NHL Rumor Mill – August 19, 2020

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Trade speculation continues to percolate about the Penguins, plus the latest on the Sabres and Blackhawks in today’s NHL rumor mill.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: In a recent mailbag segment, Dan Kingerski was asked which member of the Pittsburgh Penguins was likely to be traded. He considers goalie Matt Murray the most likely candidate, suggesting he might be packaged with defenseman Jack Johnson but they wouldn’t get much in return.

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang (NHL Images).

Kingerski also didn’t rule out the possibility of Kris Letang being moved, despite general manager Jim Rutherford’s insistence he’d keep his veteran core intact. However, he hasn’t heard any trade talk or speculation. He also suggested they might move Patric Hornqvist if they got a decent offer but not as a salary dump.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Mark Madden said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Penguins moved Bryan Rust, who’s coming off a career-high 27-goal performance. He also believes they’d like to move Hornqvist’s contract. He’s got three years left on his contract with over $15 million in total salary remaining.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Everyone expects Murray will be traded in the offseason, but his injury history and inconsistency will affect his trade value. He’s also a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. 

Interested clubs might prefer Murray was under contract before acquiring him. That could mean getting permission from the Penguins to talk contract with his agent before making a trade. I don’t believe anyone will be interested in taking Johnson in that deal unless an additional sweetener was added, but I doubt even that would be tempting to a rival GM.

Letang’s age (33), contract ($7.25 million through 2021-22), limited no-trade clause, and injury history should ensure he remains in Pittsburgh. Hornqvist might entice clubs seeking an experienced, gritty veteran forward, but his contract could be a turn-off in a flat-cap year. According to Cap Friendly, he also has a full no-trade clause.

Rust could be the easiest to move. The 28-year-old winger carries a cap-friendly $3.5 million annual average value through 2021-22 and lacks no-trade protection. Despite his career year, however, rival general managers could be leery of acquiring him if they feel he won’t replicate those stats away from Evgeni Malkin.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: In a recent mailbag segment, Lance Lysowski was asked which defenseman the Sabres will trade in the offseason. Lysowski believed Brandon Montour as the likely candidate as he struggled to fit into coach Ralph Kruger’s system. The 26-year-old blueliner is a restricted free agent.

Lysowski doubts Montour will fetch anything like the first-round pick the Sabres gave up to acquire him from the Anaheim Ducks. However, trading him would free up cap space and could help them land a valuable forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was speculation the Sabres might not qualify Montour’s rights, but GM Kevyn Adams quickly dismissed that possibility. Adams could try to swap Montour for a forward. Failing that, he could move him for a draft pick or prospect and use the money that would’ve gone toward re-signing him for a forward via free agency or the trade market. 

NBC SPORTS CHICAGO: Charlie Roumeliotis observed the Blackhawks have a lot of holes to repair on their roster, especially on defense. He noted they gave up the most even-strength scoring chances on a per-60 minute basis for the second straight year but were bailed out by their goaltending. He feels fixing that issue should once again be their priority.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As always, limited salary-cap space will hamper GM Stan Bowman’s efforts. Cap Friendly indicates they’ve got over $74 million invested in 19 players, with Corey Crawford, Dylan Strome, and Calder Trophy finalist Dominik Kubalik to re-sign. Bowman will likely prioritize getting Crawford and Kubalik under contract but could be forced to shop Strome or a salaried player to free up cap room for some defensive help.


  1. Re

    “ Dan Kingerski was asked which member of the Pittsburgh Penguins was likely to be traded. He considers goalie Matt Murray the most likely candidate, suggesting he might be packaged with defenseman Jack Johnson but they wouldn’t get much in return.”

    You had me at…” packaged with defenseman Jack Johnson”


    • Do some of these “journalists” function in a realm known as Delusional? Two thirds of the league are facing an extended flat-cap period (including Pittsburgh) with no choice but to clear space just to be able to keep their key RFAs (EIGHT in Pittsburgh’s case) and he seriously thinks it’s possible to package a goalie who cost $3,750,000 off this year’s cap (and is one of those RFAs WITH arbitration rights) and a 33 y/o D ($3,250,000) with 3 years to go and who everyone and his aunt is pointing fingers at as the prime reason for their elimination???

      He can’t possibly anticipate that one of those two-thirds cap-strapped teams would even consider that for two fleeting seconds OR that one of the few cap-rich teams would waste this golden opportunity to improve their teams with infinitely better options.

      Are guys like Kingerski even remotely aware of what’s transpiring?

