Stanley Cup: Stamkos’ Brief Return Inspires Lightning to Game 3 Victory

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Soapbox | 3 comments



  1. With or without Stamkos, this Lightning team will not be denied.

    I can’t remember who I had this argument with a few months back but Stamkos is no longer the face of this franchise.

    Kucherov…. has there been a better player in the nhl the last 2-3 years? Arguable, but I don’t think so.

    Ditto Hedman on Defense.

    I think Kucherov is Conn Smythe material right now! Or Point, Although I think Hedman will get it .

    This team went out exactly what was missing from last years roster. Maroon, Goodrow, Coleman were brilliant additions .

    Shattenkirk, affordable good one year pick up.

    Bogosian…. did I mention what brilliant pick ups Maroon , Goodrow and Coleman were?

  2. Bettmans cup final. Who cares about those teams?
    Nhl was one of the most interesting leagues in the world, now is as boring as nba, thanks to this “superior leader”

    • Odd that you’d spend any time commenting on something you don’t care about…..?

      I seriously can’t imagine any scenario that I’d go around finding web pages of things I don’t care about to comment on.

      Possibly time for a hobby? Just a friendly suggestion.