NHL Rumor Mill – September 30, 2020

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The latest on the Lightning, Oilers, Jets, Coyotes, Canucks and Senators in today’s NHL rumor mill


ESPN.COM: Greg Wyshynski wondered how the cap-strapped Tampa Bay Lightning will navigate the offseason following their Stanley Cup win. Only three defensemen (Victor Hedman, Ryan McDonagh and Braydon Coburn) are under contract for next season, with Mikhail Sergachev and Erik Cernak restricted free agents while Kevin Shattenkirk, Zach Bogosian and Luke Schenn are among their unrestricted free agents. Center Anthony Cirelli is an RFA due for a big raise.

Tampa Bay Lightning forward Tyler Johnson (NHL Images).

Wyshynski observes the Lightning have $5.3 million in cap space. It’s expected they’ll have to move a veteran forward to free up cap space, with Tyler Johnson ($5 million annual value, no-trade clause) and Alex Killorn ($4.45 million AAV, modified no-trade) among the trade candidates.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun also mentioned Johnson as a trade candidate as well as center Yanni Gourde ($5.16 million). He points out both could be tough to move because of their full no-trade clauses.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre suggests the Winnipeg Jets attempt to trade for Cirelli. Noting the Lightning’s cap situation, he feels picks and/or prospects could be the return. Failing that, McIntyre suggests attempting to sign Cirelli to an offer sheet worth between $4.2 million and $6.3 million AAV.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of general managers will be interested in what Lightning GM Julien BriseBois will do to address his cap issue and re-sign Cirelli and Sergachev. Shopping one or two veteran forwards seems the likely play, though that could prove difficult if there isn’t much of a market for them or if interested clubs insist on a sweetener in the deal. Killorn’s lesser cap hit and modified no-trade makes him easier to move than Johnson and Gourde

An offer sheet for Cirelli is possible, provided he’s willing to sign one. If he does, the Bolts can spend over the cap ceiling by 10 percent in the offseason to match the offer, though they must be cap compliant when next season begins.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Edmonton Oilers are among the clubs with interest in Oliver Ekman-Larsson. The Arizona Coyotes’ defenseman carries a hefty contract ($8.25 million AAV through 2026-27, full no-movement clause), making it a difficult transaction for the Oilers. Dreger also adds the Boston Bruins in the mix.

Pierre LeBrun adds the Oilers are looking at goaltenders and believes they’ve spoken to the Coyotes about Darcy Kuemper. He also said they have shown interest in Pittsburgh’s Matt Murray and Carolina’s Petr Mrazek and could keep an eye on Jacob Markstrom’s contract talks with the Vancouver Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Edmonton Journal’s David Staples doesn’t see any of those players coming to Edmonton because of the Oilers’ cap constraints. Unless GM Ken Holland intends to dump some salary to make room for one of those players, I agree with Staples’ take.


TSN: Darren Dreger suggests the Vancouver Canucks might not have much choice but to trade Jake Virtanen. The 24-year-old winger is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. The Canucks would like to keep him but it could cost $3 million annually on a two-year deal. Dreger indicated other teams are interested in Virtanen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Canucks have $14.2 million in cap space but they’re also trying to re-sign Jacob Markstrom and Tyler Toffoli, which will eat up a big chunk of their available cap payroll. Depending on how those negotiations go, they could be forced to shop Virtanen.

The Canucks could also shed salary to free up additional cap room. The Province’s Steve Ewen reports GM Jim Benning is rumored to be trying to move Loui Eriksson or Brandon Sutter. He noted Eriksson’s agent said he has permission from Benning to speak with other clubs about brokering a deal, though Ewen speculates that could also require packaging the winger with a sweetener like a draft pick or prospect.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch suggested possible options for the Senators if they decide to bring in an experienced goaltender. Free-agent targets could include Vancouver’s Jacob Markstrom, Washington’s Braden Holtby, Vegas’ Robin Lehner, Calgary’s Cam Talbot, Dallas’ Anton Khudobin and the New York Islanders’ Thomas Greiss. Trade options include Pittsburgh’s Matt Murray, Arizona’s Darcy Kuemper and Carolina’s Petr Mrazek.

Garrioch also reports the Senators are willing to listen to offers for the fifth-overall pick in this year’s draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators have plenty of goaltending options to choose from and the cap space and trade assets to make it happen. It’ll be interesting to see what route they take.


  1. Virtanen should be easy to move. However the return won’t be much and kind of a waste of an asset . No one is taking Ericksson. Don’t care what the sweetener is even at 50% retained. I think he has to be bought out.
    Lighting have found a way to this point but it is getting tougher. T. Johnson is not very effective with his dollirs and Killorn would be a nice add to a team who is close but more of a TD deal. I guess the fans like the two firsts now for Goodrow and Coleman . I thought steep at the time. They don’t win the cup without them.

