List of Notable NHL UFA Signings – October 9, 2020

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8:30 pm ET: St. Louis Blues sign Torey Krug to a seven-year, $45.5 million contract.

7 pm ET: Toronto Maple Leafs sign T.J. Brodie to a four-year contract ($5 million AAV).

4 pm to 5 pm ET: Calgary Flames sign Jacob Markstrom to a six-year, $36-million contract.


3 pm to 4 pm ET: Anaheim Ducks sign Kevin Shattenkirk to a three-year contract ($3.9 million AAV)

Washington Capitals sign defenseman Justin Schultz to a two-year, $8 million contract.


2 pm to 3 pm ET: Florida Panthers sign Alexander Wennberg to a one-year $2.25 million contract.

New York Rangers sign Jack Johnson to a one-year, $1-million contract.

Nashville Predators sign Mark Borowiecki to a two-year, $4-million contract.

In other contract news, the Ottawa Senators sign Matt Murray to a four-year contract with an annual average value of $6.25 million. The Senators acquired Murray, a restricted free agent, on Wednesday from the Pittsburgh Penguins.


1 pm to 2 pm ET: Vancouver Canucks sign Braden Holtby to a two-year deal ($4.3 million AAV)

Minnesota Wild sign goaltender Cam Talbot to a three-year, $11-million contract.

Dallas Stars sign Anton Khudobin to a three-year contract ($3.5 million AAV)

Edmonton Oilers sign center Kyle Turris to a two-year contract ($1.65 million AAV)


12 pm to 1 pm ET:  Washington Capitals sign goaltender Henrik Lundqvist to a one-year, $1.5 million contract.

Toronto Maple Leafs sign winger Wayne Simmonds to a one-year, $1.5-million contract with a full no-movement clause.

Detroit Red Wings sign winger Bobby Ryan to a one-year, $1-million contract.

Winger Pat Maroon (two years, $900K AAV) and defenseman Luke Schenn (one year, $800K) are returning with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Florida Panthers sign defenseman Radko Gudas to a three-year contract ($2.5 million AAV).

In other news, the Tampa Bay Lightning placed winger Tyler Johnson on waivers. He has four years remaining on his contract with a $5 million annual cap hit and a full no-trade clause.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson will remain with the Arizona Coyotes. His deadline to be traded to either Boston or Vancouver came and went without a deal.


  1. Oilers sign Turris for 2yrs at $1.65/yr.
    Got their 3C.

    • Oilers are out on Markstrom. I feel a little better here.

      • KevJam – Yep.

    • Supposedly CGY is the destination for Markstrom.
      Makes more sense and they had more $$.

      Still some decent 1B options out there – Crawford, Khudobin, Greiss.

      • Darren Dreger has tweeted that Dallas and Khudobin are getting close in an extension.


      LOVED this signing by Benning ..if you are a NUCKS fan you should be over the moon you have a Holtby to bring along Thatcher Demko as he is your legit future and saved money doing it ..GREAT JOB by Benning !!!

      He always surprises !! …good job ..

      Cant wait to see what Markstrom is going to get and see what the Nucks saved to keep the core together !



      …Gudas and Wennberg …WOW

      very aggressive.

      Bolstering the line up…with depth .. decent moves…

      Its going to come down to the final game for some teams trying to get that wild card spot or last playoff spot …teams are really taking advantage of the chess game and cast offs …

      …teams that were in the middle of the pack that do nothing most likely will go no where again next year !

    • I’ll be curious to see if Lou can find a taker for Ladd, Boychuk or possibly even Leddy. I don’t expect any UFA news for the Isles other than the possibility of a Martin signing if he is willing to do say a 1yr/1.25M contract. Maybe the Isles can get Minne to send Parise to NY for Ladd. Isles short-term get a scorer for the 3rd line but long term take on a lot more salary.

