NHL Rumor Mill – September 2, 2020

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A look at the latest TSN “Trade Bait” board in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.
TSN: Winnipeg Jets winger Patrik Laine is No. 5 on Frank Seravalli’s latest NHL ‘Trade Bait’ list. He believes Laine will be in play as the Jets explore options to address their depth on the blueline and at center. The 22-year-old sniper has a year left on his contract and will be due for a hefty raise next year over his $6.75-million annual average value.
Seravalli cautions Laine is not a lock to be traded, as the Jets could look at free agency to address their defensive needs. That could be challenging as few true standout players reach the market. He also suggested winger Nikolaj Ehlers could be a trade chip, listing him at No. 12.
The Carolina Hurricanes could be a trade partner with their depth in blueline talent. Seravalli considers Jaccob Slavin untouchable but placed Dougie Hamilton on the trade board (No. 20) because he’ll be an unrestricted free agent next year.
SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Winnipeg Sun’s Ted Wyman and Sportsnet’s Ken Wiebe aren’t keen on the notion of the Jets moving Laine or Ehlers. Wyman believes there isn’t a single center on Seravalli’s list worth trading for, suggesting the return for Laine should be massive. “Think Jack Eichel, if he wants out of Buffalo,” though Wyman acknowledged it would take more than Laine to pry Eichel away from the Sabres.
I wouldn’t fault Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff for considering all his options, but you don’t move guys like Laine and Ehlers unless you’re doing a roster tear-down. I don’t believe Cheveldayoff is entertaining that option.
Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Matt Murray tops Seravalli’s list, followed by Philadelphia Flyers winger James van Riemsdyk, Columbus Blue Jackets winger Josh Anderson, and Arizona Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson.
SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray’s status has been well-documented. It’s expected he’ll be traded at some point in the offseason. Same for Anderson, who’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights.
“JvR” has struggled this season under Flyers coach Alain Vigneault and managed just one goal thus far in the playoffs. He lacks no-trade protection but the 31-year-old winger carries a $7 million annual salary-cap hit for three more years.
Ekman-Larsson recently surfaced in the rumor mill when Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reported the Coyotes would like to test their captain’s trade value. Arizona Coyotes insider Craig Morgan reports the club’s offseason plans are uncertain at this point because they don’t have a general manager yet. Steve Sullivan is filling in on an interim basis.
Morgan also points out Ekman-Larsson has a full no-movement clause and loves living in Arizona. Perhaps he might change his mind if the club decides on another rebuild. Morgan suggested the Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs as two clubs that need blueline help.
Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere, New Jersey Devils winger Kyle Palmieri, Montreal Canadiens center Max Domi, Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury and Penguins defenseman Kris Letang round out the top-10.
SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gostisbehere, Domi and Fleury have also recently popped up in the rumor mill. The Ottawa Sun’s Don Brennan suggests the Senators take a run at acquiring Domi and reuniting him with former Coyotes teammate Anthony Duclair. What say you, Senators fans?
In a recent mailbag segment, The Athletic’s Corey Masisak was asked about Palmieri’s future. The 29-year-old winger becomes a UFA after next season. He’s said he wants to stay in New Jersey but Masisak felt dollars and term will determine if he has a long-term future with the Devils.
Letang was briefly mentioned as a trade option following the Penguins’ elimination last month from the playoff qualifying round. GM Jim Rutherford, however, insists he’s keeping his veteran core intact, and that includes Letang.
Hurricanes winger Ryan Dzingel. Blues defenseman Vince Dunn, Lightning winger Alex Killorn and Oilers blueliner Adam Larsson join Ehlers in the 11 to 15 spots. Seravalli suggests Dunn could be moved if the Blues re-sign Alex Pietrangelo, while Killorn could be among the options for the Lightning to clear cap room because of his limited no-trade clause.
SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dzingel hasn’t been the same since getting traded by the Senators to the Blue Jackets at last season’s trade deadline. He has only 29 points this season after netting 56 with the Sens and Jackets in 2018-19.
Dunn could get moved if the Blues can’t free up sufficient cap space after re-signing Pietrangelo. The Lightning must re-sign Anthony Cirelli and Mikhail Sergachev so Killorn seems most likely to go. Larsson’s been mentioned as a trade chip to bring in a top-six winger. Sportsnet’s Brian Burke suggested he’d be a good fit with the Leafs.
Penguins center Jared McCann, Leafs forward Andreas Johnsson, Buffalo Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen, and Leafs goalie Frederik Anderson join Hamilton in spots 16-20.
SPECTOR’S NOTE: McCann, Johnsson, and Andersen have turned up in recent media trade chatter. I don’t see the Leafs moving Andersen unless it’s for an upgrade between the pipes.