    • If you end up winning the Cup it was always worth it … after you celebrate then you figure it out … Tampa is loaded whatever they do …

    • Have to admit I thought the price high, I had never heard much about Coleman but I agree, Goodrow was very good and Coleman fantastic.

      • good call Mr. Kent-
        Coleman was relentless -his play contagious-

    • SilverSeven. Especially with Stamkos missing playoffs. It was an all or nothing move. Was really 3 1st rounders if you include Foote, (last years pick). Both Sergachev and Cirelli lack arb rights. Good chance Tampa can get them signed cheap for another year. Only way they’re not back is if they sign an offer sheet, but I’ll guess they’re pretty happy where they’re at right now. Although Sergachev could get some pretty hefty offers.

      • I thought that move by Yzerman was one of his best-

    • Those deals definitely panned out, neither was strictly a rental either as both are signed through next season.

    • Erickson already has his bonus paid out. He is owed 1 million in actual dollars paid d this year and 4 million next year. That makes him 2.5 million per year the next two years.

      I don’t see why that isn’t traceable. His cap hit is a sticker but teams like Ottawa with lots of cap could easily take that on. Actual dollars is what Ottawa worries about.

      Perhaps as Arizona dumps out players and looks to regain picks they make a trade with Vancouver.

      I understood why in the past Erickson was a tough contract to trade. I don’t get it today.

      • Show me some examples where Ottawa “worries about actual dollars” – they offered Karlsson $12 Mil, Duchene $8 mil – they opted to say no – they gave Chabot an $8 mil contract and I guarantee you that, when the time comes, Tkachuk will gladly sign what he’ll be offered – they just bought out Ryan’s 2 years left of his $7.5 mil per deal. They gave Colin White a number of years at close to $5 mil per

        There’s plenty find fault about when it comes to the Senators over the past 2/3 years – but cut out the crap about “concern more over actual dollars than cap …” There is virtually NO evidence of that. Have they always spent close to the cap? Hell no. But then when they were contending they also were never caught on trade deadline day with no room to manoeuvre – which happens to a lot of teams who operate on the theory that you MUST spend every nickel. Then wind up with crap like Eriksson that they can’t get rid of.

      • Hi George, I have a feeling all the owners will be happy getting players with low actual dollars owed. But imo they are still going to want good players within those parameters.

    • Silver,

      Virtanen has all the talent in the world but rates a zeroon the motivation scale. A new address might be what it takes to get him to a more consistent performance.

      At this point not worth more than a 3rd rounder.

  2. Sucky year to be a free agent not a lot of money to go around. This is what happens when everyone (GMs, Players, Agents) keeps believing the cap will always rise…then it doesn’t. Sort of like a market crash….they are all scrambling to get scraps. There will be a lot of decent players out of luck or off to europe

    • Hey disagree. Percentages of the cap can still go to the better players. Higher percentages than the past to pay them as the cap squeezes. It’s the bottom line guys who will feel the squeeze more as the top guys sign for their usual worth.

    • I would say mid round second rounder based on youth and potential

  3. Good morning


    I think a few take aways that were note worthy about the Stars and Bolts ..were how both teams really had to go to the well …and use players that were in there depth charts to get by …and they needed players to step up….franchises need to make sure they have proper development programs and players that are quality in the minors.

    Crazy stat ..was that the Bolts used 9 Defenseman in this playoff run …so your depth on D for a long and serious Cup run is crucial ..obviously Goal tending was the most important aspect again of this years playoffs..as it seemed as if the 2 best goalies played against each other in the end…

    Also a really interesting side note was all the players on both teams that were NOT drafted in the First round …..that have become stars in the league and most notably in this years playoffs on there respective teams

    ….SCOUTING moving forward for teams in a flat cap era is paramount and should be the gold standard for team development and growth now moving forward

    so guys who post here and say a late 2nd round pick or a 4th rounder is NOTHING …just can not be taken that way anymore

    …to many high quality players on both teams came from late round draft picks and were developed and made up the core of both teams !

    Kucherov _ Round 2
    Cirelli – Round 3
    Khudobin – Round 7
    Palat – Round 7
    Killorn – Round 3

    Pavelski – Round 7
    Jamie Benn – Round 5
    Klingberg – Round 5

    It took Tampa 10 years of PROPERLY drafting and developing most of the core players on the team that filed out almost the entire roster on all 4 lines in some which shape or form …

    SENS & Goalies …

    With draft development and scouting be crucial moving forward …I posted yesterday and noted to George O about how I think it might be crucial for the Sens to use one of the first round picks to drat Goalie Askarov

    …they need to invest in the Goalie position and a player like this especially with the abundance of picks
    it seems as if this is the right time to do so …he is highly coveted and they could strike gold with this kid long term ..

    take care …

    • They have SIX goalies in the system so no pressing need to “invest” in a 7th. Especially since no one is going to guarantee that Askerov will shine at the NHL level. Only a very brave GM will use a pick as high as # 5 – and in a very deep draft – to take a goalie.

