NHL Rumor Mill – October 15, 2020

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The latest on Mike Hoffman, Joe Thornton, Steven Stamkos, Patrik Laine, Jake Gardiner, Anthony Duclair and more in today’s NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports teams in the market for a scorer like Mike Hoffman include Boston, Carolina and Columbus.

Free-agent winger Mike Hoffman (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: NBC Sports Boston’s Nick Goss believes Hoffman would make sense for the Bruins on a one-year, $6 million contract. However, that would bite deeply into their $11 million in cap space and could mean trading winger Jake DeBrusk or a defenseman.

Meanwhile, the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch believes Hoffman will make his decision within the next couple of days. He includes Edmonton and Nashville among the potential suitors.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are courting Joe Thornton but Friedman says not to underestimate the center’s loyalty to the San Jose Sharks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I respect Thornton and his Hall of Fame-worthy career, but he’s 41 years old and coming off his worst performance (31 points) since his rookie season in 1997-98. That’s right, he made his NHL debut 23 years ago. Thornton is not who the Leafs need to center their third line.

Friedman believes the Tampa Bay Lightning asked captain Steven Stamkos to consider waiving his no-movement clause. “There’s a wall of secrecy around it”. Stamkos is recovering from abdominal surgery.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if Stamkos waives his clause.

Friedman also wondered if the Columbus Blue Jackets made a pitch for Alex Pietrangelo before he signed with the Vegas Golden Knights. Defenseman David Savard was available for a while but that appears to have changed with Pietrangelo going to Vegas.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Blue Jackets have over $13 million in cap space. That’s enough to re-sign center Pierre-Luc Dubois and add another player via trade or free agency.

Anaheim, Boston, Colorado, Toronto and Winnipeg are among the clubs to check into the availability of Florida Panthers defenseman MacKenzie Weegar. It’s believed the Leafs rejected a request for Travis Dermott/Andreas Johnsson. Tyson Jost of the Avalanche and Jack Roslovic of the Jets were also discussed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Weegar recently filed for salary arbitration. Speaking of Roslovic, the Jets are reportedly gauging his value in the trade market. They’d like another established NHL defenseman before next season begins.

Speaking of the Jets, Friedman believes their re-acquisition of Paul Stastny means things remain “status quo” regarding winger Patrik Laine.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Laine isn’t going anywhere unless a team offers up a top-two defenseman similar to Columbus’ Seth Jones in return.

The Vancouver Canucks had an interest in free-agent defenseman Travis Hamonic before their acquisition of Nate Schmidt. They are looking for another defenseman, prompting Friedman to suggest Slater Koekkoek or Sami Vatanen. Hamonic had some interest from Eastern clubs like Philadelphia but prefers staying in the West.

The Flyers had talks with Arizona regarding Coyotes defenseman Jason Demers. Meanwhile, the Carolina Hurricanes are examining trade options with blueliner Jake Gardiner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes could make Demers their cap-cutting trade candidate after failing to move Oliver Ekman-Larsson last week. The 32-year-old’s modified no-trade clause expired at the end of last season. He has a year remaining on his contract worth an annual cap hit of $4.5 million but his actual salary is $2.6 million after being paid his signing bonus for this season.

An interesting bit about Gardiner, who has three years left on his contract worth an AAV of $4.050 million with a seven-team no-trade list. I’m not sure how much interest he’ll garner in the trade market given how his performance declined over the last two years.

The Panthers are among the clubs that have talked to free-agent winger Anthony Duclair.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch reports five or six clubs have heard from Duclair, who’s representing himself in the free-agent market. The Senators haven’t shut the door on the winger, who rejected their two-year extension offer that would’ve doubled the $1.65 million he made last season.


