NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – October 1, 2020

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Ratings were down for the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs, the Lightning celebrated their championship in Tampa Bay plus the latest on Corey Crawford, Oscar Klefbom, Jesse Puljujarvi and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

OTTAWA SUN: Michael Traikos reports ratings were down in Canada and the United States for the 2020 Stanley Cup Final.

Rogers Sportsnet report 1.081 million Canadian tuned in for Game 1 between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Dallas Stars, dropping to just 841K for Game 2. Traikos cites sources indicated Sportsnet drew 1.3 million viewers for Game 6 and never came close to eclipsing an average of 2 million viewers in the entire playoffs. The most-watched series was the qualifying round between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Columbus Blue Jackets, averaging 1.8 million viewers.

The timing of the playoffs (summer), an absence of fans in the arenas, the elimination of Canadian teams and of big-market clubs, the absence of well-known players such as Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin, and competition from the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and Toronto Blue Jays (whose ratings rose compared to last year) account for the low ratings.

The ratings in the United States weren’t any better. Only eight percent of the Tampa Bay market followed the first three games of the Stanley Cup Final with the Stars as their opponent compared to 15 percent in 2015 when they played the Chicago Blackhawks.

Overall ratings for this year’s Stanley Cup Final dropped 61 percent compared to last year’s Final between the Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues. Competition from the NBA, MLB and NFL, as well as the absence of big market clubs and household name players contributed to the overall US ratings decline. It was the least-watched Final since the Anaheim Ducks-Ottawa Senators Final in 2007 and only the second time in 13 years viewership dropped below 3 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given those factors, it’s not surprising the ratings were down. There just wasn’t that much buzz for a Stanley Cup Final between two Sun Belt teams. The ratings in Canada would’ve been much higher had a Canadian team reached the Final, and higher in the States had one of the big-market clubs got that far.

Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford (NHL Images).

  TAMPA BAY TIMES: Speaking of the Lightning, they celebrated their championship with their fans with a flotilla parade up the Hillborough River through downtown Tampa and concluding with a celebration at Raymond James Stadium.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Ben Pope reports Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman remains optimistic about re-signing Corey Crawford. The 35-year-old goaltender is due to become an unrestricted free agent on Oct. 9. All accounts suggest the two sides remain significantly divided on salary. The Blackhawks prefer something between $3.5 million to $4 million, while the Crawford camp prefers something between $4.5 million to $5.5 million. He made an annual cap hit of $6 million on his previous deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s speculation the Blackhawks could be forced to make a cost-cutting move or two to re-sign Crawford. Maybe the two sides can come down to $4.25 million. Failing that, Bowman will have to go shopping for a goaltender via trade or free agency.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers defenseman Oscar Klefbom is reportedly considering surgery to address nagging injuries that could sideline him for months.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That might explain recent rumors linking the Oilers to Arizona Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson, though that would be a very expensive long-term move to address Klefbom’s absence. The Journal’s Jim Matheson suggests Oilers GM Ken Holland could be in the market for a one-year replacement for a cap hit comparable to Klefbom’s $4.167 million.

Speaking of the Oilers, TSN’s Frank Seravalli reports of possible progress in contract talks with winger Jesse Puljujarvi. He speculates it could be a one-year deal within a $1.25 million to $1.5 million range.

RDS.CA: Former NHL player Simon Gagne will appear in a Quebec City courthouse today facing impaired driving charges.

SI.COM/THE HOCKEY NEWS: The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League has agreed to stiffer penalties for fighting in exchange for $20 million in pandemic relief from the Quebec government.

Players who fight will receive a 10-minute misconduct along with a five-minute major, while the instigator will also be slapped with an additional two-minute penalty. Players who accumulate three fights will receive a one-game suspension, with an additional game for each fight thereafter.


  1. Re Soucy:

    TSN : “Soucy is now up to No. 19 on the Top 75, as sources say more than a third of the NHL’s teams are hungry to see him hit the market on Oct. 9.
    That interest and freedom has increased his price. The belief is Soucy could well land in the $2.5 million to $3 million range on a multi-year deal.”

    Yes yes yes… I’ve been pro on Soucy for quite a while. I had been hoping for him on Pens (in place of JJ…. Wow!!!)… but recent MM/Horny trade nixes that idea

    He was born in Viking and grew up in a small hamlet nearby… 90 mins from Ed… would Oil be interested??