      • We don’t want Parise nor do want Martin. MM thanx for the memories. It’s now time for Johnston. Bigger body, better skater & soft hands (except when he drops the gloves. Love/hate the idea of moving Varly- not as bad if we re-sign Greiss. However, seems Edmonton May be interested. We will see. The only thing slower than this “Frenzy” is the pace at which Lou works. Patience, I guess.

    • The PANTHERS

      Should pick up Tyler Johnson of waivers

      ..they need more versatility and experience on the 2nd 3rd line down the middle ..and have the money to do so !

      • Yzerman has first crack – followed by Ottawa – one of those will claim him.

        Also, as I expected, with SO many teams having limited cap the signings on this first day were nowhere near last year’s totals. The teams still with significant cap space are clearly doing what I figured they’d do … sit back and be patient. As the days tick by with teams still needing to clear space to keep key RFAs there will be more players with term offered up in trade for picks/prospects – and as UFAs seeing their careers spiraling down the loo if they stick to their initial demands lowering both their expectations and restrictions on where they’d be prepared to sign – we’ll see more movement over the week-end and early into next week.

      • I don’t think anyone will claim Johnson – I think you are responsible for all of his salary and cap hit if you do. Tampa will eventually need to either trade him (with a sweetener) to get rid of him, and maybe retain some cap hit, or buy him out.

  2. So far all predictable moves.

  3. 400k overpay on simmonds. It would have been half mill overpay, but conceding an extra 100k for his comment that he is “going to punch some heads off”. LOL.

    • But what is his Corsi ?

      • Who cares??

      • Nobody except Wendel.

    • We just can’t seem to agree, Wendel. I think this was a good, low risk signing by Dubas. Essentially he has substituted Simmons for Clifford for the same money. The difference is there is a chance that Simmons can add a little more offense than Clifford would, and still get some grit.

      Not a major signing, but credit where credit is due.

      • I expect Clifford to come crawling back to accept Leafs $1m offer (maybe for 2 years) after he looks around.

      • Wendel:

        Please quit prompting me to say good things about the Leafs. I am getting an upset stomach!

        Clifford is a good 4th line player. The type of player that Dubas says he wants. Why would you want him to crawl back? He is just trying to get the best deal he can.

      • @ Wendel17 higgins

        @ LJ

        absolute idiocy

        Dubas gave Clifford money to a NOBODY named Denis Malgin …who is 5 foot 9 and 170 pounds to play the 4th line..while guys like A A and Jankowski hit the UFA market ….

        I will take this to my grave just makes no SENSE AT ALL!!!

        You literally need EVERRY PENNY …W T F

        Anyone but this guy in the NHL who has a few years under his belt ..Malgin is a nobody and should have been KHL bound !

        W T F …..arggggggg!!!

      • You may have a point on the Malgrin signing, Kal. Who the F&*^ is he?

        My sympathies …

      • Kal-el you clearly don’t understand : the leafs, the league rules the salary cap.

        Margin will be a marlie in case of a bunch of injuries. There is no cap impact. Leafs can fill their entire ahl team to one way contracts…because…wait for it…they r the financially mighty leafs!!

        Have your dog pre check your posts to avoid future embarrassment.

      • @ Wendel17higgins


        I get it ..50 NHL roster spots slash contracts !

        he was traded for Marchment played the finals amount of games with Leafs and did nothing ! projected to be on the big club ..his ONE WAY DEAL BUDDY goes against the cap

        …sorry my friend I get it !!

        I don’t want him as a call up or on the NHL contract list …


      • Are u still being kooky Kal el? Players in minors don’t impact cap when contracts r below something like 1m or 925k. Margin is at 700k. I know he is not griity. (These misspells are for Jorge Oh. Sens fan and English tutor.)

    • The Leafs weren’t the only team bidding for his services. I heard the Habs offered slightly more but he wanted to go home to TO

      • Malgin will not play for Toronto next year.

      • @ BC Leaf fan

        It looks as if he will and is !!
        Like last year !

        Anyways end of story was a useless signing and a waste of 1 of the 50 contracts !


      • If that’s true, I am a happy Habs fan. Nothing against Wayne per se, just want to watch other players play.