      • Hi George

        Shhhhh… don’t scare off the one in a million chance…, I’m hoping this gets traction… Kingerski has plans that move JJ…. I’m giddy with anticipation

        Does he drink what Jimbo drinks?

        Time for me to send him and Jimbo a case of their finest

      • Pengy, how about Rust and Murray for Larsson and AA?
        If you want to swap JJ for Neal, we can do that too. Neal costs more, but hurts you less on the ice. Mostly because of position but can still bang in pucks from in close if on a decent line.
        JJ is less expensive to buy out as I can’t see the Oil actually playing him.

      • George, i could actually see a fit for Buffalo, who have the space and need a #1 goalie. They currently have 5 dmen on roster under contract for next season. For Pitt, letting Shultz walk and adding Montour….Trade: Murray and JJ to Buf for Montour and Ulmark…
        Maybe Pengy offers to pick up part of JJ salary?

        Also can see Rangers trading Strome to Buf for a dman, depending on using DeAngelo in a separate deal for a 2C upgrade.

      • Yeah. That package is wishful thinking. Horny is set for Seattle I think. Rust I would be sad to see go. I’m not sure what the pens would get for him that would improve the team. A bottom pair d man? Their top 4 is set. A middle six winger? He is one, a decent one at that and reasonably priced.

      • Slick62, I don’t think Buffalo, like all the cap-rich teams (of which there are only 7 to widely-varying degrees) is looking at suddenly becoming a contender, so with the glut of goalies available this year why would they waste a roster spot on an oft-injured goalie costing close to $4 mil per who they’ll then have to deal with as an RFA next year? And Johnson? Not a chance.

        With so many teams needing to clear space they don’t have to get involved in any crap-clearing deals. There will be offers of decent players with term simply because those cap-strapped teams have no choice. It’s either that or risk losing some key RFAs and maybe even a quality UFA they’d like to hang onto.

        It’s classic excessive supply with limited demand.

      • Hi Ray

        “ Rust and Murray for Larsson and AA?
        If you want to swap JJ for Neal”

        JJ must go no matter what…. buyout is the best for the team

        But if Jimbo insists only way is via a trade… 🤬🤬🤬🤬…. …..

        I love the multi-player deals … but there has been but one 6 player (and picks) deal in last 3 years… EK deal

        4 players under contract in swap (Neal; Larrsson; Jj; Rust) has Pens already at $3.2 M less in Cap space; with AA and a goalie yet to sign /replace

        Unfortunately it looks like that would be undoable

        Now…. Murr & JJ for Neil (44 % retained… making the JJ/Neil swap cap neutral)…. 🧐

      • Hi Slick 62

        “ Murray and JJ to Buf for Montour and Ulmark…”

        In the words of Austen Powers…… Yah Baby…. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      • George O. Murray would be an upgrade for Buffalo over Hutton, who has 1 year left on his deL and would be a reliable backup should Murray get hurt. True, Sabre’s might not be contending for cup, but based on reports, If they don’t want to lose Eichel they better start making playoffs! Just spitballing on today’s topic.

      • Hi Chrisms


        “ Horny is set for Seattle I think. “

        That’s certainly a possibility but may be a year too late for the move and will likely cost a minimum of a 2nd as a sweetener (cite LV sweetener for taking the Flower)

        Buyout might be the avenue they take


        “Rust I would be sad to see go. I’m not sure what the pens would get for him that would improve the team. A bottom pair d man? Their top 4 is set. A middle six winger? He is one, a decent one at that and reasonably priced.“

        Yep… don’t want him to go… only way he should be moved is to jettison #3 in the deal

        If another team is trading a middle six winger for him; I don’t see the point… there would be marginal cap savings (if going younger up and comer) and the loss of productivity next year (still in window) would not be worth the long term benefit (when the younger winger is producing more in 2-3 years) as that would be in the “re-build” time-frame

        So maybe it’s Rust and JJ for a younger 3rd line winger ; in the $2M range? With Riikola re-signed to fill JJ spot… that’s about $3.8 M in Cap savings; massive increase on D (and subsequently all players stats) at the expense of differential loss in production (Rusty production less rec’d winger production)

        More than enough in savings to sign Soucy

        P-O J

      • writers are paid to agitate and roil the waters…not to write what you or i want. it’s about clicks. you are suckered every time, which means he gets paid more every time you do. there are a few folks here that open decent discussions but mostly it’s screechers. i pass all the ‘xx for xxx’ stuff because mostly it’s too stupid to waste time on. a number of years ago i picked 5 prolific posters and made a list of their trade stuff. one guy had 11…none even came close…

      • So, Bob Geary, we should all ignore this site which exists on reports/suggestions/opinions of sports personalities because, in commenting, we are contributing to the desired “clicks?”