    Just turned 26; 6’ 5” ; 210…. highest plus/minus (+16) on Wild this year…. 82 game pace of 11 G 11 A… 22 points and +24. Smooth skater, poised… late bloomer on the rise

    He will definitely be a great add to any team

    He might be a good player to pursue by BriseBois…. Hedman and MacDonnaugh are 1LD and 2LD; and re-signing Serg (for 3LD) will very likely cost a fair bit more than Soucy… leaving Serg as a great trade chip for BriseBois … Let me be clear. I am not saying Soucy is Serg. Soucy would be a very strong and sound 3LD on Bolts and IMHO already has the potential of 2LD on some NHL teams.

    For Bolts…just pointing out an opportunity to save net Cap and one that would bring them a great return

    Obviously I’d love him to be a Leaf… but Cap issues and premier need for a RHD nullifies this idea

  2. If JP does sign in that $1.25M to $1.5 M range… does that increase his trade value in that he is then under contract and not an unknown Cap hit?

    Re playoff watching, ratings…. I guess because of the staggered game times, I was able to see every single playoff game but 4 (all 4 were Western bubble games) … so my personal viewing ratings went up from last year

    Agree re all the rationale stated wrt why ratings down

    They better get Cup awarded by 3rd weekend in July next year as they will be competing as well then with the Tokyo Olympics

    • I’m not sure where people see the leverage for Jesse. I’ve heard people say 2-3 million , even more around the 1.5 mark . Ken has shown he holds the hammer in this case and is willing to use it . If Jesse wants to return to the NHL, my guess is it will be between league minimum and 1 million . I think the oilers would welcome it , I know I would. I like the player, especially if he cones back healthier , little more mature and hopefully that helps with the consistency. Getting him settled and comfortable in a role is key too. But , I’m not going to overpay to make it happen, I don’t think you have to . If he really wants to return, 1 million is much more than he would get in Finland and should get the deal done, if not , he doesn’t really want to return that bad. I would continue to wait him out , the offer stands if you wish to return, I think he does from the change in his public stance.
      I was on board last year with not selling low and I think Ken should continue to use the leverage he has. I don’t believe they want to trade him, they know what the market looks like and haven’t moved him yet so the only path I see forward for both Jesse and team runs through Edmonton.
      Tough situation for Holland to navigate coming in, I think he’s done it well. I’ve supported it since prior to Jesse leaving for Finland.

      • Hi Craig

        Can’t see him sign $700 K to $1.0 M….regardless of his play he’s certainly worth more than basically just over league min

        If he gets signed for $1M or less… very very valuable trade chip… low risk, cost certainty and barely touching the cap

        I think up to $1.5 M signed gives great trade value…. $3M just isn’t going to happen IMHO; until he proves himself

        He has an opportunity to sign bellow the level he is certainly capable of producing; prove himself worthy on a 1 year… get a much bigger payday next year

        If I was his agentI would tell him to reject outright any offer $1.25 M or less

        I think this gets done..l just don’t know if he then gets moved

        I wouldn’t mind ; as Oil have been suggested to be in hunt of a goalie ; for a MM / JP swap, with balancing picks or B prospects in trade

      • Have to agree there Craig. Last year and even at the beginning of this past season whenever his name popped up in here I was among those thinking Holland’s best bet was to take the best return offered and move on.

        But with the pandemic and all that’s gone down since then, including the emergence of the flat cap and massive loss of revenues, if Puljujarvi truly wants to be an NHLer, he will come to camp – whenever that is – determined to show he belongs in the league and prepared to fill whatever role the coaching staff lays out for him based on his play during camp and any exhibition games – IF they are even to be played in the process.

        And I sure as hell wouldn’t be offering him any more than $900,000 – $1 mil on a short-term bridge deal (2 years?). He and his agent have to realize that, with the unprecedented numbers of established players who could be looking for jobs as unsigned UFAs and even non-qualified RFAs as teams look to cut costs and not necessarily spend to even the max of the flat cap, they don’t have ANY leverage. NO team is going to be buying a $2 mil + pig-in-a-poke at this time.

        As I say, IF he truly thinks he can be a good NHLer he has to grasp at any straw tossed his way by Holland. If they continue to hem and haw tell him to go back to Finland.

      • What leverage does he have pengy ? As his agent , if his request is to return to the nhl or to find the top dollar , how do you advise to reject the QA or offer of 1 million ? He’s not getting back in the nhl of top dollar by returning to Finland. Which is why I hold firm , if he really wants to give it an honest go in nhl again , the ball is in his court .