  1. A capsule look at the current cap situation (CapFriendly) of all 31 teams shows graphically where to expect imminent moves, including those who still need to shed cap space (some significant) and those from whom we should hear about several acquisitions. Following each team is shown, in brackets, the number of signings/promotions needed to reach 23 – followed by the number of RFAs still to be re-signed

    5 Teams Over The Cap
    Arizona (2) – 1; St. Louis (2) – 1; Vegas (2) – 0; Anaheim (1) – 0; Washington (3) – 1

    4 Teams With Less Than $1 Mil Cap Space
    Winnipeg (2) – 3; Montreal (2) – 1; Toronto (1) – 2; Edmonton (1) – 1

    5 Teams With $2 to $3 Mil Cap Space
    Vancouver (2) – 2; San Jose (0) – 0; Pittsburgh (0) – 0; Minnesota (1) – 0; Tampa (5) – 3

    4 Teams With $5 to $6 Mil Cap Space
    Carolina (4) – 2; Chicago (3) – 1; Philadelphia (4) – 2; Calgary (6) – 2;

    2 Teams With $6 to $7 Mil Cap Space
    Dallas – (3) – 2; Colorado (5) – 3;

    2 Teams With $9 to $10 Mil Cap Space
    NYI (3) – 2; Boston (2) – 2

    5 Teams With $11 To $15 Mil Cap Space
    Florida (5) – 2; Nashville (4) – 1; Los Angeles (4) – 0; Columbus (4) – 4; Buffalo (4) – 4;

    3 Teams With $18 to $19 Mil Cap Space
    NYR (4) – 4; NJ (8) – 2; Detroit (3) – 3

    1 Team With Over $26 Mil Cap Space
    Ottawa (6) – 3

    It’s easy to pick out those teams from which we should expect more acqusitions in the coming days/weeks based upon cap space, the number need to reach 23 and the number of RFAs stil to be concluded (e.g, Ottawa, NJ, Colorado, L.A.)

    If, on the other hand, Edmonton, for example is indeed looking into Hoffman, they would clearly need to find a taker (or takers) for the cap they’d need to clear out

    • Hi George

      Leafs and Caps still need to do some dancin’

      Arz ..absolutely in nutzoland

      Knights… see my post below for the fix

      Pens… would love Duclair… doable but tight… replaces League min fwd… so could sign up to $3M and be under…ls certainly far fetched in likliehood but would love to see a McC , Poulin ; Duclair 3rd line. Another option for 3rd line is McC on wing with Poulin on other centered by Haula. Most important though… Ruhweedel replaced by Bowey or Ruuta or I’d even take Ceci

      Ducks and Blues will minor tweak their way under

      Jets and Habs will be fine

      Oil… I think there is a move com in’

      Bruins… has Sweeney neglected to set his alarm clock?

      Bolts… one image comes to mind… Kevin McCallister after he slaps on (his cheeks) his dad’s aftershave …

      • Pengy, if I had to choose a location where Duclair may wind up it would be Nashville … for some reason Poile seems to have an affinity for players the Sens either rejected (Turris, Dzingel) or couldn’t get re-signed (Duchene – is 13g, 29a 42pts -4 in 66gp worth $8 mil per?? – & Borowicki). AND he’ll probably over pay going by past transactions, followed by a stretch where he’s then reduced to desperately trying to get rid of him.

      • Arizona and Anaheim both have plenty of LTIR space available.
        Arizona – $3.5 M to sign 2 players
        Anaheim – almost $6 M for 1 roster spot

      • Good points Hammer_of_the_Gods, and in Anaheim’s case they still have 2 years of Kessler’s LTIR. Wonder if they’d consider dealing that to a contending team needing that whose GM is prepared to offer an enticing sweetener?

    • Hey George,
      For the Oilers, they can always put Kelfbom on LTIR to clear up another $4 million in cap space to make another move.

      • Oh yeah – if surgery is the ultimate decision … right now it all seems to be up in the air


        What Holland has currently is $732,509 in cap space with which to sign 1 – and his only RFA is now doubly important to get re-upped – RD Ethan Bear coming off a pretty decent season and a cap hit of $720,200. You have to figure he’ll cost somewhere between $2.5 & $3 mil on a bridge deal, so he’d need the bulk of Klefbom’s $4,167,100 LTIR. So, barring another major move, forget about Hoffman.

      • I think Holland has a better idea than we do on Klefbom as he signed Barrie.
        The rumor here is arthritis.
        So bad news long term if true. Surgery can help in some cases, not all, but it isn’t going to go away. Just get worse.