        Yeah, some of the trade ideas are preposterous but it seems to me the most concrete way to avoid them is to simply not visit the site. Or ignore them if you do visit. Has anyone been twisting your arm?

      • Well Bob, I have an appreciation for those who post “stupid” trade ideas, even if they are one sided or haven’t been thought through to the penny vs the cap. I have posted them myself.
        At least they are throwing something out there knowing that 99% of the time it gets ripped apart.
        Often by those who never post their own proposals.
        To Georges point, that is what the site is for.
        Argue all day regarding any topic, just don’t make it personal and it’s all good.

      • You spent an inordinate amount of time on something you don’t care about bob.

        Oh. Thanks for the clicks!

      • I don’t know pengy. Depending on who’s available horny might be best option for Seattle. Jake sid geno Zucker protected. Dumo tanger Marino. Depending on Peterson’s play they could protect him let the rest of the roster be exposed. If not 7 forwards. Horny Tanev Peterson. Rust. Currently they are your best options for Seattle. Maybe teddy?

      • I was thinking Kingerski is actually Pengy.

        Has anyone seen them together?

      • I thought he was Mr.Hunter.

      • Swamp Dragon

        Does that mean Mrs. Pengy is Mrs. Kingerski?

        I can’t be him; he thinks Jim Rutherford has made some excellent moves in the last 2 years


      – Murray # 1 package him with a second round pick maybe get something solid.

      Bjugstad is a health nightmare! When healthy, he is decent, has size, and some teams may take a shot at him for a number # 3 center..

      ZaReese when he returns after injury should get moved not for much..

      Simon has a little value, young, good skater, can’t score, maybe a 4th liner somewhere..

      Johnson….anywhere…Mars Iraq China…release him/ buy him out/trade if possible..

      FUNNY HOW TRADES WORK AND DONT WORK Oleksiak is playing great again for Dallas Reaves well for Vegas.

      The three lefthanded defenseman I think would be a great fit with young John Marino to make our top 4 better…are playing great in the playoffs…we just need one of them..

      Zadorov scored tonight for Colorado, 25, nasty, skilled, can skate and pass.

      Brodie Calgary 2 goals last three games, terrific skater, strong passer, and a good shot….unlike Letang

      Hayden Fluery Carolina young 24, big, strong, good skater and passer,2 goals the last three games played well even though his team was eliminated tonight.

  2. Hawks forward group looks good adding Dach and Kubalik this year but the backend is poor. Duncan Keith who is near the end (although he can still move) is about it. Maybe Murphy in the mix. They could use Montour. Crawford for big bucks no thanks. Why did they add Lehner if last year if so confident.
    Pens should have been better and I don’t think they can do much anyway but Rutherford will try .

    • Hi SS

      concur that Pens in a corner… but “Rutherford will try”… has to be reworded… “Rutherford MUST make changes”

      Trying won’t cut it…. he’s screwed up too oft as of late (last 2 years at least)

      The cutting of assistant coaches was laughable

      They (Pens) have been widely reported to be cutting costs but still want to remain competitive

      A buyout of Horny and JJ saves a total overall cash cost of $8.1 M; and frees up $5.5 M in Cap this year

      The buyout of those two and replacing roster spots with Poulin and P-OJ; saves $3.8 M cash in 20-21 and Cap savings of $3.85 M in 20-21; and team younger; faster; better

      That’s done without any negotiation with any other GM and meets with the direction of owners… cut costs; remain competitive

      Will he take that simple route?

      • Horny stays I think…big energy guy for the team and he remains literally the only net front presence on the team. The 1st PP unit goes to another level of awful without him. good news is that we should have no problem protecting anyone of value in the expansion draft because well…we don’t have much to protect!

      • Pengy… I think you are right horny to Seattle in the draft.

        Rutherford will get it done–
        – Justin Schultz will not be resigned

        – Nick Bjugstad will be moved. on on long term injury list

        – Connor Sheary will not be brought back

        – Jack Johnson will be bought out/traded if possible/released he is gone

        -Horny left unprotected to Seattle

        – Matt Murray will be moved somewhere (Carolina a good spot for him) Maybe your Leafs..LOL

        – Simon & ZAR should be moved

        Pens will be back…

  3. Penguins have problems, I do not see any value in their trade candidates in this environment. Blackhawks is duplicate situation, perhaps Strome has some value though. I can’t understand Buffalo at all.

