NHL Rumor Mill – September 24, 2020

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A look at Sportnet’s list of possible contract buyout candidates in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Montreal Canadiens defenseman Karl Alzner, Edmonton Oilers winger James Neal and New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist top Luke Fox’s list of 14 players who might be considered for contract buyouts.

Will the New York Rangers buy out Henrik Lundqvist? (NHL Images)

Buying out Neal would free up $3.83 million if the Oilers need room to go shopping in the trade or free-agent markets. The Rangers, meanwhile, don’t intend to carry three goalies as they did this season, making Lundqvist a possible buyout candidate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Alzner has two years left on his contract with an annual average value of $4.625 million. The Habs have kept him buried in the minors and could afford to do so again for 2020-21. Cap Friendly indicates buying him out would only give them over $666K in cap savings next season, though that increases to $2.66 million in 2021-22.

The first buyout period runs from Sept. 25 to Oct. 8. The New York Post’s Larry Brooks suggests the Rangers could wait until the 24-hour second buyout window following the settlement or award on filings by any one of their arbitration-eligible restricted free agents. That would allow some additional time to determine if there’s a trade partner for Lundqvist once the goalie market carousel slows down.

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Olli Maatta, Vegas Golden Knights goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, and Vancouver Canucks forwards Loui Eriksson and Sven Baertschi are also on Fox’s list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks would see substantial savings buying out Maatta, as the annual cap hit over the next four years would be over $680K. I believe the Golden Knights will attempt to trade Fleury if they re-sign Robin Lehner. A buyout could be the option of last resort.

Fox points out an Eriksson buyout wouldn’t provide much cap relief for the Canucks, but they would get $1.7 million in relief by buying out Baertschi. Canucks GM Jim Benning could prefer the trade route for one or both, even if it meant absorbing some salary.

Nashville Predators center Kyle Turris, New York Islanders winger Andrew Ladd, Detroit Red Wings forward Justin Abdelkader and Florida Panthers defenseman Anton Stralman are other possible buyout candidates.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fox points out Turris has four years at $6 million annually on his contract, Ladd has three years with an AAV of $5.5 million, while Abdelkader has three years at $4.25 million annually remaining on his deal.

Because buyouts are at twice the remaining tenure, their respective teams could be reluctant to go that route. The Isles won’t get much immediate cap relief buying out Ladd. Stralman has two years at $5.5 million annually left. A buyout would provide $3 million in cap savings for next season.

Buffalo Sabres winger Kyle Okposo, Anaheim Ducks winger David Backes, and Boston Bruins defenseman John Moore round out Fox’s list. It was subsequently noted the Ducks informed Backes they’ll keep him for next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Okposo and Moore each have three years remaining on their contracts. The Sabres have gone the buyout route in the past so we can’t dismiss the possibility they’ll do it again. However, an Okposo buyout would count as $4 million against their cap for next season and $5 million in 2021-22.


  1. Lundqvist

    I don’t think NY waits to buy him out, because I doubt that he waives. I also doubt any team would be willing to take him on at even 50%. Even at 4.25 he’s too expensive for most clubs.

    Zero chance NY brings him back. I read an article the other day that said he has acknowledged his fate and has already said his goodbyes to teammates.

    • Agreed he is not waiving but would Detroit take him at 50% to be #1 ahead of Bernier and NY gives Lias Anderson as a thank you to Stevie?

      Even 1 yr in Washington at 50% can suffice but Hank appears to only want to start….so do not see WSH as a real landing spot.

      I feel for the guy. He became my favorite Ranger of all time. Class…pure Class of a guy.

      • I have nothing but respect for Henrik – class guy for sure. But, having said that, I would not do that trade if I were GMSY. Anderson has bust written all over him. I would rather propose Lundqvist and the #22 pick, with NY retaining 25% of the contract. It will also be tough to sell HL as a starting goalie over Bernier, who outplayed Lundqvist last season (especially given the quality of the teams that played in front of them). Bernie was one of the best 5 goalies in the league for the last 3 months of last season.