      • Can someone tell me how the Mapleloops signed TJ Brodie?

  4. Why would Ryan want to go to Detroit? Aren’t they in a rebuild still? You would think he would have headed to a contender.

    • Needs an offer from a contender. I suspect he was looking for a team where he can have a more prominent role than that which he’d have n a contender. Help the chances of boosting his next contracts value.

      • Also a chance to go to a contender at the TDL. DET can pick up a decent asset if he plays well with the opportunity.
        Win win.

    • He will, before the trade deadline. If he will have a decent season, someone will look at him, and det will get extra picks. Its a win-win (or can be) for both Det AND Ryan

      • I see the win for Det…. not for Ryan. Why would you want to potentially bounce around? Doesn’t make much sense.

      • Perhaps Brcause he currently has no other offer. A contract, any contract is a win

        Many other teams may have him down the pecking order trying to get other guys at the moment.

    • OFF ICE considerations for lifestyle and SUPPORT systems in place for him might also have contributed to him picking DET.

      Illich family is VERY family oriented and player friendly…. so I am sure they may have upped and said they would ensure support for his previous off ice situation.

    • Detroit could also use him as trade deadline bait.

    • Kal El, please check Cap Friendly re Denis Malgin. He will play in Europe or, if the AHL has a season, with the Marlies. There are many, many players ahead of him on the depth chart.

    • Because he will get #2C minutes in Detroit to prove himself, which he wouldn’t get most places. Plus, he and StevieY hit it off, and Ryan was promised a chance to talk things through before the trade deadline to see what he wanted to do. Between the Ilitch family and Steve Yzerman, we have the best owner/GM tandem in the business.

    • According to Bobby, it was his 45 min. Phone conversation with Stevie Y- he says the passion of SY came thru on the phone about the team & their future. Then he called some Wings who helped him make his decision.

  5. Guess Vancouver is out on Markstrom with the signing of Holtby. Risky ….

    • I think this is for the best considering expansion is up coming. Seattle just went. Booo

    • I am a Demko believer.
      Would rather have a larger sample size at the NHL level, but it didn’t work out that way. They got Holtby as insurance and mentor.
      Not like he came out of nowhere. He was the best goaltender in the NCAA and was the top NA prospect at his position in his draft year.
      Good in the AHL, played great under pressure in the playoffs. That was a great performance against LV.
      Markstrom got too expensive, off they go with Demko.

  6. Rumors Rangers have “interest” in Jack Johnson. I blame Pengy

    • This makes my entire night. Oh hell yeah.

    • The Rangers signed JJ. WTF are were they thinking ?????

  7. Stretch here but would TB hold $2m of Johnson and send him to NY for futures?

    Ranger can walk from Strome since he will cost more. Chytil can move to 2C

    Johnson can 3c (with Lafrenierre & Gauthirer) at $3m for a few years and not cost Rangers big $ and TB gets $3m in cap space added.

    • yea he signed for 1.15m 1 yr deal. not sure why they did with Smith already there as #1LD lol

      another buyout perhaps??

  8. Top 10 UFAs still on the board . I called Simmonds months ago. From Aura Ont. born and raised. Probably could have got him for a little less. I bet he sees PP time. Net front presence

    Holtby in Vancouver reasonable term and dollars.
    I did not think Murray would get that aav, what is he the highest paid player on the team ?

    • Gotta say I was surprised by that # too SilverSeven.
      This is where Chrisms is allowed to tell us he told us.

      • Since I have your permission… he told us.

        I am getting so much more joy out of the jj thing though. It is taking every fiber of my being to not troll certain posters over it.

      • Ya, had a laugh over that one too Chrisms.

    • I never called it. I don’t call these things. If you get it right you just got lucky. Nothing to brag over so I find no point in calling them.

      I am on record as approving of Simmonds moving to Toronto. I think he will work out fine there.

    • Uhm … born and raised in Scarborough not Aurora where he resides now

      • I guess we will call it Toronto then.