  1. Blues trade Jake Allan to Montreal for picks. Habs have more than15 million on their goalies next season between Price and Allan.

    Good luck with that.

    • Hey Ron, they had like 18M $ available and their only important re-sign is Domi. I think Hudon is a goner, Ouellet will be in the AHL or gone and Mete wouldn’t cost much. So why not pay 4M for one year for an excellent backup that will let Primeau develop in the AHL and give Carey some rest ?

      • The reason why, is that there are UFA’s that you can sign, but it’s difficult to do when you make a trade like this.

      • Mike, the reason why you don’t spend that much on goalies is cause the Canadiens have holes riddled throughout their line-up.

        Use that money on what you really need, defense and centre at the very least.

        The Canadiens aren’t close to being a contender. I don’t care if they beat an over-the-hill Penguins team.

      • Mike, also subtract Weiss, Folin and Lindgrin and there is an additional 5,400,000 off the books. If he moves Weal the total cap space freed up becomes 6.8 million.

        Ron rarely has anything positive to say about the Habs, but he is not alone in criticizing this signing. This, in my opinion is just silly.

        The Habs give up a third round pick to fix a problem they have had for several years in a year when they have a lot of cap space and some people criticize the move.

        Bergevin has to be careful with any moves this year as he has must keeps like Gallagher and Petry to sign the year after next, and decisions to make on Tatar and Danault.

        Overall, Bergevin’s flexibility is way better than a lot of clubs.

    • I am in the minority here, but I sincerely like this deal. Please don’t hate me for saying that (I’ve read all of the comments already).

      Price was outstanding in this year’s playoffs. Price plays to his paycheck when he’s rested. Many goaltenders do this. Rask would sometimes collapse at season’s end until Halak arrived. It’s the same thing here. Brodeur always said that you need a backup that can win you 20 pts in the standings and play 20-30 games. Allen does that. But most importantly, he rests Price. You can say that this takes them out of other signings, but it’s a one year deal. This summer they showed that they can play well against big-time teams. They have to get in, but with a well-rested Price I think they do. I also trust GMMB will make a move or two (trading Domi) to get an asset up front.

      On Domi: Yes, he had a 70+ point season, but if you have watched him play this season, he has not been the same player. He does not shoot nearly as often as he did, and he spends more time on the periphery than he has had before, only getting into a physical play by getting into it after the whistle and costing the team a penalty. I like him, and I know he’s a good locker-room guy. But the Canadien’s need size on the wings. He thinks he is a center, but there is no room for him at the center position anymore. He is the odd-man out and will probably be traded. Hiring Ferris won’t help him get the contract he wants in Montreal.

      • Hi Markmws – good analysis on Domi. Elswhere in this thread I point out that the Habs would still have just over $6 mil to sign 2 IF they extended all 4 RFAs – but as someone else has pointed out, Domi is probably history in Montreal so there’s another $3.5 to $4 mil to spend elsewhere, and perhaps even Mete and another RFA won’t be back – more to spend on a UFA or perhaps cover another trade or two.

        Montreal is NOT in a bind cap-wise like two thirds of the League – even with the addition of Allen. BUT, they do need to invest in some size.

      • I think you are absolutely right that Bergevin makes this trade based on what he saw this post season. It supports his theory that the Habs just need to squeak in and then anything can happen riding a goalie like Price.

        But if he is going to continue to manage the team based on this theory — into which he has clearly locked himself with the contract — then the Habs need to move on from him …

        I love Price, he played lights out, and Philly was still 5 men back in defence and keeping the Habs on the outside and off the scoresheet, for the most part.

    • So if an expensive backup goalie brought a third… sounds like there could be a stronger market for Murray than I thought. What’s a multi cup winning young starter bring in comparison?