      • @ George,
        I was thinking more between $1.75 to $2.5 aav for like 3 or 4 years for Bear.
        I not expecting Holland to be signing any more FA’s. If he does anything else I would expect a trade for a number 4 to 6 defensive minded d-man.

      • Hopefully we won’t see Rangers in the finals at all. Fingers crossed. I would rather see Maple Leafs or Pittsburg over Rangers, and that sas a lot

      • KevJam, Holland can thank his lucky stars that Bear doesn’t have arbitration rights because, if he went that route, based on the year he had, he’d get much more than that. As it is, Holland can play hardball at around the hit you mention.

      • Don’t count me among that “we” Gary. Have absolutely NO issues with seeing the Rangers back as a major factor. If they’re significant in any given season, the league itself rises in significance in the U.S. for sure, and even in parts of Canada. Going way back in my past, the NYR were always the team I’d like to see succeed if my Habs faltered. And I’d be tuned into the radio voice of Win Elliot as much as that of Doug Smith/Danny Gallivan or René Lecavalier

    • Baffling how a complete trainwreck like the Coyotes can be over the cap.

      • Well Ron, paying their top 5 salaried players $34,550,000 – or 42% of the cap – will do that. Not quite in Toronto’s 57% league – but still hefty.

      • George,

        Very true. But at least the Leafs play an up tempo easy to watch style. Until the playoffs start that is, lol.

        Watching the Coyotes is like watching someone trying to skate on sand, dull and beyond boring.

        Cap mismanagement to the extreme.

      • Yep, and all thanks to their figure-filbert boy genius who upped and left just before the play-in and is currently still looking for a job.

      • This might be worth a sequel to Moneyball. Moneypuck maybe? It has a very different ending.

      • One other point, Ron, with top-loading your roster as Arizona and Toronto has done, is the injury bug. They happen a lot, obviously, and if, say, two from either team went down for any appreciable length of time – especially from the back-end, they’d better hope that whoever gets elevated into those positions is up to the task.

        A well-balanced roster is one reason why TB could still win a cup without one of the best F. Of course, the other side of that coin is that, anyone who does step up and performs well will be in line for a huge raise and then you wind up in the position TB finds itself in now – complicated by a plethora of no trade/no movement clauses.

        Which is why we can pretty much forget about ever seeing a repeated cup dynasty again.

    • Rangers have done a pretty good job managing their cap.

    • George. Rangers also are over the allowance for potential bonuses on the elc’s. Cap friendly has them at 3.9 mil over. They have to figure that into cap as well. Pretty sure it makes cap space closer to 14 mil. Not sure why CapFriendly doesn’t adjust available cap space to include that.

    • George
      Re: Ducks
      The only position they need to fill is Backup goalie. My guess is that Murray is waiting for all the “Big” names to find a job then take a look at the left overs. My guess is Howard or Craig Anderson or maybe go back to Ryan Miller.
      So if backup signed for 1 mil or 1.25 mil that puts them over the cap by 2.5 mil. My guess is that Kessler goes on Long Term Injury.

      My question is can you put PART of a salary on Long Term Injury or must it be the full amount ?
      I believe that Kessler is around 6,7 mil and Ducks will need about 2.5 mil.

      • Don’t know the answer to that Boom/Bust – but why the heck not take full advantage of it anyway to alleviate the $939,000 by which they currently sit over the cap, pay for a decent back-up (Craig Anderson woudn’t be a bad choice for 1 year and he is a fitness freak) and still have access to some wiggle room.?

        What hurts this year is the $6,625,000 buy-out dead space for Perry – which at least reduces to $2 mil per for the next two seasons

    • @Slick62 if you add up all the rookie bonuses it`s actually closer to 10 million and the reason they don`t include them is that bonuses can be paid with next years money. If NY uses the LTIR all bonus money shifts to next year

    • George good info but we also need to remember that you do not have to go with 23 players to be cap compliant a team can go with less (I admit can be a gamble but depending on where the AHL team is located doable). Also most teams on cap freindly have multiple players signed to low cost contracts and they can be buried in the minors so that does not preclude teams from signing more players yet to improve their teams.