  4. Stevie Y gave out NTC/NMC like they were candy. You know neither Killorn or Tyler Johnson are going to be in a big hurry to sign off on that. Waive this for the “team”? Johnson 30, Killorn 31. Cap gymnastics are in order.

    • Could they buyout Johnson?
      Was down to 14 minutes per game

      • A buy out of Johnson would mean dead money on the books for 8 more years, Doubt Tampa is in position to have dead money on the books with a flat cap.

      • If Johnson agrees to move then TB can eat $2M and he will be easy to move.
        Only 30 and is an excellent 3C, borderline 2C, at $3M is a deal. Better than a buyout IMO.
        But again, he would have to agree.

    • Killorn has a Mod-NTC 16 team no trade list, 14 team trade list he’ll be an easy move.

      • Not if he picks the 16 teams that have Cap room on his NTC.

        There are at least 14 teams up against it, looking to dump their own players. Pick them.

      • nevinsrip: Good point. Hadn’t thought of that.

    • Vincois – with the no-state tax incentive being used to get players to sign below market value contracts, the NMC’s, NTC’s, etc. are a trade off. Obviously the player giving the discount doesn’t want to turn around and be traded at the discount salary to a place with high tax.

      Able to get players signed for cheaper traded off with lack of trade flexibility.

      • Never thought of that or heard it connected that way. Interesting, thanks.

    • If I’m on Tampa, I’m not waiving anything.

      Why should any of those guys mentioned leave a great situation, for a lesser team?

      Tampa has big problems.
      If Killorn, Johnson and whoever else has earned a NMC, a NTC or whatever, all say no to a trade, then what?

      • nevinsrip: The only leverage TB would have in that situation is that Killorn, Johnson and Gourde do not have NMC’s. All three have NTC’s but can be waived and demoted if absolutely necessary to save cap space.

        I doubt Johnson would be picked up by any team given his contract, but Killorn and Gourde would definitely be picked up by Detroit or Ottawa. If Killorn/Gourde don’t want to end up on those teams, they would be willing to listen to the trade options. TB has no choice.

      • Exactly. Originally it was thought teams would have to pay other teams to take decent players. Nope. They could lose them for nothing which sucks.

      • Honestly, I don’t see any of those players going unpicked through waivers.

        I see the looming shadow of Jim Rutherford, should any of those players be placed on waivers.

        Johnson would be a great fit in Pitt.
        Especially, if they can unload the other Johnson.

        Here’s an interesting scenario to discuss.

        Can the players, in this case, say Killorn, Johnson and Gourde, get together with their agents and work on a strategy, where they all refuse to be moved?

        Or is that considered “collusion”.

        Is collusion only an owner problem or does it apply to agents and players also?

        I don’t think that it would be difficult for the agents to figure out who can afford these players, and then block trades to those teams by using the NTC.

        Tampa could end up losing one or two of them for nothing.

  5. My Bruins wishlist….


    Hello DMen….Dillon & Brodie….wingers Matt Martin & Marroon ..Toffoli ……check the boxes …scoring toughness & D

    • Joe, agree with most of your list. Chara will sign for another year at the same $$$ still usefulon pk and 3rd pairing.

      Debrusk for Virtanen works for me

      Dillon yes

      I get Boston need LD but OEL isn’t the answer to many dollars and to long of a term.

      • Caper, woudl you do DeBrusk for Josh Anderson?

      • Greatgonzo, yes i would do that trade.

        As far as Toffoli, be a nice addition as long as we realize he isn’t a physical player.

      • Not sure I would Greatgonzo and Caper. If we knew he wouldn’t have recurring shoulder problems, OK, but shoulders are like the knee used to be. Once you get one, they keep happening.

    • Hey Joe

      I am on board with every guy on your list except Chara. He means more to this team then anyone knows and IMO will be back for 1 year as Caper indicated.

      Now if you are bringing in that many new forwards, you are also going to have to get rid of a couple of other players too because with DeBrusk and Studnicka (he should be in the NHL next year) in the folder that’s 9 regulars.

      I personally would not bring in Marroon but really like Dillion, martin and Toffoli

      • Greatgonzo ……I’m probably spending to much of the Bruins $$$$…..way it looks if the Bruins bring back Chara he’s going to be used on the PK and other points in a game so his minutes could be cut back a lot thus maybe putting more pressure on other 5 Dmen each night unless they plan on dressing 7 Dmen ……I like Matton cause he reminds me of a better version of S Thornton a team player …….If Bruins can sign Dillon,Martin & Toffoli it would be a plus

    • I think they keep DeBrusk. The guy’s young and should become a regular 25 to 30 goal scorer. Matt Martin would be fine, but I doubt whether you’ll ever see Marchand and Martin on the same team! :))

  6. Read that Ottawa might be looking to trade the 5th overall.

    Could be a good move but why wouldn’t they try and draft Askarov? IF OTT believes they want more NHL ready players and have another goalie already in the system then i guess it makes sense to trade away the 5th.