    • No way Habs trade price right? This move doesn’t make sense $5 million for a back-up?

      Anyone !!

    • Yeah. Not like having three forwards making over 30mil a year has worked either…lol

  2. Hey, folks. My apologies for the ragged look of today’s rumor mill. We’re still encountering publishing problems that we’re trying to sort out. For now, this will have to do. Hope to have everything back to normal soon. Cheers!

    • No worries Lyle

      Thanks for having this site

    • Lyle, nice to see your stuff popping up on Bleacher report!
      If anybody here suggested Allen to Montreal, they would’ve been deservingly ripped. I do not get this trade at all. Not only do Habs help out Blues, the proverbial sweetener seems to be going the wrong way!

      • Thanks, Slick! Yes, this seems like only a one-year thing…unless Bergevin extends Allen for another year or two…;)

      • Kudos to Blues. One of the teams really up against cap and they didn’t waste time. With all the goalies available, they where able to move Allen pretty easily.

      • Slick,

        Just last week I proposed an Allen to Montreal scenario, and you’re correct–I was ripped.

        This is about the best I could have expected.

    • Lyle,

      Did you ever post for another pool website?

      Allen to Montreal is a joke – good for St Louis as we all hate Montreal anyways lol – well most of us!!!!!!!

      • which team do you support then? And why do you hate Mtl?

      • K, hate is a strong word, but the reason I “dislike” Montreal is because my Bruins went 35 years without beating them in the playoffs and were in the same division.

        That and listening to Danny Gallivan talk about another Savard “spinorama” while I watched my Bruins lose to them again in in the playoffs.
        Maybe hate isn’t too strong a word?

  3. This Allen to Habs deal is becoming stranger to me as the day goes on

    Flat Cap and spend $15 M on goalies?

    There must be another play for GMMB coming that moves one of them

    Price???? Who could possibly take him

    Allen more likely; and to me that would mean Army couldn’t come to a deal with anybody else directly that would take Allen w/o anything coming back; and GMMB had already had discussions with another GM on a bigger; multi-player deal… perhaps it’s Allan and Domi in the deal?

    Keeping $15 M tied up in two goalies makes no sense and won’t in and of itself; guarantee them playoffs let alone deep playoffs next year

    • As I said earlier on Pengy, I think the Canadiens wanted to make sure to get a good backup to give Price rest, I think they didn’t want to end up with another Kinkaid type plus all they basically had to give was the 3rd pick they got for Kovalchuk wich is not alot in my opinion + Allen has only one year left on his contract this will give time for Primeau to develop in the AHL. On the other hand the Blues get much needed relief to sign Pietrangelo and maybe Bergevin tought to himself ”Hey that will keep him away from Toronto or Boston” lol. Canadiens also had something like 18M available with what ? Domi to re-sign ? Good move for both parts I think.

      • Hi Mike, depend on two things 1 if MB is done? 2 If they feel Jake Allen is the difference maker for them to get into the playoffs

        Still the price is an over payment and just because you have the cap space doesn’t mean you should use it.

      • So, what do you do with it if you don’t use it? Frame it?

      • George O, did you really say that “frame it” So your answer is spend it if you got it?

        UFA season hasn’t started you don’t know what you need until you need it.

        I think the Molson don’t mind an extra million or two in the bank and to use when they see fit.

    • If you examine it closely Pengy right now, with Allen on board, they have $14,007,858 to sign 7. Their 4 RFAs (Domi, Hudon, Mete and Ouellet) collectively accounted for $5,398,333 off the cap this year so, if all are kept, they’re likely looking at something closer to $8 mil. That still leaves $6,007,858 to sign 2 (UFAs Weiss and Folin are history). Lindgren and his $750,000 will either be buried in Laval or dealt somewhere as a cheap back-up. Most likely the former.

      One season with those options not likely to hamstring them.

      • George O the point is this wasn’t a deal Montreal had to make and the cost was to high. who knows maybe it the buddy system, didn’t MB work for the Blues.

        Weren’t you the one who said teams with cap space could just sit back and wait for the cash strap teams come to them and they’ll be able to set the price? In that case MB failed miserably, he should’ve received the 3rd round pick not given it away.