      • The big gamble with going with less than 23, Fergie, is the extent of any injuries you run into. If you are up tight against the cap and an injury or two occurs not considered long-term – but nevertheless 2 or 3 games – you can’t call anyone up if their NHL cap hit puts you over the top. So you run the risk of playing a few games with 22 or 21 (two of which MUST be goalies). That can put a helluva strain on the D – which we all know incurs the most such aggravating short-term injuries. It is indeed risky. And in a condense schedule situation even more so.

  2. Posted late yesterday. Wilson kept his gentleman’s agreement with Labanc who Took the one year $1m deal after a good season and got a nice deal 4. something after a bad one last year. I think there is something to learned from this on both sides of the negotiation table.

    • Yes SilverSeven. but Labanc took a double risk – maybe get paid later and hope Wilson sticks around. That’s some risk most find uncomfortable.

      • It will be interesting to see if Dubas keeps his word to Nylander that he wont trade him.

    • As I posted yesterday… Kudos to Wilson…

      redmonsters… good one … I hadn’t even thought about the risk to Leblanc on a possible Wilson exodus leaving Leblanc flapping in the wind

      Trusting someone’s word is one thing… but Ur right… Wilson like any GM… can be fired at any time

      He was also trusting himself in performance… could have sustained a major injury

      All good in the end

    • Just a side note. I remember way back when. When Alfredsson went to Detroit and I was telling people that part of the reason is because he had a gentlemen’s agreement to be compensated on the next contract because he agreed to add an extra year at a low value to drop the Cap hit. Of his current contract. Melnyk bulked when it came time to honour the agreement. Alfredsson signed for what he was actually worth with detroit. He never got the compensation he felt owed for taking a dip in pay for one year. Ottawa signed Ryan for 6 million or something.

      It’s bringing it up because I was told many times that players and teams don’t make gentleman agreements.

      Seems they do.

  3. Hoffman in Bruins land? Makes sense to me… they are looking like they will start season with two of their top 3 players on LTIR

    Jumbo Joe as a Leaf… I don’t get it… love him but if they are looking for an aging C to slot in 3C … they could have put Spezza in there… 4 years younger; not Jumbos pedigree but recent production similar, , , and Spezza already on the team

    Re teams at/near Cap…. Knights… to me logical move is to trade Martinez and sign one of Koekkoek, Hutton or DelZ for about $1M, and two depth Fwds at League min… gets them at 23 and under

    • The Bruins cannot trade a D-man now. They need to add one. And trading Debrusk so they could add Hoffman would also be a mistake. Given that the season is not likely to start till February, their injured players won’t miss as many games as first thought. No need for panic moves.

      • Agree 100% Howard. Why trade a 23 yr old Debrusk, who you can bridge for approx $3.5M so you can sign a 30 yr old who wants $6M plus.
        B’s need to get younger, not older.
        Sooner or later they need to move on from Z as he is a 1 zone player, exceptional in that zone, but I think they need more than that. They made the hard decision on Krug, make that one too.
        Time to give Zboril, Frederic and Studnicka a shot. The time is perfect as you can still insulate them.
        While I think us fans would like to give it a go for another cup run, I am not sure it is realistic as our best players just got another year older and they were already on the back nine.
        Sign an LD that is on the right side of 30 and give it a go. Might be surprised.
        Nobody thought Carlo would develop as quickly as he did. Let’s see how these young guys do.

      • Agree Howard and Ray, although Hoffman would be a nice add, I rather see a LD and sign AA on the cheap, show me contract.

      • Hoffman on a 1 year deal would be good IMO. Our 2nd line could really use a 30 goal scorer, not the maybe 25 from Debrusk.

        I have maintained that they need to get rid of Moore and if they can do that, it should give them enough room to get also get a decent LD.

      • GreatGonzo, just don’t expect the 2-way physical driving game from Hoffman that you get out of DeBrusk – is the 5-goal difference worth the gamble?

    • @Pengy

      I don’t get the Thorton talk either?
      If Matthews and Tavares each play about 23 minutes a night there are 14 minutes of centre ice time left. Surely the Leafs can find Spezza about 8-10 minutes a game which wouldn’t leave much time for a 4C…

      Surprised the Leafs balked at the Weegar ask from FLA? Surely there was some middle ground to be found on a couple of RFA defenceman and a LW they gave away in a salary dump?