    Would Nylander on TML get you that 5th overall?

    TML gets goalie of their future Askarov to backup Andersson and $7m to balance out the roster better.

    • Was in the notes yesterday that Ottawa has 6 goalies in their development system. Not saying Askarov wouldn’t be top of the list; but likely not something they see as a pressing need. If they wanted Askarov, they could likely trade down to around the 10th (or later) and still draft him while picking up assets. Always the danger that someone sees him as being worth it and he leaves the board early of course.

      Floating the #5 is a good way to see what NHL caliber players get offered; though I would be surprised to actually see them trade it.

      • Agree SCJ – certainly doesn’t hurt to listen but unless some GM who must make a move or two to clear cap space overwhelms him with an offer, I’d be surprised to see Dorion trade away the 5th pick. As to that question from IhateCrosby – “Would Nylander on TML get you that 5th overall? ” – the answer is NO. Not at close to $7 mil per.

    • Respectfully, I cannot see how Leafs trading Nylander for a 5th helps them at all. Assuming the 5th pick is a great player, he does not help them for minimum 2-4 years. Leafs are set for top 6 RW and Centre. Good LW players are easier to find and more abundent. IMO Reilly, Muzzin, Matthews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander are untouchables, due to potential or contracts. Maybe slightly less untouchable are Sandin and Hymen. After that, all bets are off. Leafs need top RD, and as much as I like Freddie, unless they reup him at a reasonable cost for a short term, he goes to UFA, and for that reason I think he could be trade bait.

      • I suggested it to get their goalie of the future since Andersson will NOT be resigned. Get cap room to bring in some VET D and other depth upfront. 7 million could get ya 2 UFA Dmen that can service the bottom 2 pairs of the leafs D and be respectable in this covid cap world.

        I can understand OTT saying no to taking on 7 mill for the #5

        Just a thought.

    • If Askarov is their target they can certainly move back in the draft. Stay n the top 10 and likely get him.

    • Why is trading the 5th overall a good move? Wouldn’t the Sens prefer a top prospect to fit their timetable?

  7. I have read Askarov ranked as high as 9 and as low as 13. Tough to take at 5 when you can have Drysdale or Sanderson available. Look at the top goalies selected from the last number of drafts. Carter Hart is the only one that comes to mind that has done anything.

    • I’m with George on the OTT goaltending. They have good prospects in the system. Obviously none are a sure thing as they are goaltenders.
      If you get first crack at the D men in this draft you take one IMO.
      Sogaard was taken in the 2nd rd, 37th overall last year and the 3rd tender taken. 6’7″ and athletic. Will take a couple more years, so if they need a bridge, sign a UFA to play with Nilsson.

      • Agree Ray. Although if they do sign a short-term UFA goalie it’ll be to play with Hogberg – that lingering concussion issue with Nilsson would be the reason they’d go that route. And Hogberg is also huge at 6′ 5″ 217 and has earned some starts with decent play in a difficult year.

      • Too bad about Nilsson. I remeber him from his Oiler days. He was pretty good on a really bad defensive team. Like really bad. Was good in BUF too.
        Now I get why the chatter is out there.
        Regardless, you don’t get many top 5 picks as a GM, tough to take a tender with one.
        I think I prefer quantity with goaltenders, take a bunch and hope you hit it.

  8. I just checked on the Stanley Covid Cup winner at #19 overall 8 years ago

  9. If you switched the entire rosters between the bolts and stars aside from the top 4 on each team the result would have been the same, bolts in 6.

    Bolts while smartly not panicking over the past few years and trading their star talent, they have miscalculated on the grunts below the top 4 by way iverpayinh gourds, johnsson killorn, Goodson etc.

    That is why the Leafs following bolts template of never deleting from core will win cup quicker than the near decade build by bolts.

    Dubas will front load and be top heavy with stars and difference makers and fill the bottom of the rosters with cheap grunts ( I expect they also move johnsson and/or kerfoot soon along with 15th pick in a package for an elite RHD.)

    Things are looking great in Leafland, can’t wait for the top RHD Dubas will add and his dumping of Andersen hopefully before the season but definitely gone before playoffs.


    • Tell us more about these “difference makers” youre reffering too.
      If you mean Tavares, Marner and Mathews theyre already on the roster and the only difference theyve made is in payroll and the inability to either make the playoffs or win a series.

      • Thats what bolts critics said about hedman kucherov et al for many years. It won’t be that many years for the leafs core with the smartest gm in the business.