      • Hi Craig and George

        I don’t reject your arguments just the numbers

        League min is $700 K

        He is certainly worth more than that… I’m not sure what the QA has to be; but if the offer is only say $900 K… he’ll get a min of $600 K and possibly more in the KHL (and they have higher take home rates) and an opportunity again to prove himself… he should reject that offer

        All I’m saying is that he did pretty dang fair overseas last year … tops on his team ; 4th in league; basically a PPG ; and +30

        Setting aside what he did before and that he rejected offers last year… any player with those numbers from overseas gets an offer over $1M… so why shouldn’t he?

        If they are not qualifying him and looking to offer him say only $900 K… any other team can offer up to $1.4 M and snag him w/o Oil getting anything in return

        The comp for $1.4 M – $2.2 M offer sheet is only a 3rd

        1 yr at $1.25 – $1.50 M seems absolutely fair to me

        That investment is prudent in that JP has everything to prove…, full incentive to perform well above the $1.25 M to $1.5 M…. so a win for Oil

        If he overperforms big and they can’t fit him in 21/22… valuable trade chip

        The risk is at max $700 K in Cap… the absolute worst case is signing at $1.5 M and he performs exactly at the level of a league min player… $700 K…that risk (with JP having everything to prove) is IMHO , extremely low

      • Holland could make him take whatever the min is to offer him as an RFA, can’t argue that. I can’t remember what he qualified him at last year and if that even comes into play after a year away, as I have no idea.
        Kind of with Pengy on this – is that the best way to approach this?
        Aside from that the leverage JP has is he is a young, talented 6’4″ winger who can skate and has offensive upside.
        The Oilers need wingers, cheap ones who are big and can skate. If you can get that with offensive skill? You obviously would. They will work it out if they want him back, and I think they do. This isn’t just about making a point, the goal is building long term success in Edmonton.

        This was about his role on the team, he seems to have accepted he is now responsible for where he plays by his play. If he hasn’t, then you cut bait as enough already.

      • The qualifying offer last year was 894k as per mark spector . Should be the same this year possibly 5% increase he mentions. They will 110% qualify him.
        The agent gave bad advice in my opinion and has dug a hole . Why holland would raise his offer , I don’t understand. If its to show good faith , show Jesse that they want him back I could see a small bump to around 1 million . I wouldn’t go higher, don’t need to . This is more than he will receive overseas and gets him bsvk in the league if that’s what he wants. If he’s serious about A return , he will sign imo. An offer sheet doesn’t concern me at all, or holland i suspect.
        Again I will reiterate I like the player , would love to see him back, hips healthy, older , hopefully wiser and with stability behind the bench and gm desk to provide him the proper role . Should also be much more confident than when he left.
        The goal is longterm ray and you don’t get there by overpaying , caving to trade demands and not using the leverage you have. I would show him a little to prove I wanted him, but that’s max .

      • That’s all fair Craig. I definitely agree that he got some bad advise last year.
        I’m just saying that JP’s agent would have countered that last year if JP wanted to stay in Edmonton. Just part of the process, so is countering this year.
        The process needs to be fair and in good faith, by both sides, which it will be.

        I would set the over under at $1.25.

      • Although I said no higher than $1 mil – I wouldn’t balk at another $250,000 as a show of good faith during negotiations and over no more than a 2-year “show me” stretch. But if he and his agent try to continue to haggle for more and a longer term – there’s the door. 24 goals in 56 gp may be eye-opening in the Finnish League but it means squat even in the AHL let alone the NHL.

        And I do hope no one in here is trying to equate the Finnish League with even the ECHL.

      • I’m going with more of what the Oiler coaches and ex coaches say George.
        And guys like Rishaug who is piped in to the team. The organization seems to think JP is a bottom 6 winger all day, it is simply whether or not he can bring offence which is the question.
        He got rushed, it went south, he pouted, restart.
        What’s that worth? I dunno.

      • Ray and George
        As a show of good faith I would offer the extra 250k on a two year term . If he wants 1 , 1 million . That’s where I hope to see it land and believe it will . If it goes higher I’ll be both glad to see him back but upset that holland backed off and overpaid when this year and the next couple , every dollar counts. I hope we find out soon and he signs because once again I do really like JP if he can find consistency .
        I don’t think they view him as a bottom 6 all day Ray , I think like with the contract , they want him to prove what he is , don’t sell him on a glory ride with mcdavid or Draisaitl , but don’t eliminate the possibility either . We want you back and where you play depends on how you play , the balls in your hands . This is just my take , not claiming I know for sure this is going to happen . Lock him in Kenny , well played up to this point , use the leverage , With a slight showing of movement on the dollar and two different term offers .