      I can’t understand the lack of interest in Hoffman? He’s a durable RW that has outscored Taylor Hall over the last 4 seasons. 3yrs@$6M seems like a deal?

      Also not sure what Duclair is thinking? His best year is 40pts and he wants more than $3M a season?

      • Hi Daryl

        Perhaps Leafs could counter with Holl in the deal instead of Dermott

        Hoffman is great at offence but I think there is some reported trepidation regarding his D side of the game

        I’m thinking the interest is there but perhaps first calls to agent were met with higher than expected “asks”.. . Circling back the numbers should drop

        He’ll land… for lower $ and shorter term than he’d envisioned 1 week ago

      • there is more than a players point totals or on ice performance to consider when evaluating the possibility trading for or signing a player.
        Will his personality fit with the team? does he have a big ego ? is he liked and accepted by his team mates?
        any of us who have played team sports likely remember someone from out past who was a talented player but not like by his teammates.

    • Pengy, Pastrnak is expected back mid-Feb and Marchand mid-Jan. If the season was in progress now, yes LTIR for both would be utilized. But with each passing day Jan 1 is looking like a pipe-dream and if it’s pushed to Feb 1 Marchand is back and Pastrnak only has 2 weeks to go. So, forget that option.

      • Thanks George

        I must have misheard… I thought one was expected back in Feb one in March

        Sweeney still needs to do something IMHO

  4. No one taking Tyler J for 50% retained yet?

    • Hi ds

      It’s all in the sweeteners that will be needed

      TSN suggested that Killorn would be a sweetener… that’s a stretch in that not only does Tampa need to move him (so receiving team doing him a favour) , but how many teams can take them both on , AND how many of those teams are in BOTH of TJ’s and Killorn’s lists?

      Is Detroit on Both lists… does Stevie Y say he’ll take both but must have Foote and Raddysh to do it… then retains 25% on Killorn and flips to Bruins for DeBrusk, then exposes TJ to Krakken for him to go “home”

      This is the kind of crazy scenarios than must be in BriseBois dreams (nightmares??)

      Just sayin’

      • Hobson’s choice may be to pack one of the RFA’s with TJ, likely Chernak, sign the other two, trade Killorn, and wait with the rest of the GM’s for the bargain bin to form up confident that Tampa is a desire destination. Stamkos not playing during playoffs a red herring as he was 2nd leading scorer during the season and a key to the TB psychology of attracting players. Yes, someone will say even Gretzky was traded, and yes, anything is possible, but there are far less painful alternatives to sell to the fan base.

      • Is it a red herring Richard? Likely no, but it makes sense to me why they would ask.
        They just went through the entire playoffs (save a period) and won the cup without him.
        He makes $8.5M for 4 more years.
        He is 30.
        TB has a cap problem and have 2 good young D and a young C to sign. As well as 2 other roster spots.
        Point due again in 2 years.
        Couldn’t get rid of Johnson after placing him on waivers.
        The other options have some trade protection as well.

        If you take the emotional attachment by the fans out of it, it makes perfect sense.

        You need to pursue the Stamkos option or you’re not doing your job as a GM IMO.
        Will he waive? I have no idea, but most of them do to some extent and still have some control where they go.
        They might actually get a decent asset(s) back.

        They just won the cup without him.

    • ds. Wouldn’t really help Tampa that much. 2.5 mil cap hit retained minus whoever you pay to replace him. I would’ve thought there’s no way they could trade Stamkos, but a legit report that they’ve asked him if he’d waive nmc ?

      • Hi Slick

        Absolutely can’t see Stammer waiving his NMC

      • Pengy, I agree. Was surprised by this report though. Something has to give soon. The longer the Tampa rfa’s go without contracts, the more the chance they could sign offer sheets.

      • Even if by chance Stamkos did waive his nmc there are only a very few teams with the cap room to add him. Youre looking at 4 more years at 8.5 million a season for an injury prone player.

        Only an actual contending team would trade for Stamko and how many contenders have the cap room to add his contract?