      • Caper it’s been reported multiple teams had already contacted St. Louis about Allen

      • I can see more than one team making calls on Allen, he is a good tender with upside.
        The MTL thing is a bit surprising.
        I was thinking more like EDM who need a #2, who might even look at Allen like a possible 1a of even a starter longer term if he keeps playing like he did this year.
        Not a team who had Price already locked in long term. I get you need a good backup, but he is expensive. They didn’t give up much, which to me means the other interested teams offered less or want STL to hold some $$.

    • Hi George and Mike

      I’m not questioning the value of the trade or whether Habs can fit the two goalies in.

      Trade value fine; Cap fit can be done

      It is more the fact that $15 M is being spent on 2 goalies and this move ; even giving Price valuable rest; doesn’t necessarily move the needle getting them into the playoffs

      Habs could have got a much more reasonable (Cash/Cap wise) back up (to rest Price) in the UFA market

      Price played absolutely great against Penguins and had but one avg game (rest were very good) vs. Flyers

      It’s the $15 M on two goalies that is strange to me

    • The thought process in Montreal for next year at least is, the season is going to be even more condensed than other seasons, meaning many more back to back games, thus the teams with strong goaltending tandems will more likely prevail.

      I never looked at from that view until it was mentioned today at Jake’s news conference with the Montreal media.

      Jake is a UFA next summer/off season, thus a decision can be made maybe as early as before the trade deadline, that if the Habs are not playoff bound, maybe they move him for picks or if the tandem works, maybe Allen signs a cap friendly contract with the Habs to stay. We all will havebetter idea what the market will be moving forward after this off season.

      Now that said, I’m surprised that they had to pay a 3rd round pick, but maybe he was their target & wanted to get it done????

      • Hi Caper, hi Uwey, Hi again George and Pengy lol. This is something I read on a website, I am including the name of the author of course. It is a bit what I think about the trade. Tell me what you think :

        Dimitri Filipovic

        The Habs got the pick they gave up for Jake Allen for 15 games of Ilya Kovalchuk after they picked him up for nothing. And they already had St.Louis’ 2nd after renting Marco Scandella for 20 games. I’ve changed my mind, that’s a flex and they won the trade.

        But I do understand the salary side, If we didn’t have Price (10.5+M) at that salary I think it wouldn’t look that bad

      • Mike sorry i have a different philosophy then that; it like someone gave me something of lesser value and i used it to over pay to get something else.

        for me its an overpayment to a cap strapped team, that you didn’t have to pay and for the service of one year.

        who knows maybe Jake Allen and Alex Pietrangelo are best friends and maybe give the Canadians and edge in signing him.

        wow the right side with Weber and Pietrangelo not sure if there would be many better

  4. IF – and that’s a huge IF – Laine is dealt out of Winnipeg, I’m not gonna try and speculate where and for who but I will say it WON’T be for Domi.

    This was raised in yesterday’s thread and, late in the day, I was asked – about that idea – “tell me what’s wrong with it.” That, and my response, likely got lost in the late day shuffle so I’ll repeat it here:

    “In one phrase (aside from sheer size) – goal-scoring consistency

    Laine – 4 seasons of 36, 44. 30, 28 (shortened season) goals

    Domi – 5 seasons of 18, 9, 9, 28, 17 (shortened season)

    And please don’t throw back the “misused” tag because that suggests those running the teams in Arizona and Montreal were/are complete idiots”

    • Hi George


      Domi for Laine straight up is just not happening; ever.

      Laine should only be moved if there is a DMan coming back; and it should be two roster spots and a 2nd for Laine

      That is why I was suggesting Montour + Reinhardt + 2nd for Laine

      • Pengy, as a Habs fan, even I know that a Laine trade to Montreal STARTS either with KK or Suzuki.,

        The reason I say starts is because neither are proven players in this league. Both are only extremely good prospects at best.

        I shall go grab my post from last night on this subject.

      • Looking at this as a Habs fan;

        Laine to the Habs, not likely, but,,,,,,

        If I’m Chevy the conversation starts with Suzuki as my centerpiece!!!! Bergevin has to decide which young center moving forward has the most upside, Nick or Jesperi.