      • As for suggestions that he could get better than $900,000 to $1.25 mil back in Finalnd or the KHL – are those leagues somehow so exempt or immune from the ravages of the virus that they’ll function with full crowds and so not see the same financial blows as will be experienced in North America?

      • I didn’t say that very clearly Craig.
        When I said they think he is bottom 6 all day, I meant that as the minimum as there has been speculation on this site that JP isn’t even an NHL player at this stage.
        I think he has a chance to be a top 6 forward for a long time. Like you say he has to prove he can bring that, as so far he hasn’t.
        Hope he does.

  3. So the Quebec Government required stiffer fighting penalties in order to give the QMJHL $20 million for pandemic relief.


    Is this true?

    Wow, it’s really amazing how government has to control everything we do. Even down to 2 young hockey players having a scrap on the ice.

    Our government systems (whether Canadian or American) is ridiculously out of control.

    How dare they leverage pandemic relief money to further their politically correct agendas.

    We’ve created total insanity.

    Maybe our government leaders need to have a scrap on the ice and get some sense knocked into their heads!

    • A Cousin Vinny

      I hear that the entire league will also now get a
      medal / trophy for participation…no winners no losers…LOL
      Could not resist ….sorry….my bad…LOL

    • Hi Cousin Vinny

      With you re leveraged change to rules using Pandemic to move the needle

      To me … some money should have been given regardless… and stiffening fighting penalties has nothing to do with it

      I had no idea that there was a major issue in the QMJHL with fighting… if so… and they want it diminished… change the penalties

      The two issues are unrelated

      Is the contrary positioning to lighten fighting penalties to 2 mins or a “stern warning” in order to get $100 M in Pandemic relief?

      • LOL

        Now I realize why my post went twice… I started typing Pengy as the name and Mofo Siri must have corrected to “Pendemic”. ??? I didn’t notice

        No wonder it said “your comment is waiting to be posted”… and the comment was still showing so I copied it and then re-posted it (shown below)…. LOL

        Either that or it was my Sybil moment

    • Hi Cousin Vinny

      With you re leveraged change to rules using Pandemic to move the needle

      To me … some money should have been given regardless… and stiffening fighting penalties has nothing to do with it
      I had no idea that there was a major issue in the QMJHL with fighting… if so… and they want it diminished… change the penalties

      The two issues are unrelated

      Is the contrary positioning to lighten fighting penalties to 2 mins or a “stern warning” in order to get $100 M in Pandemic relief?

    • Some folks just don’t understand how dangerous power hungry politicians can be. In California they are mandating electric cars….yep…but every summer they turn off the power to millions of homes and businesses due to wildfires and high demand for electricity for ac! Brilliant no one will be able to go to work!
      I love that the Canadian fans are so fickle that their teams teams are out and they quit watching…too bad ya missed watching 2 teams that were real good

      • Are we really going to do the US vs Canada crap again AZHockeyNut?
        We are different countries and disagree on some things. That is fine.
        You folks do what you do, we will do what we do.
        Keep it to hockey please.
        By the way, US rating were down too.
        I watched every game of the finals.

    • Well … they don’t have to take the money and keep going as they have been. Hard to tell if you’re upset because the government is giving money to a sports league (ie. a waste of taxpayers money) or that they’re putting conditions on the assistance.

      • I don’t like the fact pandemic relief money is being leveraged in this way I love the concept. I hope the nhl follows suit.

        It’s bad enough watching grown men act that way but who ever is watching children try to pound the stuffing out of each other in a way that has nothing to do with game being played needs their head examined.

  4. So hilarious and telling that the Leafs play in series almost doubled the cup final viewership. NHL should change their name to TMLHL!!!

    • At least that way they would find there way on the cup sonewhere eh Wendell ? Probably closer to reality than keeping it the nhl and waiting for them to end the longest drought in NHL history

      • I think so many viewers for the leafs because you just know they’re going to choke and crumble in epic fashion

    • The fact that they’ve gone well over half a century without winning squat and STILL draw large numbers of devoted followers says one of two things: either a large number of fans gravitate to the “lovable loser” a-la-Chicago Cubs (over a century between titles) or, that same large number annually willing to fork over a good percentage of their income year in and year out despite the ongoing futility have the collective IQ of a kumquat.