        Bolts are dealing from a position of weakness so I suspect the return on Stammer to be very limited considering Tampa is likely going to have to pretty much give him away and or add a draft pick.

        Vegas had to pretty much give Schmidt away, I cant see Tampa Bay avoiding the same fate if they are actually trying to move Stamkos.

        Be nice to hear Lightning fans take on any Stamkos move.

      • Ron, how many teams would be contenders after adding a player like Stamkos? If he waived, he’ll have a lot of interest. Rangers will be right at front of line.

      • Just for laughs:
        B’s trade Krecji, eat half his salary, for Stamkos and Coburn.

        TB gets the relief and a 2 C for another cup run.
        Krecji deal expires after next season so room to spend on Point etc.

        Lose to BOS in East final because they have Stamkos.

    • ds:

      Johnson is 30 years old and while still capable has a cap hit of 5 million for 4 more years. I doubt Tampa will retain 50% of his salary – 10 million – through the life of his contract.

      Killorn is comparable and about 600,000/year cheaper with just 3 years left. Ondre Palat is comparable with 2 years left.

      Tampa has to make a lot of moves and there will be lots to choose from. Taking Johnson now is like loading up on brussel sprouts when steak and key lime pie haven’t made it around the table.

  5. Regarding Joe Thornton – some guys don’t know when to hang ’em up … and the Coyotes are a mess, can’t see Chayka getting another chance anywhere.

    • Joe seems to be one of those guys who doesn’t have any idea what else to do with himself but playing hockey. It happens to us non millionaire working types who refuse to retire and a much older age.

      • Reports today that Thornton will be joining team in Switzerland.

      • Slick62, if that team is in one of the locations well above sea level, old Joe better be in tip-top shape

      • Hello Jeff (fellow OLD guy)
        I too had the fear of retirement (12 years ago). I asked a friend who had got a golden handshake at 54 what he does with his time. He said, “Bud, I get up each morning with nothing to do and go to bed with only half of it done.” Busy people stay busy in retirement and always have a list of things to do.
        Joe Thornton, take a PR job with SJ and stay around the team if that is what you need. The Williams in Carolina scenario might work, stay in shape and come out of retirement 1/2 way into the season if the Sharks need it???

      • George. Lmao. I think that’s whole point of him playing there. Getting in shape for 1 mire year in nhl.

      • Playing in Switzerland is a great way to stay sharp and in game shape!

        I’ve been saying for awhile we are going to see more NHL players doing this, with clauses in their European contracts allowing them to join an NHL team ahead of next year’s playoffs.

      • Confirmed Joe will play in Switzerland.

        Capfriendly estimates Joe’s career earnings are over 100,000 million. Not a typo. Have you ever thought, Jeff, he just likes to play hockey? Why not when you still can.

        Playing in Europe is an attractive option for many NHLers who want to keep playing but at a less intense pace. Less games, less travel, less physically demanding, wonderful lifestyle and great for families. Oh, please, pick me!

        And when he is done playing there will assuredly be a role for him in hockey. Hell, he could be a minority owner in a team with the money he has earned. Talk about sitting in the catbird seat.

      • I think he said he met his wife over there during the lockout season.
        I can think of worse things to do than play hockey in Switzerland for a few months.

      • LJ. Not a typo? Might want to look at that again. Lol

      • Switzerland is a country designed by Walt Disney. Gorgeous scenery, very modern while maintaining old world charm.

        I’d race you there Ray, if only travel were permitted.

      • Ooops. Ok, Slick (he typed with chagrin) I see what you mean …

  6. Get to work Sweeney …
    sign Ant Duclair,Mirco Mueller, Matt Martin & Chara & still have around $5 million left over going to the Jacobs fund ….

  7. Tavares, Spezza and possibly Thornton as well?

    Toronto is becoming the home for retirement contracts.

    I dont see how adding Jumbo Joe to the mix improves the Leafs in any way.

  8. We don’t often talk about how luck can affect games, series and even team rosters.

    Bergevin is now getting positive reviews for his recent signings, and he should.