      • I would not trade or write off Andersson just yet. He’s played well in the SHL. He had 12 points in 15 regular season games. He had 5 points in one shl preseason game.

        The way he was used in NY wasn’t exactly beneficial to his development. NYs bottom 6 over the last couple of years has been putrid.

        Put McDavid with Smith and McKegg or Bricklely and McLeod for 8 minutes a night and see how his production slips.

        NY has rushed Andersson, Kakko , Chytil etc . These guys should have been brought along a lot slower. Not sure why they did this in the middle of a rebuild.

      • Who is GMSY?

      • GM Steve Yzerman

    • It’s been going on for about a year…. GMJR, GMSY…. I wish people would just say GM or Yzerman, Rutherford , Gorton etc.

      A few go way over the top with nicknames only they understand or initials of 14 players coaches and GMs in one sentence.

      It can get extremely confusing to follow.

      • Everyone knows GMJR. He’s that guy that signed JJ to a controct for too much money and too much term.

  2. Okposo is expensive to keep on the 4th line but he is a useful forward who can move up the line-up if needed due to injury The savings are not great to buy him out. I really wonder if he will continue to play if he gets another concussion. So self-retirement might be a more likely scenario before his contract is completed.

    • Think he mans line 2 with Staal & Skinner since it appears line 1 is Eichel, Reinhart & Olofsson.

    • I think there is a good possibility Okposo gets bought out. The Sabres are not spending to the cap, so the cap hit of 4m/5m/2m over the next 3 years will not hurt them. What the buy out does for them is help the internal cap issue. They would pay him 1m in the buy out and save 5m actual dollars to spend elsewhere.

  3. Would Turris at 25% to WPG help their #2 C spot?

    • If that trade goes through with Pitt+Fl., I would add Hörnqvist name to list of buyout candidates. Would be an even dead cap hit of 1.7mil per year for 6 years. That would be a cap savings of 3.1 mil per year and unloading a terrible dman. My prediction is they’ll use that savings to go after Pietrangelo, who I believe is looking for a nmc. Florida can offer less money due to having no state tax. Upgrading defense is priority. They’ll be bringing up young forwards and letting Hoffman and Dadinov walk.

      • @ SLICK

        That is an interesting take …IMO

        Why bother letting a sniper like Hoffman go ..and bring in a guy like Horny for ALMOST same dollar value but less production.
        Sure his term will be shorter ..but Hoffman is a better goal scorer if comparing apples to apples….for next 3 years …I don’t see Hoffman getting more than 6 million AAV …in this climate….IMO

        See if your crystal ball comes true ..

      • Kal El
        Read my comment again. My prediction is Hornqvist will be bought out. Mathewson has 6 years left on contract and is still owed 32 million. A Hornqvist buyout Leaves Florida owing him 10mil. That’s a 22 million savings over next 6 years and a 3.1 cap savings. Hofman, who you think will get 6m, and Dadinov, should be replaced by Tippett and Denisenko. Both on elc’s. That gives you plenty of cap space and $ to put into defense. Possibly Pietrangelo.

      • Supposedly it’s an insurance issue on Hornqvist contract that has stopped the trade from happening.

        Don’t think they intend to buy him out of insurance is the key issue.

    • Adding Turris to Wpg’s lineup at this time does not make sense. Wpg needs a #2 pivot, Turris at best is a # 3. At the start of the 2022 season will be the Expansion Draft for the Kraken, the Jets will highly likely loose a forward. Picking up Turris now to loose him to Seattle seems like a waste.

  4. DET needs some roster bodies to buy some of the young guys time.

    To CHI: WSH 2nd & DET 7th
    To DET: Strome & Olli Maatta

    • No thanks Maatta is a waste of a roster space, And as far as our #2C we can draft either Marco Rossi or Anton Lundell both are pretty much NHL ready now. And save the $3 million or so needed to sign Strome.

  5. I keep reading that the Blues have an offer of $8m x 8yrs on the table for Alex Pietrangelo.

    I don’t believe that to be true because he would’ve signed already…. right?