    • Maybe that is the trade-Montour for Strome . Dach has made that possible

    • Kevin Black and Gold here and I disagree with you about the Penguins lack of trade candidates and having problems.

      Matt Murray packaged with a second round pick or multiple picks will get you something solid.. All the UFA goalies this off season will want more money. All are older Holtby, Markstrom, Crawford and Lehner all 30 and older Murray IS only 26.

      Nick Bjugstad…several teams did have interest in him if he can stay healthy..big if.. The medicals on him say he will be ready by December.

      Dominik Simon is young, can skate, and is a good forechecker.

      Jared MCann only 23, versatile, fast and skilled has value..

      We just need to clear space.

      – Not protecting Hornqvist -Seattle
      -Trading Murray plus a pick or two
      -Release/buyout/trade jack Johnson clears money
      – Letting Justin Schultz & Connor Sheary walk saves money.

      You retool around Crosby, Malkin, Zucker, Guentzel, Rust and Tanev 6 solid players there !!

      On defense you retool around Letang, Dumoulin and John Marino.

      Tristan JARRY in net add a solid backup

  4. Re Kingerski and moving Horny…. full NTC…. so after getting Horny hammered enough to sign off on waiving NTC…. who’s taking him $5.3 M; 33 ; on the decline

    I love him but trading him is basically not happenin’

    Pens talking cost cutting ???? … buyout (Horny) and save $5.3 M (overall) cash and $3.5 M Cap space for next three years; then $1.8 M dead cap for 3 years (when the rebuild is on so OK)

    Tanger on the move… well does 18 teams he can be traded to… but who’s taking him? And if your trading your top RHD… who is replacing him? Marino is good… but I can’t see him as top pairing

    If Tanger goes… probably a rough contract coming back

    Is Kingerski thinking Tanger out; sign Petro…. I’m confused (well more confused than normal)

  5. Pens

    I see a lot of suggestions on who to trade from Pens but nothing on what they are getting back.
    This is a one dimensional team in that they have 6 players in their top 2 forward lines that can score, trading one of them would really hurt the one strong dimension they have. To make matters worse most in their top two lines are getting OLD. The only asset I see they have to trade and improve their defense this year is the #15 pick in the draft. I don’t see trading an asset along with JJ to get rid of JJ as actually improving the team. So what can the Pens actually get if they traded a scoring forward ?
    If Schultz leaves then trading Letang just makes it harder to improve.

    • Pengy..Did you say Horny is moving or isn’t ? Letang isn’t going anywhere either…

      • Hi BnG

        My suggestion is to buyout both Horny and JJ

        Owners say cut costs… that accomplishes it in a big way

        I know Chrisms has posted that he thinks owners don’t like to pay players that aren’t playing for them; but that is not the way they should (and extremely likely that they would not anyway) look at it

        What it is to them… show me a way to cut costs and get younger; faster; better… easy… buyout JJ and Horny… replace with Poulin and Riikola ….. ALL of that is done completely internally and ALL under the Pens control

        They are then saving and getting better rather than keeping costs static while declining

        Just the buyout of those two and replaced on roster with Poulin and re-signing of Riikola; saves them about $3.6 M in cash and cap next year and following year; and Pens get younger ; faster; better

        UFA market… Soucy a must… just turned 26 and is UFA not RFA… late bloomer; big; smooth skater; poised

        Soucy instead of JJ can almost guarantee an extra 5 wins minimum next year; and of course all players stats increase

  6. Murray: injury prone, goalie market flooded
    Letang: age, contract, concussions, stroke, inability to play any for of defence
    Johnson: complete trash with years left on contract.

    None of these Penguins will bring much if anything in a trade.

    • Concur RRJ

      I have strong confidence in Tanger staying (transparency here… I am a fan)

      No matter what; status quo just can’t happen

      Publicly they stated the hoped direction for cutting costs…

      Buying out Horny and JJ save costs and Cap…. must be a starting point IMHO

      • HI Pengy..Thanks for the clarification.

        Do those buyouts unless you could get something for Horny.

        Penguins need one top 4 defenseman (lefthanded defenseman) to play with young blossoming John Marino. (one of these)

        1.UFA —-T.J. Brodie 30, has been excellent for Calgary so far in the playoffs. A smooth skater, passer, terrific shot from the point (on the power play) making $4.6 Give him the Schultz money $5.5 for two three years..