    But he is also lucky. The Habs courted Milan Lucic before Lucic decided to sign with Edmonton with a present cap hit of 5 million. The Habs also made an offer to Jake Gardiner for an average cap hit of 4 million. Had those players accepted offers from the Habs Bergevin would have 10 million sunk into unproductive players and with that much less to improve a roster worse than the one that would have missed the playoffs in a normal year this last year.

    I wonder if others know of close calls for their teams?

    • Hoo-ya. Karlsson accepts the close to $10 mill and Duchene the $8 mil offered by Dorion, and the contract impasse with Turris was actually resolved and no trade occurred.

      • That is a wow, when you see that George.
        Which position would you prefer today? Those 3 for $24M and likely better in the standings but not a contender or today’s version?

      • Much prefer the way things turned out Ray. Short-term pain for long-term gain.

        Sad thing is, a big % of most fan bases is made up of paint-your-face-in-team-colours types who latch onto certain players and put them on pedestals, and God help any GM or owner who trades them away or lets them walk. Yes, their money and passion is just as important as anyone else’s but don’t ever try and reason with them using logic and pragmatism.

  9. Dadonov to Ottawa, 3 years at $5M per year. Nice term and reasonable salary for a 25-30 goal scorer.

    Watch out for Ottawa next year!

    • Sweet. I approve of this signing.

    • Double Minor, you’ve got a scoop! There’s going to be a “next year.” Spread the word, boys.

      • 2020 isn’t over yet.

        There’s still time for a massive asteroid, zombie apocalypse, nuclear war….catostrphic _____________ (fill in the blank).

        I assume no responsibility if the world does not actually last another 3 months.

    • I like this as long as there is no NMC or NTC attached , good player but he played with pretty good line mates in FLA in Huberdeau and Barkov. I doubt he reaches the same offensive output in Ottawa.

      • 10 team list. But worry about it the contract is only 3 years.
        If he doesn’t pan out after the first year it’s only 2 that your stuck with him and Ottawa has time to grow as a team and won’t be spending at the cap for some time.

      • Don’t be too sure about that Jeff … once the RFAs are settled, with the addition of Dadonov they’ll be well over the floor with still about $8-9 mil to spend … and Dorion has hinted that he’s not done yet … now he sits like a spider and waits for the cash-strapped teams like TB to start sweating.

  10. Well George what do you think?

    • I like the signing Obe. RW but shoots left – lots of back-hand goals – still only 31 fair size at 5′ 11″ 190 lbs – durable – Dorion is going about things methodically and patiently (don’t bother knockin’ back here Anthony, by the way), and STILL will have about 13 mil in cap space once the RFAs are settled, and might not be finished yet. He can sit back, now, and see if some team that MUST move a body or two to clear space comes to him with a good mid-range D-man with term and a cap hit that makes it desirable for the team to move him for that reason.

      • George, I noticed above you said at one time you were a Habs fan. Now a Senators fan???

        What happened you, poor soul? Let me comfort you: Habs Nation will take you back for 10 Hail Bergy’s and a dash though the Holy Sheep Dip.

        We never forget our own, George. And we have Molson, not Melnyk … 😉

      • Yeah, well, LJ once Ottawa got a team back I figured why not? I live here so … as for the Habs, my feelings there didn’t change overnight … but it began to wane in the Grundman years (they won a cup in spite of him) and then accelerated with the appointments of Houle, Savard and Gainey (great player – horrible GM) and the gradual rise to respectability of a horrible expansion team.

      • Now they’re starting to take on some semblance of the old Red Army squad – at least in names – with Zaitsev, Anisimov, Dadonov, Abramov (if he makes the big club), and Zub. Hell, maybe Dorion will go after Ovechkin next year 🙂

      • I have never said this publicly before, so … be gentle.

        I was once a Leafs fan. But it wasn’t my fault. I was raised that way by a well meaning father who was … confused …

        But I was able to escape and went to a deprogrammer who worked on moonies. I got better and am now healed.

        My Dad actually gave up on the Leafs after a while too.

        Excuse me, but I must bow in the direction of the Bell Centre and do my chanting.

      • LJ, first moonies reference I have seen or heard in in decades.
        I’m glad you hired a professional.