      • Mathews has 4 years left on his contract and Tavares is 30 years old. Time is running out to duplicate Tampa’s template. A lot of work to do on the backend to get to Tampa’s level.

    • Of course they look great James / Wendell . It’s the off-season , it’s the leafs time to shine and claim the trophy . One problem , they haven’t been able to actually follow through since 67 despite the nations best efforts to crown them in the offseason haven’t even been able to take a step in playoffs since 2004.
      When are they going to hire the gm you speak of ? Currently they have a guy who doesn’t know what a team looks like and clearly gets pushed over in negotiations. Hasn’t taken a step forward since Lou left , and Tavares joined . The isles have though.
      Like George pointed out yesterday , the bolts have an extra 7 million to support the stars , also have a vezina goalie and probably the best d man in the league in that group . Meanwhile you want to gut what’s left of the “depth” to add a Hedman lite and trade Fred for a traffic cone to Upgrade .
      Hahahaha talk about your delusional blue takes . Leaf fans are cringing reading your posts and embarrassed , and that is hard to accomplish when dealing with player values in the nation or the direction of the team

    • What seems to elude you, Wendel, is that Tampa has leveraged the tax advantage they enjoy very well. It’s at the heart of being able to sign players at less than market as the player’s take home pay was the same as if they had signed for more elsewhere.

      This gave them also gave them room to bring in the D they were able to. They were thus able to improve faster than just by drafting. Toronto doesn’t have this advantage.

      Further, Toronto no longer has the advantage of revenue to rely on as the cap has fallen. Their path to the Cup just got longer.

      • Leafs are in way better shape than TB despite the tax. Leafs neutralize that advantage with their ability to front load contracts which big bonuses. Dubas also isn’t dumb like brisebois and Yzerman to give NTC to run of the mill overpaid 3rd liners like gourde and Johnson.

      • Wendel,

        2020 Lightning – Stanley Cup Champions
        2020 Maple Leafs – missed playoffs

        It appears that there might be a slight disparity in the quality of the “difference makers” you make note of.

      • Dummies who built the team carrying the cup you want haha . Yeah who wants to actually win it when you can chase it for the longest period in history unsuccessfully. Also just yesterday you wanted to folllow Tampa’s lead and Toronto is following there footsteps so no need to panic . Lol why follow the lead of these “dummies”? Your takes are painfully bad and not supported by any resemblance of facts

      • Full marks for your unwavering optimism, Wendel, it doesn’t hurt any one.

        But again you miss or choose to ignore some things.

        The Leafs no longer have the revenue stream to front load contracts. They along with other teams lost 12 games’ worth of attendance revenue this year and attendance will be greatly diminished next year. Ouch.

        And I should have added to my previous comment that the Bolts had the advantage of a rising cap. The Leafs now face a declined cap.

        Still, to dream, Wendel. To dream.

    • As a fellow Leafs fan, I like the optimism.

      We are a ways away from Tampa though.

      Leafs D is a step or two behind every defenseman on Tampa and that adds up. Tampa has a better goalie as well.

      With all that being said the Leafs were shut out in two out of 5 games by Columbus – I’d say that is pretty unacceptable for a ‘top tier’ offense and certainly not a defense issue.
      The Leafs were beaten on the forecheck, zone entry and board battles. I think quite a bit of that falls on the coaching staff and team make up.

      Nice to dream but it would take a whole bunch of things going right and a truckload of luck for the Leafs to be anywhere within sniffing distance of a cup

    • “Things are looking great in Leafland”

      Thanks for that.

      I needed a good laugh.

  10. Lundqvist would be a good add for a team looking for goaltending depth if the price was right.

    Flyers have Carter Hart as their starter but Id feel much more confident if they had Lundqvist at 2 million over Brian Elliott.

    I dont think Henrik can carry the load any more but for 20-25 season games and injury/playoff insurance hed be a great add in Philly or for any contending team needing depth and quality in goal.

  11. I wouldn’t trade Yanni Gourde if my life depended upon it…

    • Damn …. sssshhhhh …. that’s the guy I’m hoping Dorion can pry out of TB.

      • on the same page with you George , he reminds me in many ways of Pageau

      • Yep Fergy22 – small but doesn’t shy away from the heavy going and especially when playoff hockey rolls around – he just put up 7g 7a 14 pts on the way to the Cup. With a large potential Francphone fan base in the region it wouldn’t hurt the gate to have a kid from Saint-Narcisse in the line-up either.

      • You might think that would be easy to find by just Googling it … but the only definitive answer I could find was this:

        “Teams found to have violated the cap face fines of up to US$5 million, cancellation of contracts, loss of draft picks, loss of points and/or forfeiture of game(s) determined to have been affected by the violation of the cap.”