  9. OVERPAYMENT for Shattenkirk. 3 years at 3.9m aav

    Murray blinded by that Cali sun or something lol.

    Did he forget the pandemic economy already lol.

    • IHC, Shattenkirk might have the best agent in hockey.
      Or, Anaheim has a wee bit of a problem at the top.

  10. Nice deal for Shattenkirk in ANA.
    Goes from getting bought out to winning a cup to a multi-year deal in SoCal.

    • @ ray bark

      Agree….just when you thought it was over …he pulls that out of the hat all in one year …got to get him to buy me a lottery ticket !

      Enjoy the sun the bikinis and the dough $$$ …and drinking Louis 13th from the cup ..LMAO

      • Good day to be Shatty Kal El!

  11. Could be possible Krug resigns with Boston at that $6.6/6 offer that’s been out there for a while although Det and another team still interested .

    • The rangers might already have the 2 worst signings with johnson and Kincaid! Kincaid was pretty much in the echl

    • How did Jack Johnson get US$1.15M for one year when Matt Benning took US$1M/year for two years?!

    • 3rd string tender BBB.
      Won’t see the Rangers unless there is an injury.
      Oil signed Forsberg for the same purpose.

    • If you didn’t see it but Krug is St. Louis bound. He’s signed! Off the market.

  12. I really like the Jacob Markstrom signing in Calgary. Hey, the price seems a bit high and the term maybe a year too long but if he can give them world class saves when needed most, then he’ll be worth every nickel.

    • I agree. Calgary really needed a number 1 goalie and Markstrom should be good value for the entire contract.

      I’m sure McDavid and Draisaitl would rather have signed Markstrom than Kyle Turris. I also don’t get why they let Matt Benning go when Nashville was able to sign him to US$1M/year over then next 2 years. Even with COVID, I’m surprised that’s all Benning got. He would have been a nice addition at that price for Toronto.

      • I think Edmonton would have kept him if all it cost was $1M to qualify him, but it was $2M and they are tight against it.
        Better opportunity in Nashville for a RD.
        Larsson, Bear plus Russell plays the right side more often than not.
        Bouchard will get every opportunity to make the team this year as well.
        He was looking at some press box time in Edmonton.

      • @Van. As a Leaf fan, I’ve lost faith in the Shannaplan. Dubas to me is an overall disappointment at the job of GM and never should have been chosen to begin with.

        I think both Dubas and Hunter should have been retained so that one could augment the other but that didn’t happen.

    • So, no Petro for the Blues or the Leafs, huh? Heading to no tax Florida or Vegas, I imagine.

  13. My son made a good comment about Kincaid. He’ll be exposed for Seattle expansion.

  14. Who cares bigbear, they have a very nice player coming to them a la first pick in the draft. Keep hating, the suit fits you

  15. Been busy all day and finally able to check out the signings. Murray was one year longer and US$1M-$1.5M/year more than I was expecting, but I’m glad the Sens locked him up. The cap hit could be quite beneficial in years 3 and 4 when the young Sens are entering their second contracts.

    According to Pengy, Murray’s save percentage was 0.999 without Jack Johnson on the ice last year, so this should be great!

  16. Kevan Miller resigns with Bruins if healthy he’ll be in the rotation he gives the Bruins toughness in the D Zone

  17. Damn it. Nothing ever leaks out from Lou.

    What’s happening on the island?

    • No space Nevinsrip.
      $8.9M and need to resign Barzal & Pulock.
      Even with a bridge for Barzal not much left to go shopping.

  18. Looks like Krug is signing with the Blues

    • So he’s not going back or to Toronto. Not a lot of options at this point.

  19. Brutal Tanev ( the other one) is not good for Calgary. at 4yrs for 4.5m.
    A good couple of days getting two extra thirds for nothing and signing Markstrom (#4 ranked UFA). All ruined by this signing.
    Ceci would have been better and probably for less. Barrie maybe a little more but at least he does something offensively
    They better hope Valimaki steps up and Gio does not feel his age.