    No other team can sign him to an 8yr contract, unless St. Louis trades his rights away then signs.

    Otherwise nothing makes sense. If AP signs with another team say 5yrs $10m, that would leave him $14m short of the 8 @ 8 and at the end of the 5yr contract he would be 36 going into his next contract and would need and average of $4.66m per season to get to the $64.

    A 7yr term just to get to the blues offer would be $9.14m per season. Plausible yes, make sense no.

    Personally if that is his target number anywhere but Boston is good for me.

    • It might be accurate Caper, but I have no idea.
      The talk was that it was about the T&C’s of the contract.
      Signing bonus amount/buy out as well as NMC.

    • @ CAPER & RAY BARK

      PETRO deal …

      I believe it is the signing bonus which is the issue …as with some other teams ( deep pockets ) it can be upwards of 3 /4 of the contract as a one time pay out bonus .

      Lyle would have to confirm ..

      but from what I hear a team like the Leafs for conversation sake… can give him twice the money in his pocket on day one ..and I think that is the sticking issue ..in his own negotiations with the Blues is how much he is going to get in hand.

    • I wonder if AP is waiting to see if one of the tax free states makes him that 8 million offer, as Duncan Keith said on spitting Chicklets 8 in a tax free state is like 11 in Toronto

      • If I am reading the Capfriendly calculator correctly it is about $1,020,000 differerence per season to play in Toronto. One benefit of playing in Canada is the pay is in $USD and personal expenses are in $CDN. https://www.capfriendly.com/income-tax-calculator/ryan-johansen I used this as Nashville has no state tax and Johansen makes $8 million aav

      • Hi Bill per GavinGroup… $8 M in Vegas has tax of $2.9 M … so take home $5.1 M (figures rounded to 1 dec place)

        same site … entering $10 M in Toronto… tax $5.3 M… take home $4.7 M

        To get $5.1 M take home in T.O. on same site…. $10.8 M … on site shows $5.7 M tax… so net $5.1 M

        So per Gavin Group…. $10.8 M gross ((Cap) in Toronto has the same net (take home) as $8M gross (Cap) in LV

        Again… $ aren’t everything… but the difference can’t just be ignored

      • It won’t be Tampa…they don’t have the cap space.
        Doubtful it would be the Panthers, they have no money

      • Hi Daryl

        Setting aside the Lehner situation…
        Vegas needs an RHD and have been reported to be interested in Petro

        Statsny out and Glass in… that nets $5.6 M more in Cap room… certainly not there yet…. but a step in the right direction

        Dallas … another tax haven has Klinger and Heiskenen…. so no

        Preds would need to move Turris and more

    • Ray and Kal El, good points i didn’t consider them angles.

    • It’s not the dollar amount he’s hung up on. It’s the lack of bonus money and NMC…STL doesn’t do bonuses or No Trade contracts.

    • He wants the signing bonuses as I understand it. More than St. Louis has offered.

    • but if he signs it without protection (re: bonus money vs. salary roll backs next season) then he won’t necessarily be ahead of signing a good 7 year deal with another team for similar money. His agents have it all figured out. Also back loading the deal is another option.

  6. Color me bewildered by “just’ signing Anton Stralman and now finding an exit strategy for his contract and one of Dadonov or Hoffman?
    Never though Dale talon was the brightest bulb, but someone explain to me why you sign Stralman who is at least 35 when the contract is done, UNLESS YOU FELT HE is GOING TO CONTRIBUTE that long. This isn’t a gratitude to one of your Stanley up winning core, this is UFA. So you expect him to be useful for all three years of the deal, or you set up an easy buyout

    • Stralman to TML for Kerfoot

      Stralman can play with Muzzin

  7. Hi Lyle,

    just as an fyi, buying Alzner out does NOT save the Habs $600K+ next season, if you’re talking Cap space (which is pretty much all we really talk about here).

    That is because he is every year buried in the minors, which saves the team a little over $1million in Cap on his salary.

    So buying him out will actually cost the Habs a little over $300K in Cap space for 20/21.