  12. first trade: willie to edmonton for Larsson (leafs save 4 mil)

    second trade: anderson to whoever and pick up King Henry for a million or go with another buyout for the same (leafs again have another 3-4 million from Anderson’s contract)

    Try and sign Luke Shen #5-6 (stay at home with grit)

    reach out to sign goudas

    Leafs now have three new defecemen (move or send to minors there 5,6,7 defencemen)

    this provide the leafs with 7-8 million more to spend defence and maybe on trevor lewis

    Stamkos and a third rounder to New Jersey for a 5th rounder (all about money

    • monkman1967 – Edm has $11,256,182 with which to sign 8, including key D-man Ethan Bear PLUS they need to find a goalie. By giving up Larsson and his $4,166,666 cap hit to take on Nylander and his $6,962,366 cap hit, the difference of that additional $2,795,700 means they now have just $8,460,482 to sign those 3 RFAs PLUS a goalie.

      Why on earth would they put themselves in that bind?

      • Edmonton likely won’t George.
        First order of biz is to get a goalie.
        2nd try and move a D-man, either Larsson or Russell as they have depth but lack a true top pair guy.
        I asked this question of you before George, but you may not have been on that day.
        Could the Sens use a guy like Russell?
        $4M cap hit but only owed $1.5M.
        Quality vet, quality guy, who can still skate and move the puck. He is also more adept than most at playing either side.
        When Larsson went down in the playoffs Tippet moved him into the top pair. He is an NHL player, just overpaid by cap hit.
        A guy you could move at the TDL for a pick as teams always need D come playoff time.
        If they can move him Holland might get creative.

      • Ray, the chatter around here seems to be that, barring a draftee like Drysedale making the team next season, the 7 would be Chabot, Wolanin, Brannstrom, Reilly, Zaitsez, Zub and Jaros. The first 3 there are all puck movers first and foremost so, if they were to trade for a D-man costing around $4 mil off the cap as the result of a cap-strapped team needing to clear space, it wouldn’t be a smallish 33 y/o whose best years are behind him. Even considering the difference between actual salary owed and cap hit. There will be others in that cap range from among the 21 teams that must clear space and Dorion is under absolutely no pressure to jump early. And if nothing to that end unfolds, I’m sure they’re quite willing to start with the 7 mentioned.

      • George O – Doesn’t Ottawa still need to add around $22 million in cap space just to reach the cap floor?

        I imagine as well when the season starts fans probably won’t be back in the stands so teams will be losing revenue again this upcoming season. I think this is going to impact more teams then some people might think and there could be a lot of internal spending caps put in place on teams by owners.

        I would especially think for a team like Ottawa that it could become a numbers game in terms of getting to/over the cap floor and what dollars they really have to pay out to players. So I would think a player like Russel from Edmonton that has 1 year left with a $4 million cap hit but would only need to be paid $1.5 million would be very appealing and he would be looking for more contracts like that to add.

      • TheMustardTiger, just looking at the $ numbers – yes, of course. But where would Ottawa play him? He’s a smallish 33 y/o whose biggest contributions in his peak years was offense – not defense – and as I pointed out to Ray, they have Chabot, Wolanin and Brannstrom to fill the puck-moving duties on D, coupled with stay-at-home types like Reilly, Zaitsev, Zub and Jaros.

        There is also the distinct possibility that Dorion drafts Drysedale next week in which case he becomes a factor in there somewhere.

        As for getting to the cap floor, being committed contractually to just 9 at this writing, Dorion has to re-sign 6 of his 7 RFAs (Engelland won’t be qualified) bringing that up to 15 at a cumulative cost of around $12.5 to $14 mil. As for the rest, there might well be negotiations for a goalie in store (either through trade or from the lengthy UFA list) if it’s deemed Nilsson might be experiencing lingering concussion problems, and I’m convinced he is also a major player in talks with those 21 teams who absolutely MUST clear cap space just to re-sign their own RFAs or UFAs they wish to retain. These won’t be ELC-type cap hits but more in the range of $4 to $5 mil with term – and NOT 33 y/o.

        He will easily reaching the cap floor once those last 8 roster spots are filled through such trades or from UFA signings.

  13. To Lyle, or anybody here who may know:

    Everybody here knows that all teams “must” ; “have to be” at or < $81.5 M for drop of puck; game one

    What are the actual CBA ramifications of NOT accomplishing that— what is the penalty?

    Just taking Bolts as an example— loaded with NMCs and NTCs

    We all know that they can go over by 10% in the off season— but …day one of 20/21…

    Let's say (just for argument's sake) that he is unable to get any of them to waive their full NTCs and/or NMCs and for whatever reason; just can't find a taker for other contracts (certainly not likely, but just trying to get to the root of the ramifications, penalties, outcomes)… right now Bolts at $5.3M… 8 to fill. Just for the sake of argument (NOT saying he'd get this).. let's give Serg $5.3M.. putting them right at Cap; and only 16 on the roster.