      Maybe, just maybe, if they kept their butts out of the seats, stopped spending small fortunes on team merchandise, and stopped viewing to bring down the TV numbers, some among ownership would get it in THEIR thick heads that what their management has been doing with regards to “team building” has been the wrong approach.

      Somehow, I doubt we’ll ever see that because that same mentality is visible demonstrating on the streets today that governments are being “too hard” in clamping down on large gatherings and bars/restaurants closures in their efforts to curb the pandemic.

      There is no cure for stupidity.

      • Well George, I grew up in small town Saskatchewan and have been a Rider fan my entire life, always will be, most of those early years the sucked. I still remember the Tony Gabriel touchdown like it was yesterday.
        I will be a Rider fan until I die, win or lose.

        My Bruins went 35 years without beating MTL in the playoffs and 39 years between cups.

        So I get why they hang in there.

        I think the issue is more about a certain poster than anything.

      • It’s option B, George – you nailed it.

        And I also agree with the rest.

        Some “rights” end where other’s rights begin.

        Parasites, riding on the backs of the rest of us, much akin to the anti-vaxxers.


      • George O, you’re an Ottawa fan, who team has won a Cup since 1927; The Senators been in the league since 1992 and no cup. What does that say about you?

        Yes i understand 28yrs isn’t as long as 50 + years, but still a long time.

        My point is simple, You will always be a Senators Fan, I will always be a Bruins fan, regardless of how many years they go without the cup.

      • I’m a Leafs fan George. I don’t spend tons on merchandise and don’t fill the stands, since I live in Ottawa. The sens get my money when the Leafs are in town.
        I’ve been there for the low points and will be there for the high points, if an when they come around.
        Loyalty to my team is important for me, winning and losing is part of the ride. I see no reason to stop watching or supporting my team.

      • Caper, I’m a “fan” of the Sens only in the sense that they happen to represent the city in which I live. And the extent of my “fandom” is primarily related to watching them on TV – NOT on buying jerseys, flags, pucks, pennants or forking over huge amounts of retirement funds to put my ass in a seat.

        Yes, they haven’t won a cup since returning to the league 28 years ago but at least the fans in this area (who aren’t Leafs or Habs fans) show their displeasure when they perceive that either ownership or management (or the team as constructed) are not doing their level best to win, by staying away in droves (albeit augmented in recent years by the Phoenix Pay System fiasco). In Toronto they still flock to the rink in the absolute worst of times – sometimes with bags over their heads or tossing old jerseys on the ice.

      • Also, re Ottawa, what have they to do with the fact Wendell keeps blurbing that the Leafs are the greatest hockey franchise on the planet with, ostensibly, nothing to go on except they are, admittedly, probably the richest one? What I’m trying to lay out, in response to that, is WHY they are the richest.

        One does not necessarily equal the other.

      • Ray, unfortunately there is no comparison between the CFL and the cost of their 8 home games a year and the NHL and the cost of attending 41 home games – not seat prices, merchandise, parking, beer, or “nourishment.”

        The attitude of the average fan in the CFL also varies more widely than those of the NHL – just look at attendance at Argo and Alouette games vis-a-vis those out west and the fact the game literally died twice in the nation’s capital.

      • Hi Ray

        Argo fan first but very very close 2nd is Riders. My fav player all time is Ray Elgaard

        Yes.. I remember the Roughriders/ Rough riders Grey Cup and the Gabriel catch… that was the game that got me hooked on CFL

        I’ve not missed watching a single Grey Cup since

        My fav (and I was mid-stripe to watch it in the brand new Sky-Dome) was the multi lead change Grey Cup in ‘89… 10 points scored in the last 45 seconds… Ridgway through the uprights with 3 ticks left….. a Sea of green erupts…. 😄😄

        I miss the CFL 😢

      • Remember it well too Pengy.
        Lived in Regina at the time.
        Was reasonably nice out for that time of year too, was a great party on Albert and Vic.

      • There is no cure for stupidity sure sums up your posts George0

        Everything in your post is rich when we consider the Sens won the cup….when was that again? Yes and when your team sucks like the Leafs do fans need to understand that to help the situation is to boycott the team until they are winners. Something a fair-weather fan sounds like to me.
        .. I don’t know. Also please take that advise for the Sens…with luck they’ll be raising the cup in their new home in Houston.