        So I’m going to put this out there as a deal;

        To the Habs: Laine, Jet 5th rders ’20,’21&’22

        To the Jets: Kotkaniemi, Kulak, Fleury, Habs 1st rder ’20, Blues 2nd rder & Jets 4th rder .

        The Jets get their 2nd line center, young with good size, a 26 yr old D-man who rebounded in the playoff who had an off season from the year before & a 21 yr old D prospect with good size who likes to play a physical game. They gain another mid-1st round pick, a late 2nd rder & get their own 4th rder back.

        The Habs reek of the need for a scoring winger with size & will pay to get one!!!

        Domi gets to play center again, albeit with probably Armia & Lehkonen.

        FYI, ain’t happenin’ just because of how it handcuffs MB next summer financially, especially if Max gets paid this summer based on his 70 point season last year.

    • George. Nothing to do with Domi, but after this Allen trade and Arizona losing picks for breaking rules, it could be argued that Whoever is running those teams are idiots!

      • Slick62 – I’m not referring to the GMs when I say “running the team” – they may get the players but they seldom dictate to their coaches how and when to play them. Unless you think Claude Julien is an idiot (or whoever coach Domi in Arizona).

    • I agree with you George but the way you put it makes him look a bit bad because Domi is more of a playmaker than a scorer, he still had a 72 points season playing on a top line with no super stars… But I agree, he is not worth Laine at all

      • Mike, Jonathan CheeChoo once had a season of 50 + goals playing on a top line in San Jose. Not many years later he was in the KHL.

      • IMO the 72 pts is the outlier.
        Domi for Anderson in CLB seems like a possible deal.
        MTL could use the size but not sure CLB does it.

    • Domi straight up makes no sense,maybe its starts with Domi, Chiarot and Fleury

  5. Letang on the move???? 🤬😡

    4th in points on team (call it 5th as Guentzel out for so long) ; and has more points than the acquired top 6 Fwd that cost Pens a 1st and Addison

    I’m hoping this is just wild speculation and not culled from a hint from GMJR

    Pens are out of playoffs solely because of one D-man… why publicly laud him; dump on all others; keep him and then trade the 5th best point producer on your team

    Is GMJR then going to move Dumo and then place Jersey numbers 2 and 3 as top pairing???

    If Tanger moves… a top RHD has to be coming back ; and for less Cap…. who is that?

    • I’ll take a bag of used pucks for Kris LeTurnover … do you even watch him play?

      • Hi Ed

        I have watched every single Pens game but 4 in the last 5 years

        Has he had turnovers… yep

        I’ll take his turnovers and multiply them by 10 ; no 20; ummmm 30; if they buyout JJ and send CR to WBS

        A 20/21 D make up of…

        With 7th as Czuczman or PO-J

        In conjunction with Bjug out; Poulin in; and MM and TJ re-signed (BTW …. all above will fit in Cap)…

        Has Pens younger; faster; tremendously better and cost less cash ; than the roster they ended the playing with this year; and should have them vying for first in Metro

  6. Yesterday it was mentioned Laine for Monahan and Calgary Fan said no way as Laine is a perimeter player as he watched a lot of games.

    I dare say you didn’t watch to many Jets game. Laine goals total was down, he had a career high in Assist.

    His 200ft game grew exponentially, he backed check and the biggest surprise and which will make him a much better all round player, was the body check he was throwing.

    In Winnipeg even with his goal totals down, most people are saying this was his best season.

    The downside is Laine mentioning that he should be playing with better players then Little and he doesn’t want to play with Eakins.

    He has the second best release in the NHL next to Ovi.

    Weibe mentioned putting Wheeler as a second line C and that might not be a bad idea.

    I don’t see Laine or Connor being traded but Ehlers who is locked in at $6m cap hit for the next 5yrs and Laine a rfa after next; the cost certainty might carry a lot of value.

    • Yep – it was Laines best season. When considering his upside I am taking the under. He is a legitimate trade chip… as always it depends on the return.

      I don’t like moving wheeler to centre permanently, too big a loss on the wing. I would rather see Copp or Roslovic audition for the spot. Little was an excellent #2c, the struggles on the line with Laine/Little/Ehlers was about chemistry and Little compensating for gaps in (mostly Laine’s) game. As stated Laine was better this year and the start Little had at nearly PPG was a reflection of that.