    Which is peanuts for them, so I do think they will do it.

    If you’re talking actual salary savings or loss, well, that may be an issue for many teams in the League, but I think we can all agree that ownership in Montreal and Toronto are not really caring that much about that in the bigger picture.

    • Hey Rattus,
      Per Cap Friendly, if I’m reading it right (which is not a given), if they buy out Alzner now, it actually only saves them $600k on the cap.


      I agree salary isn’t really a concern for the Habs, but I don’t think they’d find that savings worthwhile.

      If they do it next year, the save $2.4M. I think that will be their plan.

      • I think what Rattus meant is that it’s more of cap savings to just keep him in the minors rather than buy him out.

      • Bruinsfan- that is indeed correct.

        Salary is 4,625,000$ next year
        Salary if bought out is 3,958,000$ (in first year of buyout)
        Salary if instead consigned to minors is 3,550,000$.

        So, a Cap space loss of app $408,000 by buying him out compared to burying him in the minors.

        It becomes more complicated in ensuing years, but clearly the best thing for the Habs to do would be to wait a year to buy him out.

        However I think the Habs do it this year.

        Because I think they want to clear the deck, it also does gain them another contract slot, and, lastly, Alzner has been nothing if not a good soldier – never complained.

  8. Buying out Justin Abdelkader this year makes no sense. Detroit has plenty of cap space for the RFAs they need to sign and who they might want to sign as a UFA. If they wait a year, the cap hit is 4 years instead of 6. Detroit is still in early rebuild mode. That also means they aren’t taking on a cast off goalie from another team. No GM in this league is going to just give away a solid veteran goalie for little in return and, let’s face facts, Detroit doesn’t have a lot to offer in return. Yzerman isn’t likely to start parting with draft picks and that’s all they have to offer a team like NY and Vegas.

    • I agree that the Wings will not buy out Abdelkader – they will release him to make room for younger players on the roster. And neither the Knights or Rangers are going to get any value for Fleury or Lundqvist, but rather will need to add sweeteners to get rid of their contracts. Both are past their prime, and will not help anyone win a cup anymore. Detroit would only take either one if their was a significant value added to make it worth their while to take on the cap hits.

      • Release him Iago? How do they do that?

      • Ttutone – same thing the Rangers did with Brendan Smith. They waive hime, and if no one claims him (which would assume his contract), the Wings send him to the minors – saves about $1M in salary and cap space.

  9. Fox suggests if the Canucks can’t buyout Loui Eriksson that they can bury him in the minors the only problem with that is he has a NM Clause – that’s why todate he’s hasn’t been sent down. Canucks have given LE’s agent permission to shop him. Sven Baertschi on the other hand should be bought out – I belive his concussion issues have really hurt his game. Interesting times to be a Nucks fan

  10. On Lundqvist: he’s not waiving nmc. Unless, like Brooks suggested, it’s for a trade like the Marleau deal. Trading his full cap hit along with the 22nd pick(or a player) To a team with tons of cap space, with agreement that Hank will be bought out and become a ufa. Rangers would be giving up a 1st rounder and gaining the full 8.5 cap space, but, do they need it? There’s also a chance they could still trade Gorgiev. Most likely, Rangers just buy him out.

  11. When I see these brutal contracts I am even more impressed with Dubas. He had to clean up Lou’s mess with Marleau but now they are golden for cap space flexibility with no bad contracts!

    • Oh, come on now Kile – they only have 4 bad contracts – Marner, Matthews, Nylander, and Tavares. Lou should never have negotiated those for them. 🙂

    • Go back to editor in leaf James , your posts are ridiculous which is why I usually jump in . Cap flexibility hahaha . Lou did not sign an 11 million dollar player to fill 2C role behind Auston . That was your boy wonder Dubas , causing the cap crunch and Marleau trade. Meanwhile Lou’s teams collecting more wins than the leafs since 2004 as the leafs regress year by year since . Hahaha , impressive stuff . If only they could replace Freddy with a traffic cone they would be set though eh hahaha