        2. RFA Hayden Fluery 24, big, physical can skate, has a strong shot, scored a couple of goals in the last few games versus Boston. He is a blossoming star. Hurricanes are loaded on defense Hamilton, Vatanen, Pesche Slavin Fluery Gardiner… i think young Fluery can be had.. well that was before the playoffs…injuries to Pesche and Hamilton got him in the top 4 and he has shined may be tougher now.

        Matt Murray plus a second round pick and a third round pick could land Fluery. Carolina has the cap room and they need a number one goalie bad…(Miraznek / Reimer not that) all the other ufa goalies are 30 and over will want big money. Murray only 26..

        3. Nikita Zadorov 24, he is big, nasty, a beast, good skater, good passer and has a shot from the point. making $3.2 pending RFA if we dont go Fluery Matt murray + here?


        all left handed defenseman that an skate, pass, and shoot. Fluery and Zadorov have an edge, are big and strong.

        one of these three with Marino and our top 4 is solid again. Pettersson can go to third pairing with either young Pierre Oliver Joseph who is close, or a UFA or Rikola

    • Ronald,
      – Murray..is still a better option and cheaper than most of the UFA goalies who all older than 30.. Murray is only 26.

      Injuries what about Crawford 10 times worse than Murray.. vertigo and concussion issues.

      Lehner has had mental health problems.

      Markstrom is big, 6ft 6, unproven and 30..

      Holtby,30, proven but will command a lot of money…

      Johnson will be bought out or release save $2.1 better than nothing…

  7. Rutherford has said that there will be changes. He wants a younger, hungrier team. But, he has also said the core, which I interpret as Crosby, Malkin and Letang, stays put. The penguins have five other significant players (Murray, Guentzel, Rust, Hornqvist, and Dumoulin) from the back to back cup years. I agree that Murray is most likely gone. But, given the state of the goalie market (way more bodies than jobs) the Pens should not expect much in return. The cost in sweeteners required to move Hornqvist would be too high to make it worthwhile. I believe Rutherford and Sullivan think much too highly of Guentzel to consider moving him. Rust would be easy to trade, but it would be had to get a player in return with such a good goal per dollar ratio. I have not seen his name mentioned anywhere to date, but I believe that Dumoulin is the best trade candidate for Rutherford if he wants to shake things up but go dollars in dollars out.

    I suggest Murray and Dumoulin to the Blackhawks for de Haan, Keokkeok and Pittsburgh’s second round pick (which Chicago got from Vegas in the Lehner trade)

    Sorry Pengy, I know I did not include #3. I just don’t see any team taking on that contract for a bottom pair at best guy.

    de Haan/Lentang

    But, at least this puts him on the bench.

    • JJ will be bought out or traded as a package with retained salary to compensate for the fact that he sucks. Schultz will walk, Murray traded at draft for mid-round pick and a “prospect”. Riikola probably traded. McCann available, Bjugs has to play before he has any trade value. Likely going to see POJ Lafferty and Angello on the roster as well as Poulin and maybe some other AHL asset. GMJR will announce the roster is up for sale at the trade deadline and the re-tool begins ala NYR style.

    • Poile wants to shake up the Predators as well. So, here is another option: Dumoulin for Ekholm strait up.

      • Hi Cliff

        Transparency ….I’m a huge Dumo fan and believe his value to contract/cap is one of the best in the league… I wouldn’t trade him

        Ekholm is good don’t get me wrong; but they are highly similar in size ; same height; 7 lbs diff; and Dumo is well liked and is extremely important to the team… a trade to save only $350 K doesn’t seem warranted. Ekholm is also 2 years older.

      • Pengy,
        The point of that trade was to shake up the roster not to shave off a little cap space. I think that Rutherford and Sullivan think the roster is too comfortable and complacent. That competition, hunger and youth are needed. I don’t dislike Dumoulin. He is a good counter to Letang. But, As I noted above, I believe the cost to move Hornqvist would defeat the purpose of moving him, Guentzel is very nearly a core player in Rutherford’s eyes it would be hard to get fair value back in a Rust trade, leaving Dumoulin as the best “get the roster’s attention” trade.

      • Hi Cliff

        Very valid points

        Yes a roster shake up can be good

        However the Ekholm/Dumo shake up IMHO should have a positive shake up effect in music city ; but I believe it will be a negative impact on Pens

        There is no ifs ands or buts… something MUST be done

        Trades are not in GMJRs control

        Buyouts with replacing from within are completely in his control

        UFA signings (Soucy please and thank you) are somewhat in his control…. negotiating with agent/player as compared to negotiating a trade (dealing with Cap; cash ; available assets; needs etc) with another GM. Only have to meet an agreed upon term/$’s… no assets given up

      • I wonder if the Preds would do Bonino for Montour. Montour’s qualifier is 3.5. Bonino would bring some leadership and experience to be the 2C.