      • Thanks Ray. I still have flashbacks and sit up in the middle of the night yelling “We want Shack!” (rest his soul).

        But mostly I am better.

      • Ray, some memories are a bit hazy but when we moved from the Little Italy area of Ottawa to predominantly French Eastview (now Vanier) in 1947, I was 9 and quickly learned that one definite no-no was the wearing of a Leafs jersey. So, even if I had a tendency to lean that way at the time (too hazy) it sure as hell never materialized once there – and we remained there until late 1958 by which time I was bilingual and a Habs fan 🙂

        I can assure you, too, that in those days – when me made lots of trips to the Forum (when we could score tickets – we bought some now and then from scalpers but Jaysus were they expensive) NO ONE – and I mean NO ONE – would take their lives in their hands by appearing in the Forum wearing a Leafs jersey. That was a WHOLE different crowd back then.

      • The Habs were a powerhouse back then George and the Leafs may have been there biggest rival along with Boston.
        Kicking the crap out of a guy back in the day wasn’t as big a deal even in my youth.
        More fights, but next to no weapons.
        Carrying a knife or something meant you were either too scared or weak to fend for yourself.

    • I love the Dadonov signing for Ottawa. This takes the pressure off the kids and really helps with the scoring/PP.

      To George’s point, Duclair ended up doing us a big favour with his contract negotiation. The Duclair money went towards this signing and I’d be surprised if Ottawa went back to him now unless it was an absolute bargain. Duclair s**t in his own nest from the looks of it turning down a 2-year deal at US$3M+ per year.

  11. This whole thread and not one Stamkos to go home!!! Post.

    He is a difference maker!

    • Give it time Chrisms. Now that the other home-boy (well, close enough) is off to yodel in Switzerland, the attention will soon turn there in the TO media.

    • Toronto is waiting to sign Ovechkin next offseason instead.

    • Chrisms,

      Lmfao….so needed that.

      Good one

  12. Dando signing… Dorion doing well

    Was on pace for 30 Gs last year. A little under league average size but excellent speed and presence

    Structure of the contract has Melnyk max cash outlay (after Escrow and 10% dermal) of just $2.25M… that’s for 82 games… if as expected it drops to 60 and owners open up the pro-rate clause… $1.6 M

    I don’t believe it comes with a NMC… so if things go south… he can be left unprotected and available to Krakken

    Great signing

    If Dorion then goes out and grabs Haula for a low-ball contract …. I’m gonna “Haul” out and kick him where the sun don’t shine … 🤬😡🤬…. LOL

    • deferral not “ dermal”

    • Pengy: Initial reports are no NMC and a Modified 10-team NTC. We’ll see how it ends up, but I’m fine with that. Dorion did a great job with this signing and word is Ottawa outbid about 10 teams. Go figure.

      • So much for the contention that Top UFAs avoid Ottawa like the plague because of Melnyk, Van. The vast majority of players are pretty astute when it comes to analyzing a team’s potential and I think Dadonov looked at the way this roster was developing and figured, yep, this would be a good landing spot for at least the next 3 years.

      • Agreed, George. Ottawa looks very promising over the next 3-5 years and players would surely take notice.

        I wonder if they are shopping Gaborik’s LTIR contract to the TB’s and LV’s of the world (can’t see them helping out Toronto without a huge overpay). Ottawa doesn’t need the LTIR space and they would still save the 20% on salary not covered by insurance. Kesler in Anaheim (2 years left) is another interesting option for cap strapped teams. Arizona will already need Hossa’s LTIR space and 20% salary would be peanuts (~$200k).

  13. Ottawa Senators…… Ontarios best hockey team

    • Hey, for anyone looking for an off-the-wall trade proposal – if TB gets Stamkos to waive his NM/NT clause and he agrees, why not Ottawa? Top line C with Tkachuk on one wing and Dadonov on the other 🙂

      • Stamkos, a GTA boy, playing for Ottawa?
        Saw “moonies” mentioned up thread.
        Sure would require a tonne of de-programming for that to happen.

      • LOL. Well, I did say “off-the-wall” … and Van, never thought about that Gaborik angle – just 1 year left so maybe a good option for a team needing LTIR cap relief –