  12. Re King Hank

    Yes I think he gets bought out…. no one takes him full whack; at 50% retained… Just a very few teams take him… AND he still must agree… and Sweetener still needs to be added

    Rangers have deep pockets so cash no issue… buyout saves Rangers just $1.5 M cash (again not an issue) but $3M in Cap this year followed by $1.5 M dead Cap next year… but they give up no sweetener

    … IMHO they are not keeping him… so why not save the sweetener (in trade) that would need to be given up

    Hank loses $1.5M gross…. but can (1) choose to play with Joel; (2) retire; (3) talk to 30 NHL teams

    For # 3.,.. I’d assume he would only want to be going to a contender and preference woukd to be a starter…. contender that would take him as a starter….. very limited if any

    Would he accept going to a great contender as a back-up to try and get a cup??

    What if VGK’s can’t/don’t move The Flower or Stastny and therefore Lehner is out.. would Hank accept the wooing of VGK’s promising he can battle with the Flower to determine who is 1A and who is 1B?

    Interesting times

    • The Rangers are in a tight spot. I think that you have to live here to appreciate what Hank means to the Ranger Nation.
      Having said that, Eddie Giacomin, Brian Leetch, and Messier were just as popular and were all moved out. But there was no social media back then.
      The backlash will be huge.

      I do not see them buying him out in the first window. I think that they will wait to see what shakes out and allow him to attempt to make his own deal.
      I can’t see anyone signing him at his current price.
      But if Hank reaches FA, if I’m Joe Sakic, I’m there
      contract in hand.
      One year (option for a second?) at 4 or 5 million sounds realistic.
      Henry has not played much over the past seasons, so he should have something left in the tank.

      If Henry goes to the Lanche they will be the Cup favorites next year.

      • Hi Bill

        Sorry if my statement inferred that I didn’t believe he means a ton to Rangers fans

        Certainly not my intended sentiment …I’m a fan of his and my fav teams are Leafs and Pens… I can’t fathom how important he is to the heart of Rangerland

        Liked your inclusion of Eddie G in your statement… somehow had you pegged as a younger (30’s , 40’s ??) guy… but you must be in around my age… I remember having his player card (actually I remember one year having at least 3 at one time… traded one of them for a Tony Esposito card… I was in primary school… ‘70? ‘71?)

        Like your idea re Sackic giving him a call… but he’d not have to pay him $4M – $ 5M…. he’d be out only $1.5 M total from buyout ($3M less in 20/21 but gets a deferred $1.5 M in ‘21/‘22 so net out is $1.5 M)

        There is an sEscrow next year closing in on 20% plus a 10% deferral (all on Sals)….

        Sackic could offer him $1.5 M SB; $700 K Sal ; and $1.5 M [total] in Performance bonuses .

        The SB is not affected by escrow… and $1.5 M makes him even (nothing lost)… the rest is gravy

        Who do they move Fracouz or Grub

        They’ve recently outperformed Hank… so does Sackic ask him to be a back-up?

        I think if Knights can’t get Lehner deal done (and to fit him in either/both of Statsny / MAF have to go)… then maybe they go after Hank and say to him that starter is up in air… right now 1A 1B with MAF… go out and win the starters position from him

        Knights moving MAF at full whack without another tough contract coming back isn’t happening…. so they either eat half and find a team on his trade list for a partner or buy him out; then sign Lehner and a back up… the resulting cap hit for Lehner; back-up ; and remaining MAF cap hit under either buyout or 50% retained scenarios is $10:5 M – $12 M with possible dead cap in out years; and costing more cash….

        A better way is MAF/King Hank at 1A 1B … max Cap $10.7 M … that’s with Hank meeting all performance bonus targets ( number of games dressed? started? wins? etc etc)

    • Pengy…..Now that the trade is official and we have landed 26 year old d-man Mike Matheson that gives us 6 lefthanded defenseman.