    • Hi Cliff

      Love De Haan and certainly like Koekkoek at bottom pairing but I wouldn’t trade Dumo

      De Haan and Dumo both Defensive d-men; De- Haan’s advantage is his flexibility (he is a leftie that can play both sides fairly equally)

      Dumo to me; at his Cap hit and top pairing is one of the better Value to contract players in the league

      Keep him

      Buyout both Horny (and I love him and his tenacity and net front presence but he is on decline and Pens say they want to cut costs) and JJ; that’s $5.5 M in Cap savings next year and a total cash savings of $8.1 M (overall)

      replacing those roster spots with Poulin and P-OJ; saves $3.8 M cash in 20-21 and Cap savings of $3.85 M in 20-21; and team younger; faster; better

      Put part of that towards Soucy… still cash and cap savings; one less roster spot to fill and:

      P-O J

      Plus Poulin filling Horny’s 3rd line winger spot

      Result… team saves Cap; saves cash; younger; faster; better; all w/o talking to any other GM

      Door still open (if need be) for moving Murray

      • Pengy,
        I agree with Chrism on buyouts. I strongly doubt that Rutherford goes that route. For better or worse, I see the following as constants on the Penguin roster for the next two years:
        I am not proposing line combos or D pairings here, just identifying players that I think will still be on the roster come May of 2022.
        Maybe Hornqvist and Johnson get bought out of the last year of their respective contracts at that time.
        A caveat: If Zucker does not mesh to Rutherford’s liking next season he may be left unprotected for the Expansion draft.

      • Hi Cliff

        I’m fairly confident that GMJR doesn’t want to do buyouts (would be admitting he is and was wrong) but he has to answer to owners who before had said all in let’s win it and are now publicly touting cost cutting… buyouts answer that

        …. and a buyout that saves cash, cap, and immediately makes the team leaps and bounds better…. how does he go to Mario et al and try to tell them he can’t/won’t do it

        Re your proposed constants until May ‘22

        Guentzel; Crosby; /Malkin/Tanev/Letang
        /Marino… fully agree but would add Jarry

        *Zucker… probably but I’m not as confident

        Hornqvist… no …. either buyout now (Most prudent) or as Chrisms said (but with an added sweetener to Kraken) gone in Exp draft

        Johnson…. not a chance

        Don’t forget in ‘22…. Crosby, Horny, JJ all 35; Gino 36

        Re “
        A caveat: If Zucker does not mesh to Rutherford’s liking next season he may be left unprotected for the Expansion draft.“

        To be fair I wasn’t super keen on the deal with Minn to begin with but thought it was “OK”

        looking back in retrospect of Jimbo’s 2020 trades…. Pens still likely not beating Habs.. so still out of playoffs but:

        G-Chuck’s contract over… no loss

        and Pens would still have

        Addison and next year’s first; plus $5.5 M in Cap space (for UFA market)… Zucker deal

        3rd in ‘21 (Marleau)

        Kahun (instead of RFA rights to Rodrigues)… that is not grossly off

        So Kahun; Addison ; 1st and 3rd in ‘21; and extra $5.5 M in Cap space for 20/21 vs

        Zucker (2 more years under contract) and Rodrigue’s rights (he’s RFA)

        For comparison Zucker 82 G pace B4 trade:

        28-26-54 minus 6

        After … 82 G pace was 32-32-64 minus 6

        18-19 his 82 G pace was

        27-29-56 and minus 12

        Kahun’s 82 Game pace …. 16-28-44 plus 10
        18/19…. 13-24-37 plus 10

        Both Lefties; Same height; Zucker 10 lbs heavier; 3 1/2 years older

        So for ships n giggles if I were to ask myself now ; would I rather have

        Kahun; Addison and a 1st and a third; and $5.5 M space or

        Zucker and Rodrigues… I think I’d probably say that I’d like the former

        Can’t in reality change the past but have to change the future (for the good) and at a lower cost and Cap

        Doable… begins with a buyout (or 2 preferably)

      • I don’t see Zucker exposed cliff. Mostly due to cost to obtain

        And Ruth does have to answer to the owners and them paying money to players that don’t play for them ain’t looking out for them.