    Can they technically start season with 16????

    What about if they give him $5.4M; over; still at 16???

    Above just to show the math— I'm asking what the actual CBA outlined penalties/ramifications of these scenarios?

    Thanks in advance

    • See above Pengy – twice I tried posting that below your submission and twice I got a “slow down – you’re posting too fast” message – then it finally went in ABOVE your post. Sheeeesh.

      • Thanks George

        I as well have experienced many times the retort ““slow down – you’re posting too fast” message

        Not sure how that happens with my single (fat finger) typing on a small screen; with my less than perfect eyesight?

        Glad to see that there are more penalties than just financial.. if it was just a $5M penalty… Tanenbaum et al would just get out their chequebook and start writing… cash not an issue with Leafs, Rangers etc

        Prob CASH penalty, plus loss of every game until they get under the Cap

        Any idea if they can start a season, technically, at or below 17 official players on the 23 man roster?

        Re Bolts– that is going to be a very tough sell to get any of the NMC/NTC guys to waive— to go from Cup winner; great tax advantages; and already established home… to move fam etc; to lesser conditions

        Buyouts have the detriment of hanging outyear dead cap space and lesser cap gain than a full trade

        Bolts ripe for offer sheet— but it has to be made; and then subsequently signed by the player… chance of happening…. but low

      • Any team trying to start a season with, say, 17 players would only be doing so because of cap limitations, otherwise why do it? Technically, I suppose, they could do that but they sure wouldn’t want to run into, say, 2 or 3 nagging injuries of the type that would keep the players out for a handful of games but not long enough to go on LTIR because in that event, and being right up against the cap, they couldn’t bring anyone up from the minors – meaning a handful of games with a roster of 14 or 15. One of which is a back-up goalie! They’d better be in shape!

  14. Why in the world would anyone want to take a declining Tyler Johnson and help TB re-sign their RFA’s all in one fell swoop? He is serviceable but not a difference-maker and especially not at that price. If JBB asks me to take Johnson, I say, “No, but how about Gourde?” Of course, none of those players have to waive their NTC’s but they could be waived from the team which means the bottom-feeders would get first crack at them for free. Tough decision to be made on the part of TB but they have to decide what is more important: keep Sergachev, Cernak and Cirelli, or trying to get at least something for a player you’re ready to move on from (Johnson).

    I suppose they could just tell Johnson he’ll be waived then picked up by whomever or he can have at least some say in the matter. Could be the same deal for Gourde even if they would prefer to keep him.

    • hi Moegillknee

      Rightie (more needed) for lefty; and cost certainty (ELC) with Fox over new contract required for Serg; makes sense for Bolts; I’m not sure though that they will move on from Serg for sure; and what is the extra that Bolts will be looking for in trade?

      Certainly your trade has some merit; but I’m thinking it is more of a long shot

  15. Tampa should have no problem moving Killorn, but I smell a trade with their favourite trading partner the Nyr. Maybe Servachev for Fox. Both 22yrs old . Fox had a real good yr still on elc. Rangers than get in on pietrangelo.

    • hi Moegillknee

      Rightie (more needed) for lefty; and cost certainty (ELC) with Fox over new contract required for Serg; makes sense for Bolts; I’m not sure though that they will move on from Serg for sure; and what is the extra that Bolts will be looking for in trade?

      Certainly your trade has some merit; but I’m thinking it is more of a long shot

  16. One thing that isn’t getting mentioned much yet with teams needing to get under the cap is the upcoming expansion draft after this season. Ottawa is in fantastic shape for that too, especially on defense. Their only guaranteed protected defenseman is Chabot and all of their other top young defensemen (ex. Brannstrom, Bernard-Docker, Thomson) are expansion exempt. Wolanin needs to be protected, but even if that is a concern, they could target a guy like Sergachev and still be able to protect Wolanin who isn’t a top3 defenseman at this time. I don’t think Ottawa would be that concerned losing Zaitsev or Jaros in the expansion draft.

    Most of Ottawa’s key forwards will be expansion exempt as well. I think Batherson is their only elite forward prospect that has to be protected (Brown isn’t elite, but could surprise this year). If you consider Connor Brown, Colin White (?), Tierney (if they sign him for more than a year), Duclair and Tkachuk as the must protect forwards, they would still have one or two forwards they could target and not have an expansion draft impact.

    They would likely protect Hogberg in goal as of now and that is another reason why I don’t think they will take on a long term number one goalie yet. I like what I’ve seen from Hogberg so far. They may lose Daccord or Gustavsson in the expansion draft, but that is much less of a loss than basically any team in the league.

  17. In order for the Leafs to ever improve they need “difference makers” in the GMs office and behind the bench.

    If Im not mistaken (and I very well might be) the Leafs, Raptors and Jays all fall under the MLSE/Rogers ownership group.