      Matheson / Dumoulin / Joseph aren’t going anywhere….you may just get your wish…

      2 of these guys are leaving

      We have strong youngsters D-MEN coming in William Rielly, Cam Lee, Nick Manascalo Pierre Oliver Joseph

      I think J.J and Pettersson move…buyout

      more moves are a coming Rutherford is off his meds…..

      • Hi NnG

        HAS to be JJ buyout.. M U S T

        Clear instructions by Mario/Ronny… cut costs… keep competitive

        Jimbo just spent more with this trade

        JJ buyout … saves money… massively improves team… massively improves all stats, players, coaches, owners, fans very very very happy…if Jimbo doesn’t buy him out..he’s disobeying the owners

        Trading JJ …. will cost too many sweeteners or a rough contract back

        Not a chance they buyout Petterson , they just signed him

        You and I see Pettersson differently, but he won’t be bought out

        With Sceviour in… either Simon or ZAR is open for the possibility of a trade

        ZAR being traded has been bandied about often… but he’s LTIR … so won’t be moving soon

        Riikola just got re-upped for reasonable hit

        He can play RD… but me thinks they should look to actual righties UFAs for 3RD… DeMelo would be a reasonably priced 3RHD

        Psyk is more expensive but his value lies in the fact that he’s only one of maybe 3 or 4 NHLers who play equally well on D as Wing

        He played W when I was at the Panthers visiting Leafs earlier this year… he potted a tre

        The Petro dream is NOT happening, so let’s put that to rest

        Chris Tanev absolutely makes no sense… pay him money not in the budget and bump Marino to 3RD??

  13. Looking at Boston LD it appears they don’t have a number 1 pairing.

    Could OEL or Brady Skjei be the answer?

    • Like the Skjei idea Caper. IMO OEL is buyer beware.
      The question is for who?
      Methinks CAR would rather get rid of Gardiner.

      • methinks you are correct.

        Nevertheless, I don’t see Skjei being on the market now that Edmundson is gone. However, his cap hit is relatively large, and if CAR is stuck with Gardiner, he has to play somewhere, so a Skjei move makes some sense to free up that spot (3LD with Fleury moving up to 2LD)

      • Ya Fluery looks good whalercane.
        Just what the Canes need another solid D man.
        Never a bad idea to draft prairie farm boy D men, they have a tendency to play hard.

  14. You guys are so dumb. If you don’t spend to the cap you are not doing your best for your team and fans. The real test is can you easily move your contracts to make desired changes to your team and the Leafs are positioned as one of if not the best in the league. Facts matter even though you haters are just jealous of the power, reach and financial might of the most important and beloved team in the NHL and the country.

    • Hey, man! I was born a Leaf fan but you need to stop. You’re embarassing the rest of us.

      • Hahahahahahaha go back to editor in leaf James your own teams fans can’t help but laugh at you

    • I am an absolute spend what your team generates in revenue kind of guy. The NY Yankee model, however, with the global crisis and drastic reduction in revenue it is not fiscally responsible nor prudent for ANY business to spend to the max for at least the next year until a modicum of consistency in the global market occurs.

      Every Govt is “propping” up their economies with ever toll in the tool box.

      Anything can happen anytime to collapse again so it is wise of many of the teams to lover their internal cap to 70$m ( form what is being alledged).

      Besides which NHL player, with talent, is playing at league minimum to fit under the TML cap with 4 huge contracts they already have?

    • Is this Mrs. Dubas?

      • Wendell is James tanner , noted leaf die hard , garbage spewer in disguise

    • “financial might” is relatively meaningless in a salary cap situation.

  15. Don’t begrudge the Leafs aura. Like the Cowboys, the Yankees, the Celtics and Man Utd. All leagues have an iconic team that fans either love or love to hate. It is indifference that is the enemy.

    • Bc leaf fan with comment of the day , look up James

      • I’m a noted Leaf “hater” and I get embarrassed for Leaf fans whenever I read Wendel’s nonsense.

        It probably makes sense to him when he bounces it off the other 20 something fanboys on that garbage site of theirs.
        It won’t fly here Wendel. There’s too many hockey fans around.