      -That is a terrible trade you suggested with the Blackhawks..
      Dumoulin is our best defenseman 28 in his prime years.. hell no

      Dumoulin >De haan (who has bounced around)

      Who the bloody hell is Keokkeok???

      Penguins say a big no to that…

      Murray gets packaged with a pick or two for a defenseman. not to Chicago.

      Carolina is where he is a good fit, they need a number one goalie, they are loaded with defenseman.

      Dougie hamilton
      Jacob Slavin
      Sammy Vatanen
      Jake Gardiner
      Brendon SKeij
      Hayden Fluery–who is the guy I would after…

      Better move for the Penguins..

  8. No gm of any team that has ever existed, exists or will exist in the future is going to trade for Jack Johnson.

    The glaring lack of any sort of ability and years remaining on an inflated contract render Johnson untradeable.

    Rutherford wanted him, Rutherfords stuck with him.

    • Unfortunately Rutherford seems to want to be stuck with it.

      For those predicting pens buy outs… pens have not gone that route ever to my knowledge. Correct me if I’m wrong. Jj and horny ain’t being bought out

      • Agree there 100%. In many ways, Rutherford has more cap problems than Dubas. NO ONE is taking Johnson in any kind of a deal short of packaging him with Crosby. Murray has too much baggage, injury-wise, and simply costs too much for a one-year situation followed by RFA status with arbitration, to entice anyone considering the plethora of goalies available.

      • George,
        A minor point, but Murray is an RFA this off-season not next.

      • Hi Chrisms

        To the best of my knowledge …. yes I believe no BOs B4; not 100 % sure but I think U R correct

        However … owners publicly stated cost cutting is paramount

        Set aside the Horny BO for a second

        Buyout #3 …. re-sign Riikola…. just that alone saves a total of close to $2M cash; $1.2 M Cap (even accounting for #3’s BO cap still showing) team massively and immediately better

        I love seeing #72 eclipsing sight lines of opposing goaltenders and his tenacity. However he is in decline

        I’m looking at this truly from an overall organizational perspective (as acquisitions/mergers with the mindset of improving an organization in the long term with the highest expected ROI; is what I do for a living) so buying out #72 and #3 is the way to go

        I challenge anybody here for issues with the buyout coupled with re-signing Riikola ; Poulin up replacing #72 on 3rd line; PO-J in for Ruhweedel (waived); sign UFA Soucy

        Out… Shultz; JJ ; Ruhweedel ; Horny …. average age 31.25

        Replaced by Soucy; PO-J; Riikola; Poulin…. average age 23

        Out ….. $14.75 M cap

        Replacements listed above …. including the amount still on books for #3 and #72’s buyouts….$8-$9M

        So save $6 M + in Cap; more in Cash; get younger; faster; better

        Top 4 D don’t change

        Bottom pairing and 7th of JJ; Shultz; Ruhweedel changed to Soucy; Riikola ; P-O J ….. hello!!!

        All of the above is done w/o any calls to other GMs re trades

        Money saved; much better team; younger ; speedier 👍👍👍👍

        Just sayin’

      • Remember that it was all schultzs fault the bottom pair was so bad pengy. All schultzs fault. Jj here to stay for now.

        I disagree about Murray George. He is very dealable. But pens fans gonna have to be realistic about expectations

      • Not only would Pens fans have to be realistic about returns, Chrisms, but getting someone to take Murray does absolutely nothing to relieve their cap woes since his $3,750,000 cap hit is not factored into their current upcoming situation as reflected in CapFriendly.

    • Hi RRJ

      Re “ Johnson untradeable.”

      Agree mostly but would add “virtually” before untradeable.. a trade is possible (but highly improbable) with buckets O’ sweetener (but highly undesirable)

      Re: “Rutherford wanted him, Rutherfords stuck with him.” …. gotta think Mario et al after stating cost savings objectives ; will insist on cost savings… hence buyouts… and he’s got to be first to go

      • Thanks Cliff – looking at the wrong column in CapFriendly in his case. Even more of a problem to deal with for Buffalo. If he was one of only a small number of goalie options I could see a team taking a shot (at minimal return) … but there are just so damned many and really, nothing Buffalo is going to do with that overall core is going to turn them into even a serious bubble team, let alone a contender, so why not go into a new season and the one after with one of the many available who at least has had some decent numbers and has remained reasonably healthy.

        And at # 8 they should get a good shot at the top goalie available in the draft – Askarov – who could be ready to step up after two or three seasoning years at Rochester.

    • Ronald…J.J will be bought out or released.