        As for the ratings…it’s either inflated by Leafs fans or

      • Wow Ron. Still growing some skin eh? Yes Ottawa sucks. So what? We’re talking about Leafs fans supporting a chronic loser. The fact Ottawa fans refuse to do that tells me they have more brains in their little fingers than the average Leafs fan has between the ears.

        And considering all the other anti-Leafs stuff posted in here and the fact you only get agitated when I comment I would take as a complement – if it wasn’t coming from a complete non-entity.

    • Hey George, you and your fellow Ottawa fans don’t even show up to fill the building when they are in the finals. You should be bowing to the blue Leaf and fans like me who fill the Sens coffers at hugely increased ticket prices when the Leafs are in town. If not for us the Sens would already be the Quebec Nordique 2.0 . No need to respond, you’re welcome. Cheers.

      • Answer a simple question Wendell – then we’ll discuss: what do you know about the Phoenix Pay System? I’ll wait while you look it up and digest it.

      • George, I totally get the pay system however, that argument is ok at best.
        I interact with a lot, a LOT of sens fans. So many of them were complaining about ownership and how they will never watch another game blah blah blah. EK was dealt and promises were made about how they will never be fans again. Now that the future is bright all of them are making their way back. Tickets will be bought, jerseys will be sold and the bars will be full (covid permitting)
        A good chunk of the fans are fairweather fans, nothing wrong with that. At the same time nothing wrong with Leafs fans supporting their team when times are tough. Choose your poison.

        I am not condoning this wendel fella’s opinion, he’s out of line but recognize that his intent is to get a reaction – now what’s the word for that again……?

      • Can’t argue with that reasoning either Taz. All equally true. Let’s say it was a blinding combination of both that led to all the vacant seats and the installation of that tarpaulin over a chunk of them that looked more ridiculous than the vacant seats. Thank God that twit is gone.

  5. Low TV ratings
    Not surprising, a few things should be added
    1) NBA / NHL / MLB came back all at once after a layoff so there was a fair amount of which do I choose to watch.
    2) Humans develop habits it’s fall time for football and racking leaves. It’s winter time for hockey and putting up Christmas lights etc. so the feeling of hockey or football or Basket Bore just wasn’t there.
    3) Major cities in USA are being hollowed out, Lots of people moving out of Seattle / SF / LA / Portland / NYC etc and looking for A new home and new job, when they left they cancelled cable and don’t think that when they arrived at their new home they cared about getting sports channels as their first concern.
    4) While I don’t care if somebody is all for far left politics I just turn it off as soon as one of these talking heads starts talking politics. If I wanted politics I’d watch one of the so call news channels.
    5) Sometimes if you don’t get your “fix” everyday and go awhile without, you realize that you were watching out of habit rather than enjoyment, it’s the out of sight out of mind type of thing.

    It will take a while to get back to where sports was last year and these sports leagues are going to have to be creative in how they go to market.
    I’m betting that there will be a lot of people who buy tickets found other things to do and will decide that they would rather spend their money on other things, “new” fans will have to be WON over but life goes on

  6. George, my son-in-law is British and was born into a family in which it was “Manchester City, till I die.”
    He lived with the endless years of demotion – promotion and took heat from his so-called friends for it. Then big money from Abu Dhabi bought City and the team became one of the best clubs in the world.
    Of course my son-in-law takes heat now because City is “buying championships.”
    Can’t win, George, either way. If it’s in your blood, that’s all she wrote.
    I was born a Leaf fan and survived Harold Ballard. Nothing can bother me now.

    • Hey BCLeafFan, I spent a week in Manchester for meetings a few years back, Rooney was still good. Nice place when it wasn’t raining.
      Went to a Man U game. Was a blast.
      The pub before and after was too.
      Those folks know how to enjoy their sports and can go beer for beer with anybody.
      Also noted while there – why don’t we have more traffic circles vs traffic lights in North America?
      Way better.

    • I was born a Leaf fan and survived Harold Ballard. Nothing can bother me now.

      Ranks right up there with being a Detroit Lions Fan or Chicago Cubs fan from 1910-2010

  7. Ray, right city – Manchester; wrong team. You might say there’s a rivalry there.
    Blue’s the colour you want, not red.

    • Ya I know Ernest. Can’t say I root for any particular soccer team and that may have been the only game I have watched in it’s entirety.
      Maybe I’ll start paying attention to Bayern Munch since Edmonton native Alphonso Davies is playing there and doing well.