    Now picture this:
    Leafs- no fans in arena
    Raptors- no fans in the arena
    Jays- no fans in the stadium

    I would think at some point someone in a suit is going to pass the message along to quit throwing hundreds of millions of dollars around in new contracts and maybe start trying to unload some.

  18. Hi George

    Sorry for the confusion. I would sure as hell hope they get there (to 17 or more) and would certainly be taking their own risks at 17 and would definitely need to be in shape.

    What I was asking was if there was a hard/fast CBA clause/rule regarding minimum number to start the season. Each game they must dress a starter and back-up; I was just trying to see if there was also a rule/clause in the CBA that had a specific minimum number of roster players that had to be maintained throughout the season?

    The reason I was asking… assuming they don’t move Vazy or Point (they won’t BTW) and say can’t move Killorn… 8 more with full NTC and/or NMCs… that is just over $70 M for those 11 players…

    Even if a miracle happens and they get Serg, Cernak, Cereilli for $8M (he says laughing)… that’s

    just over $3 M left; and only 14 on the roster

    $3M AT LEAGE MIN rates — 4 more (including a back up ; as above numbers require McIhenny’s $1.3 M with a league min player… that is , at best , 18 to start the season

    Again that is if somehow they can’t find a taker for Killorn (they will, but just for arguments sake) AND TJ refuses (why wouldn’t he) and they re-up Serg, Cernak, Cerelli (preference to I’m sure)

    If TJ refuses to waive (why wouldn’t he) and he is then say bought out; obviously then replaced by league min player (net $1.6 M saved); and somehow they move Killorn at full whack, AND replace him with League min player (net Cap saved of $3.7 M)… that is 7 NTCs/NMCs, Point, Vazy and two league mins replacing Killorn and TJ; for about $65 M

    Again lets use the miraculous Serg, Cernak, Cereilli for $8M ( 🙂 ) … 14 players for $73M

    9 to sign for $8.5 M… 2 each at $1.75 M; 7 at League min

    Net… best is TJ, Killorn gone; and if they want to keep Cerelli, Serg, Cernak… they will be carrying a minimum of 9 players at or just a fraction over; League min.

    BriseBois is certainly going to earn his keep over the next little while

  19. Hi NMAvsFan

    The only control BriseBois has over Gourde and TJ is the buyout; they have to waive the NTC to be traded

    Why would they waive from SC champ; great weather, great town; great tax advantages; AND an established home?

    BriseBois could threaten them with a buyout unless they sign the waiver of NTC… but

    TJ out $6 M with buyout — could sign 3 @ $2M; same gross, retire year earlier

    Gourde– buyout loses $8 M…sign 4 @$2M; same Gross; retires a year earlier.

    The loss of course is the takehome, depending on where they would resign; but I’ve shown very low contracts on re-sign after buy out… they should get more

    In summary… the control is really all with TJ and Gourde… were it me…. I would refuse to waive… force BriseBois hand

    • Pengy: I mentioned it above, but Gourde and Killorn wouldn’t have to be bought out. They don’t have NMC’s (just NTC/M-NTC) and both can be waived and demoted. Detroit and Ottawa would almost certainly pick either of those players up for nothing. That is the only leverage TB has to force a trade to a more desired location.

      Johnson can be waived, but probably wouldn’t be picked up on waivers and the demotion savings of just over US$1M isn’t enough for TB.

      • Hi Van

        Sorry knew that but I wasn’t clear; I meant only thing that BriseBois can hold over their head is buyout (waive to minors is useless…. bury $1.08 M; have to replace with League min player… $700K…. so replacing TJ or Guorde with League min player… to free up $308 K… won’t be done….pointless threat)

        And buyout threat is nigh completely hollow… as they would sign for total gross lost for 1 year less in term than still owed to Bolts; retire 1 year arlier; Both could easily sign elsewhere for more than $2M IMHO. Gourde for sure

        Power all with Gourde and TJ IMHO

  20. OK, suppose you bite the bullet and waive one, say Johnson, or likely two. And get nothing in return. Cap issue solved. Your have your 6-8 player core. You have a few good young players. And there will be a lot of talent around at bargain prices looking for a place to play. Tampa might not be the worst place to land ; heck maybe some of the current budget free agents re-up for another year. JB’s issue is to put a good team on the ice under that cap, to to get a certain value for a certain player. Chess players sometimes sacrifice a piece. Focus on the problem facing the club, which, simply put, is icing a very good defending group under the cap.

    • Hi Richard

      Waiving to the AHL for the two only saves $716K total (between the two) in Cap space

      Bury two contracts… 2* $1.08 M ($2.16 M)saved; then replaced by two league min players… each at $700 K ($1.4 M).. net… 716K