      • hi 2.0 just curious why would you think Copp would be a solution at second line C?

        \he is 26yrs old and his highest goal output is 11 goals?

        Connor Scheifele Copp
        Ehlers Wheeler Laine

        that give you a more balance top 6 although i don’t like Copp up there but he can go to the tough areas and retrieve the puck.

      • That is a solid looking top 6 IMO.
        Need to find a quality D man and they are legit contenders again.
        Easier said than done.

    • Caper,
      Ya, as you can tell from my comments I am not a Laine fan.

      I don’t see him play as much as you do, but every time I watch him he floats around the ice, while his team mates are playing their assess off.

      I will repeat it again, one of the most over rated players in the NHL

      • Flame fan, he is far from overrated, does he float yes sometimes, doe he try to get back in the dzone, a lot more then ever before.

        You don’t have to worry about a Monahan for Laine deal because not a chance Chevy makes that deal unless Hanafin is included.

  7. Has Allen established somewhat of the early goalie market – third round pick. Murray worth a second ?
    Montreal has to be up to something . Maybe it was a block on Carolina but that is a lot of cash in this environment for something strategic.

  8. Eklund, I mean Frank Seravelli, needs to get his head checked. No better way to ruin your credibility than to make up wild, fantastical bs rumours.

  9. CapFriendly

    Keep in mind, this value includes a few possible changes (since we’re still using the 2019-20 roster):
    – Lindgren & Alzner are set to the NHL level
    – Teasdale is on SOIR

    Thus with these three removed from Habs roster & moved to Laval, it frees up just over $2.5 mill more for the Habs!!!!

    Alzner accounts for $3.55 mill per in Laval as opposed to $4.625 per.

    Lindgren & Teasdale each account for roughly 0.75 mill per.

    • On Frank Seravalli’s trade bait list.
      I would like to see Dorion trade for Josh Andersson.

  10. If Montreal wanted to spend more on another goaltender… they could have had Lundqvist for 4 million per more!
    And probably for a 7th round pick in 2030.

    This is truly a stupid move no matter how you slice it. Maybe Price got hurt mowing his lawn and is out for the season…. anything other than that or the near impossible task of Price being traded…. this is just flat out horrible.

    • Allen is better than lundquist he might be the most overrated goalie to ever play in the nhl

      • First of all, it was sarcasm. Second…. Allen is better than Lundqvist today. But let’s not be silly….

        Third…. Lundqvist has accompanied a hell of a lot more and is better than Price is about every statistical category out there…. Price by far is the most overrated player in the league…. possibly ever.

  11. In other Lundqvist news: Brooks reports he’s returning to NY and the plan right now is for his kids to start school here. So, the rumors of him retiring and playing in Sweden can be put to rest. Kind of encouraging to see Allen traded, as Lundqvist with 50% retained would be about same salary. But there’s still the nmc. Guessing still a chance Gorgiev could get traded.

    • I said it yesterday. Lundqvist is going to force the Rangers hand to buy him out.

      Why wouldn’t he?

      The Rangers have treated him poorly this year and I think he’s going to stick it to them.

      No one is taking on that salary at this stage of his career.
      If I’m him, I just show up at camp and collect my check. That crap about being a “competitor” won’t negate an 8 1/2 million dollar payday.

      Does anyone here think that they have a landing spot for Henry?

      By the way, my name is Bill

  12. Tor: Nylander, Anderson
    Mtl: Price, Domi

  13. I find it interesting that the article mentions OEL may be available from PHX and that the Leafs should be interested.

    Where would he fit in the line up? He’s a #1 LD which is Reilly’s spot. Muzzin is #2 LD. Can any of those players play the right side as a left hand shot? OEL would be an upgrade over Reilly but is he that much better?

    What would it take to get Larsson out of EDM? Manson our of ANA?

    • All it would take to get Larsson out of Edmonton is Kerfoot.
      Issue is Larsson only has a year left on his deal and will he sign an extension in TOR.

  14. Eichel is not getting traded – that stuff is a waste of space and just needs to stop.

  15. How about Domi to the Rangers? They are looking for help in the middle and have some available wingers. Maybe Letterri and the late first round pick given that Domi had a big falloff and his last season was not so great?