      The team will save $2.1 million a season for the remainder of Johnsons deal. It isn’t the whole
      $3.25million but its something..

  9. If Krug leaves and Rask retires or is traded ( for a Dman) Would like to see the B’s sign Taylor Hall then sign #46 to a two year extension at the same $$$$ ….. take a look at the FA goalies

    • 1 more year of Rask, me thinks.

    • Joe, that is quite a list of UFA goalies. Most in that category probably won’t be playing in the NHL next season …. but there are enough so that no team needing to shore up that position for a year or two needs to be pressured into taking crap in a trade.

      And although most in the RFA category will probably be re-signed by their teams if they think they have anything to offer within the system, we have to keep in mind the existing cap space problems faced by many teams which, if they don’t get resolved, could mean an RFA goalie here and there becoming available.

      Braden Holtby; Corey Crawford; Jimmy Howard; Robert Lehner; Craig Anderson; Jacob Markstrom; Thomas Greiss; Cam Talbot; Anton Khudobin; Mike Condon; Brian Elliott; Mike Smith; Aaron Dell; Keith Kinkaid; Laurent Brossoit; Louis Domingue; Ryan Miller; Anton Forsberg; Alex Lyon; Jon Gillies; Garret Sparks; Zane McIntyre; Scott Wedgewood; Kevin Poulin; Michael Hutchinson; Shane Starrett; Jean-Francois Berube; Jared Coreau; Maxime Lagace; Andrew Hammond; Troy Grosenick; Chris Gibson; Richard Bachman; Kevin Boyle; Antoine Bibeau;

      Matt Murray; Mat Robson; Linus Ullmark; Jake Kielly; Matiss Kivlenieks; Joey Daccord; Andrew Shortridge; Tyler Parsons; Angus Redmond; Linus Soderstrom; Alexander Georgiev; Kaapo Kahkonen; Merrick Madsen; Jonas Johansson; Daniel Vladar; Malcolm Subban; Cole Kehler; Callum Booth; Josef Korenar; Alex D’Orio; MacKenzie Blackwood; Adin Hill; Samuel Montembeault; Michael McNiven; Philippe Desrosiers; Spencer Martin; Hunter Miska; Landon Bow; Tristan Jarry; Kasimir Kaskisuo; Nick Schneider;

      • It is quite the UFA list George, more quantity than quality if the better UFA’s stay where they are. Many of the good UFA’s end up doing that historically.
        I the think their current teams try to keep the following:
        Markstrom, Talbot & Crawford.
        I would add Lehner, but can’t see how LV moves Fluery.
        Remaining quality is : Lehner, Khudobin and maybe Greiss. I define quality as more than 1/2 their starts are quality and can play 30 plus games. Not sure what to make of Holtby.
        I think there will be some competition for the quality guys.
        RFA’s and the situation now in St Louis is more interesting. Binnington struggles, Allen starts and is great. If Allen stays hot and Blues go on a run, then what? He was better during the reg season too.

  10. Montour to the Flyers for Laughton.
    Fair value?
    As a Pens fan I don’t mind if this trade favors the Sabres.

  11. As a die hard Pens fan all I can say is one thing … thank God we have Jim Rutherford making rhe decisions and none of you.

  12. Dan Kingerski does NOT kno Penguins inside news,
    The fact is that Geno would get moved before Letang gets moved & that is prob not happening

  13. Maybe, if we are lucky, the Leafs will fold , lack off attendance from the players, therefore holes in the suggested lineups can be filled. !

    • Maybe they can go after that guy in Colorado who has 2 more goals – so far – this afternoon and is up to 6 …. what’s his name ….

      • He’s the guy you said you wouldn’t want on your team, not worth the contract and needs to grow up. That guy?

        My source is this sites comments.

      • I have NEVER said that about “this guy” … maybe that’s one reason why I seem to yank your chain, Ron … you’ve attributed that comment to me. Not true. I have ALWAYS said I would take Kadri in a flash.

  14. Colorado has t won anything yet and nobody has punched him in the lips yet stay tuned. If I’m an NHL GM I try everything in my power to get Mikhail Sergachev to sign a contract that Tampa can’t match. Now obviously would be a team that is not rebuilding as they need to keep their picks. 6.2 220 lbs great skater and player they don’t grow on trees.

    • Keep hoping Obe. To me, Colorado is looking more and more like the team that’s going all the way, and when Kadri hoists the cup he’ll become the 4th ex-Leaf who had to go elsewhere to even sniff a cup after Bozak, Gunnarsson and Steen.