returned with “George, are you even watching the NHL this year? Hurricanes are doing it as we speak. Picked up a 13th overall for Marleau and are a legitimate contender. You are talking nonsense as it is happening before your very eyes in real time?? Wow …”

    but no response to my answer that “that was 6 months BEFORE the Covid outbreak and the new flat cap reality … are you not aware of the dates involved? Wow … better get tested …”

    Roger Laurin had a good post about the possibility – and likelihood – of pure position-need for position-need hockey trades … and while I wholeheartedly agree that those can happen and does answer position shorthandedness, it still doesn’t clear the space needed by so many teams to re-sign their free agents.

    • Even teams that appear to have cap space really don’t. NJ appears to have 8 million in cap space, until you take into consideration that Hischier getting a 6+ million raise.

      • That $8 million figure is for 19/20 season. in 20/21 season they have about $25 million and 14 players signed (including Nico’s raise). They have some UFA (Blackwood/Anderson/Mueller) which should eat up about $8 million. Rounding out the rest of the roster will be a number of rookies McLeod, Boquist, Merkley, Smith. That still leaves over $10 million to spend on a free agent(s) – if they were so inclined, just not sure this is the year to spend on FA. Next offseason will be even more chaotic as you have Seattle entering the Fray, further diluting the talent available.

      • Kevin, like Ottawa and Detroit, unless a UFA fits a very specific need and they can sign one at a reasonable cost – give the unusual circumstances – I think NJ sits back with their $10 mil and waits for one of 21 cap-strapped teams to offer up a young player with NHL experience and term along with a cap hit that makes it useful for them to move in order to free up space. Of course it won’t be a Top 3 player or Top pairing D-man or even a 2c – but there will be good useful players of that ilk on the move because it HAS to.

        And contrary to what Wendel believes, I seriously doubt any of the “dog teams” will be taking on a Turris simply to get a future pick from a top team that would put it well down the list.

    • George, one way to deal with the flat cap is to make hockey trades – money in, money out – but no question that depth players will need to be young guys on their ELC or vets willing to make the minimum to keep playing.
      The guys making decent money better hope they have skills that teams want.

      • I agree BCLeafFan. Roger made much the same point yesterday and such a trade would satisfy the pressing need of both teams. But as I say above, virtually ALL 21 of the cash-strapped have RFAs they need to re-sign and even the odd UFA of theirs here and there they wish to retain. And unless they move out some significant cap – not spelled “crap” – they simply won’t be able to even after making a money-in money-out trade because that, in terms of lack of cap, solves nothing.

  20. Oh, and Wendel, if you’re readuing this, that 13th pick Carolina picked up for taking Marleau hasn’t been picked yet, so has nothing to do with the fact they are contending now. Maybe a year or two from now.

  21. I always felt Rask would retire after his current deal. In his general response to the question and demeanour in general . He is done everything a goaltender can do. I bet he does retire

    The other Rask”s career is over in the NHL.

    • If so the goalie market gets ever so slightly unflooded. But bruins minor league team and system has some solid stats. So maybe they halak And grow?

      • Tuukka Rask has a one week old baby at home, which means he wasn’t there for the birth and also faces the prospect of two more months in the Bubble.

        It was probably planned for August to cause the least disruption for team and personal life, but then came the virus.

        Beyond just that, a one week old baby could have any number of health issues, the mother could be having health problems, I believe he has two other children – MAYBE HE IS NEEDED AT HOME!

        Sweeney came out and said that the public is not aware of all the ongoing circumstances, and that the team is good with him leaving considering the circumstances.

        Writers here who persist in posting critically about his decision should perhaps take all that into account.
        And that, bottom line, family is everything. Something you appreciate a lot more as you have your own – everyone who has a child will certainly understand that.

        chill, OK?

  22. It’s puzzling that most published critics think Letang is one of the NHLs best defensemen, while so many fans believe he’s less than average. The NHL network, for example, rates him the league’s number eight defenseman. His coach, who is demanding of strong defensive play, keeps him on the ice until he’s ready to drop. Despite injuries, he’s usually among the league leaders in ice time for defensemen.

    On the other hand, few hockey scribes and fans underestimate Jack Johnson. However, I find buyouts with dead cap space too repugnant a means of moving him.. Wouldn’t it be better for the Penguins to go the Zach Begosian route?

    The Sabres waived Begosian. No team claimed him, so he was assigned to the team’s AHL affiliate. When he failed to report, the Sabres suspended him without pay for failure to report. That took Bogosian’s salary off the Sabres’ cap. The Sabres then placed Bogosian on unconditional waivers with the intention of terminating his contract. That voided the remaining money on his contract and made him an unrestricted free agent, able to sign with another team. He subsequently signed with the Lightning, albeit for less money.

    That some team would claim him is likely a pipe dream, but would Johnson, like Begosian, be unwilling to endure the hardships of being a minor league guy? Could gambling that Johnson would refuse to report result in anything worse for the Penguins than having a high-paid reserve defenseman in the AHL?

  23. The Bruins management and players are all saying the right thing but Id imagine theyre seething over Rask leaving.

    Best guess is Rask has played his last game as a Bruin.

    Virus or not, nobody and I mean nobody wants a quitter in their locker room.

  24. Think their third daughter was born in April she is definitely not a week old I have feeling they talked him into playing and they should have left him opt out before they started. I think he will retire can’t see him playing another year only if there is way more to the story. Supposedly he texted someone and said family emergency.

  25. If Rask does retire and Boston doesn’t sign Krug and I believe they shouldn’t Grizzzzz playing awesome and can do similar things. Bruins over night become a very good cap team and can become very aggressive in this years off season.

    • Yep. Clifton is a gamer too.

    • I’ve been all over the place on Krug and right now there’s no way I give him 8+ million per all be it a VG offensive player he don’t play very often on the PK and he’s never on the ice at end of games when B’s are up by a goal…as far as Rask my thinking but of course could be wrong as I said yesterday thinking he’s worried about his family and CV he’s also worried about his own health with the past head injury it wouldn’t surprise me if he forfeited his salary next season and retires …. one more with DeBrusk he better step up his game or the AB’s will have to think long and hard on him he isn’t a given

  26. Clifton should definitely be a full time player kid is fast and hits hard makes good decisions most times just needs more ice time.

  27. I get a kick at people jumping on Mike Milbury for giving his opinion doesn’t he have a right to one or does it have to be the same as yours. Crazy pretty soon it’s going to be moms the word or I take the fifth.

  28. Geez its not only us Hab fans that submit obscene trade proposals…but I guess that’s the fun of it!