      • Even on that site Wendell/ James get crushed by there own nation . I only visit to read the comments , not the articles , they read just like Wendell posts . Pure hot garbage , in a blue bag .

    • I’ve always considered myself more of a Hab hater.
      I guess the difference is while I hate the Habs, I also respect their success.

      • That’s exactly right, Ray.
        I respect the heritage and traditions of the Habs. Not to mention they owned the Bruins throughout my childhood. Kinda gave me a team to cheer against.
        The Leafs aren’t even in the same stratosphere. A large portion of their fanbase makes it impossible to take them seriously.
        Their other fans are long suffering and deserve better. (Two of my brothers and mom included). My eldest brother and recently departed dad are/were ultimate Habs fans.
        Fun times, growing up in that house.

      • But not the team with the 2nd most cup???!!! I think Craig has lost it with his identity conspiracies lol. Maybe I should post pro James Tanner comments on his website kinda like Pierre delecto,.. er I mean mitt romney.

        Hey guess what we will be talking about on this site the day after the cup is presented….will leafs move up in draft…what RHD are they getting, who will be Leafs new goalie …what will Leafs…etc etc…enjoy, I do.

      • I think we may be near the same age then SOP. I started rooting for the B’s in 1969, when I was 4 and started playing hockey. Bobby Orr was the man, and I was a Bruins fan.
        The Hab hate started pretty quick with the out of nowhere Dryden upset in 70/71 and the dynasty through the mid-late 70’s.
        I can still hear Danny Gallivan’s voice.
        Family was Leaf fans. Dad still is, brother was, became Oilers when they joined NHL.

      • Haha yeah your getting tons of support there Wendell , like I said youR either are James or a heavy heavy supporter and follower of his . Identical takes, and as I said , pure garbage . Also have the longest cup drought in history . So there’s that . Haha plan the parade , like every year , since 67. 2004 for a playoff win , you talk like they are in the midst of a dynasty .

    • Wendel if your statement is true don’t you think Montreal would be the most loved and hated due to their 23 Cups?

    • So the leafs have an enemy then? Have to actually be relevant to be hated. What you see isn’t hate Wedel. It’s pity.

    • Wendall I hate to break this to you, but if I asked 100 people on the streets of NYC maybe 10 would even know who the Leafs are.
      And ZERO would know when the Leafs last won the Cup.

      • Hi Bill

        as a Leafs fan it hurts me to say it, but if you ask 100 random people standing at The corner of Yonge and Dundas

        1) when the Leafs last won the cup… 99 will unfortunately know the answer

        2) who the Rangers are… 90 will know

        3) When the Rangers last won the cup … at least 25 will know

        4) when Leafs will win the next cup… 90% those of those 100 that are under 40 will claim it’s next year; and a high majority of those 50+ …. as I am… will answer… dunno

        …. at least I can remember it… barely… sitting on my late fathers knee and watching it on a 20” RCA B&W

        We got a colour one in ‘74… LOL

  16. Last year of Okposo contract is buyout friendly with no bonus money.

    They can also offer him to Seattle in ED

    Him at 50% has positive value in a trade.

    Buffalo is not tight on cap space.

  17. Dallas second in goals against. Case in point.

    Could the leafs make the final without Mathews?
    Second case in point money for depth if your intent is to win the cup . Stamkos.

  18. Pitt/ Fl trade completed. Add Scoviour to Pitt along with Matheson.

    • Hi Slick62

      5 LDs… AND specific and clearly defined marching orders (Ronny/Mario) to save $’s and stay competitive… how can Jimbo now refuse to buyout JJ…. gedderdone

      Sceviour…. although 5 years older , is a slight bit bigger, similar offence but not as much a defensive problem … as Simon… will have cap hit prob about $300 K more than Simon… makes Simon expendable in a trade chip

      Poulin up and JJ bought out; Simon moved; leaves about $8.6 M (if they did spend to cap) to sign TJ and 3 depth forwards

  19. I still believe in Dobby, but TB sure is making it tough on him.
    What a well constructed team.