Jumbo Joe As A Maple Leaf Just Doesn’t Make Sense

by | Oct 16, 2020 | News, NHL, Rumors | 10 comments



  1. Love the Darren Haynes photo analogy above … as for the McKeon reference to the last Imlach-led Cup win using “oldsters” the HUGE difference between now and then is the then requirement to win 8 games out of a maximum possibility of 14. Now it’s 16 wins out of a maximum 28 – a 3rd of a full 82-game season tacked on.

    • Not to mention a lot more grueling travel time and changing time zones – the farthest distance then for the Leafs would have been the 450 miles to Chicago while to Montreal it’s 313 miles

      • In 1967, did hockey the Leafs fly to Montreal or take the train?

    • Hammer there are lots of great stories about leafs and habs riding the same train for home and home games where only one team would go to the dining car. The players really hated each other in the good old days

  2. Until the 6-team expansion – including 2 in California – in 1968, I don’t think any of the original 6 went anywhere by air. It was all train travel. Maybe the Hawks-Boston meetings but not sure

    • Look at every 4th line centre on each team and ask if that player is better than thornton. Leafs had gauthier for goodness sakes.

      At 1M he is a super slug.

      Duff must be the laziest writer not yet retired.

  3. Thornton, Spezza and Simmonds ….. The Mothball Line.

    Dubas is playing xbox, easy to raise Jumbo Joes abilities.

    99 skating
    99 passing
    99 shooting
    99 hitting
    99 intangibles

    Wow, Leafs got a difference maker!!!

  4. I’m just waiting for Corey Perry to sign with the Leafs.

  5. He had a bit of cap space and it’ll sell jerseys.

  6. Needing to bring in veterans for leadership and to teach the young guys how to win ? Seems that the current captain doesn’t have that trait even though he’s a 12 year veteran and supposed superstar? Shouldn’t he be providing that leadership? There was a report that Austen Mathews and Jake Muzzin reached out to Jumbo Joe. I sure hope the captain did too but there’s nothing about that. That’s pretty telling and at the very least a little concerning. Teams don’t win cups without leadership and there is no evidence that this captain has that capability.